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Ever see someone do so well
that none could ever stop him?
Commanding o'er the hardest swell
with no force or fault to top him?
well, under all and every one
is hidden a woman or man.
who lights and inspires some higher desires
and allows him to do what he can.
What power he has, only I know.
and now I have let my captain go.
I was his true and he made my fortune.
He led, from on top of my shoulder
He could lead pure when my worship was sure
and many times even step bolder.
He loved me, and needed,
saw trouble, and greeted What seemed so distinguished became plainly vanquished
when I went to find life on my own,
What power he has, only I know.
and now I have let my captain go.
Now men laugh at him and say
better men number in thousands.
nobody ever goes out of his way
to lessen his clouds as they crowd in.
And I am near by and I watch with a sigh
s my captain curls up like a cripple.
and hope that he goes where nobody knows
under sea and leaves not a ripple.
what power he has, only I know
and now I have let my captain go.

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From what I've seen, you're magnificent
You fight evil with all you do
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just to see my holly home
evil jack he walks alone
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There's no reason to be seen
No one knows where i have been,
Where i have been
I mean love is what i mean

Joy, joy and jubilee
Joy, joy and jubilee
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Well, you're my friend and can you see
Many times we've been out drinking
And many times we've shared our thoughts
Did you ever, ever notice the kind of thoughts I got?

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I gave you a child, and you didn't want it
Thats the most that I have to give.
I gave you a house, and you didn't haunt it
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I came to hear the music, I came to hear the sound
The music, God knows it brings me down
A long, long road from now to then
I know your song, sing it again

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And I called you back to a place beside me
And I called you back to a place beside me

Love found us easily
And if that's all we have you will find we need nothing more

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i am drinking again,
im on my 7th cold glass of gin
life is a tribute to you, and so is dying
and drinking in this way
to die is what im trying

i also try to keep my love
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And it's a hard life
For a man with no wife
Baby, it's a hard life
God makes you live

But without it,
Don't doubt it
You don't even have
Your tears to give

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well i felt like i was born today
so i took it upon me to go away
to gather my thoughts and go away
where i could (be used by) somebody
now over the hill, like always you know
wer...[Read More]


I will wake up tomorrow
I have tended to God's small song
And to Love's small song
And closed my eyes to sleep so long

And tonight I'll go
Into all of the places that you lov...[Read More]


Once again in the world,
Of 1200 feelings
All in electric lights,
We see what we can

I love the sound wind,
Blowing at night through trees
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i took her on a simple trip
to see her husbands family
and on the way upon her hip
was laid my head down gently
all due respect was meant and all
the winds were in agreement
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I am here, right here
Where god puts none asunder
And you, in black dress and black shoe
You do invite me under
Go on, go there
You can see me aging
Stars turn, balls burn
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The ocean is blue
I know it's blue

Someday I must die
It ain't for me to know why
And I want to die in the sea

So I let go now
It's symbol and howl
Got to put th...[Read More]


I slept sweetly unpretending
That the night was always ending
She breathed lightly right next to me
And I dreamed of her inside of me

And in my dream she sang so sweetly
A me...[Read More]


Water may stop warmth, this do not forget
When things become too warm make them a little wet
And douse them with a mouthful, put the baby down
Clean the earth surrounding and cause the wa...[Read More]


I wrote a careless love
Love me not for I'm above
Above a cloud, all flat and white
And with another love tonight

And then a careless love
By weighty cloud above
Was grou...[Read More]


Oh God, would I give her up to him
If she told me he was better
And that I didn't have the chance ?
That he [did ?] to impress her ?

Does she test me ? Does she know
That I w...[Read More]


You saved me from melting, baby
You saved me from stinging and being holed up
And braking in snow and killing more
And over spilling my runneth cup

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i know the suns about to come up
i close my eyes anyway
my mouth is dry and the sheets are cold
and will be still come break of day
you called me up just to surprise me
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Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise Lyrics

Ain't you wealthy, ain't you wise?
Ain't you made to give to me?
Ain't it all good, enough to sing...

