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Whoops, I miss, I fake exist
This life is long and so is the list
Of things I want and things I don't have
It's getting even worse when it don't go to plan
And I'll become a legend
In my living room, it's addictive
I'm stone cold, like Austin
With our backs against the wall, can't take it no more

I'm so sick and tired of always wasting
My breath for saying what I'm thinking
Why can't you read my mind? (Mind) Why can't you read my mind? (Mind)
Why can't you read my mind? (Mind) Why can't you read my mind? (Mind)

Why can't you read my mind?
Every time I pretend I'm fine
Giving you all of the signs
But you don't wanna know though, but you don't wanna though
I once was smart and I once was unique
Now I'm just tragic and my future's bleak Feeling of forever is on the screen
Truth [?] got me feeling less like me

I'm so sick and tired of always wasting
My breath for saying what I'm thinking
I need you to read my mind, we're going in circles
All of these phases, I need some space, and
Why can't you read my mind? (Mind) Why can't you read my mind? (Mind)
Why can't you read my mind? (Mind) Why can't you read my mind? (Mind)
Why can't you read my mind?

I'm so sick and tired of always wasting
My breath for saying what I'm thinking
I need you to read my mind, we're going in circles
All of these phases, I need some space, and
I need you to read my mind (mind, mind), I need you to read my mind (mind, mind)

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Love is a drug but it never comes with a warning
When the comedown comes you know you're gonna be in mourning
A push-and-pull courtship, yeah, it betrayed us
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[Verse 1]
And I was sinking under water
Drowning in a memory of you
And now it's time for me to recover
Coming to the surface for a better view
Oh, yeah

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[Verse 1]
I'm getting visions of new beginnings
Don't think you fit in, hurts to admit it at last
I'm free from my past
We're in the same room but stand on different sides
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Keep your hands to yourself, these lips belong to someone else
And you know that you will never get on it
Keep your lies to yourself, every lie you heard from someone else
And you know th...[Read More]


Yeah we are
Talking about
Plastic girls,
With egotistic guys
Oh yeah talking about
It looks void
Oh how we lie
So you can
Brace yourself that
Oh this is...
(...[Read More]


It's clouding my energy
My mind's playing tricks on me
It won't stop, no it don't stop
Till it's over (till it's over)

I've turned into a spectacle
I'm on the wrong kind of c...[Read More]


And It's worse, worse than you think
Truth be told,
I'll tell you that you're lovesick
I'm sweet so everybody takes a bite
Dig in I'm the catalyst of your demise

Words are c...[Read More]


All those dirty words that you said, did you mean it, did you now.
You're biting at the hand that feeds you, like a stray for some scraps.
Everybody you once knew has turned their backs.
...[Read More]


Handle bars,
never let go, let go, for anyone.
Take me in,
throw out my heart and get a new one.
Next thing, we're touching.
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Well, somebody told me
That I would be a dreamer for life
Well, somebody told me
I would never reach the other side.

Well, you say old news
You cross your fingers and you're ...[Read More]


Well look at the world my friends,
We used to live for the weekend.
We dont live twice, just let that sink in.

I said when we colour the good days.
The days we didnt need a stage...[Read More]


You're pretty from afar, but far from pretty
I wish this room would stop spinning
So I could make up my mind
Decide what's wrong, decide what's right
And I'll decide this one in the l...[Read More]


Verse 1:
I feel a little lost in this world.
I try a little noise and choke.
I've honestly never felt this alone.
Oh, I just need someone.

