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Watchin' the world go round
World go, yeah (World go round)
To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds
Unknown sounds, unknown sounds

[Verse 1]
Slippin' through my fingertips (Ayy), lingerin'
Shoulda, woulda, coulda, where'd I put the pen? (Woah)
Make a list of all my failed attempts
Runnin' out of space again
Highlight all the things I wish I never said (Stop)
If feeling makes you stronger, I'm the weakest
That would mean that I would have to separate from my beliefs
It's not a secret, I'm a puzzle, got a lot of missin' pieces
Underneath this strong persona I put on's a kid that's screamin'
Aren't these waters so deceivin'? (So dеceivin')
They look differеnt, don't they?
Well, at least that's how they seem to me
'Cause we just drift and drift and drift
Until we see something that we define as peaceful
Grab the needle, shoot reminders in my veins
That people leave you while I'm driftin'

Watchin' the world go round
World go, yeah (World go round)
To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds
Unknown sounds, unknown sounds

[Verse 2]
Lots of gossip, I've been watchin' you
How you're talkin' to yourself is rude
Driftin' I'm in the same boat as you
Sinkin', dreamin', screamin' for some truth
And (My, my) escalator's broke, I'll take the stairs, I guess
Climb until I'm outta breath
Questioning my every step (Woah) My train of thought is leadin' me to different tracks
Positive that where I'm at is not where I should stay and that's (Why)
Told you look into the mirror and say, "I love you"
Convince yourself that no one in the world would ever want to
Passin' by the people that have been there to support you
From the get-go, disrespectful, drive you mental
Might get stressful when I'm driftin'
I see you in the distance
Askin' me why I'm so distant, I'm convicted
I'm convinced that I predict that all my wishes on my wish list won't be heard
'Cause I'm committed to the lie that feeling safe is unrealistic
When I'm driftin'

Watchin' the world go round
World go, yeah (World go round)
To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds
Unknown sounds, unknown sounds

Ignorant to my ignorance
Tell me I'm worth it, God
Give me the faith to rise and help me diversify
To take a step forward, immersed in my belligerence, amplified
The feelings and words collide
Intensified by living a life deprived
I'd rather be burned alive
Than go back to thinkin' I'm insignificant (Insignificant)
Every impotent moment debated can trigger it
God is my witness definitive
Holdin' my head up, there isn't an innocent bone in my body
But that's what gives me the energy lacked
To renovate, have to innovate, past intimidates
Can't remain afraid

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(feat. Ruelle)

[Intro: Ruelle]
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Hey Nate, how's life?
I don't know, it's alright
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And really didn't sleep much last night (Last night)

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Can be so cold
It can be miserable
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This thing called love
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Feels like we're on the edge right now
I wish that I could say I'm proud
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Started with phone conversations and I
Flew out to see you, it's raining outside
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This is all I do, this is all I do
This is all I do, this is all I do
This is all I do, this is all I do
This is all I do, this is all I do

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This may be the last songs that I'll sing
So I'll take it in, I'll take it in
This may be the last day that I'll breathe
So I'll breathe it in, I'll breathe it in

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[Verse 1]
Woke up in the cell, where am I at?
Yeah, it's cold, but I like that
What am I, trapped?
Heart's beating out of my chest
Door's locked, but the keys are in my hands
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[Intro - NF:]
To be honest
I feel completely alone
Like nobody knows me
Nobody understands me
You know I'm saying
It's kinda like this
Check it out

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[Verse 1]
Yeah (haha)
My name buzzin', ain't no way you could ignore it
I did not come this far so they could ignore me
I am not the one to say, "I'll do it in the mornin'"
I'd ra...[Read More]


Yeah, you, baby, you
You're something special
Baby, I know
I know what you're thinkin'
Maybe, maybe I'm wasting your time
But I promise, but I promise
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Too many faces, too many faces, too many faces

[Verse 1]
Yeah, what's your definition of success? (ayy!)
I don't trust the thoughts that come inside my head (woo!)
I ...[Read More]


Leave me alone (Leave me alone, leave me alone)

Panic-stricken, handle business, not a joke, yeah
Manners missin', travel different, no control, yeah
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Yeah, when I grow up, you know what I wanna be?
Take a seat, let me tell you my ridiculous dreams
I wanna rap—yeah, I know it's hard to believe
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Even if we both break down tonight
And you say you hate me
And we go to bed angry
I know everything will be alright
I'll be here waiting
I promise I'm changing
I just need
...[Read More]


Yeah, I gotta say like a month ago
I was talking to fans
And one of them pulled me aside and said
"We never met but I swear that you know who I am"
I been through a lot
I don't kn...[Read More]


