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I had a dream that it all went fine
Sound body, sound mind
All of the drugs left not a mark
Fine features, strong heart

When I came to this place
My face was pale white But all of the color
Returned overnight

I lost so much weight
And don't I look great?
My body sinks down
As my heart floats away.

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Went to see the new baby
And we smoked weed on the back porch
And lying on my back with the pool floatie
"Raining Blood" just thundering forth

I said, "What do you say
Your p...[Read More]


I had a dream that it all went fine
Sound body, sound mind
All of the drugs left not a mark
Fine features, strong heart

When I came to this place
My face was pale white But a...[Read More]


the lunar landscapes of the Hindu Kush,
as if borrowed from prehistory,
seem still to wait for the arrival of the animal world,
or perhaps to announce its end.

- Rene Dollot
...[Read More]


The ice covered everything
My friends got so threatening
You know

They shut the blinds
Cut day from night
But the beautiful day
Came in with the maids

I'd like t...[Read More]


Oh Angelina,
aren't we lucky to live in this odd little world?
Aren't we lucky to stand in this funeral line?
And if we marry,
I'll kiss every tear from her eyes,
if we marry...[Read More]


His little hook
Your little eyelid
The iris dilates while the heart implodes
And when he comes
And you're dreaming
His mouth still denies what your heart just knows, oh no
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the hollow light
is still on the fields
where the winter has warmed
and the snows have drained away
and the hunter's cry
is still on the air
as the bullet flies home
but t...[Read More]


The wind that lifts the leaves against the night
The reeds that bow and bend beneath its weight
The holy sap, its smoky light
I will not hide

The fish that swim inside the murky ...[Read More]


Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,
Go to sleepy you little baby.
When you wake, you shall have cake,
And all the pretty little horses.

Blacks and bays, dapples and greys,
Go to sleep...[Read More]


When you are lost
You climb to the fire and rain
Without a enter in your life
To store the edge
And in a bright flight
Burning into.burns a .
Dray the darkness of your mind[Read More]


I could see by the way you were living
You had gone to the other side
You were the flash in the wings of a swallow
You were the light in a lion's eye

And you were standing there ...[Read More]


Sometimes I think I welcome it,
what you are frightened of.
My thoughts become undisciplined
And then I slip away.
It is effortless.

In the glow along the bar...[Read More]


Oh Michelle, where we dwell there is room for mistakes.
We’d make love on the fire escape, and,
as the neighbors all drove by, their exhaust would spiral
into the sky.
Now you pick y...[Read More]


Hey, little birdie, catching my eye
Sing little sweet things into this mind
And tug at my darker side

Fly to the bed where we are confined
Combing the cancers out of our lives[Read More]


When our column advanced,
and we saw what we'd done,
we were sure that we could never tell the folks back
said my father to me:
"I had just turned sixteen,
and we w...[Read More]


Up from your room, down to the yard
You always took your mistakes so hard
Down to the side-strip covered in weeds
You always took so much more than you need

Describe the driver, ...[Read More]


Hurts so bad that you know it's not sinning.
The funny thing is it's just beginning to feel good.
And downstairs all your friends are waiting,
they're talking low and filling their sto...[Read More]


These were the words of the wounded man
He came to me, you should understand
And he's coming to you, all the way
From the hardest place
Through the hardest days

"Out on the r...[Read More]


I won't go traveling tonight
I won't go back to the wolves, now
There's something singing in the ice
In the deepest part of the world
And a film across my eyes
As I'm watching all...[Read More]


Baby, hands in your lap
You touch your wounds so much they'll never heal
I fear you'll turn your back
On just the kind of love you really need

It's just the kind
It's just th...[Read More]


If I told you once, then I told you twice
That I would have paid just about any price
Just to see him jump, just to see him laugh
I would have washed in the blood of an innocent man
<...[Read More]


It's like a makeover when the filming's over
And she doesn't know
How to fix it so that it'll stay
And she can't figure out
How to tease out her hair that way herself
And when she...[Read More]


He's got a little locket picture of the maids'
With bees blowing through the bushes,
he makes the first incision,
and these dolls race through the garden.
A chef ...[Read More]


When will they remove the tourniquet?
Is the operation over yet?
Will you calm down, sir?
Will you calm down, sir?
Will you calm down?

