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[Intro: Wale]
(Cool N Dre)
Go, go, go, go, go
Listen (Go, go, let's go)

[Chorus: Wale]
I just wanna see if you gon' lie or you gon' love me
I was gettin' broads way before I got the money, honey
Since I been a star, they don't love me
The ceilin' got stars when the star got no ceiling
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out)
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah
Yeah, she got a little butt, so what?
Big bag, she can show enough
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah

[Verse 1: Wale]
My regards to the broads that thought I was done
Pick a side, pick a side and die on the joint
I been lettin' things slide, they tryin' too hard
'Cause I ain't left the city once, still travel abroad
Nigga, I'm back on my boss shit
The stick in the Honda Civic, we in the car service
I really just mind my business and pray that God sort 'em
Can't really be long winded
You talkin' short money, today, we not cost cuttin'
Can you stick it out?
Told me she was quarantined, them brand new titties out
And it might be a couple weeks to make them bitches bounce
So I mean it when I be like, "What's the turn around?"
No, really, turn around, okay
[Chorus: Wale]
I just wanna see if you gon' lie or you gon' love me
I was gettin' broads way before I got the money, honey
Since I been a star, they don't love me
The ceilin' got stars when the star got no ceiling
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out)
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah
Yeah, she got a little butt, so what?
Big bag, she can show enough
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah

[Verse 2: J. Cole, J. Cole & Wale] Turn around, I wanna see (I wanna see)
Do it look like how it look on IG? (Mm)
Bad from every angle, she got herself a trainer
I know that nigga can't help but take a little peek, uh
Cole World and Folarin co-starrin'
We both flexin', Bo Jacksons, bogartin'
These cap niggas that rap with piss-poor jargon
My latest whip, my latest chick was both foreign
I know all my hoes miss me
I been the shit since I hit elementary
She know who run it, the one that keep it hunnid
To find a better nigga, you gon' have to live a century (Century)
Evidently, the coach can't bench me
The franchise player, I don't know how to miss
And they can't buy a layup, I'm anti what they are
I can't take my eyes off your pants, I swear
Girl, you shinin' like a damn Moncler
I'm thinkin' we should dip like the Cam'ron era
If you the big steppa, I'm the landmine here
That's the one they know they can't come near
[Chorus: Wale & J. Cole]
I just wanna see if you gon' lie or you gon' love me
I was gettin' broads way before I got the money, honey
Since I been a star, they don't love me
The ceilin' got stars when the star got no ceiling
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out)
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah
Yeah, she got a little butt, so what?
Big bag, she can show enough
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah
Stick it out (Stick it out), poke it out (Poke it out), yeah

[Outro: Wale & J. Cole]
Break it down, look
Poke it out, I wanna
See you play whether you
Meg Thee Stallion or like
Coi Leray, okay
I just wanna see if you gon' lie or you gon' love me
I was gettin' broads way before I got the money, honey
Since I been a star, they don't love me
The ceilin' got stars in there, boy
Stop playin'

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[Hook: roscoe dash]
We poppin bottles of the pink shit take 'em to the dome
We ain't ever on that weak shit always blowin' on that strong
Every day we party till early in the morning[Read More]


[Hook: Wale]
Trying to stay in my zone
Watchin' enemies close
They be doing the most
So I go through the motions
Five blunts in rotation, five blunt
Five blunts in rotation, f...[Read More]


Okay, uh, look. If you wanna just keep doing the same old thing, maybe this idea is not for you. I for one am not going to compromise my artistic integrity. And I'll tell you somethin...[Read More]


They More Nothing
One Two One One Two
One Two One One Two
One Two One

Lets Get High Kill These Lows
Let's get fXcked up to the bone
Blowing Tree...[Read More]


Cash Mohammed, Mcgreggor Conor, Folarin

[Verse 1]
Mind racing negotiating my situation
I burned bridges I can't repair so been fly lately
I've been peddling rhymes so mu...[Read More]


Baby, you got a body like a Benz
And I'm just trying to drive it once again
Baby, you got a body like a Benz
And I'm just trying to drive it once again

...[Read More]


Work, work, work, yuh
Work, work
Work, work, work, work
Work, work, work, work

Workout, workout
I broke up with her, it ain't work out, work out
...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
Real rap, peel back in the matte black
She ain't at where I'm at, send that ass back

[Verse 1: Wale]
Hoes in the telly on the late night
Smoking real good, my e...[Read More]


Look, haha

Blue, yellow, green, pink, white
I ain't 'bout to judge, muhf*cker, live life
I done got hot, cold, like a million times
I could prolly pop four at the same t...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale & Nas (sample)]
Yes, this shit is raw, comin' at your door
Black and yellow O Dunks Alizé, young Folarin
(Su-Summers off) Wha-what?

[Verse 1: Wale]
Yeah, I w...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
Picture that, a black man learning to love himself
Wow, that's crazy, right?
Yo, yo

[Verse: Wale]
My highs, lows, my darks, lights
Couple of hoes, but no lo...[Read More]


[Seinfeld sample]
Nobody wants to be with someone who loves them
No, people hate that
You want to be with somebody that doesn't like you
[Jerry]<...[Read More]


Half the corny niggas in the world can't dance!
You know what I'm sayin'?
So just it's like boom, we get rid of the dusty, dusty.
We get into some motherf*ckin' soul.
Yo, I'm sayin' I...[Read More]


[Pink Sweat$:]
Oh, no, no, no, no, no
Yeah, oh

[Pink Sweat$ & (Wale):]
I put 50 in the safe, yeah
Speedin' off in a Wraith, oh yeah
Had a dream that I was...[Read More]


[Hook (Sampled): Rochelle Jordan]

[Intercept Message]
"You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in err...[Read More]


Yeah, the older you get, man, more you appreciate
And don't get offended
Ayo, we good?
Let me know when that drop
(Hol' up)

Talk to me different, let's c...[Read More]


I ain't so sure that being social
Is the sole cure to my soul's woes
But I take this here, take it to la la land
Pop up in the drop top van
Let me see what the odds are[Read More]


Prod. By Swagg R'Celious for Progressive Musik Group
You feel like it's a doubt 'em all, baby
Plucking pictures in them crowds, they all faded
And I'm just ...[Read More]


I just want a hundred percent from a pretty woman
I just want a Bentley to fill it with green hundreds
I just want you niggas to know I got the blues
And feeling like it's Mud...[Read More]


