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Would he say, "Yeah"?
Would he say, "No"?

What would he say?
What would he say?

Give them the chance
Give them the chance

What do you like?
What do you love?

Where did he go?
What did he do?
(What have you done?)
(Give them the chop?)

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In the Baron's Nippon charger
The co-pilot a façade
In attendance tucked inside
Riding shot-gun talking hard was Bard

Though his kingdom was subsiding
Beyond the distant blue...[Read More]


When you reach the point
Is it different enough?
Tell me what it's like when you reach the point

When you draw the line
Is it straight enough?
Tell me what it's like when you...[Read More]


I catch the word, don't refrain
Oh no it's not the same
In two halves but quickly growing whole
It's not the past again
In double figures for the first time
Oh no it's not the sam...[Read More]


The race of champions, the pace the pace
The speed the need, the need to seed
The chance to die
Another dead don't cry, another dead don't cry
You've still got speed, you'll maybe ble...[Read More]


Gifts of the west winds
Dark and deep
In secret sunset
Places creep
Lock up your hats
Lock up your hats
Progress with a vision
To practice with at home
A schism with a...[Read More]


Passed to hand, behind the curtain
The letter brings change, now things are uncertain
Hand to hand, the letter moves on
Like a series of shocks, but the contents are known
Oh faint he...[Read More]


In this public place
Pigeons move busily
Through the contents
Of a man's life
In this public place
His last mortal remains
Reflect a private lake
In this public place
...[Read More]


If you had a room, he'd paint it white,
survives the day, prefers the night,
build sight.
Got a head for figures,
no time for bickers,
(or so he says,)
prefers the company of ...[Read More]


A shadow emerges, suspicion hardens to fact
No trouble, it doubles; faith is fatally stacked
Re-organises his structure, deathly desire takes hold
Result of the passage, between once youn...[Read More]


I bet your underwater experiences came in handy
When you bit the hand that offered candy
And flashed the smile that sank the ship
And reached the post before the pip
Where salient gre...[Read More]


Closing doors
Opens eyes
To the fatal gift
Of a well timed lie
Loved in the flesh
And (but) butchered in the mind
Oh what a pearl
What a well made world

Holy glob...[Read More]


Practice makes perfect, yes I can prove it
Business or pleasure, the more that you do it
Please dress in your best things, this course was unplanned
'Cause you see up in my bedroom I've g...[Read More]


The time is too short
but never too long
to reach ahead,
to project the image,
which will in time become a concrete dream.
Another cigarette,
another day,
from A to B,
...[Read More]


Natural splits sunburn jets price marks smart bets
Strikers luck pitch backs heap tips pit slacks
Dressed pints demon shrinks bread drunk dead drinks
Stretch clubs models box draw skin bl...[Read More]


It's so obvious, it's here, it's there
It's not just the colour, it must be more, at least 17+3 score
This is 77, nearly heaven.
It's black, white, and pink, just think
There's more t...[Read More]


In an act of contrition
I lay down by your side
It's not your place to comment
On my state of distress
For this is for real
I've tears in my eyes
Am I laughing or crying?
...[Read More]


Always cause for concern
When you're feeling quite bright
And your filament burns
I feel mysterious today
Everything is humming loudly
I feel mysterious today
Everything is co...[Read More]


Over your window you think I'm confused
I'm waiting for the divergent wasp
To complete my current ruse
You use a plate-glass screen
To protect my chosen target
But th...[Read More]


I didn't understand your plea to live
Or the guy's wish to take or give
However, as backing away, he fell and lay dead amongst the fireworks display
It's not quite the way to say your goo...[Read More]


Warning warning
Free-falling divisions
Re-calling re-calling
Fast past admissions
Foolish words
No nervous laughter
Safety first
Gives always after
Drag my canal
Y...[Read More]


Antennaes my currency
Programme your set
My pockets are drunk
The Illinois tool works
The flight nurse attends me
I can't wait to see the doctor
Be smart shrink the world?
...[Read More]


Lips growing for service
Eyes steady for peeling
Bring on the special guest
A monkey caught stealing

Standard rewards in corners
Is full-board in new quarters
Kneeling fo...[Read More]


Would he say, "Yeah"?
Would he say, "No"?