I can hear the generators hum
Roari...[Read More]


All the black days unleashed by the rain
Collapse into sunny defeat
We live in a house with the roof lifted out
Impossible blue while we sleep
Ready yourself, extinguish your doubts[Read More]


Each stray reminder of your home life
is hung on the wind that pulls away from you
as the walls of the mountains in the cold light
glow red, in an echo of the flares on high
in the va...[Read More]


send back the uniforms
send back the generous reich
give us back to our lives
on the waving blue wild
and remove every mark
down to the waterline
and with your arms at your si...[Read More]


Now that we have pulled away
There's a battle on the inside
And ... rock the... on the counter and the black...
Of a star summer light with a ... that already, ... in the ...
Of the t...[Read More]


The river is blocked
The road is hot
The sky is blazing
Black smoke on the rise
The weather rolls until it's on you and suddenly breaks

I come right back into the ...[Read More]


In South Carolina
I was struck by lightning
The world was a ball on a tether
My body as light as the weather

The moon was like an almond
The continents dissolving
I lay o...[Read More]


When no one else would suffer me,
I threw myself at your ankles.
So still we slept
and were at peace
above the winter traffic.

Soon, soon, soon, come.

He treats...[Read More]


my brother stands at the back of the line
my children at the breaking wall
the cloud is opening over the earth
the palms a dark and waving wall
and we call back to the old familiar li...[Read More]


the berylline hummingbirds are back in California.
We've been frozen here in Dakota,
and I'm thinking the sun could warm you.
And I've been talked to, and I've been ta...[Read More]


Should I close my eyes and get in that line
Hold my bags in file with the boarders? Should I take
your name down on a penciled list
Or a tape recorder?

Or should I take you down...[Read More]


Claire lives up on Saint Mary's walk with her mother
I live down on Philomel by the harbor
And I hate the ocean
And I hate the ocean
And I hate the ocean, oh well

Claire says...[Read More]


Run the banner down
And hide in the broken palms
Till out of the blackness comes
A point of starry light

And a mountain moves
And the pressure drops
Snow on your open pal...[Read More]


I was still life.
I was pinned inside of a photograph.
When I realized
You had slipped outside of the scenery
With only what you need to survive

So why did you come to me
...[Read More]


A glorious light
A ladder along the clouds
A spy in the sun
A shout in the street below
Climb down the white road
Into the dark mud

Paper (?) and dusk
A river below t...[Read More]


I've had good times
with some bad guys
I've told whole lies
with a half smile
held your bare bones
with my clothes on
I've thrown rocks
that hit both my arms

I do...[Read More]


I'm the one natural one, make it easy
we can take it inside
where I can love how I like if my woman
whatever keeps me high

yeah, we can take it
good and loose on an endless s...[Read More]


Johnny get a hold of your life
Wherever I go your face is in front of me
But you won't believe it.

Holding up the end of the line
There never was a crack in the ice
You won't...[Read More]


how much love can a boy contain in here?
how many contradictions can a girl posess up there?
these questions are too ambiguous, try to narrow down your search.
somethings i know, it's har...[Read More]


It's a pill and you've got to take it
It's a pill that you've got to take
It's a pill and you've got to take it
I won't rest until you take it
That's a heart that you made
That's ...[Read More]


My only boy, be not so blind.
Open your eyelids wide. In through your mouth, breathe
soft, light…
There are no words, no hands, no eyes,
to show where a door stands wide.
In thro...[Read More]


gone from the house
to the snows
like a wandering light
you send a last balloon
to the solemn light
of the moon's eye
over the fields
and the arcs of the radial lines
...[Read More]


