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Album: Innocence Is No Excuse / Original Release Date: 1985Genre: RockSong Duration: 4 min 00 sec
We've been out in the cold
Trying to get in
We've been ripped off and rolled
Heads in a spin
Nothin can stop us breakin' through
Finding my way back home to you
Standing alone in the fight
You've never been out of our sight
We're back on the streets again
We're back on our feet again
We're out of the night
Into the light
We're back on the streets again
We're back, we're back on the streets again
We're back, we're back on our feet again
We were caught in the crossfire
But no one could win They bled off the power
Our spirit within
Standing our ground
We're digging in
This time 'round
We're gonna win
The banners are flying high
We're reaching for the sky
We're back on the streets again
We're back on our feet again
We're out of the night
Into the light
We're back on the streets again
We're back, we're back on the streets again
We're back, we're back on our feet again
We're back, we're back on the streets again
We're back on the streets again
(Repeat to end)

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We've been out in the cold
Trying to get in
We've been ripped off and rolled
Heads in a spin
Nothin can stop us breakin' through
Finding my way back home to you
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Step right up and ring the bell
This carousel's going straight to hell (straight to hell)
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Are you standing on your own when the darkness closes in?
Can you hear the voices calling from within
Do you see the spirit world like a cold and frightened child
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Live to rock

When I was a boy I didn’t know what I should do They said get an education you got to forget about the blues But I was hooked on rock and roll I got a demon in my soul I was wai...[Read More]


When you're dyin', when you're dyin'
There ain't no use in cryin'
I'm gonna keep on livin' till the light
Shines down on you
Burnin' .. ?...
Ya can't stop when you're winning
...[Read More]


I was born on the back streets
On the rotten side of town
I never had me nothin'
Just people puttin' me down
Living on the darkside
Across the railroad track
Leaving wasn't ea...[Read More]


Do not stop me do not try
'Cause I'm a motorcycle man
I get my kicks just when I can
Motorcycle man
Motorcycle man
I can beat your street machine
We're taking risks, that's wh...[Read More]


People pushin' like I don't know (*)
I'm gonna live my life like I wanted to
My hopes shot down, my backs to the wall
But I've got my pride
They can't take it all

I've got my...[Read More]


Take a giant step for mankind
On a distant lunar sea
As you travel across the universe
Will you take a step, take a step for me
Will you take a step for me
Voyage of an eagle
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We got a 747 coming down in the night
There's no power, there's no runway lights
Radio operator try to get a message through
Tell the flight deck New York has no lights
There's no pow...[Read More]


Crusader, crusader, please take me with you
The battle lies far to the east
Crusader, crusader, don't leave me alone
I want to ride out on your quest
I'm waiting, I'm waiting, to stan...[Read More]


Waiting for the night
Keeping out of sight
You're standing on the streets for kicks
Looking for a thrill
You know you're dressed to kill
You're turning all the young boys on
T...[Read More]


Driving riding keep the throttle open wide
Pounding hounding feel the beating deep inside
Flag goes up you get down
Beat the lights hear the sound
Turbo charge let it flow
Hold on...[Read More]


They came to fight for glory in their thousands
Young men with their dreams
They died before the guns for their country
A book of faded pictures, broken dreams
Where are they now
...[Read More]


I got my big twin rollin¹ thumping out a tune
Following the headlight coming back to you
I don¹t need no big jet liner don¹t need no limousine
All I¹ve got¹s my pair of whells satisfactio...[Read More]


When I hit the ground, I was on the run
I was born the seventh son (the seventh son)
I came up fast, just wanting more
Always running from the law (from the law)
My father said, now s...[Read More]


We take no prisoners, there's no retreat Our only purpose is your defeat The wheels of death keep turning Leave your cities burning There's nothing you can do To stop them breaking through

...[Read More]


I`m writing you this letter
From the dark and lonely place
I hope it finds you well
I long for your embrace
And I sit here in my solitude
I fear the worst
For I have see...[Read More]


Valley of the Kings

You must journey 'cross the Sea
Find the secret Dynasty
Burning Sand scorching Sun
To the land of the ancient one
The hidden Tomb the last in Line
Los...[Read More]


We'll Never Surrender Or Give Up The Fight
We'll Take What Where Given And Never Lose Sight
We've All Been To The Edge And Back
Were Leaving No One Behind

Ashes To ...[Read More]


Did you see the signs has the time begun
It was the seventh star of the seventh sun
Round and round this circle turns
The planets all align this is the time
This is the hour we've wai...[Read More]