What would he say?
What would he say?

Give them the chance
Give them the chance

What do you like?
What do you love...[Read More]


Hook fear lashing
Spit-gas sinking
Tired reflections
In a broken eye

You're a strange one
Are there any more like you?
You're a rare one
I want one too Head collector...[Read More]


I wanna be a field day for the Sundays so they can f*ck up my life
Embarass my wife, and leave a bad taste
That striped toothpaste can't remove on Monday mornings
I wanna be a target for ...[Read More]


What is this feeling called love?
What is this crazy thing I can't explain anyhow?
What is this feeling called love?
What is this crazy scene I can't work out anyhow?
Maybe I should t...[Read More]


There's great danger
For the lonliest ranger of all
No silver bullets
Tonto's split the scene
Next week will solve your problems
But now, fish fingers all in a line The milk bottl...[Read More]


Mist closing in, getting thicker
One drops out, becoming quicker
Lights grow dim, they glimmer
The chances smaller, the odds are slimmer
Dot dash, dip flash, don't crash
Loosening...[Read More]


An unwilling sailor adrift from Artic waters
As the water gets warmer, my iceburg gets smaller
As he pours more petrol on, he feels no fear
As the flames get nearer, its thought gets clea...[Read More]


He took his seat on the foreign train
He thought it pleasant to travel again
Mindful of the journey's end
He read again the letter from his friend
Time passed as it often does
The...[Read More]


Painted statues in underground streams
With invitations to the Pharoah's dream
They stare at themselves, there's a need to be seen
Walking mirrors in the Pharoah's harem
And here they...[Read More]


Think of a number,
divide it by two,
something is nothing,
nothing is nothing.
Open a box,
tear off the lid,
then think of a number,
don't think of an answer.
Open you...[Read More]


Chain link route ways
Digital time base
New hours for these days
New files engaged

Strangeness detectors
Collage charmers
Magnetic behavior
Quarks and order

...[Read More]


Turning red.
Adopting styles that seem inbred
And made of lead.
Stay on the pace
Recoup the lips.
Avoid this place.
Seek without trace.
It’s a hoot.
Run ahead and blin...[Read More]


I'm tired of being told what to think
I'm tired of being told what to do
I'm tired of f*cking phonies
That's right, I'm tired of you
No, no, no, no, no, no, Mr. Suit
You can take ...[Read More]


You'll be sorry when the sun has roasted you to
Lobster red, nothing said
When yellow has turned green to brown, divide by four
Multiply by nine, describe your divisions, anatomical deris...[Read More]


No blind spots in the leopard's eyes
Can only help to jeopardize
The lives of lambs, the shepherd cries
An afterlife for a silverfish
Eternal dust less ticklish
Than the clean roo...[Read More]


Something snapped, over and over
Something snapped, over the horizon
Something burst, over and over
Something burst, just out of sight
Like a rope on the border, over and over
Lik...[Read More]


Doubting Thomas parks his car in his Sunday best
Taps his wallet, straightens tie, lights a cigarette
Pilgrim's progress, no journey's end
Which way Michael?
Through the door he scans...[Read More]


Our own correspondant is sorry to tell
Of an uneasy time that all is not well
On the borders there's movement
In the hills there is trouble
Food is short, crime is double
Prices h...[Read More]


I've got sand in my joints
I'm counting the grains
And they're so sharp
I'm feeling the pain
I'm like King Canute's daughter
A lamb to the slaughter
My feet in the water
I...[Read More]


You have nothing to fear
I'm just making enquiries
Dog bone hunting
Gives you back to yourself
Standing before me
The gargoyle turns
Jutting jaws and
The stubble burns
...[Read More]