[Chorus: Ari Lennox]
Mama told me life's not fair
So cliche advice right there
The time we wasted, time we lost
So we don't even try
Mama told me life's not fair
So cliche adv...[Read More]


Let me test your cool, can you take a stroke or two?
It's adult swim when I go up in, until the oxygen is through
Put away your cool, spend the day in your pool
It's adult swim when I go ...[Read More]


[Produced by J Gramm Beats]

[Intro: Wale & Jerry Seinfeld]
Time to clock in, baby
You ready?
Yes, I was ready last time
We gon' call this "The Intro Ab...[Read More]


Okay, Valentino, Valentino
Okay, Valentino, Valentino, used to rock that all Moschino
Jeremy Scott done got that guap, so now I'm rocking Valentino
Valentino, talking, Valentino
Yeah,...[Read More]


I, just know what I know
I say homies over dough
I say hoes under both
And I live by the code
I say stay away from hoe shit
Yeah then, stick to your own
I f*ck with the people...[Read More]


You expect me to know, a lot of shit that I'm just out here tryna figure out
You expect me to know the answer to some shit that I'm just tryna get up out of
Where did the time, w...[Read More]


Wale, the diaries of a lexicon legend
This shit the same walk that got me out these boxes
The same shit
I wanna see you make your permanent exit with
I'm too grown to f*ck...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
And they say don't ever change (change on me)
Although beautiful matrimony is a rapper balancing your women, your riches and at least half your homies
You're at th...[Read More]


I've been wanting it for a long time, for a long time baby
I've been wanting it for a long time, for a long time baby
I've been wanting it for a long time, for a lon...[Read More]


Getting engaged is like getting, uh, it's the first hill of the roller coaster and you hear those clickers, the loud sound – this really violent, metal 'Chunka-chunka-chunka' and you...[Read More]


Part I

[Intro: Wale & Sam Sneak]
Oh my God, Oh my God again
Shine season
Y'all niggas still in the bleachers
Good looking, yeah
Yea boy

M-...[Read More]


Far away from the place that I came from
Yeah, from being a real to the same one
Blue moon, blue moon, we done came up
Yeah, one of the fliest niggas thinking
Tell Apollo ...[Read More]


So much money you gotta put that shit on a scale, nigga
We ain't never goin' back to being broke
One time for all my young niggas in the trenches (Woo)

Ain't chasing a bitch...[Read More]


I know your heart, I know your vibe
And you know your role, cause you down for life
Yeah, you ain't been here but you real as shit
But your body is, a pyramid

I'm saying no, I'm ...[Read More]


I shine
You shine
We fall

Girls kissin' me all out, Christian Dior'd out
We gon' hold this city down 'til we see the whole city up
(Go shine, go shine your light ...[Read More]


Everybody flawed, I could never need you
Everybody flawed, I could never need you
Ain't nobody God, God, God, God, God
Everybody flawed, I could never need you
Everybody flawed, I cou...[Read More]


I guess maybe some little problems could arise
(There are always a few)
If anything happened and we couldn't be friends the way we are now, that would really be bad
Beca...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
You got the game all the way f*cked up, homes

[Verse 1: Wale]
You chillin' with a tilley, feelin' better
Come up in my city we can see who really spillin'
See w...[Read More]


The worst thing is when you get comfortable
That's why success is the enemy

Lord forgive us, we're sinners
Was poor with the other children
Of course the ills that are less fortu...[Read More]


So you're the balloon, you've got that helium, and we travel with you through the string. So we're going up there with you even though we're on the ground. We can't fly, I can't sing,...[Read More]


My man my man
It's young Wale Folarin from that SHiNE gang
Let's get it, f*ck with me

[Chorus: Wale]
Squad Squad Squuadd
Girl, Ooh you're in love[Read More]


[Intro: Jerry Seinfeld]
Now one of the services you provide
Is giving them something to talk about
Let, let 'em talk
It makes 'em happy, it makes 'em feel good
They don't believe ...[Read More]


(Blue Moon)
This shit my destiny
Been out and I dress in Drais
An hour with the back and forth
Made a mortgage from housing beats
The devil, you bother me
Got a chopper I neve...[Read More]


If someone like you would love me
If someone like you would love me
Got her in my phone as BGM
And her (ha)

Black benzes
Black fancy
Black bag full of old white m...[Read More]


[Hook: Wale]
Gangsta boogie, gangsta boogie
Seen a gangsta pull out and all the gangstas boogie
Gangsta boogie, gangsta boogie
I'm not a gangsta really but all the gangstas feel ...[Read More]


Na Na Na Na… Na Na Na Na… Hey Hey Hey… Goodbye… Hey!

[Lady GaGa]
Lookin at, lookin at, lookin at me
Look at that, look how they lookin at me
Eyes all sticky like honey on bees[Read More]


Wale, I kick it, I kick it like Olindo
I wear my Nike boots in Gucci
I don't wear no Timbo
I kick it any tempo
I'm lifted off the indo
I'm poppin champagne, drink...[Read More]


Wale – Bedrock (Freestyle)
Lyrics By Robert Weber

She got that good good
She Michael Jackson bad
So hit me with them cuffs, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson yea

And i dont ha...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
One in a million, baby, I did it
From the city of straight gorillas, it made me a winner
I bought a new whip, like to rap about it
Only difference 'tween me and old niggas i...[Read More]


Ambitious girl, the drive-drive me crazy
I'm tryna stay with you, lay with you
I'll pay you tuition, pray with you if you aint intuition
I'm tryna fxck the shxt out your aspirations
s...[Read More]


I just wanna make you better
I think I can save you, but I think I'm bi-polar
I love you, then I hate you
Crew from this dame,
I hate whoever ain't you
Hate when I can...[Read More]


Look, I just want to make you better
I think I could save you
But I think I'm bipolar. I love you then I hate you.
Grew with this dame though I hate whoever aint you
Hate when I cant ...[Read More]


This is a ______ but a mere portion of a semi-important life
Far from a complaint, but a mere look at the present showin you the changes that I made
The proverbial lemonade that I made
I ...[Read More]


(lil wayne sample)
Real niggas f*ck wit me, Real niggas f*ck wit me, Real niggas f*ck wit me
And I don't give a f*ck who don't.
(repeat x3)

Yeah, uh, okay
Real nig...[Read More]


Okay my game tight My game right
Don't even know her name until I know her taste right.
I said my game tight My game tight
Don't even know her name until I know her taste right.

...[Read More]


See starving people
surviving with the carcass
of those who try to eliminate them.
Watch TV lobotomy
changing violence into anesthesia.