The river runs swollen with the spring rains.
How will you pay for it?
In your tinfoil armor,
coming up singing as you were born again.
Washed in muddy water,
will you recove...[Read More]


Ella is the first rider.
Margaret is the last.
The night is as black as a miner.
Stars are spun like glass.
Elephants and birds, tattooed beneath her shirt.
Relics from her t...[Read More]


Come down from the lion's back
Call down to the endless sleepers
Give life to the dimming days
That run in an endless stream now

In the black of the eye
In the heat of the ac...[Read More]


How could I have seen them
Their faces and distant lives
Shells in the ocean

Just a mark
Laid on the map lines
To drown in the ocean's rise
Or burn in a heat wave This is...[Read More]


Maybe I'm lost
Maybe I'm not ready
Maybe I was not properly socialized

But when you drag me under
When you pull me over the line
That's when you really reach me
[Read More]


When you were a child, you were a tomboy
And your mother laughed at the serious way
That you looked at her
And from your window at night
There were the star's little fires
And the...[Read More]


I was a cloud
I was a cloud looking down
Your frantic waving
Did not provoke feeling
But this little one

Steady your wings now, sparrow
I remembered him
Steady your c...[Read More]


Written in graffiti on a bridge in a park
Do you ever get the feeling that you're missing the mark?
It's so cold, it's so cold
It's so cold, it's so cold
Written up in marker on a fac...[Read More]


Effortless gulls in the wake
Silver and white on the bow
As the island is broken away
From the world

Bandages pulled from the eyes
The violent surging of life In the bloodstr...[Read More]


Black is the color, my true love's there
And felt something wondrous for
The beauty stems in the strongest hands
Unmoved the ground on which he stood now

Blue is the mood under s...[Read More]


You were not the first to arrive
Will not be the last to survive
The pigs and the oxen we bound to the wheel
Turn it off, turn it off

You are not the last of this house
Or th...[Read More]


A calm then, the roaring wall of the eye
As we sailed to the world from an insular life
From the boughs that had sheltered us all of our lives
From the sun's red blooming

With a ...[Read More]


Feel the hooks in my skin
I set every one myself
And if you pull them all taut
I will turn to someone else
Was that what you asked?

Pour the wax in my mouth
And seal the ...[Read More]


Near a little garden flowers wild grasses
A body's in the casket
Milk is in the carton
Coffee's on the brew
And cars quietly pass
As people hear from last respects
Collective ...[Read More]


walk him up and down the corridors
till his arms are tired
till his lungs are tired
starve him of the air the dimming light
till his eyes are wide
till his eyes are wild
till ...[Read More]


I tried to save a girl I truly loved
And didn't quite know how to help her
So now she's sleeping as her parents up above
Cry over things that they can't tell her

And when I did m...[Read More]


My blistered feet turn bloody
So I take to the air
And I am everywhere, I am starlight
Oh, I am moonlight

Over burning fields and bodies
I stay close to the ground
Slippi...[Read More]


Amy Jeanne, you're in my dream.
Your eyes they seem like stars
and all this seems like scaffolding to lift up who you
The hospital, the long ride home, your hands as new as <...[Read More]


By shadowing
all the darkened fields
of forgotten words
and civilian lives
through violence
through the changing guards
through the grinding away
of their furious marching...[Read More]


in the burning days
of unnatural light
i took a long drive
into the evening
on the barracks road
past the generals' eyes
down to the seawall
where the waves stand by
t...[Read More]


A pretty one-eyed girl
From the state of Maine
Can't see the church:
It's on the left side of her brain.
But it's clothed in browning leaves
And it wants to take her in,
...[Read More]


Oh hail Mary, full of death
Sing me a bitter song
As dark as the day is long
And as black as your eyes are wild
While the hail from the blackened cloud is raking the
firmament[Read More]


Oh daddy, I'm lost in your overcoat
But I found my heart
I pulled it out by its root
And I said it once
Said it twice
"If I live, or I die, I am free again"
And I was free
...[Read More]