Take up your sword the sword of the brave
You fight for legion you fight to the grave
For death and for glory your spirit won't die
Legions of steel to battle you cry
Hail to the hero...[Read More]


There's a fire in the sky
There's a feeling in the air
When the ground starts to tremble
The first attack is here
You won't stand a chance
When the missiles start to fly
They ...[Read More]


On your feet !
I wanna see the whole place jumpin'
Ya, c'mon baby, can you feel the heat
Move up close the boys are out to get ya
'Cause we don't care just what you got in mind
I ...[Read More]


Cast your spell in the night
Blackhearted woman mystifies
Heart of stone cold as ice
Play the cards roll the dice
You're the devil in disguise
I see the evil in your eyes
I us...[Read More]


Where were you in '79 when the dam began to burst
Did you check us out down at the local show
Were you wearing denim, wearing leather
Did you run down to the front
Did you queue for y...[Read More]


A crowded Main street, the scene was set
They check out the view, turn the radio on
Open the case, assemble the gun
Wait at the ready, for the president's run

The world was shock...[Read More]


Move in to the front underhanded fire
Hear the bullets flying millions every hour
Tracers in the night shooting across the sky
For Gods sake cover me I don't wanna die
Machine gun
...[Read More]


See the man in the bookshop
See his withered hand
He walks very slowly never stands in crowds
Children stand and wonder as he turns and walks away
Closely guards the secret
Of the...[Read More]


Ride the silver eagle out of JFK
Up the eastern seaboard destination Portland Maine
When we saw the people at the concert hall
The seats were for five thousand
It made us feel so smal...[Read More]


(Where were you in the night)
(Where were you in the night)
As the night closes in I lay in my bed
Since you went away it's been driving me mad
I stand in my room I can't the light[Read More]


Breaks away the chains that bind me
Gives me sympathy
Keeps me running on the high road
Keeps me living free
Never tries to steal my thunder
Helps me through the night
Always ...[Read More]


I was driving down the highway my music playing loud
I drove into a truckstop stepped up feelin' proud
The stupid gas attendant said "stop that f*cking row"
There's always someone somewhe...[Read More]


Put me to battle I'll follow the sound of the gun
Give me an order, command me I'll fire at will
I've got no emotions I'm living with thunder and steel
I don't hear your lies all I hear a...[Read More]


I'm screaming down the freeway
Gonna try and burn you out
I'm keeping in the fast lane
..?.. gonna take you out
And I know, yes I know
I want it so bad
I'm freeway mad
I'...[Read More]


Sooner or later we¹ll meet the maker
It doesn¹t matter to me
Cos I¹ll be laughing while I¹m packing
They¹ll have to drag me away
I¹ve been around I¹ve been inside out
I¹ve seen it...[Read More]


Give it everything you got
Just another kid waiting for a break
Is just bad news
Everybody's working 9 to 5
You got to pay your dues
But listen to your heart
Don't let them ta...[Read More]


We're gonna shout, let it rock
We're gonna shout, let it roll
We're gonna shout, let it rock
We're gonna shout, let it roll
Are you feelin' hot
Are you ready to rock
I'll take...[Read More]


If you're taking a bite (*)
At the speed of light
You're shaking your heads to the band
There's a dare on your horse
But you're not on the force
We're taking this think to the gro...[Read More]


Jenny lived at home a perfect little home
She had everything a girl could ever dream of
Only one thing wrong she had a restless heart
She was looking for some love and understanding
T...[Read More]


They came down from the north
To the plough they were forged
On the traces of a man who'd been before
Right up from the street
Came the ranks of unemployed
Then everything became ...[Read More]


Just let me rock (rock)
Just let me rock (rock)
Just let me rock (rock)
You can take away the money
You can take away the gold
You can tell me it's the truth
You know it isn't...[Read More]


Let the music start
I can hear you call out my name
I see the flashing lights
Cutting through the night
The spotlight is shining on you
I've always been around
I'll never let ...[Read More]


Well, you're brought up on the street
Did ya make it on your own
Are ya living in the shadow
Crawling in the night
Sleeping in the subway
Beggin' for a fight
Makes ya grow up ...[Read More]


Danger, danger, there's something in the air
Faster, faster, be careful, you better beware
I had a dream last night, that I saw you burn
There's someone screaming out, screaming out the w...[Read More]


Excitement in the air
There's a journey to prepare
They check the food and water's all on board
They're waiting for the tide
The sails are open wide
They're sailing to a better pl...[Read More]


Sixth form can't get out at night (*)
They keep them in, it's an awful sin
Should set them free and let them roam
The lights inside their dormitory
When they go black you sneak away[Read More]