Lives running in chaos,
smashed by...[Read More]


I got that better love that no one better love
that hit it and gone tomorrow but this forever love
lemme mine ya til ur vagina is wet enough
and fill ur mind with pleasant thoughts of c...[Read More]


A child and a fool in one
So sure I could need no-one
My heart always on the run to nowhere

Now as you're holding me
My heart is reminding me
That now I could never be withou...[Read More]


(Verse 1)
I keep my friends close
Enemies on a leash like,
Me and my haters is literally Siamese
I can define me but if I let my friends do it
They'll tell you I'm some bipolar, h...[Read More]


I told ya!
I told ya she liked...
She told me. She said she's never had a man
stir up all these feelings inside of her


[George] "I didn't get any bread"
[Jerry] "Just forget it, let it go"
[George] "Excuse I think you forgot my bread"
[Soup Nazi] "You want bread?"
[George] "Yes, please"
[Soup Nazi...[Read More]


I don't trust no one ,
I keep my friends close , enemies closer , f*ck both , i dont trust no one ,
* Seinfeld skit*
When you strive for perfection ,
Desire get confused and you could...[Read More]


Featuring: Sam Sparro

Here ye here ye
Let's toast
Let's celebrate life, let's celebrate wealth, and bypass plight, for the night.
Drinks up

Back like I never ever left i...[Read More]


Bitches on my line, this a probate
H2O flow and i don't hold gate,
this is no trial, this a closed case
thats why my mans flippin birds like a road rager,
im no angel, my hoes like a...[Read More]


Uh, dub-A-L-E
Appreciate it Joe, yeah

Highly unstoppable, nothin's un-coppable
Tito Santana matador ain't equipped to stop the bull
Proud of product, pulled over nigga not be sco...[Read More]


I'd Rather Be with You Babe (yes I do)
I'd rather beeeeee with youuuuuuuuuuuu

Rather be, rather
Rather be, rather
Rather be, rather
Rather beee with youuuuuu
...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
On behalf of the better half
That ain't been better havin'
I'm feelin' like I better have an answer
Or explain why I'm nothin' but a cancer to us
When really I'm a Virgo...[Read More]


"Wonder why" [x3]

[Intro - Wale talking]
Back on my hip hop shit ladies and gentlemen. Yeah

[Verse 1 - Wale]
Don't wonder why my hours long and I never tire
Because a ni...[Read More]


Pop me the I'ma put my heart in it, I'ma put my heart in it,
Bullshit , call the .., keep announce it,
Yellow girl, purple angeless,
The lifestyle of a rockstar smoking on a ..,
...[Read More]


[Rick ross]
600 benz, house 600 grand
That was 6 years ago, whips come from japan
I get that work from my face
I get that work from my face

600 benz, condo 600 gra...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Yeah, what's it all for? Trust in no man, but give it up to my Lord
I might influence entire wars from maricons
There's levels to this fellowship, you stuck on the same board[Read More]


[J. Cole]
She’s a star if I ever seen one
Perfect 10 and Lord knows that I need one
So now I’m under pressure I want it bad
She got something I never had
I see ya looking at me[Read More]


This the hip-hop shit they be crying for, right?
Saying I ain't got it, or I ain't with it
You bull shit, look
[Verse 1]
In a room full of goons, I'm such a f*cking stan...[Read More]


My homegirl told me i got an issue
With women with issues
I guess i got my own and i can relate to them, you kno
The irony in it
When you get what you want, you don't alw...[Read More]


Featuring: TCB

Work work work work
Yeah you know I got that work
I'm why baby mamas leave
I'm why baby fathers kirk
[Verse 1 wale]
Made it big with gogo
And I made it...[Read More]


I keep my, brim low
My eyes even lower
Nigga I'm not high, but it's hard for me to focus cause
My chain, that chain it be glowin'
Brighter than hazard lights
So I'm likely on the ...[Read More]


Uh, Yea Yea, Turn Me Up A Lil Bit
Uh, Guess What's Been On My Mind?

I've Gots To Get Away, I Gots To Fly Away
(Okay Now Pick It Up And Go, Go,
Pick It ...[Read More]


I am not paying no motherf*cking retail for Purple Label this Summer

Two white cups and I got that drank
Two dyke jawns but tonight they straight[Read More]


Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are giving
Questions existing

Hey sweetheart, wassup boo
Whatchu up to?
More club moves?
I ...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale talking]
K.B. what up? Jonas what up? Haha. Check it. Uh

[Chorus: Wale]
And it weighs a ton
Dub A.L.E., such a son of a gun
And I master every trade under the su...[Read More]


I just wanna get my cool on in this
Jazzy... slam
Judah just count me in

[Verse 1:]
All I need is the notepad
A bottle of remy I can jot down the prozac
I'm so intact so ...[Read More]


[Scratch Chorus: x2]
"It's a dirty game and rule #1" Jadakiss 'The Set Up (Remix)'
"The cream"
"Rules everything around me" - Wu-Tang 'C.R.E.A.M.
"It's a dirty game and rule #1" Jadak...[Read More]


And she throws up whatever she eats
She leave the bathroom with a nose bleed
Regular girl, Celebrity dreams
She is... (90210)
She live her whole life like tv
And she...[Read More]


I needed to feel like when your mother
Used to take you to the african party

You're my sweetie,
My sugar, My lady,
My lover, so honey let me hold you, l...[Read More]


Uh, Rest in peace Jay Dilla
(It's Hip Hop)
Know I had to do a Jay Dilla joint

I never knew a luh, luh, luh a love like this
I put you over my money, all of my nice kicks
Mmm ...[Read More]


Listen, I said we gonna have a good time tonight
This evening I'm a take it, take it in (be right)
Say what, it's gon (be right)
Say what, it's gon (be right)
Yo Wale (be right)
T...[Read More]


[Whispering: Lil Duval]

Is it real girl?
Is it really real girl?
Is it really real girl?
Is it really real?

Something I can feel girl
Worth...[Read More]


4... 3...
Uptown roamers, and south side riders
Up up up uptown up up uptown up up uptown [x4]

(Yea! We got a lot of star power in the building tonight.
Rock, Mikey w...[Read More]


[Chorus: Yael Naim]
I'm a new soul, I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit 'bout how to give and take
I'm a new soul, I came to this strange world
Hoping I could lear...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
Love this game hate the niggas that's in it
Can't see my drive bitch I only ride tinted
Don't give them what's mine run game by the mile
Never use the word ours I'm li...[Read More]


This is a symphony
The bittersweet of life, of life.
Walk on with your scars, don't turn around
Run utill you see light, till you see light.

