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Album: Molly Hatchet / Original Release Date: 1978Genre: RockSong Duration: 6 min 16 sec
I've been to Alabama, people ain't a whole lot to see;
Skynyrd says it's a real sweet home but it ain't nothing to me.
Charlie Daniels will tell you the good Lord lives in Tenessee, ha!
But I'm going back to gator country where the wine and the women are free.

There's a gator in the bushes, he's calling my name,
And a saying come on boy, you better make it back home again.
There's many roads I've travelled but they all kind of look the same.
There's a gator in the bushes, Lord, he calling my name.

Old Richard Betts will tell ya Lord he was born a Ramblin' Man.
Well he can ramble back to Georgia but I won't give a damn.
Elvin Bishop out struttin his stuff with little Miss Slick Titty Boom.
But I'm going back to gator country to get me some elbow room.

There's a gator in the bushes he's calling my name. and saying come on boy, you better make it back home again.
There's many roads I've travelled but they all kinda look the same.
There's a gator in the bushes, Lord, he calling my name. Yep.

There's Marshall Tucker riding a rainbow searching for a pot of gold.
Well they can take the highway, baby, and they can take all they can hold.
The Outlaws down in Tampa town it's a mighty fine place to be.
They got green grass and got high tides and sure looks good to me.

There's a gator in the bushes, he's calling my name.
Saying come on boy, you better make it back home again.
There's so many roads I've travelled but they all kinda look the same.
There's a gator in the bushes , Lord, he's calling my name.


Oh gator country,
a little bit of that chomp chomp


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Oh, oh
Oh, oh

You were alone, I took you in
I let you ride for me
Snatched you up and I made a sting
I showed you what feeling could be

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Rock 'n' roll

I went down to the crossroads
Fell down on my knees
Yes, down to the crossroad
Fell down on my knees

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Hometown sweethearts who ran in the dark
Only made a move or two
I was just a young fool, never been to night school
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Ain't got the time
I keep it straight
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Once we had each other
We had security
Anthing she wanted
But she wanted to be free
Thought I had everything in hand
Instead she's taken everything from me.

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I'm going down to the river,
Just to bide my time away,
Don't you look for me tommorrow,
Cause I won't be back this way,
Oh girl I hate to leave you,
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I rode into town with my ear to the ground,
Looking for the right band to play,
I felt just right in the heat of the night,
Ridden many miles that day.

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Oh take me home, baby

Man that dixie music makes
Move your feet around
Another blast of that southern mass
in the good ole' country sound
Ain't nothing like that feel
whe...[Read More]


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Starin' slowly 'cross the sky
Said goodbye
He was just a hired hand
Workin' on the dreams he planned to try
The days go by

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Your lies and your alibies been driving me crazy

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I can't remember how old I was,
When Mama said to me,
If it makes you happy, son,
Then be what you want to be.
Now, Lord, that my arms they're...[Read More]


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Got my eyes on you
Just a matter of time
'Till I make up my mind
Before the night is through.

I've been searchin' everywhere for a little...[Read More]


Well, I've been stepped on, baby,
By people I thought were my friends.
I tried so hard to make it.
But the bad times never end.
I got just one thing now, baby,
One thing on my min...[Read More]


I think I was about seventeen when my pappy said to me,
Come on now with me, Son,
Goin' to take you to Jukin' City.
You can stomp your foots around,
To a pickin' country band.
I'm...[Read More]


I had me a woman one time,
Back a long time ago,
She seemed to treat me so fine,
I didn't want to let her go,
She'd find a new way to,
Find peace of mind,
She left me flat and...[Read More]


I can't seem to make it
No matter how hard I try
Bad times seem to find me
Good fortunes pass me by.

It's all just one big gamble
Trouble is my name
I got this fe...[Read More]


by Calvin Carter

I got a Maserati G.T.
With snakeskin upholstery.
I got a charge account at Goldblatt's,
But I ain't got you.

