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[Machine Gun Kelly (blackbear):]
You know my ex so that makes it all feel complicated, yeah
(It all seems complicated)
And I read those texts that you sent to yours but I'll never say it, yeah
(I'll never say it)

[Machine Gun Kelly:]
You walked in my life at 2 AM
'Cause my boy's new girl is your best friend
Act like you don't see me, we'll play pretend
Your eyes already told me what you never said

Now we're in the back seat of the black car going home
When she asked me, is it wrong if I come up with you
We're both drunk on the elevator when I kissed you for the first time in New York City

I swear to God, I never fall in love
Then you showed up and I can't get enough of it
I swear to God, I never fall in love
I never fall in love but I can't get enough of it

First of, I'm not sorry
I won't apologize to nobody
You play like I'm invisible
Girl, don't act like you ain't saw me
Last year was a mess and how I acted was beyond me But the past still revolves me
You text me, I ain't responding
But now shit's done changed
Go our separate ways
But look at this damage you did to me
I still want nothing to do between you and me
Please, don't say nothing at all
Sounds so true to me
We don't have nothing to say

[Machine Gun Kelly:]
I swear to God, I never fall in love
Then you showed up and I can't get enough of it
I swear to God, I never fall in love
I never fall in love but I can't get enough of it

I swear to God, I never fall in love
Then you showed up and I can't get enough of it
I swear to God, I never fall in love
I never fall in love but I can't get enough of it

[Machine Gun Kelly (blackbear):]
You know my ex so that makes it all feel complicated, yeah
(It all seems complicated)
And I read those texts that you sent to yours but I'll never say it, yeah
(I'll never say it)

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[Machine Gun Kelly (blackbear):]
You know my ex so that makes it all feel complicated, yeah
(It all seems complicated)
And I read those texts that you sent to yours but I'll never say it,...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I sold some tickets
To come see my downfall
It sold out in minutes
I saw friends in the front row
They'll leave when I'm finished
And the light in my name's gone
...[Read More]


i said it before
i say it again:
rock, rock , rock!
who want what?
i got a couple dance with my mans in a..
think at a couple dance
we're in the
yeah, i brought this mothe...[Read More]


Uh, waiter bring another round please.
Bring that mother f*cker back.
A couple more, they like it all please.
Cuz y'all know how to act.
And I don't give a f*ck, can I live?
Cuz w...[Read More]


I can say that I made it
Cuz in my heart I'm the greatest (yeah)
I been through it all
This song is for everyone out there
Who's ever made it through the hard times
You know?
...[Read More]


Ohhh Yeah
It's a long way home
At the end of the road
I'll be pavin' my own way
To the top I'll be here to stay
So take my name
Remember this face
Keep the change and have...[Read More]


New messages.. Hey yo Kells this is Puff man. A yo what the f*ck did y'all do to my crib last night man?! I lent you the keys for 24 f*cking hours, cause y'all mother f*cking nigga's got kicked out o...[Read More]


I put it all on the line and pray that god gets me through it, through it
Came here with nothin and I don't know any other way to do it
And it's my victory music, yeah, it's my victory music<...[Read More]


Comin out the bottom of the muthaf*ckin totem pole,
Callin everyone who ain't believe like "I told them hoes"
Now they on my scrotem though,
And I've been grindin so long it's like I gott...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
Yo I was, raised on a seperate side of the track in a land where the wild things roam,
Open up my closet see a tall leaf growin, pick a leaf off of the stem take it all to the dome...[Read More]


It ain't what it seems,
It ain't what it seems,
It ain't what it seems.