Yeah. Uh
The long road to success...[Read More]


[Black Cobain:]
Destinies fulfilled off the filling from the pillow talking
How you killing my highs I hope you built the coffin
I got virgin lungs please excuse the coughin
Think I'm...[Read More]


[Melanie Fiona & Wale chorus:]
Babe, you know it gets no better than this,
It's like sunshine on a rainy day,
It's like a high could you take me away?
Take me away.
It's...[Read More]


At times I like to watch out the latest shit
Probably be dirt rich and worthless
If a nigga didn't fake like them
I'm at the atm, spending like I ain't paying rent
You ain't working h...[Read More]


Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
(Here comes the ice cream truck)
Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
Get that ice cream
(I got ya'll this summer...[Read More]


Ok I'm Wale but you can call me nada
My momma old G which makes me a Don Dada
My momma say I'm akata (nigerian word for american),
Cause my head look like shata (nigerian word...[Read More]


[Talking: Wale]
Soooo, you know, people be like, "What can you put the f*ckin' tape out Wale, you're lazy" and this that that. I been to 70 cities in like 5 days man so like we we can traveled we...[Read More]


[Chorus: Wale]
We on a world tour Wale your man hustlin each and every gutta with the mic in my hand New York, VA, DC, get paid
We on a world tour Wale your man hustlin each and every gutta w...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
Chip on my shoulda
Big enough to feed Cambodia
See I never fit into they quotas
Sneakers wasn't fittin' and my knees needed lotion
Long before I knew the significance o...[Read More]


[Intro: x3]
That's muh name don't forget
It's not a game
Hold ya dame
Cause muh thang sumthin vicious

I'm not from Northeast but I'm guaruanteed to groove

[Chorus: x...[Read More]


[Speaking: Wale]
Aye turn the Beat up
U got all them drums in there
Turn it all...
Can I get it up some more?

[Verse 1: Wale]
Yea, I'm tryna find where your mind...[Read More]


I said my name Wale, if you don't know me
You better read a book or something, this is D.C
By way of PG, we call that DMV
This song about you, then you probably need to leave
Pew! Dig...[Read More]


In life, I think our aspirations should guide us
Even if there's thing we could never provide or
Be beside, Lord, just give the right to desire or admire such
The finer things you know[Read More]


Fell asleep in first class
Hoes callin' my phone but f*ck it
I get to 'em when I land
And I ain't tryna land cause time is money
So while you worry bout the hoes, I kill s...[Read More]


[Intro: Michael Richards]
Shut up! 50 years ago, they'd have you upside down with a xxxxxxx fork up your ass! you can talk, you can talk, you can talk, you're brave now, motherf*cker! who's loud ...[Read More]


We Just Tryna Be
Like The Niggas That Came Before Us You Know
Hear Us Out

Mr. Underdog
They Don't Hear My Bark
Want The Title But I'm Always Fighting Under Card<...[Read More]


Uh. Let's do it.
Floor not havin it,
Cover this track like a motha f*ckin laminate.

Yeah, real niggas in my cabinet,
You the type of nigga make a stripper turn celibate.<...[Read More]


It's my name and they know it
The home of the go go forever will you focus (WALE)
It's my name and they know it (WALE)
It's my name and they know it


[Verse 1:]
Ri...[Read More]


[Intro: Peedi Crakk]
Hot shyt, hot shyt, come and get it, come and get it hot shyt, hot shyt
Come and get it come and get it hot shyt, hot shyt
Come and get it come and get it hot shyt, h...[Read More]


Standing on the couches
Her man is out of towning
Have some adultery, baby
Don't you go be so childish
Not into diamonds I'm shining
Just to get geechied out
When ...[Read More]


Yea, I been humble too long
Grew up in the jungle where it's killers at war
Gorillas at the door fiends sleeping on the floor
And this is DC where the rich see the poor
Cause they rig...[Read More]


Talk 2 me Wale
You know we had to do it again bruh bruh

Talk 2 me
Talk 2 me
Talk 2 me
Talk 2 me
Talk 2 me
Talk 2 me

What up bankhead
Hey lil ...[Read More]


Southside what up,
Uptown what up,
PG what up,
Moco what up!

The revolution of an era,
You think you're revolutionary 'cause you go...[Read More]


[Chorus:] x2]
Mama told me there'd be days like this
But I ain't never ever think there'd be a day like this (Naw!)
Not now not ever, and now until forever you will never need another (Ni...[Read More]


[Talkin: Deion Sanders]
I created this image
This thing that you could imagine
You could love it or hate it but he was PRIME-TIME

[Talking: Wale]
All green nigga pick six
...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
I don't gotta be here. Look
I need your admiration for infiniti
Not that this ain't lucrative, but I just need your energy
I got the passion to please, I will not gasp...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
Uh, Yea
Yea, Uh

Real nigga pardon whoever feel different
Only feel sorry for crack babies and rape victims
Pushing my way to the top
But this time it feel...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
Ma ma ma mirror, tell me I'm the realest
Since all these other niggas ca ca can't mix la la lyrics
And sure gun bustin is such a lack of the subject
Ca could I be that...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
Dear sweetheart, wassup boo
Whatchu up to?
More club moves?
I call her, no answer
Her phone in the bag, she dancing
It's four now, the clubs over
I call her, bu...[Read More]


If I told you I wanted to talk to you, you know
You think I'm try'na holla at you
And maybe I am but,
You wouldn't hear me out anyways would you?

[Verse 1: Wale]
...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
Okay heaven sent this melody so let me sing it to ya
And I call you Ms. Folarin see that got a ring, don't it
And I got this thing for ya my infiniti's infiniti
Put th...[Read More]


Black and Yellow bottles at my table, I'm ballin'
Black and yellow ladies at my section, I called 'em
Balck and yellow, balck and yellow SS
Black and yellow everything nigga, ...[Read More]


[Intro: 2Pac]
When I was young I read a lot, I wrote poetry...
I would have been a totally different person
Had I not been exposed to these things
I'm not saying I'm going to change t...[Read More]


Simply out of this world by choice
The world's too much for the soul to enjoy

I focus on the void and I fill it
Hopin' the depressed ain't give in and give up
So listeners give u...[Read More]


Chorus: (Jeremih)
i apologize, i don't recollect your name
oh baby i don't know your name
and let me tell you that them heels
really complement your frame (look at your body baby)
...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
No days off
The Wizards played the Lakers today just so you know it's today 2010
f*ck it turn my mic up a lil bit