Sailing under a false flag
We're crossing the IDL
Becalmed where no creature lives
Lost, forsaken, cursed
Holed below the water line
A shift in the plimsoll line
Pumps in the ...[Read More]


My mind is unwilling and your flesh is so weak,
do my movements betray the secrets I think,
I always stand by walls and try to humour fools.
Am I moving in a straight line?
Oh it's un...[Read More]


The island monkeys love the dark
No one is home, they're thin skinned sharks
Hue exchanging gives sea-leg walks
No one is home, the chemicals talk
Load up the spoiled goods
Hook u...[Read More]


Is it true? It's enough for you
Is it true? Or as before
Is it true? You still need more
Is it true? No marks are left
Is it true? Upon the snow
Is it true? No one will know
<...[Read More]


Oh you should miss her, she says she's my sister
She's never hard to find
She's tender-trusting, she's everlasting
Can I change my mind?

Is it too late to change my mind?
[Read More]


As a mutual friend it was difficult to pretend
That I was anything less than concerned

Hearing of your troubles
Has forced me to double
My interest in your current affairs
[Read More]


Start to move
Time at hand
Bird in hand
No bush but trees thicken
Which now, rooster or chicken?

Leave the past
Feel the wrench
Smell the stench Was good, but flesh s...[Read More]


You gained respect as we passed
Not a wave, a gestured wink
I was forced to think
I couldn't ignore
I've seen you before

Joking aside, face to face
It's the one I cannot ...[Read More]


Please take your knife out of my back,
And when you do, please don’t twist it.
I felt the stab in my blindside,
The poisoned blade to paralyze,
The cost of cash and energy to adver...[Read More]


It looks serious
Is that a paper I see in your hand?
Then a pause for a German phrase
"Nie weider nie weider, nie weider nie weider"

Never again, none of your lip
Y'tulip, Y'...[Read More]


You're the wizard of was, becalmed in because
The nawab of no, with no place to go
A grandmaster crashed, whose future has past
The wazir of fear, now: Seer of the year

Used up a...[Read More]


With all the front
And more besides
Bitch, thrust, and parry
And a few asides
With considerable charm
You chose not to decide

I really like you
Becomes my massage
...[Read More]


No switch in this dark but you search anyway
This is the night, here in the day
One thing remains perfectly clear
It's the buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

Zee zee zee, zum ...[Read More]


I saw three dogs flying, there was a man on the end
Squaring the circle and studying zen
I saw a drunk old lady pissing in a bin
It was far too high, she couldn't stop

The man wi...[Read More]


Attempts to fly are welcome
They attract a crowd willing to pay for a miracle
If you're homeless I know a roof you can jump off
You've got a cat and I've got a dog that climbs trees
<...[Read More]


I got to be for an offer of virtue
Once in and taken apart
This is the shape of interference
Please do not adjust your heart

Now touching the edges of something
Wanting to fi...[Read More]


Get on parade
Tailor made

Get on parade, your place in the sun
Uniform suits everyone
Made to measure, you'll like the shade
Fits like a glove, you're tailor made

Gi...[Read More]


It continues

It continues, it continues, it continues to escape me
It's not quite right the way you're trying to ape me
Observing my movements, trying to place me
I heard you'd l...[Read More]


Replaying accidents
Deploying precedents
Before the trial by fire
The evidential weight
The lens that can't create
The signal stretched on wire

Before you know it's
T...[Read More]


Saw you in a mag, kissing a man
Saw you in a mag, kissing a man
Smoking a fag, kissing a man
Saw you in a mag, kissing a man

Saw you in a mag, kissing a man
Saw you in a mag,...[Read More]


His father smiled
And the sparkle in his eye

In the house not home behind closed doors
They hide their fakes between the floors
In the house not home under the bed
Stories ar...[Read More]


You're a waste of space
No natural grace
You're so bloody thin
You don't even begin