Down, down at the bottom
Ya gotta try to get yourselves up
Ya got nothing to lose when your there
There at the bottom
Ya gotta stand up
Stand up for your rights
We can make it...[Read More]


When I went to school
I was nothing but a fool
No good for me
I was living ..?..
Staying out all night
.?.. fight
I got the ..?..
I was tough, I was mean
It was up to ...[Read More]


I was listening to the music on the radio (*)
I had a feeling that something's not right
The music was loud, we could still hear the crowd
From the gig that we played that night
We pu...[Read More]


I wish I had a fortune
I'd take the pain away
We could be together
That's how we need to stay
'Cause you can change the world
The world in which you live in, live in
Suzie hol...[Read More]


I know that it's cold (*)
Well don't stand outside my door
I told you before
I don't want you anymore
Changed all the locks
And took away your key
I don't care where you go[Read More]


Wild horses running free
Bareback warriors ride again
Hear the voices from the spirit world
Crying out for the Indian nation
From the sacred buriel mounds
To the happy hunting gro...[Read More]


Does this town know how to rock
This town knows how to rock
This town knows how to rock
This town knows how to rock
This town knows how to rock
We're gonna Saxonize
You're gon...[Read More]


She used to be an ironhorse
Twenty years ago
Used to bring the mail to me
Through the ice and snow
I've sat alone and watched her
Steaming through the night
Ninety tons of thu...[Read More]


Hit me with the thunder
Tear this place apart
Can't wait a minute longer
Let the music start
I'm running with the tiger
I'm about to kill
Can't wait a minute longer
I wann...[Read More]


Hey baby, why don't ya come and ride with me
Like a bullet I'm the fastest thing you've ever seen
Hey mamma can you hear the monster scream
Feel the power riding in my mean machine
Ju...[Read More]


White Line fever
Takes me high
Another city
Another lie
Another town
Another face
Another woman to take your place
Catch the bullet
Ride the storm
Drive me crazy '...[Read More]


We've been a long time comin'
But we're here at last
You want it, we got it
You want it, we got it
Drive time, prime time
You're time, my time
You better get ready, ready to r...[Read More]


How long must I stay
How long must I go on
Taking my chances on burning away
Don't take away my daylight
Don't take away my dream
Why must I go (*)
To hell and back again
...[Read More]


We lay our case before you
Let your hammer fall
Tip the scales of justice
Liberty for all

Do you stand for freedom
Do you stand for justice
Do you stand for anything at a...[Read More]


How come every time you feel real good
Somebody drops you a piss off bomb?
How come every time you roll the dice
Somebody offers you the wrong advice?

Oh no, not again, just when...[Read More]


Too late now, you wait now
You're out of time
New face now, your place now
Is that a crime
Stop talkin', keep walkin'
You missed the sign

You made your choice
It's to...[Read More]


You only fool yourself if you think we are alone
You can't deny the truth it's here it's plain to see
But do they come as friends our brothers from the stars
Or are they here to take our ...[Read More]


Send for the General, there's witches to burn
The day of your judgment draws nigh
In torment and torture, the bringer of pain
Disciples of Satan will die

And tell me your secrets...[Read More]


A single silent bullet
Flying through the air
Will it find it's target
Fate will take it there

Who's name is written on it
No one has a clue
Will it find a victim
Cou...[Read More]


Cry for the children
Sons and daughters left behind
They walk alone down the trail of tears
Full of heartache
, full of fears

Stand with open arms
Waiting for the fall[Read More]


I was driving down the route doing 185
Just me and my friends out for a ride
I should have seen the trouble looming ahead
Should have known better I was into the red
But I never sa...[Read More]


Blue bird skimming on razor's edge the legend will be
The race is on against the clock in the silence of the
The greatest bird to ever fly the fastest of her breed
Pus...[Read More]


Walking through Tokyo
Visions of the Samurai
Walking through Tokyo
Looking through the dragon¹s eye
I had a dream about the mighty shogun
Faded visions of the Samurai[Read More]


They land on your shore
Kick down your door
Invaders from over the sea
They rape and they slaughter
Your wives and your daughter
Pillage the wealth from your land
Where do the...[Read More]


Ever since I was a young boy
I turned towards the sky
I know there's something out there
A message in the stars
When the night is black
And the dark is dark
I stand and watch ...[Read More]


When my foots on the throttle there's no looking back
I leave the motor tickin' over when she's back on the track
I've got a 68 Chevy with pipes on the side
You know she's my idea of beau...[Read More]