I talk to God like, "What's next for me?"
I'm just fulfillin' my destiny (destiny)
Fulfillin' my destiny, yeah
I talk to God like, "What's next for me?"
I'm just fulfillin...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Yeah, most of my life's full of sad days
Started at a young age
Yeah, bought a house but I've been livin' on stage
Tryna find the real me, I ain't found it yet
Wake up e...[Read More]


Call me at 3 a.m., tellin' me that I could be the one, oh, yeah
Maybe I was in love from the outside, guess I ain't what you want no more
If you got someone else inside of your l...[Read More]


I'm back, did anyone miss me?
They said a second record can be tricky
Well that's kind of funny 'cause I am not tripping
My fans, they know what it is and they with me
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I can feel it, I can feel it
I can feel it, I can feel it
Yeah I can feel it, I can feel it
I can feel it, I can feel it
I can feel it, I can feel it
Oh yeah I can feel i...[Read More]


When I die, put my ashes in the trashbag
I don't care where they go
Don't waste my money on my gravestone
I'm more concerned about my soul
Everybody's gon' die
Don't everybody liv...[Read More]


How could you leave us so unexpected?
We were waiting, we were waiting
For you but you just left us
We needed you, I needed you

Yo, I don't know what it's like to be addicted to ...[Read More]


I grew up in a small place, had to drive an hour just to see a movie
I'm a simple person, city life just doesn't move me
I'd rather be home with my grandparents and playing Uko
Didn't wan...[Read More]


Look, people ask me what the future is
All I know is I'll be doin' this
All I know is things are moving quick
That's convenient for me 'cause that's how I live
Now they se...[Read More]


Yeah, they say when we grow up
You'll understand when you're older
Guess I'm still a kid, I don't know it
If I'll ever let go of this (yeah)
Say goodbye to the old me
...[Read More]


We gotta talk about things
We gotta do something different
Cause this isn't working, this isn't working
I don't, I don't know if I can do this
Riding 'round in the city, babe
I kn...[Read More]


Yeah, look

[Verse 1]
I mean this with love when I say it
I wanna answer the phone when you call me
The problem is, it's 10 a.m. and you're already drinkin'
You're...[Read More]


[Verse: NF's Fear & NF]
What, are you scared of me? That's embarassin'
If it wasn't for me, you would've never wrote Therapy
I've been here for you, but how come you're never there for me...[Read More]


I'mma a boss with it, authentic, all y'all frauds better
Quit with the trash talk before you get tossed in it
Y'all tripping, bar ripping, y'all sipping too much, right to the palms, dripping...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I just need some time, I'm tryna think straight
I just need a moment in my own space
Ask me how I'm doin', I'll say "okay," yeah
But ain't that what we all say?
Sometime...[Read More]


Oh yeah, oh yeah
Just let me work, just let me work
Out here grindin'
Yeah, I'm out here grindin'
I told 'em, I'm out here grindin'
I'm out here grindin', hey hey

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I'm dedicated, the definition of dedication
Wrote this whole record while I was levitating
Sittin' in my room with the pen and paper, I'm innovative
They've been afraid of me ...[Read More]


[Verse 1: NF]
Self-awareness, pride's a coat and yes, I like to wear it
Buttoned up, don't like to let no air in
With a pair of gloves, that I hope doesn't perish
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Watchin' the world go round
World go, yeah (World go round)
To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds
Unknown sounds, unknown sounds

[Vers...[Read More]


Just in case my car goes off the highway
Or the plane I get on decides that it's my last day
I want you to know when you're alone and you feel afraid
You're no...[Read More]


Yeah (Ayy)

I got layers to me
I got plans, I got goals, I got tricks up my sleeve
I got calls, I got deals, I got people to meet
I got drive, I got soul,...[Read More]


Ooh, ooh
Oh-oh, ooh

[Verse 1]
Feels like I work my hardest when I'm at my lowest
Even unhappy people can have happy moments
Even smal...[Read More]


Woke up in a bad place
Should probably get up so I'm not late
Stared at my phone for the past eight
Minutes at nothin', my head aches
Bottles empty by the lampshade
I'...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I'm not on your radar? Then your radar is broke
Don't blame me for the way y'alls jokes
Fall flat, get your mouth slapped—ain't no hoax
I get an inkling,...[Read More]


[Verse 1: NF]
Focus on it every single day, I wanna figure out a way
To get ahead of what I think I know is coming
It's obvious you got a problem if you always tryna make it seem
As i...[Read More]

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