To interest me
Not even curiousity
It's not animosity
It's just you don't interest...[Read More]


The tide is high, sandbag your street!
Converging, swelling channels meet
The torrent roars, banks are breached
Stay calm, be cool, a part at least

The brakes are on, controlled ...[Read More]


Four o'clock in the morning
I close my eyes and consider you
Is this some kind of warning
To let me know you're just passing through my life?
It's a good place to be
For someone l...[Read More]


I've found something
No one else is looking for
I've found something
That there's no use for

And what's more
I'm keeping it to myself

I'm leaning over backwards
...[Read More]


So truly jolly, an Xmas dolly
I talk on request, I'm never depressed
I'll wink a good time till someone pokes me
One big blue eye out

So simply heady, a birthday teddy
Punche...[Read More]


There's something strange going on tonight
There's something going on that's not quite right
Joey's nervous and the lights are bright
There's something going on that's not quite right
...[Read More]


Persuading analysts
Engaging catalysts
Exploding empathy
Avoiding chemistry
Pushing out envelopes
Enhancing isotopes
Refining registration
Avoiding isolation
Surfing w...[Read More]


Reset your circuit breakers
Carry out undertakers
Blow away the slightest traces
Deal yourself a hand of aces
New techniques for self-transmission
GPS, pin-point position
Prod...[Read More]


Just what I need
Shoot on Sight
Leaking while you vote, four days left
A dirty cartoon duck covers a village in shit
Possibly signalling the end of Western civilisation
As if I gi...[Read More]



Push out the voltage, keep up the squeeze
Give me the credit with interest please
I'm here to borrow, I'm here to lend
I'm here to save and I'm he...[Read More]


Crooks lay in a weighted state waiting for the dead assassin while the rust pure powder puffs, a shimmering opaque red. Papers spread, no-one driving, we hurled direct ahead, the windows dark-green t...[Read More]


Two people in a room
Facial movements betray
A private display
Of nervous disorder
And mutual torture

Two people in a room
Bloody image is conjured
But no one is inju...[Read More]


Sitting in a surgeon's world,
as sturgeons will,
a surgeon's girl with me.

Standing on a river bed,
where weeds can be,
I'm on my knee,
to you.

I've seen in glos...[Read More]


I never know which version I'm going to be
I seem to have so many choices open to me

It's not hard to see another unique event
When you miss the beginning and you miss the end
[Read More]


A dorsal fin breaks the water
Salted meat a sudden relapse
Inference drawn from every word

Being sucked in again

Feeling numbed from anaesthetised flesh
Avoid disgrace, ...[Read More]


Find yourself in opposition
Rid yourself of superstitions
Deploy a mask, get night time vision
Safety off, get in position

A mother's guilt, a daughter's pain
The father fail...[Read More]


It's true darling, I'll walk you home
I'll be your date forever
I love you girl, I love you
Until they split the atom

So many times, there's nothing left There's nothing left at ...[Read More]


Rescued from uncertain fates aided by subtle metamorphic shifts
An unwrapped past? Maybe.
A chance to reconfigure DNA? Perhaps.
Could allow new horizons to become our vantage point
[Read More]


We lash omission, we took part in the conversation
Without a try
Duration in extinguished, concentration slips my way
Extra tension always eating
Intervention and accidents, hypertens...[Read More]


It's fighting murder, inside of the shoreline
Sense of ...never taste it before
Fell through the floor, I hit my ceiling
Out of my debt, on my head
Cloud couple lands was clearly in f...[Read More]


Wake up from a living sleep
Demons rise up
Violent trimmers after seance
Toys of manage.