Take a plane, take a pill
Need some sleep, feel like hell
In my suitcase that's my life
Thoughts of you cut me like a knife

Gone, gone, gone, gone down
that lonely road
B...[Read More]


Once was a sailor
Ship of the line
Came to my duty
Serving my time

Far, far away from you I must go
Never to return, I do not know
If I return to tell you my tale I'll si...[Read More]


Raise your banners, raise them high
In your homeland hear the cry
From the battle, turn to home
Back to England to claim your throne

Six white horses, you must ride
Loyal com...[Read More]


Shooting fast across the sky
Hellcat coming gonna die
Twist and turn you're on the run
Diving fast across the sun

Hellcat, hellcat look into the fire
Hellcat, hellcat build t...[Read More]


Stoke The Fire Feel The Heat
Your Chance To Burn Out On The Streets
Smash And Grab On The Run
Play The Game With A Loaded Gun
The Litle Bird Has Left His Nest
He Feeds No More On ...[Read More]


It was back in '79
When we rode the mighty tide
It swept across the world
We came together

We never stood alone
Wherever we did roam
This legacy of rock
Would last fo...[Read More]


I Was Going Nowhere Stuck In This Place
No Ones Really Moving I Can't Stand The Pace
I Look To Left Of Me I Look To The Right
There's Nothing Here Around Me No Exit In Sight

[Cho...[Read More]


We're on a one way street
Going down the wrong way
We're trying to swim upstream
Against the raging tide
We're on an uphill climb
Right into the headwind
We're standing on thi...[Read More]


Tell Me Now
Do You Want To See The Show
Hard And Fast
It's The Only Way To Go
Living Life
With Everything You've Got
Scream And Shout
Take It To The Top
Let Me Hear Yo...[Read More]


To the east of Java back in eighteen eighty three
Stood a peaceful island basking in the sea
No one knew the danger lying deep beneath the earth
That Mother Nature's victim would sooth th...[Read More]


I pull the throttle back
Ready to attack
Turn the bow around
Into the wind
Waiting for the rush
Engines on full thrust
We shoot a metal bird
Into the sky

Power sc...[Read More]


Ride out the storm no looking back
Stand up and fight, fight for glory
Live fast die young you're born to run
Stand up and fight, fight for glory

Ride like the wind straight ...[Read More]


Sitting on the runway waiting for the rush
Talking to the band but no one's saying much
Flying out of Monza playing for the gods
Heading out to Deutschland we've got to beat the odds
...[Read More]


Scream Into Danger
Thats Just What I Like
Pushing It Harder
The Feeling Is Right
Faster And Faster
Don't Loose Your Grip
Live For The Moment
Theres Nothing Like This
<...[Read More]


Sacred Towers Standing Tall
Built In Times Of Guilt And Gold
Ancient Knowledge Lost In Time
Forgotten Now In Hearts And Minds

Holy Towers Test Of Faith
Sacred K...[Read More]


Cry for the children
Sons and daughters left behind
They walk alone, down the trail of tears
Full of heartache, full of fear

You stand with open arms
Waiting for the fall
...[Read More]


Hear the whistle blowin'
Another working day
Turn the wheels of power
Earn your daily pay
The blood and sweat of working men
Made this country great
To the kings and queens of...[Read More]


Deep inside my soul fights a war
I can't explain, I can't cross over any more
All I see are dirty faces
Rain and wire, and common sense in pieces
But I try to see through Irish eyes[Read More]


In the mists of Avalon
She's waiting there for you
In the mists of Avalon
She's waiting there for you

With sword of power, forged in steel
Your desire to make the deal
Ex...[Read More]


I've been working like a dog
I need some time
I've been running around in circles
Out of my mind
I've got to pay my bills
And get away
I've had about enough
I'm not gonna ...[Read More]


One life I'm gonna live it up
I'm takin' I said I'll never get enough
Stand tall I'm uh, young and kind of proud
I'm on the top, but as long as the music's loud

If you think I'll...[Read More]


Where Were You When The Red Star Fell
Did You Hear The Tolling Of The Bell
A Million People On The Streets
They March As One They March For Peace
Breaking Free From The Iron Fist
...[Read More]


Resistance is futile
There's nowhere to hide
We've ran out of options
We've fought with the time
We wait for tomorrow
To see if it comes
Defences are pointless
It's inevit...[Read More]


Lift up my eyes
And I look to the sun
Turning my head
To a life just begun

Ain't nobody in this world
Tell me how to live
Ain't nobody in this world
Tell me ho...[Read More]


I see the full moon rising
Across the blackest night
The sails on the horizon
Dragon-ships in flight
Gods are in the heavens
A crack across the sky
Coming with the thunder
...[Read More]


Everything is changing soon the writings on the wall
Just sit there and deceive yourself but everything will
The seas will rise across the land and sweep it all away
Anarchy wil...[Read More]


Nobody said it was easy
When your back's to the wall
We started with nothing
Nothing at all

Just me and you against the world
That's how it's meant to be
You can't escape...[Read More]


A telegram came today
It's taking me far away
Away from the ones I love
I put my faith in God above

We march toward the sound of distant guns
White fire lighting up the sky[Read More]


(spoken) sacrifice...