They ask why I do not come round, come round,
Cause I'll be grindin till the sun down, sun down.
It ai...[Read More]


One more time, one more time, one more time, one more time

We gonna do it uh, but I'm nice in the past we aint do enough
For the unforgettable nights, we couldn't take in,
Cause were...[Read More]


[ester dean]
voices in the air
i hear 'em loud and clear
telling me to listen
whispers in my ear
nothing can compare
i just wanna listen

[verse 1: machine gun kelly]<...[Read More]


First stop my name
F*ck that check the playlist
Bitch I'm tryin to blow like the out cater
But why I wanna be famous
So I can pay the protection and pretend to be gangsta
The...[Read More]


Kells, to my fans
Hold me down mof*cka
And that's all I say

[Verse 1]
When that crowd leave would you stay for me?
And if I don't become what they thought I was
In the ti...[Read More]


Hey wuddup?
Damn it, ayo don’t answer the phone, don’t answer the
Cuz I need a voicemail for this record
Ha ha, ok
Sorry, I didn’t umm, like I wanna talk to you, I...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
Chase n Cashe
Can the drummer get some huh??
Phat tracks,
Good weed,
U know we Loud,
Baby the bands back
Smokin hash now my hashtag's p...[Read More]


Kells, never been a punk
always had hand salts in a city boy, white skin black
And everybody that wanna challenge me you can do
whatever you

Alright ...[Read More]


Make it count

EST, that’s my team, ho
Kels, EST, that’s my team, ho
Let me show you what them EST boys, dope
Let’s go!

I’m on fire, get the water hose
Bitc...[Read More]


Welcome to DickChicken
Home of the DickChickens
Where we got DickChicken pizza, DickChicken nuggets,
DickChicken curly fries, DickChicken sticks and just playin’ ole DickChicke...[Read More]


So this is for the kid,
who don't got inspiration to vibe to.
When you wanna dream,
got music to close your eyes to.
Let the top down,
this is the song you ride to.
Type of fe...[Read More]


It was all a dream motherf*cker, 17 motherf*cker
Trying to ball like I’m playing on a team motherf*cker
Like Kareem motherf*cker, what it seems motherf*ckerer
Me, I’m out here winning, Ch...[Read More]


[Tech N9ne]
I'm humble because I know what it feels like to be at
the bottom and have nobody, no friends, no nothing,
nobody believing in me, now look at me.

I was down on the ...[Read More]


Still in the basement, where it started

Started from the bottom, now we here
Courtside you would think I was a cleveland cavaleer
I'm talking 30000 feet up in the air
And dance l...[Read More]


[Intro: Diddy]
No mercy has begun
Ladies and gentlemen
Machine Gun Kelly

This kid, I think he is a star
He’s on of the best live performers I’ve ever seen
He has also, mo...[Read More]


[Hook: Florence Welch]
Regrets collect like old friends
Here to relive your darkest moments
I can see no way, I can see no way
And all of the ghouls come out to play
And every dem...[Read More]



Who the muthaf*cka still broke? (You!)
Never hustled, never will blow? (You!)
Who's the latest underrated in the game? And who's the greatest the answer was... y'all know.. (Kel...[Read More]


[Hook: Victoria Monet]
I screamed at the top of my lungs
But my voice couldn't save this home
You're proud of the guns you hold
What's left now? Where can we go?

[Verse 1: Ma...[Read More]


[Hook: Leroy Sanchez]
I know you've been gone, gone, gone
I know you've been gone, gone, gone
I know you've been gone, gone, gone
But are you missing me?
I know you're missing me<...[Read More]


Woke up in woke up in
Soundin' real godly
City rollie [?] a [?]

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Woke up in Paris
Broke all the mirrors (that lean)
Watch me...[Read More]


Since you left, I've been holding on to a memory
Since you walked out that door, yeah
And you said I changed and you're so damn sick of me
You're not mine anymore, 1-2-3-4

[Choru...[Read More]


Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
Brush your teeth and light the J up
Bake, word

Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up
Bake, mmm, bake

Ay, veggie oil in the pan, ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Girl I know
I know you bought me the watch
You ain't get it back though
My name's on the back though
I flipped the lock to the back door
And took the key under the m...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Can't sleep, mind racing
Hard to stay concentrated
Foreign towns, missing home
Please don't forget about me
Tell...[Read More]


[Chorus: X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha]
Home, a place where I can go
To take this off my shoulders
Someone take me home
Home, a place where I can go
To take this off my shoulders
...[Read More]


Oh my god, Ronny

Ayy somebody grab him some clippers (Zzz)
His f*cking beard is weird
Tough talk from a rapper paying millions for security a
"I think my dad's gone cra...[Read More]