I need a little room...[Read More]


and i stand
on shaken ground
the earth moves beneath my feet
and i shout “forgive me”
but there's no god listening
and these walls surround us
always black and grays i s...[Read More]


Have you ever
Felt like you could do better
You have to use your umbrella inside
You have to keep your eyes open at all times
Have you ever
made mistakes that you regret
Don't...[Read More]


All I want to do is write a song
One I haven't ever sung before
I don't want to sing the same old thing
It wouldn't mean anything to me

All I want to do is write a song
B...[Read More]


I've been trying to make sense
I've been shouting under my breath
How's any of this in my interest?
When you sold me out
I must've not got the cheque

Your lust is a lie but i...[Read More]


I woke up this morning with a grudge the size of a short story
Oh, I feel, I feel so low
Let me start at the end, the part I haven't figured out yet
Yes, I am, I'm moving slow

Yo...[Read More]


When I was younger, I always thought
I could be someone if I tried enough
When I was younger, my father said
Wear a smile, show respect
When I was younger, you never said
When I w...[Read More]


Let me tell you a story bout' a boy and a girl,
A very different version than you've ever heard.
Ok so I'm lying but all I'm trying to say,
This isn't about the one that got away.
<...[Read More]


Wait, where you say you've been
Who you been with
Where you say you're goin'
Who you goin' with
Keep me on my toes, Keep me in the know

Wait, keep me in your skin, Keep me in...[Read More]


Let me suggest you do what you do,
And I will do what I do best
You know I've always been resenting,
resenting every word you've ever said

I load my words with care
and aim t...[Read More]


I gotta get this off of my chest
I'm startin' to feel a little unrest
Oh every time I check my shoulder
I see you there with a clueless look on your face
I've got to question your i...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I wanna be, I wanna be wherever you are.
I was around, I was around from the start.
I've got you in my sights.
I want you there the rest of the night. And I'll say..
...[Read More]


And at the start I was wishing
I could be anything you'd want.
I've been living with strangers who haunt, my thoughts.
Nice guys finish last, i take pride in that.
Caged in the now, b...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Where are you now?
And I've been checking out
All the places that you might be at
Well, this is my town
Word gets around
And I don't think you have a hideout
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[Verse 1]
I'm not a savior
I ain't no traitor
They're the ones who lie to you
Is this the end
End of an era
Spent too long living in fear?
My darkest days have come
An...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Feels like I've been here before
Name ain't on the door
What are those cold eyes for?
I don't think I know
He's in all black
And he thinks he's all that
That's f...[Read More]


Just say the word, we'll take on the world
Just say you're hurt, we'll face the worst

[Verse 1]
I can see, see the pain in your eyes
Oh, believe. believe me an...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Winter blues in summer time
Yeah that's not me and that's not my vibe
Nothing but a temporary high
Holding on to what's not mine
You know that I don't know these parts[Read More]


I stick on a best coast record,
Sit outside in the sun.
pull a chair next to you,
Say that you are the one.
You showed me joy division,
You showed me dead man's bones.
Just a ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
It's been a long time coming
This breakdown in our sights
And I just keep on running
Back for the same fight
I'll look at you
Not a single word comes to mind
I'l...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
When you see a ghost
Of someone that you used to know
You understand
What it is you had
It's happened again
You go and get away with it
This room real cold
A...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Make your move
Hold your breath
Hope that you
Have something left
Wait your turn
To call the shots
Play your hand
Watch your luck

A...[Read More]


Say no more, I'm out the door, the day is gone
Lick my wounds and face the tunes to the call
Five days done, the mood is swung, I'm moving on
I puff my chest, come up for air ...[Read More]


f I'm going to die I'm not going to die on my knees
If there's bigger plans then someone read them out to me
Has this life been a rehearsal for better things
Or have you been wasting your...[Read More]


We sat outside
Till we were numb
Two grown ups lives
And our thoughts
We talked of life
And how far we'd come
It took a while
But we waited for the sun

Carpe diem...[Read More]


Let's forget what was said and give pain a rain check
Like before, when we stood tall over our callous sins.
See, all of your demons became my demons
On your front line I fought.
But ...[Read More]


We're not young anymore, what are you so scared of?
Is it being alone when we no longer have the sun?
I don't need easy if you're there for me to lean on.
I will look in with my eyes clos...[Read More]


It was a cold night, we laid with each other just to stay warm.
Up all hours, not for the last time.
As it's a cold life, stay with each other one last time.
We could always run away some...[Read More]


Everybody loves the original
Everybody's got time to be cynical
Old enough to know better by now
It's the greatest joke, don't go letting me down