Hail to the gods , The bringers of fortune
Worship the sun, The giver of light
Follow the steps, that lead you to heaven
Sacrifice waits for your beatin...[Read More]


You called my name
Deep in the coldest blackest night
You saved my life
I heard your voice deep in the night
But in my nightmare I start to scream
In my nightmare this is no dre...[Read More]


There's Something Coming From The East
Hear The Thunder Of The Beast
Evil Shadow Cross The Sun
A Million Voices Rise As One

Atila The Hun
Atila The Hun

...[Read More]


You're like lambs to the slaughter
Stand in line and wait your turn
I am the destroyer
This thing, you quickly learn
Have no fear and come with me
Enter my reality
I am your h...[Read More]


Come hear the story come gather round
About the demon of London town

Come hear my story come gather round about the demon of
London town
I bid you welcome you hear him call
...[Read More]


Turn up the heat don't be discreet just let your
feelings flow
cant get enough you fill my cup I'll drink until I
I cant put out my fire you've got what I desire just
gi...[Read More]


Walking down main street I got a twinkle in my eye
A buckskin leather lighter than a feather
Took the dollar bill right out of my hand
I said baby, baby
This ain't no banana I'm as ha...[Read More]


Travelling down life's highway, carry the heavy load
Where will we be, be tomorrow, somewhere down the road
We won't forget the friends we made along the way
Soon we'll be together, toget...[Read More]


You got me spinning, spinning around
Don't know if I'm up or I'm down
I'm coming back to you tonight

My pulse is racing, it's out of control
My body's aching, it's taken its toll...[Read More]



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You're a mind of useless information
I'll make it easy on you
I'll never say what you want ...[Read More]


Look here, my friends, I've got to tell you (*)
The world is out, the world is out
Trouble's coming, peace is over
The king has hung the militia guard

(Repeat *)

The kin...[Read More]


One night in Louisiana
Down by Highway 84
You would hear a strange dog calling
Outside his mama's door
The baby was a killer
The cousin was a priest
The baby upped and said[Read More]


My father used to work the seam far below the ground
Digging for the coal to melt the steel
But now he lies a twisted man one foot in the grave
Just like the iron wheels that took him dow...[Read More]


Listen now, heed the warning
Can't you hear the planet's cries
With the storm comes the fury
Mankind looks towards the sky

Burn the wheat (*)
Feed the fire
On the wind[Read More]


Lady face the morning sun
The sunlight in your hair
Northern Lady, you're the one

Why do you mean so much to me
I need you every night
Northern Lady, you're the one

...[Read More]


Get your kicks in the edge of the sky
twenty miles up on the borderline
Feel the rush as your body drops through the air
Take a step right into space
Take the blast right in your face...[Read More]


Silver ships across the sky
Something I have never seen before
Was it true or fantasy
I don't know the answers anymore
All I know is what I saw
Something shooting fast across the ...[Read More]


Somebody gets all the breaks, but it's never you
Maybe today is the day you'll pull trough
Everyone's chasing their dream at the end of the rainbow
You gotta follow your heart, that's whe...[Read More]


Come on everybody
Tonight it's party time
Grab a bottle or a crate
Leave your blues behind
You're gonna need the cavalry
To get you outta here
The last time that we had one[Read More]



Have you ever had the feeling
Someone's watching you
Listening to everything you say
Satellite surveilance
Creeping high above us all
Watc...[Read More]


Creeping after midnight, shadows on the wall
Something in the darkness, hear the footsteps fall
Faces at the window, creatures of the night
Seeking out a victim, somewhere out of sight[Read More]


It is the night, my body's weak
I'm on the run, no time for sleep
I've got to ride, ride like the wind
To be free again

I was born the son of a lawless man
Always spoke my mi...[Read More]


To follow the code of honor
Die with a sword in your hand
That is the way of the warrior
Your forefathers left on the land

To live by the sword, you must die by the sword
[Read More]


