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Album: SoulFly / Original Release Date: 2021-03-26Genre: Hip-Hop/RapSong Duration: 2 min 40 sec
Damn, this motherf*cker too crazy Saucii
Let that shit ride, Eighty8
When the shit over, it's over
I don't know what's after or, you know

I keep my gun in my drawers, ducking the sad news (Oh yeah)
My phone say seven missed calls, I know it's bad news
This life had left me so scarred, I'm knowing that's true
Remember times got so hard, I got it tattoed (So hard)
I ain't did no shows but made some bread (Yeah)
I gotta keep the family fed (Yeah, yeah)
Look, just talked to pops about the feds
I ain't gon' lie, he had me scarеd, uh
I feel 'em coming, nigga (Yeah)
I'll keep on running, nigga (Yeah)
If wе go down bad, keep it a hundred, nigga
My girl all in my ear screaming, "Spend some time"
I promise I'll be here when I can get some time
Right now, I got to get what's mine (For sure)
I'll be thuggin' 'til the end of time

And f*ck these niggas 'cause they lame
Since they love saying my name
Make sure you write the truest in the motherf*cking game
On my tombstone when they bury me
By the river, they will carry me Finally, I'll be resting in peace
Finally, finally
I'll get to fly away, somewhere, someday
f*ck these niggas 'cause they lame
Since they love saying my name (Yeah)
Make sure you write the truest in the game
On my tombstone when they bury me (Yeah)
By the river, they will carry me (Yeah)
Finally, I'll be resting in peace (Oh yeah)
Finally, finally, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(You know what I'm saying, I don't really know what I'm saying, I don't know what's after this shit)
Finally, finally (Everybody think they know but f*ck it, I sleep on the floor)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (This shit comes with a lot, it's a lot of pressure, I'm a young nigga though)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
On my tombstone when they bury me (Believe that man, I'm a hustler)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, on my tombstone when they bury me, yeah oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, finally I'll be resting in peace
Finally, finally, on my tombstone when they bury me
By the river, they will carry me, I'll be resting in peace
Finally, finally, yeah

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(Fire that shit up, TnT)
(Um, Reuel, stop playing)
He havin', mmm...
He havin'

He havin' conversations in the dark, yeah, yeah
It's just me, myself, and my heart, uh
My h...[Read More]


Rippa on the beat, bitch
Haha, look

Fresh out of the county, my plans had went left
Fresh out of court, the crackers want me on the shelf
But I'ma keep goin' until it ain't nothi...[Read More]


(Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)

[Verse 1: Rod Wave]
Uh, okay, last night, I'm still recovering up from last night
Last night I was fighting demons with my past life[Read More]


I'm in New Jersey right now
It's like 4 in the mornin'
It's me and T in this bitch
My nigga Dre in this bitch

Flushed all this percocets, why
They wasn't workin' yet
Quar...[Read More]


Yeah am for real...
Anything soldier shit you know I'm saying...

Now this one for the pain that I felt over the years
This shit ain't been the same ever since a nigga was lit
Be ...[Read More]


(Tre made this beat)
(I came)
Yeah, I'm for real
A-n-d, and they won't love it, it's that thug motivation
Right here, you know what am saying
That real shit, that gangster shit yo...[Read More]


(Trillo Beats, you did it again)
(Drell's on the track)
(Ah, hahaha)

Okay, we ridin' 'round strapped
You can tell I did this before (Pra)
You can tel...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(Zato got that fire, boy)

We smoke that dope back to back, got me floating
The only thing keep him going
No...[Read More]


(Trey made this beat)

Life's been shit, bro
Like, after you like a, a baby, a child, a little kid
If you lucky enough, you know what I'm sayin'?
After you a child, bro, you gon' ...[Read More]


Back like a running back
(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago)
(Ced did this, ho)
Life is precious, but it's short
For sure, it's short for sure, ...[Read More]


Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago
Pipe that shit up, TNT
Golden Grams
Ayy, yeah
Havin' my way with this shit
Havin' my way with this shit
Look, look, look
...[Read More]


(Ace Lex got a full one)
Yeah, ooh

I'm sippin' that lean, I'm tryna get me some sleep
Re just popped another bean, he gon' be up for a week
I been up for ...[Read More]


Mama, Zachary makin' beats again
Pipe that shit up, TnT
D. Major, baby
Yeah, youngin'

Too much on my brain, mane, that pain run deep
I'm on that drank but can't get n...[Read More]


You f*cking with niggas that's insecure
Watered down my shit is pure
Right down my number but don't call until your sure
Don't you get the wrong idea baby, no
A nigga just tr...[Read More]


(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago)
(Goddamn, BJ with another one)

[Rod Wave:]
Say when love comes around naturally
You'll miss it, my friend, if you blink
Now yo...[Read More]


Ayy ya...