It's a wondrous day to see
...[Read More]


eloquent, i soon retire
to nothing else i may aspire
after ive made love to you

in the dark i see you glisten
to your breath i lay and listen
after ive made love to you
<...[Read More]


there is grime on my face
there is crust in my eye
there is no one in this place
but no one said goodbye
this is how i start another day in my kingdom

there is hate in my hea...[Read More]


When the numbers get so high
Of the dead flying through the sky
O, I don't know why
Love comes to me
Love comes to me

When your mouth is laying ope
Head knocked back you ...[Read More]


Sing a song of Madeleine-Mary
A tune that all can carry
Burly says if we don't sing
Then we won't have anything
All the boys on ship set sail
And the mate was Madeleine-Mary
W...[Read More]


Y'tell me you don't love me,
Well I don't love you.
You say you don't want me,
Well I don't want you

You tell me there are other
Fish in the sea
And another gathers
R...[Read More]


Maundering, i'm maundering
Evil eyes just passing trough

Maundering, oh maundering
Do you know what i'm wanting to do?
I'm going to find something true
Well i never wanted to...[Read More]


I've been with you for a fairly long time
May I call you, may I call you, may I call you mine?
And you are near and been with me
May it always, may it always, may it always be

Pl...[Read More]


mrs william, where is william?
where has william go?
you know you shouldnt
come into a place like this alone
now if youd like to sit here at my table ill abide
but it isnt usually...[Read More]


Trouble, more trouble can you get anymore
Slow bubble boiling on the bedroom floor
Lonely ain't lonely, someone calling at the door
Someone lovely and she's bringing bad news

She...[Read More]


Only someone running would run right into me
Unless that someone was someone free like me

There are things I will not do
I will even be mean and cruel
And I will not stay with yo...[Read More]


all and all is one thing today
one good effort made on its way
to take in a love and pass on a feeling
of heart in chest slowly unpeeling
lilly can take it with a smile and not a frow...[Read More]


born in sheeps blood plain and simple
washed out of my mothers temple
all around i heard them laughing
as father sheep had stood there calving
black they were with white eyes gleaming...[Read More]


A strange form of life kicking through windows, rolling on yards
Heading in loved ones, triggering odds
A strange one

And a hard way to come into a cabin, into the weather
Into a...[Read More]


i took road and said goodbye
friends go one way i went mine
i got lost then very quickly
started shaking feeling sickly
in the lion lair, in the lion lair
watch your own self and ...[Read More]


I go out back to look up at her
Smiling unluckily at my red fur
And into my own I meld my nose
My full-sized child is fully unclothed

Birdies say I got no children, birdies never...[Read More]


Winter comes and snow
I can't marry you, you know
Without children to grow
I can't marry you, you know

Love me the way i love you
Love me the way i love you

Take a ...[Read More]


"Three Questions" by: Bonnie Prince Billy

Say I found a piece of rock
And put it in my pocket
And for the day that we are wed
I put it in a locket
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First the tide rushes in
Plants a kiss on the shore
Then goes out to sea
And the sea is very still once more

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Like the oncoming tide
With one burnin...[Read More]


When you have no one
No one can hurt you
When you have no one
No one can hurt you

In the corners there is light
That is good for you
And behind you, I have warned you
...[Read More]


When it's time from work to go
And in my boat I row
Cross the muddy Ohio
When the evening light is falling
And I looked towards Floyd's Knobs
Where the afterglories glow
And I...[Read More]


Oh, I know everyone knows the trouble I have seen.
That's the thing about trouble,
You can love everyone as the eyes and ears to be where I
have been.
You can have that heaven here a...[Read More]


There is no God (3x)
But that which surrounds the tongue
That which sees love in the chest
That which puts mouth on cock and vagina
That that is best.

There is no prayer (x...[Read More]


High high all night now
My eyes bugged out and I'm down on the couch
Lady's got a box pressed into my face
And a belt of beads draped around her waist

I flex my neck and lose my ...[Read More]


Condition is uncertain and likely to go
I sit like I did, like I may always
Under capsized boats
Discouraged to know how sunk can be days
Struck under, blown out, to cause busts
I...[Read More]


where were the rapist when I was a child ?
they were my neighbors,
that's why I'm so wild
where were the drunkards that shot with teir guns ?
and closed the shops early so we could ha...[Read More]


Nothing is better
Nothing is best.
We are unhappy
We are unblessed.
We are unfound.
We are unseen.
Nothing is coming.
Nothing is clean.
Erth it is shaking, people fled...[Read More]


Take however long you want
I will be here when you haunt
You can wait here forever
By the trees alone
And I won't be sorry when you're gone

Take however long you need
As ...[Read More]


What did you do when you saw that I'd gone
did you stand very still and did tears come falling?