Who's that girl with her pants on fire?
You can feel the heat when you're standing by her
You look so good with your dress real tight
Does your mother know you're out tonight
You're j...[Read More]


Emma stands alone tonight
Staring at the stars
Trying to find the reason why
Her world was torn apart
She's sick and tired of trying to keep
The wolves back from the door

...[Read More]


Come to the reaper sing the song, bringing death to everyone
Once the earth was calm and safe, but now the land's a battle place
Firing shells into the air, where they land, no-one cares
...[Read More]


Here we stand underneath a blood red sky
To seek the answer we're all looking for
We live our lives but there's no certainty
They won't be washed away like castles in the sand

We...[Read More]


Out of the sky came the sound of the thunder
Hiding the sun from your sight
Remember the screams of the Jeicho siren
Howling like wolves in the night

Attack! They are coming with...[Read More]


Turn the wheel of torture
Spin the rack of pain
Now many souls will suffer
To satisfy your game

The smell of death surrounds you
How can you hide your shame?
Can we stop ...[Read More]


We were standing at the border
Waiting for the man to come
We didn't have a problem
Till he invented one

He said take it easy, take it slow
No one moves
Till I say so
...[Read More]


[Written By : Byford/Quinn/Oliver/Dawson/Gill]

If there's one thing I love
It's flying there above
Breaking through the barrier of sound
It's just like making love
Sittin' th...[Read More]


Big wheels are rolling
On thru' the night
We hit the city in the morning
No time to eat or sleep
Six concerts in a week
Take the show across the nation
Could this be San Anton...[Read More]


Just another kid in the firing line
Up against the wall running out of time
Makes no difference what you do
That poisons taking hold of you

No warning, there's danger (*)
Thi...[Read More]


I don't want you to be my slave
I don't want you to work all day
I don't want you to be sad and blue
'Cos I just wanna make love to you
Love to you, love to you

I don't want ...[Read More]


Working in a drug store
Slaving on it nine to five
Waiting for the weekend
That's when she comes alive

You've got me coming like a freight train (*)
You took my heart away[Read More]


Take it down easy
Take it down low
Slide it to the bottom
And shake it real slow
Now move it to the side
And squeeze it real tight
Is there any wonder
I'm losing my sight<...[Read More]


Your talking on the TV every single day
Making stupid gestures nothing much to say
Deny responsibility find someone to blame
When it comes right down to it
You're all the f*cking same...[Read More]


Friday night, I feel all right (*)
I get into my leathers
And I get out on my bike

There's thunder in my ears
It's blasting down the gears
Kickin' up grit
I don't give a ...[Read More]


The band played and the cameras turned
As the bottle smashed on her bow
The flagship of the gilded age
Moved slowly out to sea
Never had such luxury
Been seen afloat before
Th...[Read More]


We were on the Russian border
When the news began to break
Of a nuclear reactor melting down
Sending deadly clouds of dust
Into the atmosphere
Falling down like rain on the ground...[Read More]


You left me standing here staring at the view
Did you think that I was coming after you
I might have been that dumb a hundred times before
You can take your stinking attitude and shove it...[Read More]


Catch me if you can and tame the beast
Should I leave you burning in the heat
Kick the throttle down, I'm on fire
It turns me on to feel the engine's beat

Take it to the highway ...[Read More]


In a desert valley
Near the Rio Grande
Through the sun baked wasteland
Cross the burning sand
On the edge of nowhere
In a hidden place
They were looking for the answer
To ...[Read More]


[Enhanced video from Wacken 2001]
[Written By : Byford/Quinn/Scarratt/Carter]

Follow the piper follow the drum
Follow the footsteps our comrades begun
'Till the battle's, the bat...[Read More]


Gagged, balled and chained
Feels just the same
Hands on the wall
Maybe you're just playin' games
Set me free

Mauled by a hound
Hangin' around
Is this for real
I d...[Read More]


We didn't come for their sympathy
We didn't come for their soul
We didn't come for their bigotry
We didn't come for their gold

Don't tell us how to run our lives
We know what...[Read More]


You're driving me crazy
You're out of control
You're breaking all the rules
Sneaking out your back door
You're nothing but a wild child
Running round in town
'Cause if this is...[Read More]


The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun
I walk a road horizons change
The tournament's begun
The purple piper plays his tune
The choir softly sing
Three lul...[Read More]


Danger inside deep in your mind
Beware of the Beast that's within you
In towers of stone he walks alone
Close to the edge of your dreams

Shrouded in time the end of your line
...[Read More]