[Verse 1: Wale]
I be on ...[Read More]


Sick and tired of being under rated
So I give my love to my lady and pray for all these babies
New york city to Lagos she hardly out of stated
My money quite loquacious, so commas riddle ...[Read More]


[Intro: Sample]

[Verse 1:]
Yeah this shit got me feelin' Robert Beck
Rather than Robin Thicke
Ho...[Read More]


I'm ballin ay [x4]
We ballin ay [x7]

I'm a make it rain
Straight shots, don't toast champagne
AKOD a lil bit a change
And these broads all know my name
Hol up
I'm a m...[Read More]


[Chorus: Wale]
I call a spade a spade
What you want me to say,
Say I'm destined for fame, well I am very afraid.
Do you know what fame is?
If you did, you wouldn't want to be famo...[Read More]


All the girls really want is fun
Just a place that they can come
So the ones eye has freak don't run
And last but not least please don't tell no one

I just wanna treat you like t...[Read More]


[Chorus: Rick Ross]
Pork on the fork, widen the pot
By any means if you like it or not
Malcom X by any means, mini 14 stuffed in my denim jeans
Asalamalakum Wa aleykum us salaam
W...[Read More]


[Wale Talking]

Salutations to the listeners
But this particular
Literature for the people in the office with positions of power they are the white collared writers the sudo hip-hoppe...[Read More]


Ah, you say that you love me
Know that couldn't be real
My highschool girlfriend dykin', my side bitch and take her pill
And all these bitches that I hung with ain't doing too well
An...[Read More]


Ladies and Gentlemen
I ain't trynna be politically correct
But I won't rest till I'm givin my respect
And my vision isn't set on the money I get
But more less the vest I'm comin for y...[Read More]


What up
Goddamn it

You Know
I like you, like a little bit
A little tiny bit

Just a little bit

Like 'that ...[Read More]


DMV up, roll up and kick my feet up
This shit was for a ticket
Men I call that shit that free launch
Tell her how to speed up
She slow and she can't keep up
We know we always out<...[Read More]


If I ever disappoint ya'll
Then appoint me to the lord right now
Cause right now
I'm ever so closer to exposing a culture, an unmarked source
An untapped market
My target consumer...[Read More]


Beat billionaire

[Rick Ross:]
You know I stick to the script
Twenty-million dollar nigga, but I do it like this

(M-M-M-Maybach Music, Maybach Music)

[Chorus: Rick R...[Read More]


Okay, my game tight. My game right.
Don't even know her name until I know her taste right.
I said my game tight and my game tight.
Don't even know her name until I know her ta...[Read More]


10 deep
Swag-er. This is a mixtape about... nothing. Not on drugs
If you bear with me you might see the undertone
Of the undertoned message that's at hand at the you know tha...[Read More]


Girls, I ask em do they smoke?
Ask em what do they know?
Ask em can we go? Pretty girls...
Sunshine in the air, perfume everywhere
Girls are everywhere

[Verse 1...[Read More]


[John Mayer:]
I'm riding in truth
Catch you up on places I, ve been

To whom it may concern
I refuse to never being on this earth
I am breathing for a purpose<...[Read More]


"Say it again"

[Verse 1: Wale]
Uh huh
Slumdog 'fore I part any sub par
The underdog of the underground has come far
Who's gonna come for it?
The crown that is
They gu...[Read More]


[Intro: Magazeen]
Maga to the Zeen
Y'all go wind on it
Come sit up on it
Y'all didn't know she's a freak from a long time
She took two men: one time
Take it here,...[Read More]


I'm just duin wat I got to do
Flyer then the rest of themstill got my nike boots
Flyerthen the rest of them
Flyer then the rest of them
Flyer then the rest of them, still got my nike ...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
Mine is family over everything
And getting money is the song I sing
Churches with dirty pastors my people pass the collection plate
He buy the Benz riding cause the crazy r...[Read More]


Bammers is trippin... vacationin you see they way off they mind,
With no return ticket,
This how here go,
This how here different,
That's why I'm so annoyed,
That's why I here whi...[Read More]


Uh, Yea Yea, Turn Me Up A Lil Bit
Uh, Just What's Been On My Mind?

I've got to get away, I Gots To Fly Away
I've Gots To Get Away, I've Got To Fly Away
Yeah, Yeah, Ye...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
When I'm gone the whole city missed me
I'm on my UK shit
Get me
The eye of the Bengal shuffling my 8 gig
Y'all boomer, You need you an MD
Like eastsire sin...[Read More]


I promised Ricky and Milly that I'm a kill it
Running throughout them digits, and Dollars on me
Homie I'm Emmit
I'm running I'm so 100 with every nigga I run with
Tell them niggas we ...[Read More]


Ice melts into rain
Love turns into pain
Here I go again, falling in love

[Verse 1:]
She was so stuck, a fool in love with the wrong thing
And then along came t...[Read More]


Cool -
As a summer breeze,
Pimpin is nothin to me.
Roll up the purple and breathe,
Sit back and f*ck up the beat.
Them niggas be hatin'
But them niggas suckas to me.

...[Read More]


[Kevin Cossom - Chorus]
What you know about this life
Just relax baby get
You're on your way to the best night ever
No top on the car (no top, no top)
Out with the stars (yeah)[Read More]


[Rick Ross]
Ambition is a way of life, it's a mind set, ya followin'?

(M-M-M-M-Maybach Music)

[Rick Ross - Hook]
Tats all on my arm
Bitch all up on my mind
I...[Read More]


I'mma rap to you real quick. I wanna enjoy the luxury of like, not
knowing each other for real. Hol' up
[Intro: Miguel]
Lotus flower bomb, firefly
When I'm low, she take m...[Read More]


[Kid Cudi]
Shawty no joking
And I'm hoping, coz I'm not slowing
Gotta just keep on rollin'

I'm joking (homeboy moving fast)
And I'm hoping (granted I don't crash
All I k...[Read More]


got work (slight work)
d-town to the dmv
diplo wassup
got your girl going crazy
drunk white bitches
(work it, wo-wo-work it, oh)

[wale - verse 1]
i can do it all ...[Read More]


Arms ripped, I'm a double MG nigga
Running this shit bet you lil' niggas flea-flicker
Windows down, letting bitches snicker
Got cheap bitches, got cheap liquor
Drop a C-no...[Read More]


turn up that music
i got to fight this
i want to fight the music on this one
i was gonna write you a poem today
but i was like, f*ck it
i was feelin' myself, you know?...[Read More]


i try to tell them i'm one of the
best thinkers of this class i'm in

[verse 1]
yeah, i'mma let the chips fall
niggas is kemba walker tryna see me pitfall
niggas is starri...[Read More]


[intro: wale]
the streets is cold and the beaches is warm
the bitches is everything in between..