O you want that picture don't you darling
of poor little me standing there bawling?[Read More]


Night noises are my noises.
and soiled doves are my birds.
Lost mornings start my days
and questions rule my words.
Shame is in the trunk
it must be somewhere out of sight.
an...[Read More]


The lameness of an unborn child
The tidiness of cry
The only way I'm leaving here
Is curling up and die

The way our shelter moves above
Controlled by just my hand
Insures...[Read More]


She loves a soul
That I've never been
A dog among dogs
A man among men

And every day
When I come home to her
She holds a phantom
She kisses and she hugs him

...[Read More]


It's time to be clear, got news of his passing
And I'm struck singing here
I want to be on the wallpaper and swing from chandelier
Something to show that I know, it's time to be clear
...[Read More]


Willow trees bend
but I won't bend
I will never lay down
for every man alive
there's a fire
and for every king a crown

my world's been rocked before
and it will be ro...[Read More]


I wanted a woman who loves who I am,
and what I do
then I met you.

You couldn't care less if I were Lord of Japan,
or half a man
nor what I am.

You say you like my ...[Read More]


There will be spring to the very end,
I'll sleep to the sound of burning winter.
Place for me built, and for my friends.
by which will pass each on his venture.
My father's house is g...[Read More]


today was one where, lost in thought
I really feel I am
losing not an ounce of what
you see in me, my lamb

if you're not with me tomorrow
that would be the worst
I'm glad...[Read More]


I'm no match for honest men
and I'm no match for liars.
No match for those who have given up when they are
feeling tired.

Can't put me up against the man who lets his fate just ...[Read More]


I once was a weaker soldier hanging in the war
But I left, like an ape, folded neatly in four
And silently played for a moment slow and bled
On a sandalwood bust I had
Where was the f...[Read More]


As boys we f*cked each other
As men we lie and smile
No goal enough until the first one tried
And we shook our guide

You think we don't fight
Birds fight, birds hate
We f...[Read More]


God is the answer
God is the answer
God is the answer
God lies within

And you can't say that I didn't learn from you
And you can't say that I didn't learn from you
And yo...[Read More]


It's all from the gator
It's all from his home
O I love the gator
I love him alone

At night when I'm sleeping
I know I'm alone
And off on the gator
I allegedly roam[Read More]


Where you going riding, boy?
I'm gonna ride on down to see you
Where you going riding, boy?
I'm gonna ride on down to see you
Where you going riding, boy
All dressed up, with that...[Read More]


If I live in a poor shelter
I will give something back

Child will know I'm a small thing
In a thick wind blowing back

Some will know when a small wind
Comes to blow in u...[Read More]


What's missing is
some kind of pillow
some loving willow
some care once denied
now dissolved inside

what's plenty is
one god
six tongues
five breathes four lungs<...[Read More]


Your little feet
Your sharp teeth
The way the light hits your eyes
Your scrappy fur
Your fists
The light from the lord
That shines inside

Inside of me
Inside of m...[Read More]


What's on the other side of the big looking hill
Gather your courage gather your free will
Go over yondah and catch you a look
At what made us get up at what made us tremble and shook
...[Read More]


Holes in our ceiling, holes in our roof
Hope that we've got it made have gone in a poof
When we gonna be turning the tide
When we gonna see we got god on our side

Quail and dumpl...[Read More]


what if it didn't come back
this is how the hard one takes it.
puts her arms around his neck,
and squeezes gently as if to break it.

she's gonna miss everything about it,
bu...[Read More]


She's my lifeblood
She's my secret sharer, always been around this place
And when I call her
It's not long before she comes to where I'm calling from
Do I hate her ?
Do I know her...[Read More]