Pour my drink, this just got phy...[Read More]


Champagne wishes for everyone this year
A toast to the cynics as they claim free cheers
Small minds don't daydream as big as you or me
If this is the last straw, let's all live in scrutin...[Read More]


Where is your empathy?
Drain me of my energy
Snakes keep on circling
Hiatus from the haters
They ain't the ones that made us
And no one came to save us
Age, sex, location
...[Read More]


I feel lonely when you disown me and my friends,
You say you used to know me then
Now my bodies under arrest

We are not your lovers; we are not your friends,
We are just sinner...[Read More]


I guess now is a good time to tell the truth
The pedigree I carry will swallow you
I am not what you are
I am flawless in every way
Birds eye view
I'm watching you

Sad sa...[Read More]


They say that problems come
Come in pairs and I'm number one
So take a look at your friends, oh envy is a terrible thing

No you, you're so smart
So smart that you didn't call my ...[Read More]


So this is the end
Of you and me
We had a good run
And I'm setting you free
To do as you want
To do as you please
Without me

Remember when you were my boat
And I ...[Read More]


Too much, too much is never enough
I had you and I gave you up.
No idea where my mind was for months
I woke up, I cashed in on all of my luck,
walked hand and hand with your trust.[Read More]


You've got a lot to say
For the one that walked away
I give, you take
That's the way it's always been

Oh, how do I know
If I should stay or just go?
The bottom line is th...[Read More]


Calm down she said consider this a warning.
A souvenir for the morning, a headache that you can't fix.
I said I can talk my way out of anything, but i am struggling in this emergency
This...[Read More]


I know, I'm finding it hard to breathe
And I've been drowning in my own sleep
I feel a hate crashing over me
So rescue me
(oh, oh, oh, oh)
So rescue me

Eve...[Read More]


You're not on my list of things to do
'Cause I've already done you
And I'm protective, it's so cute
And only when it suits you
And is this all in vain?
Can these words explain?[Read More]


I've got a question,
did you think we would ever believe you?
And on the note of rejection,
the line you walk is getting thin, so thin
Your green eyes are potent,
that last night ...[Read More]


If one drink can make tonight
Slip my mind, then I
Should drink up so I can forget
That I have lived my life

You are an example of better things to come
So I'll wait on some ...[Read More]


You´re so good and you´re so bad,
that everybody wants to be your man.
You're so good and you're so bad,
that everybody wants to be
In your hair and under your skin
And in th...[Read More]


there's something you don't know, i've walked you off to keep you on your toes
there's something you didn't know, i've grown some bones, so i can walk you off

tonight, tonight, everythin...[Read More]


Well, I am the cancer running through your veins
I am the sweat that's dripping down the side of your face
Well, I am the pain in the back of your legs
It makes you fall to your knees, to...[Read More]


The eyes you bought have gone to my head,
But they won't take you to my bed.
You talk a good game,
But girl, you've been played.
Look at this shade you chose to play.
The towns ta...[Read More]


You've got a nerve giving me the cold shoulder
Giving me the twice over, that's not deserved
And we'll talk again when you're sober
You said that I've got cold and our heat has gone
<...[Read More]


If it hurts this much then it must be love
And it's a lottery, I can't wait to draw your name
Oh, I'm trying to get to you but time isn't on my side
If the truth's the worst I can do then...[Read More]


You should have seen me last night,
Working the room had their chests going tight,
I got a theory, all I need is one drink.

I've got you breathing all heavy and deep,
Gasping ...[Read More]


I'm so glad that your lipstick's on backseat of your best friend's car
Well, we were onto something here
Oh no wait, you will call it off and space is on the cards and
Who'd drink to that...[Read More]


And I know some things you don't
It comes and goes like the strength in your bones, whoa
So keep your mind at a rest
I'll never let the two of us be friends, does it hurt?