One of us just lost our savior
Got to maintain when you're going insane so I say this prayer
Dear God, why do I need this medicine to control my anger?
And do you even exist? T...[Read More]


[Intro: Lynn Gunn]
I feel you in these walls
You're a cold air creeping in
Chill me to my bones and skin
I heard you down the hall
But it's vacant when I'm looking in
Oh, who ...[Read More]


The simulation just went bad
But you're the best I ever had
Like handprints in wet cement
She touched me, it's permanent

In my head, in my head
I couldn't hear anything you s...[Read More]


I'm still young wasting my youth
I'll grow up next summer
I'm back on those drugs I quit
I kept my dealer's number
I'm still young wasting my youth
I'll grow up next ...[Read More]


Wake up, still drunk from last night
The first dates are always uncomfortable
Stayed up, I couldn't sleep last night
I'll admit, I'm a little dysfunctional
Are you okay with the fact ...[Read More]


[Machine Gun Kelly:]
Let me take it back to Cleveland, where I love the peeps, yeah
Grind all night, sleep once in a leap year
Never had a beach chair, city of the hard knocks
Let one...[Read More]


I close my eyes
Woke up and I saw my dreams
I close my eyes
Woke up and I saw my dreams

Yeah, and they told me
All the glitters aint gold
But I really wanna shine right n...[Read More]


It was end of the summer when we crossed paths
The DJ was spinning 'til the last dance
I showed you a kiss like they do in France
You treated me like coach when I raised the glass
Rem...[Read More]


I'm all alone
In the unknown
So on my own
Someone help me in my escape
I'm all alone (uh)

What I'm gon' do now?
I'm going through withdrawls
From this lonliness
I...[Read More]


Hold up, hold up, hold up
I don't think ya'll know what's goin on right now
We got MGK in the booth
He bout to go in
Light this bitch up lets go

(Vers...[Read More]


So turn me on
You set me free
Just look inside your speakers
And there you'll see me

Uh, there I go
2 clicks north of the bronx
Whoever thought she would found love in a ...[Read More]


look at where we're at
look at where we've been
look at every place we are
don't know where we're ate
we'll all over the map
right now we're finally home
are we there yet? yea...[Read More]


They said I got
24 hours in a dream right?
Well Imma show these people how to dream right
I go to sleep when I wanna live my real life
Cuz wakin up doesn't feel right
So I spend e...[Read More]


Ay Dub
I think It's 'bout time we put on for the city man
They lookin like we forgot or somethin'
Never that

(MGK verse 1)
Man I'm so Cleveland It's a god damn sh...[Read More]


I know, you don't wanna see me right
Runnin through the day and night
Tryna get my money right
I know you hate to see me doin right
Switchin cars and changin flights
Tryna get my ...[Read More]


Inhale, sour diesel white little kush, by the boat, inhale
Sour diesel white little kush, by the boat, inhale
Sour diesel white little kush, by the boat, inhale
Sour diesel white little k...[Read More]


And they say they know me
'The f*ck outta here
Only god knows what I been through man
So if you wanna talk
Get your facts straight first
And if you really wanna know
Let me as...[Read More]


Everybody know I, do it
Yall thought he was gone right?
Y'all thought it was over
Let me tell yall something though
When he say EST for life
He mean that shit
It's the return ...[Read More]


Twice I turned my back on you
I fell flat on my face but didn't lose
Was it the blue night
Go franchize
Was it a gold themane in a wonder steady goin under

Tell 'em drain the...[Read More]


Yeah Bitch, Yeah Bitch, call me Steve-O, I'm a wild boy,f*ck an eighth I need o's Yeah Bitch, Yeah Bitch, call me Steve-O, Yeah Bitch, Yeah Bitch, call me Steve-O, I'm a wild boy,I'm a I'm a wild boy...[Read More]


verse 1
it's just uhh, trials and tribulations
this world is f*ckin' crazy
when i'm screamin', “free my man”, the crowd's screaming
cuz we came from couches, two...[Read More]


Coming at the Midwest Side!