Attempts to.all had failed.
Broke your heart, will you break now?
no whole regret...[Read More]


Reviewed, it seemed
As if someone were watching over it
Before it was
As if response were based on fact

Providing, deciding, it was soon there
Squared to it, faced to it, it ...[Read More]


Jam sandwich filled with Uzied peelers
Frisking pimps and dawn car dealers
The Fat Controller's transport inches
When stealing lives, he never flinches

Observe the poker party ac...[Read More]


With colour in your life there's a reason to explode
To set the world on fire
To skid and leave the road
In a black and white life there's a column of smoke
You don't burst into flame...[Read More]


It's sinister

I'd attempt a casual structure
Preceding interaction
Symphonic in persuasion
Noblesse oblige

Each minister

Is just a drop compared with
Having...[Read More]


I was sold up the river to the red slave trade
The stores were gathered, the plans were laid
Synchronised watches at 18: 05
How many dead or alive
In 1955

The pink flags was ...[Read More]


Well I wonder what's going on
Same old stuff suppopse
Not quite right that
The stuff's the same
But it's different to me
Seems like the cancer in the city
Has got to be termin...[Read More]


I remember what he said:
"We are all like spuds and bread!"
Crash at random, road-kill rage
Tarmac trauma auto slain!

I remember what he claimed:
"Shadowed blood and spit rem...[Read More]


Are you level? How's your trim?
Do you rotate, eddy, or spin?
Are you game? What's your trick?
Do you vibrate, bounce, or tick?
What's your cut? Are you correct?
Do you detour, be...[Read More]


A grand mute proof at Nemrt Dag
That man's as mad as a hatter

How does it feel when it's revealed?
You've reached the living end

Master cut the stone out
My name is Lube...[Read More]


Does the pain remain when the head is turned
And the body walks away? You used to know
Does nausea ensue when you chance upon a memory
Of someone you used to know?
Does warmth increas...[Read More]


Nest in a bird, an enemy flew in
Fashion a life out of audio ruin
Farmers of God, is it good what you're doing?
Chanting a curse whilst religiously chewing

Is it time to repair? ...[Read More]


Fun in the manscape
It's coming apart
The soul is for hire
And they've sold the heart
Operate the radar
Hit the switches
Try to find a way to live
Please by the brochure[Read More]


Feelings trying, just won the action
One links of ...loves, and stealth of a stork
Worry the shallows, when they should ring the death
He catch some old soul, he's bound to regret
Cha...[Read More]


An ally in exile, receives an urgent dispatch
When he's already in trouble, unable to relax
You recognize it's the cipher
Weekly resolves the cold
The contents of the message
Stay...[Read More]


Your past is hope to mystery
A book without a history
Your time is up, you're asking this
Expressionless your poker face

VBFCHUB...[Read More]


Once a question of degree
Now circumstances corner me
Demanding my attention
Leaving little choice

Posing several questions

Distilling in one voice
Confusion not in ...[Read More]


Love bends the Earth, it strengthens around
It dies from holds, it lightens the world
Love bends the roads, making good out of bad
Opens your eyes, helping you put the stands
Love ben...[Read More]


Consequences, are many out the ...chipped
Flack glass is full, the prize inflated
Sharpen the weapons, of your traits
To joy, as well as you gain
Spinning after, electrons
The sli...[Read More]


I feel icy
I feel cold
I feel old
Is there something there behind me?
I'm sublime

I feel empty
I feel dark
I remark
I am mesmerised
By my own beat
Like a ...[Read More]


A hungry chop us, feels much to mind it s close
It holds a fragile head, in intensive care
Don t be so worried
You re the one who should be spared
You re the one who should be spared<...[Read More]


Quit jungle, the adventure all along
In which the specimen grows
The. flesh as we go on
Protecting your body with all the men's
Protecting your balls with all the men's
We sing an...[Read More]


Leaning backwards a memory
Staying on the periphery
To all the things that used to be
I'll say goodbye

To the smoky rooms, where they piss their time
To the alright boys, lef...[Read More]


Splinter of wood underneath a nail
Spiked on a tree where hope was pinned

Pining for a moment of even more
It just slipped out there

Harping on the old tune, playing the pip...[Read More]


The weak beneath the beak
The creep beneath the deep
The meat beneath the beat
The shit behind the teeth

The Morning Bell
Proves the distance
To be another optical conclu...[Read More]


Sporting effects
In a small black reptile
Broadened at the shoulder
And swing at the hips

Room for a big fish
A crack of whips
Demander of service
And generous tips[Read More]


No one from a glass has landed
The beam is down
Colours in regiments
Out of body experiences

The alien kidnappers
They place our graves
Ride the highways
Buying smile...[Read More]


Who are the masked men?
Who are the cashed men?
Who are the flash men?