To whom it may concern, or, dear future owner
I have this heart but I can't control it
It loves what it loves, it does what it wanna
Tried to lock it up, but it jumped ...[Read More]


Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh, ayy, yeah
Look, look, Yung Tago on the beat
Yung Tago on the beat
Look, uh, look

What's the point of l...[Read More]


In this life I've been scarred
So I walk around with my guard
And they quick to say Lil Nuni trippin
I think about my past and get in my feelin's
I think about the people who deserve ...[Read More]


I got issues back home and I got pain runnin' deep
I got family to feed and they dependin' on me
I got calls to answer, I got lawyers to pay
I got praying grandmothers for niggas who hate...[Read More]


(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago)
Had to run that bitch back
I swear, once they see where a nigga come from
All of this shit that you had to go through, bruh
They don't ...[Read More]


(Ace Lex on the beat)
(Thug life, bitch ass)

Didn't ask to be alive, but I'm livin'
Will I die in the streets? Maybe I'll go to prison, yeah
Everybody got a time, I feel it comin...[Read More]


(Tre made this beat)
I know that shit hurt cause it hurt me, baby
But I had to call you and let you know
You keep your head up and I love you
(Drell's on the track)
Al...[Read More]


I been like that too, like
I could watch the f*ckin' sun come up
Never sleep, like a lil' kid

As nights turn into days
I wonder why things won't change (wont change)
More I s...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yung Tago on the beat
It's Yung Tago on the beat
Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago

I fell straight on my face, I'll take the blame for that
He...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
These mixed signals, mixed signals, they're killing me
I don't know what you want, but I know what I need
The 'goodbyes', the 'hellos', the 'I need yo...[Read More]


Your eyes staring back at me (Back at me)
My heart starts to skip a beat
I pray that you will never know (Never know)
I fall and then you look in my eyes
(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
...[Read More]


(Trillo Beats, you did it again)
I guess, I guess I'm the one who changed, changed for the better, but (Drell on the Track)
My daughter straight, bro, we talkin' for ...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TNT)
Uh, mhmm, ah
Ooh, mhmm
(Trap jumpin' like 2-3)

Ain't get to talk to grandma, but I know she feeling bad
We lost aunti...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
Through the wire

So much pain, built up deep inside
I try to control it, but the anger build up deep inside
Leave me to exploding
Who got th...[Read More]


Pipe that shit up TnT
Yeah, you know, this shit like practice
This just practice

Six million cash in my stash, I was waitin' for this day to com...[Read More]


Pipe that shit up, TnT
Trae made this beat
Uh, uh

I ain't felt this way in a minute (Uh, uh)
I just blew the roof through the ceiling (Through the ceiling, yeah), uh
I just w...[Read More]


(Trillo Beats, you did it again)
(Drell's on the track)

This for them tribulations and trials
I finally got a smile for all the fro...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(Tahj Money)
Yeah, oh
(It's Malik on the track)
(f*ck the world, on the same thing
We still ride, we catch 'em like ain't a damn thing changed)

L...[Read More]


(Ayy, Zypitano got that gas)
(Six, chill, fool, for real, for real)
Uh, look

We went from rags to riches, uh
Project fences to livin' luxury
Now we live l...[Read More]


(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago)
(Ooh, Dekalb got that thing nice)
You gotta
You know what I be sayin', gotta just
Enjoy life, you know what I'm sayin'?
...[Read More]


(Trillo Beats, you did it again)
(DMac on the f*ckin' track)

Every time I leave, she beg for me to stay
But baby girl, I can't
I run the streets all nigh...[Read More]


f*ck on my bae, pack my suitcase, I'm finna hit the road (Pipe that shit up, TNT)
Yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh
Uh, yeah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)

f*c...[Read More]


Ayy, you know I ain't want all them right there, I was just tryna see what I was finna say
Ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah
(Swish on the beat)

Okay, pardon me<...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT, LC)

It was trials and tribulations on the road to chasing that paper
Seen so many faces, been so many places, caught some cases
Crazy thing is, out of all li...[Read More]


It's just the thug life, baby

Come and take a walk in my shoes if you can
Probably wouldn't stand a chance
I'm from the bottom, it turn boys ...[Read More]


(Drum Dummie)

Picture me rolling in my 500 Benz
I got no love for these niggas, ain't no need to be friends
I don't f*ck with these niggas, ain't no need to pretend
Ain't ...[Read More]


(Ace Lex got a full one)
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
(Yeah, yeah)

And I know you're not no good for me, but
You look so good to me
I don't need another...[Read More]