I got a closet full of clothes,
But no ...[Read More]


Mississippi Queen, you know what I mean
Mississippi Queen, she taught me everything
Went down around Dick's place, around Louisiana way
Where lived the Cajun lady, aboard the Mississippi ...[Read More]


There's a small jail in Georgia you all know,
Where the sun's so hot and the daylight don't show.
Where the moccasin she rests on a soft bed of sand,
You can hear the hound dog howling ou...[Read More]


The Harp Jam
Danny Joe Brown-Duane Roland-Dave Hlubek
Steve Holland-Banner Thomas-Bruce Crump

Is not Atlanta, GA is the Rock n Roll capital of the world!
Then let's hear you make...[Read More]


Ohh yea, yes sir

Comin' on strong
Comin' on hard
But what the hell is the matter
Take it to the limit
Baby take it 'till your in it
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Change a man's fate,
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Bite like a...[Read More]


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You were headed for the boarding gate,
And I knew that it would be a long wait,
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Hoping that you'll just call
And how many times have I wanted to hear
Words you don't say at all.
You know I try so hard
But I can't get throu...[Read More]


All alone with a full moon to light my night.
Been six long months since I held you tight.
It's been a long time.
Baby, you are my only love,
Sent to me, from Heaven above.
Oh, ho...[Read More]


I pack my bags
Strappin' on a friend
Make it lucky
On this road that never ends

Swear I didn't do it
The jury said I did
Busted out of prison
Ain't goin' back again[Read More]


I woke up this morning
And my back door was open
I knew that you left me behind
You had been by my side
We had nothing to hide
But I didn't think
You'd change your mind.
<...[Read More]


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Back a long time ago
Well, you were telling me you loved me
I bet you just didn't know
Well, now you say
That you've got news for me
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A story you can understand
About a little girl
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Right in the palm of her hand

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Something here I don't understand
I recall a solemn vow
Not very long ago
About a woman
Standing by her man.

Did you ev...[Read More]


You can break a mirror
Light three on a match
Walk under a ladder
Kick a black cat
Try your luck in Vegas
Shoot nothing but craps
But I'll gamble on my lady
When my luck's...[Read More]


What you gona do
When you're feelin' blue
You think you're lookin'
At some river run dry
Well, it's nothing new
Still the same old dues
There ain't no reason for asking why.[Read More]


I want to tell you
What happened to me
A love-struck fool
Too blind to see
The old kiss and tell
Broke her cleaver disguise
I should have known better
By the look in her e...[Read More]


Well, it happened up in Detroit
It was my kind of town
We heard the audience screaming
When they brought the houselights down
Blind anticipation was felt from afar
The kids were g...[Read More]


Baby, eat your heart out
Listen honey - I don't want you no more
Baby, eat your heart out
Ain't bein' funny just want you out my door

I hear the talk all over town[Read More]


Don't come at me with your stand, fight or die
Are you gonna feel it right between your eyes
Last man that crossed me they put him in the ground
Now get on out of here, don't need ya hang...[Read More]


Seems like life's been good to me
It's been good to you too
Babe, it's not hard to see we've broken all the rules
But now the time has come
Just before I go
If there's somethin' o...[Read More]


Crawlin through the swamps and you here me moan
Stalkin after midnight I'm all alone
Three ways to sunday that's how it be
Never take a walk alonecomin after me
Oh..oh..walk it like y...[Read More]


Brothers riding to the wall from all across the land
The wars been over twenty years but they still come who can
Read the names of the land of the free
Think of the brothers who went down...[Read More]


Well.. I've been beatin' the bushes all week long
Can't seem to save a dollar
Apartments empty I'm all alone
Won't you listen to a grown man hollar
The boss man's dead on my case
...[Read More]


Well I'm going such a long way out of here
Well I'm going such a long way out of here
But if you see me coming
I know someday I'll dry your tear

Baby, I've been on the road too l...[Read More]


Well the world were livin in has gone completely insane
riding to the wall from all across the land
The wars been over twenty years but they still come who can
Read the names of the land ...[Read More]