[verse 1: wale]
who would believe this rap shit helped me learn love?
typ...[Read More]


fly nigga couldn't sell me enough different homes
and i be good til the fat woman sing a note
i'm tryna find light swimming up in this patron
i'm taking women to heaven and the...[Read More]


[intro: wale]
it's important to go right into the booth after the argument
i think it's only right, hoarse and everything
like f*ck it though, what's up

[verse 1: wale]
p...[Read More]


[1st verse - wale]
chopper the don with it, i wrote lyrics
they ain't grossing a million, liquid don't form an opinion
i'm sort of a genius, nothing short of a legend
sort of tommy la...[Read More]


La La La La La 4x

Verse 1:
Uh inspired by women niggas say that i treat them different
niggas be bitches hoes be bitches i don't see no difference
shawty my aim is different me ...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
Revolution might be televised
But make sure if they do see
Them people see my good side
Black nigga with intellect
6th grade I was Special Ed
10th grade I was ...[Read More]


[Rick Ross]
Ambition is a way of life, it's a mind set, ya followin'?

(M-M-M-M-Maybach Music)
[Rick Ross - Hook]
Tats all on my arm
Bitch all up on my mind
I got stacks a...[Read More]


[Intro: Rick Ross]
Boss is my position, I got the ammunition
All Wale talkin is Ambition
(Rick Ross)
In the caravan of some Latin b!tches
Talking caramel with them ass...[Read More]


My bitch bad, looking like a bag of money
That bitch bad, looking like a bag of money
I go and get it and I let her count it for me
I f*ck her good and she always ride it for me
[...[Read More]


This is for my niggas gettin' high on the regular
This is for my bitches gettin' high on the regular
My shirt, Purple Label my shirt
Purple haze in my J, Everything...[Read More]


bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce
bounce, uh

black panamera, chop a clip banana,
.. rip it up like a like a piranha,
bmw .. panamera, panamera, panamera
white m...[Read More]


yeah, turn the lights on
yeah, turn the lights on
yeah, turn the lights on
turn the lights on

the hoe be actin up
the hoe be actin up
the hoe be actin up...[Read More]


Bust a dance move
Pop a bottle, pop a tag and bust a dance move
Bust a dance move, like a damn fool
Do the money dance, hundred racks a watch
Hundred grand, tell em' bring em' out...[Read More]


Good things to those who wait
I don't involve wth those who make noise or indulge in hate
I pray to God, may Allah make my bars be great
So my job secure in case my broad is late
I go...[Read More]


You deserve to be admired if you make it back quicker than you lost it
Think about it

[Hook: French Montana]
You niggas serving up a bad batch, too much bacon on...[Read More]


Bounce, uh... just a little freebie
This ain't even going on the tape, nigga f*ck it

This that overtime flow

It won't ever be beneficial for them to ever hate me
I ...[Read More]


Ladies and gentlemen I'm so fortunate that you could be back with me
And I'm so fortunate to be back with y'all
I'm bout to do it again
I'm bout to do it
I mean f*ck these...[Read More]


Upper body, might work for that
But you ain't a model where your focus at
Know too many broads, going way too hard
So have a glass of water for your thirsty ass
Like that, ...[Read More]


[Hook: Wale]
You'll never fall when you null and void, to their opinions
And real niggas gon' see your end 'fore they see your limit
Don't be with too many
I never came in this busine...[Read More]


To be honest they trippin' off little change
Rhymin' remarkable not cognizant of shade nigga
Bright-minded, outfit sharp as hind-sight is
Hoes open to him, I ain't talkin' Sean...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
Monogamy or whatever you call it
I'm starting to think it ain't for everybody
Most of us rushing into it anyways, you know what I'm
You ain't rushing for lov...[Read More]


Bring your best unit
You say you risin', then I released and left you there
Primetime Deon, hot style be gone
Death to the A&R that let you niggas be on
Beat 'em 'til...[Read More]


Wale in the buildin'
D.C. in the buildin'

My name Wale Folarin, larin
And I came here to party, party
You not built for no drama, drama
They just tough when they talkin
C...[Read More]


From the 'burbs to the sticks, my words finna flip
I am here to take nothin' and formulate a hit.
I ? awesome, flawless, pause
I ain't lettin' niggas catch up, nigga I'm playin' possum.[Read More]


In the face of adversity, I prepared a verse to see
Or hear rather...

Destined to win, get respect where I live
My reflection contagious, I'm the messenger here
Making love to th...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
The nerve of these niggas, they acting like they done already made it
Practice make perfect, so practice'll be my mama's maiden
These niggas lame and uneducated and constipated<...[Read More]


The city outside is nothing but a flicker now
You see our friends to bed, you turn out the lights
I start to think you'll make a beautiful mother, I
I like to think I have eve...[Read More]


New Shaq flow
Everybody ain't trippin', but they got toast
Nigga, we not dope boys, we just yacht, doe
Without a pot stove, nigga, make that pot roast

[Verse 1:]
...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
Folarin, go
They say never say never, but forever is so far away
Penny with a hole in it the bubble on my Hardaways
Is one away, all the way, always go for dolo
I'm goi...[Read More]


Stuntin' on these niggas every one of them
Ralph Folarin via untouchable double M
Genius, no bleachers, floor seat us
Dope thoughts, that guap, pray for Adidas
Twelve lines that can m...[Read More]


Paint that picture real quick
That public school bullshit I went through or whatever
if you want to call it
Understand where I'm coming from
School daze in this mother f...[Read More]


My name's Wale, you probly know me from the you know
Aye that was one of my favorite joints man
You remember that day of mine?
That's one of my favorite lines cause
You know ...[Read More]


Hold me tight, Let me go
In my heart, in my soul
Let em go, break me down
Hate me small, make me fall
Give me love, take it all away (nuh, nuh, nuh)
Give me love, take ...[Read More]


That's something real
So it's on me!
So it's on me!
So it's on me!
I cop 3's for the OT

So it's on me!
I cop 3's fo...[Read More]


The same old nigga since day one
Sharp as a ginzu though my tennis shoes Ray Guns
Raise up your glass, puff and pass for they hating ass
W's on my mind, peep what I'm getting at
Attir...[Read More]


i go to college, college, college, college college. i graduated yea
motherf*cker i graduated graduated graduated. master's degree degree
degree hell yea
...[Read More]