Underd...[Read More]


Well I need you,
My bed's without you,
Oh no,
This one,
Only excusing on the ice,
Watch out,
I wouldn't trust you with the words,
Let that be a lesso...[Read More]


(whoa oh, whoa oh-oh, whoa oh)
(whoa oh, whoa oh-oh, whoa oh)

i broke it down as we built
i made a sound just to be heard
i made mistakes just to feel guilt
i made some traps...[Read More]


Da da da da da da da da da...

Hell had you by the throat
You never got to heaven
But you got real close
Your past has you in a chokehold,
But you deserve it from what i've be...[Read More]


Is this hard to swallow
You keep your thoughts by your pillow
Just so you can adore them
Just so we can ignore them
I'd rather lead not follow,
I'd rather stay and not go home
...[Read More]


This is the calm before the storm,
Three words through your bedroom door.
And everybody knows that,
It is the place to start.

Why say something safe,
When I can blow you awa...[Read More]


Tie a noose around my neck, and kick away the chair baby.
You've got me right where you need.
Cut the words you're about to wake when
We've got you right where you always are (open up you...[Read More]


Save your breath
And I'll talk instead
And you'll just drop dead and stay away from me

You've got me wrapped around your fingers
But I've got you figured out
And I'm down but...[Read More]


Nervous and your tearing at the seams
The lights are too bright and you've got cold feet
You look the part and you're only seventeen
Can you drag me up and show me what we're missing o...[Read More]


I wanna hold em like they do in Texas, please
Fold em, let em hit me. raise it, baby, stay with me
Luck and intuition play the cards with Spades to start
And after he's been hooked, I'll ...[Read More]


Where did we go so wrong
That we couldn't see
that we lost control
over everything?
It's personal
She gets involved
We've got these faces
They're painted
So you can'...[Read More]


Woah woah woah woah woahoah,
Woah woah oh woah woah,
Woah woah woah woah woahoah,
Woah woahoahow.

You’ve been looking at me like you’ve got something to say,
You got flaws in...[Read More]


I've got a bad feeling,
That I went and got dirt on your name
And you swear you heard them say,
That is the guy who makes the biggest mistakes oh
He said, she said, that I'm a joke...[Read More]


If I could have a minute please
Then I'll bring you to your knees
This contagious chemistry is killing me

Oh, you'll never disappear
Until I give permission, dear
'Cause you'...[Read More]


Come a little closer
As this night gets older
Of you I grow fonder
Just let my hands wander

This is the first thing I thought
This is the last thing that I I want
You wer...[Read More]


Hold on, where did you get those little facts from?
The last I heard we hadn’t changed for anyone
To celebrate you paste your hate for attention
And hang it high for everyone to see
<...[Read More]


Am I more than you bargained for yet
I've been dying to tell you anything you want to hear
Cause that's just who I am this week
Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum
I'm just a notc...[Read More]


Where do you get off, making noises
Where do you get this from, breaking boys in two
Lets take this to the bedroom so I can undress you
Ask you are you ready, aren't you ready, am I?
...[Read More]


I wrote this song, just to piss you off,
This is a war between my body and tongue,
You think you got it,
Come, show us what you've got.

I move away and watch you move through the...[Read More]


And I'm watching you from a room with a view
Take it off, get some clues,
your next source, your next move
We will watch, we will talk, we will talk
We will watch, we will talk, we w...[Read More]


Oh have some heart and hold it to your chest
We weren't in love, we were too young
We throw our words around as if they were not gold
They are

Oh maybe someday I will be somethin...[Read More]


if this is the end
and these white coats and this medicine
is my new comfort zone
and my new best friend.

shall we cue the violins
cause this life is made of violence
six...[Read More]


I hate to break it to you but,
You're just a lonely star
I try to bring you down but
Our level isn't good enough
You always do as you please so,
I'm going to follow suit and take...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
And they can dig you a grave next to me
You're like tidal wave of ecstasy
Fact or fiction? You give me something to believe in
You are my religion with the sweet dispos...[Read More]


Whoops, I miss, I fake exist
This life is long and so is the list
Of things I want and things I don't have
It's getting even worse when it don't go to plan
And I'll become a legend[Read More]

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