It was a rock and roll wedding,
Held down at a rock and roll shack,
Well the groom wore boots and leather,
Let me tell you that the bride she wore black,
Electric guitars cranked up r...[Read More]


I heard a voicebox chatter in the neighborhood
They say Slim Jack Willie's gonna get you good
He's round the corner I gotta warn ya
Lock up your window tight
You're in for trouble str...[Read More]


I was born one rainy morning in a little house across town
Daddy liked to roam leave mama alone
She just couldn't tie him down
He liked his gamblin and whiskey
And mama just liked to ...[Read More]


He's like the gutter people babe
No pride his face displays
Has he slept for hours or has he lain there many days?
Still there's a smile on his face
Through all the dirt and grime[Read More]


She walked in the bar room,
Not a day over 22,
Heads turned,
Eyes burned,
Temperatures were rising too.
And the looser and the stranger and the man behind the bar
All agreed s...[Read More]


A fire is burning low the moon is on the rise
Stuck in a devil's canyon surrounded by all sides
Got nowhere left to run time is drawing near

Well load up your guns it's time to fight...[Read More]


Remember how we used to play, laughed and fought the days away,
But now those days are gone and I still fightin',
For the heart of my soul,
Summers never seem to last, childhood days are ...[Read More]


Was drivin' in my car long about saturday night,
I met a guy in a silver trans-am at a traffic light,
He said "hey, you want to make some dough? ",
Before I had a chance to say ...[Read More]


Mama had dreams.. but daddy had plans
I lived on mama's love but learned from daddy's hands
They gave me all the freedom to be who I am
Took me from boy to man...

I cherish the d...[Read More]


Out all night, till the break of dawn,
Once again you know you've done somebody wrong, yeah you did, babe,
And you know you're gonna get what's due,
One of these days it will all catch up...[Read More]


Well the pretty women, easy livin' were always on my mind,
Back home dreamin' , I was schemin' 'bout the things I knew I'd find,
I've been unlucky in love, when I'm low it's just said so hard...[Read More]


On the edge of sundown, a man rode into town
His clothes were old and dirty like the guns he wore low down
And as he rode the people stared, tried to look on him
He's the man who'll take ...[Read More]


Four decades ago an man left mississippi
To fight the war in vietnam...
Did two tours and got shot received the metal of honor
When he got home he wasn,t the same man.

But when y...[Read More]


On the south side of chicago on
A freezin' winter night
In a crowded little bar room
The men were rollin' dice
I's winnin' by the hundreds
Just rakin' it in
When I looked up f...[Read More]


Making my way across dixie, eighteen sixty-five;
I walked all the and halfway to heaven, now believe I'm on the other side;
Day turns into nightime, nightime's by my side;
I look to he sk...[Read More]


Where I am gonna be tommorrow
And where in the world have I been
How did it get that far when does the madness stop
Where is it taking me how did it begin
How did it begin

Ch...[Read More]


I see it on tv watch it everyday
Men with no conscience don't care who they slay
Children killing children for insult or greed
Don't want what they have don't know what they need

...[Read More]


You know they come around town the midnight rambler
The night shift gotta go
O'Malley turned and baby got burned
Went the way of the buffalo
To protect and serve their tryin' to keep ...[Read More]


Thinkin' back, thinkin' way back when
There was only you and me
And time went by so easily
We learned from above and tried to call it love
All the trouble and the good and bad
We ...[Read More]


I left my home down in georgia and headed to the fisco bay
Didn't know what I was gonna do, but I knew I had somethin' to say
Because time yes and time again, I tried to speak my mind
I t...[Read More]


Up from the burning depths midnight air is stale
With steaming breath, firey eyes, watch him burn in rage
Sailin' on for seas unknown, his quest is plainly clear
Trot across the barren la...[Read More]


Jackson tennessee is the only place to start
Close to charlie's home and closser to his heart
Me I'm a southern boy man I love to ride
Cause we're all part of history
I volunteer with...[Read More]


One hundred eighty texans fought four thousand comin' strong
Fought to save the alamo the battle twelve days long
Up from the south a general called up for their needs
The cannon fire rip...[Read More]