[Verse: 1 Wale ]
(Uh lets get it, work )
Hella flow, hella bread, hella haters f*ck it
LA women in my stable none have been my donkey
Bulimic may be decent, said “baby you need ...[Read More]


[Hook: Ne-Yo]
Get out of my head... get into my bed...
Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming, baby...
Get out of my head... get into my bed...
Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming, i...[Read More]


Don't mind me, baby
We're taking over something
(bounce bounce bounce move)
Yall getting it
Just hang on champ

Look, Shawty g...[Read More]


[Intro: Rick Ross]
Rich niggas makin' poor decisions
Rich niggas makin' poor decisions
Rich niggas makin' poor decisions
Damn... rich niggas makin' poor decisions
All my little ho...[Read More]


[Clip, from Jerry Seinfeld]
It's the perfect plan
So inspired, so devious yet so simple
This is what I do
Listen, these niggas is tripping
These been thinking we ain't tripping of...[Read More]


In the grand scheme of things
We never were supposed to have shit
Born to lose, built to win
Let's get it in

We ain't supposed to never have no...[Read More]


They say love is the slowest form of suicide
The fluid on my eye falling while I do the rhyme
I try to be the guy, you think about
Every night when your eyelids cover eyes
Cause I'm g...[Read More]


Eye of the tiger, no I'm never lying
Seven shots down,
I'm on that lean like a diet
Lean like the side of the shoe on a gian
DC Powders, them DC pirates
Cause they be on their wat...[Read More]


Basically like it's this big DC Baltimore like, myth thing
But it really is no tension
Even though 92Q does not play my records
And I do not know why
But uh, yea they don't play my re...[Read More]


Do you think i'm crazy
do you think i'm out of my mind
with this tape
rappers out of shape so
i just wanna taper and me give it a shape up
my flow is a razors edge (spits toothpic...[Read More]


Jerry Seinfeld: I love it when people are complimented on something they're wearing
And they accept the compliment as if it was about them
"Nice tie", "Why thank you, thank you very much"
...[Read More]


When that adrenaline get in ya system
I put em out on the quest for stardom, to be a muh'f*cking problem
The city, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago is like
A lot of youngins using hating as ...[Read More]


Good Wale

I just wanna show you that I can better you
If ever you are feeling you are ready to improve
You ready for a move? We can bust it
I'm talking all emotion, the deepest o...[Read More]


Back in the gold gold
Back in the cold?
That fly shit I've been on
Come on

Meet the one and only
Yeah homie, I'm Thelonious
Blowing, pause, no trumpet I'm on
Faux pas...[Read More]


Give thanks
To the Fada
Holy Water
Jesus piece
But don't nobody wanna know Jesus' peace, no

Niggas use me to shine
I been helpin you stunt
Look w...[Read More]


Spotlight on my fans
Sunshine, I can’t tell a lie
What makes you say that they just wanna hear now?
What makes you say that they just wanna hear now?

Spotlight on my fans
Sun...[Read More]


Ayo I’m goin places, the all home lacin all occasions
And Lord gave me amazing thinking in short paces
Lay solo, forever flashy though I hate photos
Day 4, make er smile and make er moan ...[Read More]


Turn a brick to a stone but you think we don't have a soul
As a kid need to grow, the powder's weight in gold

Getting blowed
Thinkin I'm so glad that I can't rap 'cause I can't move ...[Read More]


Would you believe that?
If you believe that
TV killed the radio
TV killed the radio
Let’s get it

What if they tell you this music was bogus?
The government run it, they c...[Read More]


Life's better when your niggas good, and your mama straight
I'm honestly still looking for some type of balance
Cuz the status got me jah tripping
Cuz I like my bitch, but I love these bi...[Read More]


I promise it comes with the guilt
How awesome is this narcissism?
You save your hard earnings to pay for these nigga's opinions

Now look at me, look at me
How much vanity do you ...[Read More]


Keep fighting till you overcome
In the jungle beat the drums
Ooooooo ooooooo
Victory I must get
Tell me can you feel my pain?
Noooo oooooo

[Verse 1: Wale]
...[Read More]


If Michael Jackson was alive right now
He would want us to smoke one for him
Double M, Self Made 3, let's go

[Interlude: Wale]
Folarin in this ma'f*cka
I'm just t...[Read More]


Rude boy, gangstas, gorillas, shottas
Walk and live, dark and bumbaclot dead
You hear that?

I said rude boy flexing, dirty naughty hair shit
Six, seven monsters bred, they got th...[Read More]


Got my back to the wall, this isn't rap, this is war
Took a sabbatical, I'll battle anybody who want it
These are my king knack for words, as a actual sword
I could decapitate a rapper, i...[Read More]


Runnin runnin runnin runnin runnin
Burial burial burial burial
Boy f*ck around and meet the funeral

(Hook 1) (x2)
Bad man don't make foon, strap wit da goon
Boy f...[Read More]


I'm on a whole new rock
(Hustle) don't ever quit and ...
(Hustle) uh uh
(Hustle) cause one day you're gonna be something ...

I'm on a whole new rock
Kick it in them ... cause...[Read More]


[Hook: Ab-Soul and (Wale)]
One time for my real niggas, yeah they f*ckin' with me
Yeah they f*ckin' with me
Two times for the fake niggas, y'all ain't f*ckin' with me
Thats the reason...[Read More]


[Intro: Dew Baby]
I know where the f*ckin' loyalty at
Where the f*ckin' loyalty at?
Where the loyalty at?
All these diamonds boy, I know you see it
I'm like where the f*ck the loy...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
[?], I'mma sound like money
Shawty put the ill in silhouette
Or the wet, haha
I play too much

[Verse 1: Wale]
I be lusting for women who re-semble perfectio...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
New York get the blood money
Real niggas smoking loud ass weed
Still counting my math, La Marina
Summertime I be in the spot
On the hood shit, smell me niggas, it'...[Read More]


[Kramer skit]
Hey! Happy Festivus everyone!

