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Album: Tongue Tied / Original Release Date: 2016-05-11Genre: RockSong Duration: 4 min 18 sec
She's a wild child a daughter of the dark
a cold blooded killer dressed to kill to steal your heart
she's a cool cat lover but hmm she likes her cream
got the claws of a lion yeah she'll cut you till you bleed
oh yeah

well she's a hot ticket straight to paradise
but her kiss will stain your lips yeah you gotta pay the price
she looks like a angel in the moonlight
makes love like a devil a devil to me tonight, oh yeah
oh take it easy, take it easy
easy on me baby, easy on me now

For her vampire kiss man you cant resist
a love bite in the night drained all the life from me
she'll lead you through the rooms of heaven into the rooms of hell
I'm captured in her web yeah she's cast me in her spell
oh yeah

She can play that card of innocence tell you what you want to hear then cry like cloud so you'll drown in her tears
she's a cold hearted lover but knows just how to please
i stand there hypnotized as she drops to her knees oh yeah
Take it easy, take it easy
easy on me baby, easy on me now


Oh she comes to me in tight blue jeans
I fall like rain again at her feet
in her eyes I'm hypnotized caught in her spell
as i dip my hands into her wishing well
oh yeah

Well I don't know i must be out of my mind
but she turns me on yeah she drives me wild
she keeps me guessing and running all the time
she breaks my heart she rips it apart but she does it in style oh yeah

Take it easy, take it easy
easy on me baby, easy on me now
oh take it easy, take it easy
Easy on me baby, Easy on me now

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On a thousand stars I have wished
Each one to see you again
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