Yeah, dawg
It go, yeah, dawg

Took me a while to figure out
Nobody comes around when things are down
Nobody sticks around when it's a drought
And when the...[Read More]


Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago
Pipe that shit up, TnT
Tre made this beat

[Rod Wave:]
Let's talk 'bout hard times, real bottom boy survivor
Way bef...[Read More]


He on that drank again
You can tell jit on that drank
He on that drank again, hahaha
Brrr, you know what I'm sayin', brrr
This boy got a hit

Whoadie on that molly, he can fee...[Read More]


Billboard Hitmakers
Go Grizz
Whoa, look (Yes sir)

Straight from the bottom to the top, no landin'
Straight from the bottom to the top, still standin' (Yes sir)
Big blue diamo...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
I don't know, like
I just don't, I don't get people (D. Major, baby)
I don't f*ck with nobody, I don't be around nobody
I just like being dolo, yo...[Read More]


Mmm, mmm...

Remember, I was a small child, we would play
That was way before the drama I endured, and the pain
Mama had already told me there'll be days when it rains
But lately,...[Read More]


You know it hurt me to my heart the way our love ended
I blame you, you the reason I don't trust bitches
My heart so cold, I done been crossed, I don't trust niggas
He say my name, he get...[Read More]


Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago
Pipe that shit up, TNT
Tanner Beats, you did it again

I ain't been scared to die since 16
Been off Adderall and big dreams
So I can...[Read More]


I'm like nigga f*ck that
I just spent a block and it was that
Hop out with that Glock, like get the f*ck back
You know I know all the bitches love that, they love that
That's too true...[Read More]


Aye, yeah
Mmm, yeah

She say "Why you thug me like that?"
I don't mean to
Sometimes I feel like I don't need you
Unlike other people, I done been here twice before[Read More]


Uhuh uhuh uhh
Let's go

I know you know what you do to me
I'm a fein for your soul so good to me
I forever want you next to me
I'm addicted to your ecstasy
I forever want ...[Read More]


Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago
Know what I'm sayin', though
Pipe that shit up, TNT
Ayy, yeah, yeah
Uh uh, what you mean, no need?
What you mean, no need? Yeah

...[Read More]


Ooh, this a Mac beat
Ayy, yeah

See, it's a lot of shit left me scarred
I need chains to protect my heart
It's a lot of shit left me scarred
But pain makes us who we are
A...[Read More]


(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago)
I'm tryna f*ck with lil' what's her name, but she be actin' like a fan
She had to tell the world we had a...
You know what I'm sayin', with...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Go Grizz
Look, look
Winners Circle

Just got a text from my ex, she say that she gettin' colder
Baby, it's all the weight on my shoulde...[Read More]


Damn, this motherf*cker too crazy Saucii
Let that shit ride, Eighty8
When the shit over, it's over
I don't know what's after or, you know

I keep my gun in...[Read More]


f*ck a bitch, suck a dick that's how I feel
Won't hang with or f*ck with jits, cause they ain't real
I hang with flame slangin' gang bangin' niggas in the field
No flaggin', toe taggin', ...[Read More]


Heart been broke so many times I...
Don't know what to believe
Mama say it's my fault, it's my fault, I wear my heart on my sleeve
Think it's best I put my heart on ice, heart on ice
...[Read More]


And if it happen it was meant to happen
And I don't f*ck with these niggas be cappin'
They know we with that action
We light them up, and let niggas have it
And they be hating on me[Read More]


Hey now we way, way up
And now we way, way up

Straight from the bottom
And now we way, way up
Mo' money mo' problems
But now we way, way up
Mo' money gonna solve 'em whoa...[Read More]


Squat made the beat
Go Grizz
Winners Circle

Been through some situations, and so many problems
Them different altercations, I still think 'bout the bottom
On the road to grea...[Read More]


Ayo, Nashi, you go crazy
Yeah, yeah

Okay, green light, uh, pistol in the party don't seem right
[?] off that molly, can't think right
It's about to be a f*ckin' green lig...[Read More]


[Rod Wave:]
Winners Circle

We take trips to Calabasas, yeah, to clear my mind
I remember when we didn't have shit, yeah, but now we shine
You gotta forgive me, yeah, if ...[Read More]


(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago)
(Tahj Money)
(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
I remember, shit, bitch, I felt so stuck, bro
You feel me?
Niggas still get to the shit, you ...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayy, I don't wanna hear myself bro
Okay, he's here, ho, huh, look, look, look

See I turned nothin' into somethin', you haters should let me b...[Read More]


[Intro: Rod Wave]
(Boat Note)
(JBFlyBoi OhhhBabyeee)

[Verse 1: Rod Wave]
Get here
Had to walk a whole lot of miles to get here
It's safe to s...[Read More]