I don't need your religion (**)
It ain't nothin' to me
I don't want nobody pushin'
Need to be free

You've got to hit hard
I've seen those demons fall
I'm savin' my soul f...[Read More]


You make your living from backstabbing
You're just a snake in hand made boots
You slither round like something slimy
Nothing's ever what it seems

Cut out the disease (*)
The ...[Read More]


I've paid my dues, I've been around
I've had my share of ups and downs
I'll never stop, it's in my blood

I've got to rock, it feels so good
Can't stop me now, it's in my soul
...[Read More]


Did you take me for a fool I don't think so
Did you think that you could see it in my eyes
You bled me like a stone and left me nothing
But you're the one that's luring with the lies
...[Read More]


I'm leaving this town I'm out of the race
I'm packing my bags I ain't gonna stay
I can't stand the pressure building on me
Don't try to stop me I've got to break free

Take me dow...[Read More]


Far below the valleys, hidden deep beneath the snow
There you'll find the secret of the frozen rainbow
The first of all the ages, lies hidden 'neath the ice
The one who finds the secret h...[Read More]


You keep me waiting, you won't answer the phone
I know you're home, but you're not alone
Stop playing games girl
You're playing with my heart

I was a fool to fall for your lies[Read More]


Would you let this stranger take your hand
Do you think he sees the promised land
Holy fire, holy water
Anoint the faithfull break the sacred breal
Will the message get inside your he...[Read More]


We ain't gonna take it lyin' down
We're gonna stand on our own two feet
When people knock us down
We're gonna get up off the ground
And start all over again

Still fit to boog...[Read More]


[Written By : Byford/Quinn/Scarratt/Carter]

In the land of Gorron
Far across the sea
We'll journey there upon the wings of fire
Through the mystic portal
To find the ancient ...[Read More]


I've been working all day down on demolition alley
Looking down the barrel of a twelve gauge gun
Digging up rocks in this god forsaken valley
Breaking my back in the mid day sun

...[Read More]


Get on top, keep it up (*)
Don't let them ever grind you down

Up down, turn around, give a little more
Inside, outside, knocking on my door
I don't need no preacher man telling m...[Read More]


All guns blazing

Back's against the wall
Don't let the system break you
Why make it easy for them all?
Barricade your doors
Defend yourself don't let them in
Keep hostile...[Read More]


People say we're crazy but where's their sense of fun
Take it to the limit, fly into the sun
I'm doing fine
Up on cloud nine
Flying into battle, target on the ground
Screaming out...[Read More]


We stand here together
Fearless and proud
Raise up your voices
Let the music be loud
There's nothing between us
We stand here as one
The waiting is over, your time has come[Read More]


Out with the boys
Testing my virility
The booze and the music
Arrousing my curiousity

I moved in beside her
Asked her to rock and roll with me
Cause I have her classed[Read More]


Take me where the eagles fly
Let me drive along the open road
Break away the chains that bind you
Now you're free to make it your own
Feel the engines burning hot
Pounding out the...[Read More]


Somewhere in the night a candle burns for you
The eternal flame the light keeps shining on
Your music is immortal it stood the test of time
You're gone but not forgotten, you walk with us...[Read More]


A city divided
The West and the East
Tear down the walls
And give them release
People are marching
They're out in the street
Shouting for freedom
Shouting for peace
[Read More]


Can you hear the sound
The sound of distant voices
Floating gently 'cross the glen
Can you see the people
The people gathered round
They're worshipping their king

They ca...[Read More]


Dark clouds gather in the east
Calm before the storm
The devil sends his messager
Hurricane is born
Lightning strikes across the sky
The tempest has begun
Raging forces take c...[Read More]


I was laid around bored to tears watching flowers grow
I got my car and drove to town tried to find a show
Cruised around for an hour or two, hunted high and low
I had to find some rock '...[Read More]



Two thousand years they stand behind us
Are we just travellers in time
We face the phantoms of our future
They face destruction of their kind
...[Read More]


I can't stop my tears from falling (*)
Falling down like rain
Your words of wisdom
Call to me
I hang my head in shame
We're living in the calm before the storm
We're living in...[Read More]



Just before dawn in the cold light
We came out of the night
A great expectation from the man who ran the show
Will it rain, will it snow, will i...[Read More]


Can you hear the thunder rolling (*)
Somewhere in the night
Twenty thousand voices screaming
Blinded by the light
Makes no difference who you are
Or where you're going to
The ...[Read More]


Far beyond the forest in a land of ice and snow When the full moon rises and shadows start to grow When man becomes the hunted, screaming in the night On your knees and pray to God to keep the beasts...[Read More]