Well the glory goes to those
who do not seek it
reveling in midnight clothes
among the wicked
picking scabs from off their skin
and rolling holy deeply in
to the rhythm calle...[Read More]


Ever see someone do so well
that none could ever stop him?
Commanding o'er the hardest swell
with no force or fault to top him?
well, under all and every one
is hidden a woman or ...[Read More]


What are you waiting for if not for me
What are you waiting for it must be me

To take you over my knee
And spank you mercilessly
I can do that oh you'll see

And everyda...[Read More]


I will not pick a fight with you
I'd be scared I'd foul it up
What with one of your arms
I could get busted up

Don't come around here angry
This is a house of water
You'l...[Read More]


Where is the puzzle?
that bothered me so
how do I let my family know
O I'm disappearing
into the wind

I knew everything once
and now I know it all again
bliss comes w...[Read More]


Tonight my eyes were hurting much
As I had strained them all day long
I don't remember waking up
My memory is not that strong
The day was spent walking about
And asking questions ...[Read More]


leave me alone is all that I say
when I have nothing in me to give away
a purple martin in her house, she hollers at me
why be inhuman ? why be like me ?

like so many...[Read More]


i can stay awake all night
but i would make mistakes, alright
and the body asks so much

sweet thing
i give you what i reach
taken what i had to teach and re-rende...[Read More]


There's a black tinted sunset with the prettiest of
Lay back, lay back, rest your head on my thighs
There's some awful action that just breathes from my
Just breaths ...[Read More]


Daylight shines through at last
Running right through my past
I know that everything is alright
Oh because the lord let the sun shine down on me
Oh because the lord let the sun shine ...[Read More]


I'm feeling good
And my heart is made of wood
I'm not alone
And my soul is made of bone.
And they'll break, break, break at other hearts and
Oh, I know they will.
<...[Read More]


I cant get the sand out of my shoes
This being in Florida's done a number on my blues
Just the way the women walk round here
Its plain to see the way the sand and the sea have done
a...[Read More]


sweet ill health has hidden from me,
events about which one has no memory.
whether it is to protect or deny
one is not told and one asks not why.

the noise near the trees gather...[Read More]


Saturday and we sleep late
Usually we're up by eight
A swim it calls, a swim awaits
No work to do today
Strange how you would stray
And drink and such odd things
This is what ...[Read More]


It was hard enough to climb upon
It was slow going at first
Sister, you have laid long in the sun
Aren't you dying of thirst?
Oh, my dear, your suit is candy striped
And your legs...[Read More]


I don't belong to anyone.
There's no one who'll take care of me.
It's kind of easy to have some fun
When you don't belong to anyone.

Time has come to lay childish things.
To...[Read More]


With care from you, I get addicted to
A man helpless and silent.

How can I cry to you?
You'd see my caring ability just tumble.

Why don't you write me anymore?
Have you ...[Read More]


Many lights up today
Many lights up this way
What is this road here
Where have I come?

I am a rich man
And I am a very rich man
And I have good pants on
Stitched and ...[Read More]


How could one ever think anything's permanent
How can you sleep when I'm going away
I haven't a reason left in my head
To not go away

Haven't you heard I've a new invitation
...[Read More]


Oh once I had a partner but now that is done.
I made awful actions that I thought were fun.
Here years have come on, and I live like a king.
Like a monarch who rules over all that he sing...[Read More]


I know my way around the world
it's a circle and it starts and ends
and I've found my hand on mountain girl
and my efforts condoned by friends

I sit in my window looking out
...[Read More]


There were a lot of things in his touch; sometimes the
slightest whisper could hurt so much
Could feel him coming nearer
His little noises and such

And then my man
Would lay...[Read More]


Fire burned and blew out flowers
Showing me its comely powers
Still and all it would be hours
Before I would get burned

Someone mawed and put my cock in
Corner-eyed I saw it ...[Read More]


Work baby, and it will be all right.
Love on your body and you'll be bathed in light.
And arms will hold you.

Move your hands faster, that's what your man wants.
Keep his filthy ...[Read More]


I've been to a minor place
And I can say I like it's face
If I am gone and with no trace
I will be in a minor place

Well I put the shoes in line
Separate the women mine
A...[Read More]


You want to go
from here to there.
Where is this valley?
Take me there.