You know what it was to begin with girl
I know you hate when I go missing girl
It ain't my fault I just be busy girl
Since I ain't see you in a minute girl

I think you should
...[Read More]


(Ayy, yo Dzimi)
(Low Low, turn that up, hey)
(Mook got the keys jumpin')

Six in the morning, he up fightin' demons
Lately, I ain...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up TnT)
(EVRGRN with the heat, yeah)
Look, look, look, uh

Wanna put the blame on me, but the blame on you
You did it wrong, such a shame ...[Read More]


It just seem like you real angry
You know why I'm mad? Let me tell you why I'm mad
I'm mad because, everybody on these records lyin'
Everybody lyin', ...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Where you been? I been grindin' baby
It was just perfect timin' baby
Trade the streets for the rhymin' baby
Went and cashed out on diamonds baby
On ...[Read More]


[Intro: Rod Wave]
Drum Dummie
Same way
Look, uh

[Chorus: Rod Wave]
This one for my nigga, my round, my mud brother
If I don't know nothin', I know he a whole hundred, yea...[Read More]


Do my thing
True story
Ayy, ayy

Lost in my thoughts, guess that's what I get for thinking
Lost in a cough, this year, I almost quit drinking
Took some time off just to find m...[Read More]


He's been abandoned his whole life (Oh yeah)
If loving me is hard, I apologize
If I push you away, promise you'll stay by my side
He's been broken, traumatized

Yeah, yeah, uh (Ye...[Read More]


You know I had got that, I had got that from my big brother
He told me
It was time, he say, he say, "Gunsmoke"
(I love you, Consent)
He said, "Rod, I ain't playin' with...[Read More]


Pipe that shit up, TNT
You know, I don't really, I ain't really on that gangbanging shit but you know them young niggas, they don't even play
Tellin' you, know what I'm sayin'?
It's cool ...[Read More]


Alone in my jail cell, I remember (I was alone)
Alone in my jail cell, one cold December (Let's get it)
I hit my knees, and prayed for better days
I should've hit my knees and prayed for ...[Read More]


f*ck you, straight up
No, no, no

After months of feeling dead
Finally feel I'll live again
Hearing voices in my head
Telling me I'll heal again
I had gave you...[Read More]


(Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, that probably Tago)

How I'm feeling, it doesn't matter
'Cause you know I'm okay (Yeah, yeah)
Instead, I ask myself, "Why do you...[Read More]


[Intro: Rod Wave]
The lotta fight I've been in
Ooh, ooh, mm (Ayo Pluto, you going brazy)

[Verse 1: Rod Wave]
Niggas ain't gettin' no money, tell 'em quit that...[Read More]


Ohh these niggas wanna be Wave
Ohh these niggas wanna be Wave
Ohh these niggas wanna be Wave

Since December, I been wavy like the swimming pool
You can ask my momma, since middle...[Read More]


(It's [?])
(This is a Dollar Bill beat)
Mhmm, yeah, man she crazy

I've been looking for the right kind of love (This is a Dollar Bill beat)
I've been looking fo...[Read More]


Thug Life ain't dead
Niggas just scared and that's how I feel
I'm on the corner till the morning, tryna pay them bills
Kicked out my momma house cause she smell a nigga aroma<...[Read More]


Ayo Keyz, chop this up, for the one time
MarsGawd lit another one
It's Malik on the track
She say that I'm tripping, uh

I tell her how I'm feeling, she sa...[Read More]


[Intro: Rod Wave]
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, woah
Uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah (Will A Fool), uh

[Verse 1: Rod Wave]
My ex had told my my cousin I'm a superstar
'Cause all around the world ...[Read More]


You know what they gon' say
When the world turn they back on you, turn your back on the world
I been living like that for so long

She said wha...[Read More]



Seen it coming, did you ever see it coming?
Keep running, should've kept running
Goodbye my friend, I'm gone, the end
I won't find love aga...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(Dmac on the f*cking track)
Uh, uh, uh

And now I been all around the world
I met all kinda girls (Yeah)
I know they know jus...[Read More]


(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(Jai Beats on the track, boy)
Shh, shh
Yeah, look, look, look, uh

I tried to motivate the people but I made 'em angry
I tried...[Read More]


(MarsGawd lit another one)
Why you actin' like you ain't scared to lose a nigga? You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
Family, friends, love, all that
Yeah, yeah
Ye...[Read More]


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On the road, halfway home
Sorry my friend, I don't wanna be alone
So I, I'll be gone 'til November, go and mark your calendar
Phone keep ringing,...[Read More]


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And other things but rich off rapping fame
So much that came with all this fame, but I remain the same
Hope you don't think 'cause I got change that's what [...]...[Read More]

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