Rising from the ashes Floor by floor Reaching up into the sky Where the eagles soar

The city sleeps, life goes on Hope is still alive Born again, the towers rise Above the New York skies[Read More]


wo thousand years in time The first of his kind He dreams and plans of immortality

A dynasty of jade An empire he has made All the land beneath the setting sun

You wake once more ...[Read More]


They land on your shore Kick down your door Invaders from over the sea They rape and they slaughter Your wives and your daughter Pillage the wealth from your land Where do they come from these warrio...[Read More]


Come from the woods
Out of the hills
Come from the cities
Down from the moors
Make your way down the golden path
To stand before the temple

Power is the name (*)
To s...[Read More]


You never see him out in the sunlight
He's waiting for the shadows to fall
Moving under cover of darkness
Searching for a victim to maul
Lock up your doors tightly
Keep all your w...[Read More]


You're far outside your body now looking down you see yourself below
Standing on the precipice you could be leaving soon the life you know
Waiting for your guardian
To take you up towards...[Read More]


Bad luck and trouble
Get out of my way
My lady fortune's
Coming to stay
Don't need no bullshit
No mister Big
Don't need no contract
No papers to rig

I don't need ...[Read More]


You went in the morning
We didn't say goodbye
The friends that you left here
Wonder why

I wish I could see you
Just for a day
Tell you we miss you
And ask you to stay...[Read More]


Big wheels are rolling On thru' the night We hit the city in the morning No time to eat or sleep Six concerts in a week Take the show across the nation Could this be San Antone? Or am I stood in Rome...[Read More]


What is this place across the field
Where poppies stretch and sway
In Flanders days of war are gone
But memories will remain
Comrades of their different codes came to fight and die[Read More]


Clandestine hunter, top of the food chain
Everything fears you, strike like a hurricane
Stalking your prey, using your senses
Coiled like a spring, there are no defenses

Run for ...[Read More]



Distant lands are calling you
From far across the sea
Waiting for the stories to be told
The winds of change are blowing down
Across the Spani...[Read More]


When I was a boy I listened to the stories
Of conquerers and heroes of old
Tales of adventure and valiant days
Warrior courageous and bold

Come with me and I'll take you there[Read More]


I gave you my love
But you threw it straight back in my face
I should have known better
You're just perfume and lace
You're messing around
You're making a fool out of me
But I...[Read More]


Crashing through the raging sea flagship og the line
Comander of the English fleet the greatsest of her time
Searching the horizon a thousand leagues or more
Mighty winds will carry you o...[Read More]


I'll climb the tallest mountain
I'll swim the deepest sea
I'll do anything, baby
Anything to set you free

If you're lost and I can't find you
Somewhere in the night
If yo...[Read More]


I just got the news
You're back in town
You're working for a good time
Are you still going down
You're little too crazy
You ain't gonna last
The candle lit at both ends
An...[Read More]


There's a place called Camelot
In a land that time forgot
Where lived a wizard
The greatest of his time
He used his magic for the good
Defeating evil where he could

Cast ...[Read More]


The mighty ship lies broken on the rocks
The crew lay dead their bodies rot
A wooden coffin washed up on the shore
They drag it to the abbey steps
Buried there and laid to rest
Bu...[Read More]


...[Read More]


Turn the wheel, start the drift
On the turn, make the shift
Spinning wheels, burning rubber
Hear the engine scream
Revving high, reach the limit
Turbocharged and born to live it[Read More]


An empty space, a cold dark room
You say hello and look for food
The coffees strong to get you there
The clock is ticking, no time to spare
Rig the lights, build the sound
Run the...[Read More]


The legend tells of Icarus
Who flew too close towards the sun
DaVinci drew the plans for flight
But never saw his work begun

You'll find the answers
The answers riding on the...[Read More]


Mark the target, take it slow
Don't make a sound, let no one know
Where you lie and hide from view
Through the scope your aim is true
Crosshairs mark the deadly spot
Pull the trig...[Read More]


Cerberus in the underworld
Guards the gates of hell
Protects the world of Hades
Where the dead must dwell
The gods look down in anger
On this wicked land
The battle of the Tit...[Read More]


You sailed across the seven seas
You brought the mighty to their knees
Sons of Odin, a warrior creed
Trained from birth for strength and speed

The greatest sailors of their time<...[Read More]


...[Read More]


When the bomber flew
It was '79
Make no mistake
It was their time

Living fast and free
The only way to be
The world was on the street
They were the boys to beat
<...[Read More]

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