I will pull
ridge to ridge
with great stone cracking,
make wondrous bridge.

I take th...[Read More]


Filling up the girl
I am filling up the girl
Make her all of the whole world
Filling up the girl

And a brand new baby child
Makes me trunky
Makes me wild
Makes me tru...[Read More]


I know that missing you
has just begun
there's years to come
and trying to sleep tonight
next to your kin
is fully lovely
as I've ever been
But I wouldn't trade my life[Read More]


Hordes of faces, empty eyes
I see nothing new
Seasoned schemes of slimy curs
Offer up their flu

Am I beast or am I human?
Am I just like you?
Power seething, really reeli...[Read More]


et me be a little kinder
let me be a little blinder
to the faults of those around me
let me praise a little more
let me be when I am weary
just a little bit more cheery
think ...[Read More]


I have often said
That I would like to be dead
In shark's mouth
A woman swimming under
Her warm breath sending a thunder
Onto parts south

And love is stripped and frayed<...[Read More]


I am a mountain, I am a tall tree
Oh, I am a swift wind, sweeping the country
I am a river down in the valley
Oh, I'm a vision and I can see clearly

If anybody asks you who I am<...[Read More]


I am a cinematographer
I am a cinematographer
I am a cinematographer
I am a cinematographer

And I walked away from New York City
And I walked away from everything that's good...[Read More]


Mention of the stars reduce us back
They, about them, have time's things hanging
We are around near the railroad track
Checking out the thundering
Some names you call could have been ...[Read More]


And if you wait another day
I will wait a day
And if you wait another day
I will wait a day
And if you wait another day
Okay, okay

And if you wait another day
I will ...[Read More]


There will be no end soon
If I've seen things right that have come
People will be scared
They never will see anything
Meanwhile all of my friends have been struck dumb

How ca...[Read More]


Black, you are my enemy
And I cannot get close to thee
Our life is ruled by enmity
And I can't weaken that
The only way that I can see
Is to hold you close to me
...[Read More]


I'd be riding horses if they'd let me
Sleep outside at night and not take fright
I would ride the range and never worry
I would disappear into the night

Everybody needs an angel<...[Read More]


A house with a sign we all know welcomed folks to come
and go
give money, smiles and families grow.
the Lord said it shall be so.
But true when sound came crashing down
and hideo...[Read More]


Now if the aim in your life is to settle me down I
couldn't change my point of view
I got a lady in red at the back of my head but the
woman in white is you
Do you wanna be the only...[Read More]


Well, I thought I was so high above you
You were so good to me
Even though you knew I didn't love you
You were still good to me

Used to make you happy, to see you cry
You wer...[Read More]


A cow-call, and they all call together
Describing the way to go
I never hurt someone so young
But I never held someone so sweet
It makes me want to holler with them
All the way do...[Read More]


I am the sky, mother
I am the sky
I am the sky, mother
I am the sky

I am the vast blue ocean of sky
I am a little drop of the sky
Frozen sky
...[Read More]


There is something I have to say
Cause I'm leaving some time today
And I can't tell when I'll be back

It's easy to imagine me here
The phone keeps a voice so near
But that ki...[Read More]


lean into me darling
though the war in light is fallin'
im an awesome dreamer
in a mirror light of star far gallexy

oh and i
lift us up
lift us up
lift us up
[Read More]


All the things you said to me today
Changed my perspective in every way
These things count to mean so much to me

Into my faith you and your baby
It's out there
If you wa...[Read More]


Scorn me not though I deserve,
I've done fighting in my time.
Long live the people hear me shout,
And tell my enemies I'm blind now.