Where is the funman?
Where is the sunman?
Where is the gunman?

Where are the fast men?
Whe...[Read More]


End part beginning
17 and counting
Erase then cut and paste
From here to another place

Demonstrations, indignations
Colour, colour, collar, nation

Empty and filling<...[Read More]


In times of peril such as these
Pleased as punch but not so nimble
Taking chances that you're given

Take the Trabant to Brabant
Find security
In Western arms, in Western arms...[Read More]


The word is out, the faithful pack
Merging forces, renewed, attack
The plan is laid, stage left to right
Take same positions, every night

Grind and train your sonic lens
Upon...[Read More]


Are you in trouble?
Are you in pain?
Doubts and pulse doubled?
Is it hard to explain?
Oooh! Darling, I want you to stay
Oooh! Darling, forever and a day
The vile double bubble...[Read More]


Some folks believe in magic
Does voodoohoodoo do it for you?
Some folks claim they know all the answers
And for a price they'll share them with you

This time it's going to be bet...[Read More]


Skippering a skiff, in the typhoon season
Open to change and in need of a hand

No longer confused by rhyme nor reason
Indian queens paddle dugout canoes

The passenger matche...[Read More]


A mute undertaker had something to tell
I stand at the threshold, I'm ringing the bell
I was hoping for heaven, I'd settle for hell
Playing harp for the fishes, it's hard to pretend
P...[Read More]


Sinless from Venus, Mars' father's sun
Steals from the shadows when the day has begun
Grow with good fortune, shrug off despair
The path that is progress is under repair

The whee...[Read More]


A plumed display, enlarged with brio
A promised four becomes a trio
Two days before, we lost your hero
Scorched the earth, returned to zero

Six cranes graze, a field of clover[Read More]


Have you got a leg to stand on?
Have you got a stick to call your own?
Have you got a peg to hang on?
Have you a hook to weight and bait?
Have you got a dread of nylon?
Are you a ...[Read More]


The collective hive mind
Algorithmically scanning
Defending exploration and language
Hair extensions

You better watch your step
You shouldn't place y...[Read More]


Combing the streets
Public addressing
The people are sorted
By gender and age

Shadow of the future
Shadow of the past
One minute of silence
Made out of wood

...[Read More]


Spy the Russians
Brushing scandals
Under oligarchy rugs

I can't quite remember
When it went wrong
Someone was humming
A popular song

Scope the bushes
Rustlin...[Read More]


The clouds were high
And the jury was hung

In a moment of doubt
The damage was done

Trust was lost
And the wheels had spun...[Read More]


Hurtling through the skies of North Africa
Carving through the waves of the Strait of Hormuz
Dangling a lure out in front of you
Present the bait, unable to choose

Upward and inw...[Read More]


I admired your sexy hearse
You could tell I was dying

You found a secret place
The outer edge of inner space
A sunbeam hit your face
You wer...[Read More]


In-between the lines
Ancient tales remind
Openings are hard to find
The blind will never lead the blind
Numbers can reveal their song
Harbours where we once belonged
Sailings ...[Read More]


It's nothing new, hungry cats
Getting fatter minds and thinner ideas
Nothing new about that
Too little of this
Not enough of that
Nothing new about that

Insomnia dogs me,...[Read More]


Are you scoping the future?
Are you scouting the trail?
Are you opening the door?
Are you female and male?
Are you groomed for success?
Are you expecting to fail?
Are you digg...[Read More]

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