I promise you ain't never really freak out
Until you be out at freak hours and see each
And every freak out from free c...[Read More]


The envy of my biggest haters
It's not the type of situation that a nigga painting
I swear the dirty bitches scheming, they be on them capers
Niggas dying from dippers, pistol...[Read More]


Man you the black god [?], man.
Let these peoples understand the full magnitude of what we representin'. You hear me? From [?] down to Lewisburg, the [?] you hear me?
Man we blu...[Read More]


[Intro Skit]
So you find it's a chess game. Except in this chess, the board is made of water that's just flowing, and all the chess pieces are smoke. You can make all the moves you want, they wil...[Read More]


Jerry: Oh so there's still hope?
George: I don't want hope, hope is killing me. My dream is to become hopeless. When you're hopeless you don't care, and when you don't care, that indi...[Read More]


Live from the BF Coliseum, southeast DC, Barry Farms where I was worked, born and raised! Wale, Kanye West and Dolla $ign! DC and Chi Town! Live inside the gates! Welcome to the big show!...[Read More]


I had a lady once stop me on the street. I was wearing white shoes. And she says, "I'm glad you're sticking with the white shoes." She says, "It makes me feel good."

Ta...[Read More]


Just spoil that girl
Just spoil that girl
f*ck 'em yo

I got my wallet on me, all eyes on us
One hand on the moon
Both eyes on you
And I'mma prolly ...[Read More]


[Hook: Sam Sneak + Wale]
She a couple couple, couple years younger
But she badder than a motherf*cker
Ass fatter than a motherf*cker
She got her own she don't need no ticket
She g...[Read More]


You know these niggas ain't f*ckin' with me
You know that, right?
Look what you've done

It's like I'm on the Heisman watch
That's gotta be what would describe, symbolize I've got...[Read More]


I know since I got my deal and shit got real
I ain't been the easiest nigga to deal with
I'm heavily flawed!
But far from a false prophet
I'm a muf*cking honorable Folarin
Cassius...[Read More]


These girls just want money stacks
I just want my percent
She told me to hit the hole
I used to play running back
These niggas be fumbling
Don't you give 'em no gun again
This...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
That post Rodeo flow, you know
Folarin the genius, Scott the king
Uh, look

[Verse 1: Wale & Travis Scott]
Yeah, Cartier, what your wrist doing?
In the Ace w...[Read More]


Ah, find me a Kendall Jenner I'll be a gentleman to her
Give me a Jourdan Dunn she never gonna finish a nigga
Hol' up

Walk by, on fire baby can't douse it
That body b...[Read More]


See a fine girl, ooh
I'm all the way, though
One love, one legacy
Sweet girl, you know
Let's get the paper, Folarin
Now I know I don't know you
But I do somethin' for you
...[Read More]


Let's f*ck this jawn up
It's simple mathematics
100, 50, None
Blue moon
Hey, look

Keep this shit 100 with the squad
Playing at 50 with hoes
And I got not...[Read More]


What would we be if we ain't had no help, right?
Let's get it

Chain long, bitch swinging
Vogues on, I'm swinging
Hoes outchea swinging
Y'all know the reason
...[Read More]



New 600 cocaine white
New Air Ones cocaine white
I knew I'd blow propane light
But you know a nigga been nice
Six deuce cocaine white
Talk about a grey...[Read More]


Turn me.. UP, wah, wah-wah, wah
Turn that up a little bit, Dre
Let's have a toast, one time can you put the deuce up for the triple black niggas that put forth so much foresight on this forth...[Read More]


I got my family
And I got my squad
And as long as they got me
Then I'll be just fine
So I give God the glory
Cause I have my child
And America don't want me
That's when I ...[Read More]


[Wale:] Come fly with me, yeah
[Chris Brown:]
You're the one I been waitin' for
This is all I got, girl, I saved it all for you
Usin' real emotions you can't ignore
That you've be...[Read More]


Tuck all my diamonds
f*ck the attention
Lord, lord, lord, lord
Folarin, the genius
f*ck wit me tho
Yeah, let's get it

f*ck wit the bitches (Yo...[Read More]


[Dua Lipa:]
You've been here, but you've been missin' for some time now
Yeah, yeah
Every time I see you, it's a different vibe now
Yeah, oh
I can't help but let you just go away[Read More]


Come and talk to me, I'm serious, yeah
Come and talk to me, I'm curious, yeah
Money I can bring but I'm serious, yeah
Shawty, I can bring you somethin' different, look
Good dick and a...[Read More]


If my pride was aside, I probably would text you first
But, If you could die from a broken heart you would drive a hearse
Cause, every guy that has ever found you attractive and acted on it[Read More]


[Jeremih (Wale):]
We've been on a tragedy for months
Why can't you agree with me for once?
Maybe we can be on chill tonight
Maybe I can give you chills too
We've been on a tragedy...[Read More]


[Hook: Wale]
Get me doe, get me doe
Where your hood at nigga, get me doe
Get me doe, get me doe
My nigga let 'em know where y'all from
And tell me where y'all from
Hol' up tel...[Read More]


[Intro: ?]
Georgetown was very symbolic and very connected. Not just to "Black D.C." but to "Black America". They were kind of "Black America's" basketball team for a lot, a lot of people. So, wh...[Read More]


We find Clark Kent
Mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet
Walking the streets
From when out of nowhere his super hearing picks up...

[Hook x4: Wale]
What's y...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Wale]
Don't do it for money, see that come and it go
Get you a couple of cars, bitches love you for those
Get some diamonds you can't afford, rhyming is not important
Attire...[Read More]


Whether it's your broad or your niggas
Just make sure you know what I'm sayin'
You always surround yourself by the right variety

Those niggas, yo niggas, hope ...[Read More]


Maajo, maajo
Maajo, maajo, maajo
I can do it, this my maajo jam, lemme catch it

[Verse 1]
Way too fly, nigga, way too high
I'ma catch a body every eight, ...[Read More]


On my way to Bootsy Bellows with hella the hoes
Try and think what I'ma tell 'em when they get alone
I'm a glutton for women I shouldn't yearn for
Shouldn't be tempted, but baby, I like t...[Read More]


[Chorus: McClenney]
Left to right, side to side, do you
Left to right, side to side, do you
Left to right, side to side, you do
Lovin' the way you move it baby
Let's take our time...[Read More]


[Intro: Chris Brown]
Oh, oh
($K! Kick it Fool!)
Oh, oh
(OG Parker)

[Chorus: Chris Brown & Wale]
See the way you showin' out, girl,...[Read More]


(La música de Harry Fraud)

[Chorus: Wale]
Down South slangin', rollin' with these hustlers
Tryna get rid of all you haters and you busters
Down South slangin', rollin...[Read More]


[Intro: Wale]
(Cool N Dre)
Go, go, go, go, go
Listen (Go, go, let's go)

[Chorus: Wale]
I just wanna see if you gon' lie or you gon' love me
I was gettin' broads way befor...[Read More]

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