Cut my teeth in kentucky, dynamitin' coal,
Turned sixteen on a tanker, haulin' crude from mexico,
Worked my way up to washington, made the timber fall,
Had a card in every union and I nev...[Read More]


Goodbye, to you girl, we really had some good times,
Then you loosened your hold on me, took away what I thought was mine,
Now you've got your wings, girl, and you can fly like a dove,
Wh...[Read More]


Well, I pulled out of canyon county
Great cradle of the west
My mama and me and one lone dog
Tryin to do our best
Strangers all around me
Said none knew my name
I came to take...[Read More]


Well, baby used to stay out all night long
She made me cry, she done me wrong
She hurt my eyes open, that's no lie
Table's turning, now her turn to cry

Because I used to love her...[Read More]


Seven seas seven skies
Lightning strikes and brave men die
Tatanka great, tatanka small
When darkness comes they kill them all

You take what you want but you don't as...[Read More]


The blue ridge mountains were turning green
The last time I saw her face
Rose colored glasses can't hide the pain
Neither can your satin and lace

I turned my back on ...[Read More]


Rolling down this highway, for years it seems
Trying to chase that rock 'n roll dream
Ain't no way I'm gonna throw in the towel
I just keep pushing it's just my style

Yes I'm a r...[Read More]


Old biker dream rollin' to the rally
In the wind with long legged sally
Smell rice burnin' won't you step aside...yea
True americana is the only ride

I wanna live and...[Read More]


I saw an angel in dixie
In heaven the other night
No my way to new orleans
Can't get her off my mind
There's many miles of highway
Between me and the county line
Thinkin' abou...[Read More]


Coming into town at the speed of light
This is franklin county you got that right
The law is on my trail...babe I gotta git
Around rafes turn foot down to the floor
400 horses gimme m...[Read More]


Well some people bitch, Lord, some people holler,
About the long days on the road.
Each man can do just what he wants,
But we've all got ot pull our load.
As for myself, I'm gonna tak...[Read More]


On the day I was born,
The nurses all gathered 'round,
And they gazed in wide wonder,
At the joy they had found.
The head nurse spoke up,
Said "leave this one alone",
She coul...[Read More]


The daltons ride and the desert sky gets swallowed up by the night
Up ahead a stranger hides with a thombstone in his eye
The stranger knows this is his very last ride
A crescent moon in ...[Read More]


I need somebody to call my own
I'm so tired of livin' all alone
With the help of my brothers
Learn to adapt and over come
Did what I had to do and I did it all alone
My hopes and ...[Read More]



Desperado, why don't you come to your senses
You've been out ridin' fences
For so long now
Oh, you're a hard one
But I know that you've got your reasons
These t...[Read More]


True warriors stand as one
Men of conviction body, mind and soul
The battle stems from within
Fight for something greater than anyone man

They will fight for freedom and what is ...[Read More]


I'm a man on a mission, a man made of stone
Running down the highway foot through the firewall
Never sleeps, never dreams, said he has no soul
But that ain't how it seems
Running thru...[Read More]


"You are my sunshine my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away"

Vision of a b...[Read More]


Racing down the river, crossroads to Lake Shore Drive
Moving on the fire line, keeping it high and dry
Sharp as a straight edge razor
Quick as a switchblade knife

I'll be pushing...[Read More]


Another lonely evening Lady Jane
Almost had me fooled to your silly games
Sweet smell of jasmine in the air
Chimes are whispering in my ear
And all your loyal subjects have gone away....[Read More]


Time to run and hide had come and gone
Showed more than your ass on the boulevard
Had to take the chances had to push it to the limit
Dug yourself a hole, now you're goin' down in it
...[Read More]


I met a southern belle last night in Georgia
Sweet as a peach hot as a night in June
She said I got something special for ya
Well a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

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I was in Fernandina
When a lady caught my eye
She was perfect standing all alone
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We all have family hardships, do our best just to survive
Early springtime morning, the life I knew came to an end
I lost ...[Read More]

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