Cold and clear, cold and clear, [Gold and...[Read More]


I've seen it all, I have seen the trees
I've seen the willow leaves dancing in the breeze
I've seen a man killed by his best friend
And lives that were over before they were spent
[Read More]


I'll go anywhere that you do
and if you don't go before
lord I don't want to go
without you anymore
meet me in a pillar of fire
shade me with a big white cloud
lord wherever y...[Read More]


Bed is for sleeping
Love is for making
And you know, love,
I am yours for the taking

My eyes are for seeing
The wind is for blowing
And you see, love,
I am yours for ...[Read More]


God bless us as we cross from green sides into darker.
God love us as we lay in puddles of our own.
Our qualities will raise us in a light that blinds our
Our fists will ser...[Read More]


Well i like to have a good time
Any of my friends will tell you
So if you confront me with stupidity
I'm doubly angry at you

And I say: Nip! Nap! it's all a trap
Bo! Bis! And...[Read More]


there's a woman i see at a bar that's near me
that catches my eye repeatedly
and so it's ? that i wait until four
when the bar turns its lights out and closes the door

and then i...[Read More]


There was someone a long time ago
(Come follow me here and then we'll go)
Who played with me whenever it snowed
(To a fortress in the snow)
She lived nearby and I'd walk her home
...[Read More]


Beast For Thee
Why aren't you kind to me?
You could so easily
Take me in your arms and see
A Donkey, a beast for thee.

If you had half a mind
Leave wordly things behind[Read More]


When the sun welcomes us in
and the earth's protective skin
fails and peels back, face to chin
then we start it all again

why do you frown?
why do you try?
why don't you ...[Read More]


O life is sweet
And death a dream
O life is sweet
And death a dream
When thy song flows through me, my lord
When thy song flows through me

Then health is sweet
Sickne...[Read More]


It was bound to happen
from when you first knew me
and pulled apart with will
from those around you

if you love wind
or morning or night
if you are kind
and get lit u...[Read More]


i want to be
your olnly friend
is that scarry?
my active mind
don't wish it so
watch out for
these silent thoughts
that's where the seed of soul-sucking grows
...[Read More]


When there's only one thing I can do
Well you know that I still don't want to do
When there's just one way to get through
Sometimes I still don't want to go through with it
There are ...[Read More]


door of my heart
opened wide I keep for thee
will thou come?
will thou come?
just for once, come to me

will my days fly away
without seeing thee, my lord?
night and d...[Read More]


For every man who will last
there's nothing he can't get past
no obstacle he cannot erase
for every king there's a crown
and every time I look around
I am the kin of infinite spac...[Read More]


You are hello, a glowing cry
Heaven we go, never say die
I'll likely never know the answer why
You are hello, I am goodbye.

I am goodbye
Like the end of something wonderful s...[Read More]


I send my love to you
I send my hands to you
I send my clothes to you
I send my nose to you
I send my trees to you
I send my pleas to you
Won't you send some back to me?
<...[Read More]


There is no God but God
God in your body which is mine ?
I'm in love with you, with God
Without children in time

And once you have given your body
And demanded it, I give min...[Read More]


The first light's kissed my eyes it's time to breathe
the shearing wind that strips the flesh from me
so grab your weathered skins and boots and go
is it the hell i fear or is it the sea?...[Read More]


Others don't have a bed like mine
they sleep out in the rain

and others hearts are guarded from
the blows of random pain

but mama made my arm so strong
and papa taught m...[Read More]


I confess that I killed the cat
The cat was speckled and fat
He was an angry cat
But I thought he was laughing

I confess that I hit my brother
That I trapped my mother
An...[Read More]


She had a beautiful face, used to subjugate
Like the sun subjugates
Serving her was like serving Time itself
Loving you is like loving someone else

Scream, scream, scream
Scr...[Read More]


So I'm down and so I'm out
But so are many others
So I feel like tryin' to hide
My head 'neath these covers
Life is like the seasons
After winter comes the spring
So I'll keep...[Read More]


In the old town
When I last came around
Things were not so obvious
She was not parading as she had

"Werner," you whispered to me
"There it is bliss"
It's something that I...[Read More]


Most of you never been and never will go
To Barcelona
So I have to tell you what I now know
About Barcelona

'Cause I met a woman there and went to her room
In Barcelona
B...[Read More]


Come all you young fellas
That handle a gun
Beware of night rambling
By the setting of the sun

And beware of an accident
That happened of late
To one Molly Bawn
And s...[Read More]


Oh, 'tis sad to be parted from those that we love
Strange faces we see every day
Each heart string of mine is broken in time
When I think of those dear ones at home

Goodbye dear ...[Read More]

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