This is the film of my death.
I am the only one left.
Let it all come down.
Let it all come down.
I'm stumbling over the blocks in this confiscated house,
my associates.
...[Read More]


From the wreck of the ark
To the fading day of our star
The light races, the light drags
The moon rises, the moon sags
Over the rolling waves
And your hand's on the balcony
[Read More]


When the rooks were laid in the piles
By the sides of the road
Crashing into the aerials
Tangled in the laundry lines

And gathered in a field
They were burned in a feathering...[Read More]


The hunter's star
Burns brighter than all
Of the suns of the firmament
As through the sky he raged
With his hook and blade
And the world unmade

As forests bow
And bla...[Read More]


The way is to climb
The way is to lie still
And let the moon do
Its work on your body

And then to rise
Forests and oceans of lives
And through the way
Of the black ro...[Read More]


When you fell in the rocks
At the bend in the river
With the blood from your nose
Running hard on your fingers
And through the rest of your life

The electric charge
Of a ...[Read More]


Born inside the gates of a family
Hardened by a roman machinery
Cast among the building sites,
The coiling wires, the shots collected

Called out in the wake of a lottery
Hel...[Read More]


in a power dive
in a slow burn
over ancient fields
over islands
from the slope and the rise
of the mainland
unfamiliar shapes
through the atmosphere
over rain clouds[Read More]


People got no respect for the dead,
they roll new plans out neatly.
But into a morning exploding with red,
I awoke completely -
an accident
an accident. Though you smile so s...[Read More]


I peeled the shirt from your back, had a look at your
scars. They healed over so well that you forget where
they are, but they radiate like stars.

When the cataract falls from the...[Read More]


Jesus got my Mom in there
And beat her up so bad
He beat her up so bad
Who can save us now that God's gone mad?
Jesus got my Mom in there
And beat her up so bad
He beat her up...[Read More]


Should I close my eyes and get in that line
Hold my bags in file with the boarders? Should I take
your name down on a penciled list
Or a tape recorder?

Or should I take you down...[Read More]


If you love me, come and see me.
If you despise me, come and strike me.
But I want you to know
That for the helix,
There's always new blood
When an old line...[Read More]


Well, Benjamin
You crashed your plane again
A beautiful tailspin
It was going to happen soon enough
The only question was when
'Cause I could smell the flames
Just sleeping on...[Read More]


Something is breathing in the air
Something is moving, in the water
And the winds in you are blowing…

Bring back my boy!
I loved him.
I loved him.

Gentle flakes of s...[Read More]


If you could ring the sky like a bell,
Even such a sound would never suffice.
If you could bang the world like a drum, it would only
It was hollow inside
And your love, it s...[Read More]


There was a hush inside the air
When you were lying on the stairs
Feeling the world had scattered there
Like little feathers on the air

And as the people filed away
The men i...[Read More]


Seventy-four. Seventy-five. He's getting used to it now,
how each one falls away in that hoary light. and they are
gone, gone frome the age, gone from the guards and their
hands. It's ...[Read More]


In place of the sun
In place of the moon
A terrible light
Will flood every room

And bathed in this light,
we will swim again
From the high desert's walls
to the seas,...[Read More]


I forgot I was loving you
Disappeared for an hour or two
And I came to on a cold, wood floor
And I didn't feel so good anymore

Now we clasp our hands
And we make demands
...[Read More]


Your warm sweater
Your torn letters
They're all that matters
At the window watching the elegant traffic
It's all fantastic
And when you find these things that make you shine
D...[Read More]


This house is so clean;
Glass tables spread with new magazines.
Can I stay for a week?
You can kick me out when I break something.
From the guest room I see
Your garden stret...[Read More]


After all the times you've been turned around
Will you never be ready now?
After all the times that we stood your ground
Will you never be steady now?

Everybody makes mistakes[Read More]


Cull the silver bodies from the waves
their shimmering lives in your fingers
call the coral islands from the bay
and a mountain will rise
lay the little bones among the reeds
and ...[Read More]

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