Come join the movement, man!
To a little city in the middle like malcolm,
Walk anywhere I want it's chaos,
And if they got a problem with...[Read More]


I ain't gonna lie, I'm feeling cause I need it
And I'm digging you a lot, now you still catching feelings
But I'm filling on your spots, no kidding when I hit it
I be licking on your spot...[Read More]


We got the beat, we got the beat
With yo loud ass, while I turn shit up with my jump in the crowd ass
While I burn shit up with my just coped an eighth and you gone watch...[Read More]


this is our warning shot ah ah
the final call
this is our warning shot ah ah
the final call
this is our warning shot ah ah
the final call, the final call
this...[Read More]


lace the f*ck up muthaf*cka
and im young ozzy
machine gun little tommy
mayhem f*ckin pamela up in tha lobby
make her shake then she bake like im ricky bobby
eat...[Read More]


I don't gang bang, hoe, I just gang bang these hoes,
And I keep like eight days roll then I face them after my shows
And I got you mutant, bro, on my dingalang when she swing in here like an...[Read More]


(everybody gotta man up sometime, right?)
Oh these times are hard, yeah they're making us crazy,
Don't give up on me baby.
Oh these times are hard, yeah they're making us cra...[Read More]


We got it, mhm, we got it, mhm, we got it
Kells, yeah

I know you motherf*cker better have the cash for us
Rack it up, cause I know you the one I see the mask and gloves
Put the g...[Read More]



[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Act like you don’t know what I need, bitch
Hennessey and this weed, bitch
Act like I’m the police, bitch – drop down on your knees
Act lik...[Read More]


Uh, I see em' try but they can't do what I do, what I
do, Y
Eah, And I'm gon' die before the day that I lose, that
I lose!
Bitch I am the man muf*cka, the man muf*cka[Read More]


All we have is right now
All we have is right now

[Verse 1: MGK]
Uh, uh, yeah, Staring out into the unknown
Voices in the wind telling me to come home, but I'm
s...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Pooh Gutta]
Pooh Gutta, I'm nice
Before I snitch I do life, twice
They gonna hate me for this line, but oh well
But a nigga couldn't have snitched on so well
Suck my dic...[Read More]


Yea and this is the other other shit
f*ck you foolie
Ah ah ugh
Ah ah ugh
Ah ah ugh

I’m on deck (yea) deck (yea) deck (yea)
Deck (yea) deck (yea) deck (yea) deck ...[Read More]


Shake some
You got a money maker then make some
Nah, I ain’t feelin’ hate
Skinny, white, black, no discriminate
Yea, everybody is included
Hell yea, we can do this
Show me wha...[Read More]


And that my friends is how we rage
When all two hundred old boys come back to their home
EST what the f*ck?
EST (what the f*ck?)
EST (what the f*ck?) EST (what the f*ck?)[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I'm so God damn gone I don't know where home is
Feeling real sauced up no boneless
I keep it G, f*ck keeping up with the Joneses
Smelling so funky that you would think that ...[Read More]


Rain, in the rain. Rain, in the rain.
Rain, in the rain. Rain, rain.
Every day I wake up to the same shit
In the same house with the same bricks,
In the same clothes with the same kic...[Read More]


[Verse 1: MGK]
This ain't no halo over my head bitch
But dear god can you forgive the sinnin'
For everything that I did since the beginnin'
Because the devil around me so much
Tha...[Read More]


From the bottom of the ash I rose
To the top I go Where I'm from it's cold
But I don't need this coat, keep my sleeves rolled
Got my city's area code on my shoulder, 216 forever in
m...[Read More]


f*ckin’ foolie foolie foolie foolies

I be high for days, I got kush on top of my hays
I bought rocks for my shades
I got a bitch that’s in my name
And she’s always givin’ me neck...[Read More]


Let's bring some reality to it,
And the whole gang's in here, yeah, bitch (bitch)

Ok, EST for life, 40 mothaf*ckin days
I hustled, 40 nights
I got 40 deep...[Read More]


"If you feel like I feel then you know that gravity
only limit the stars with so much and we took this to
the top from the bottom"

[Verse 1]
Back from the last time
That'll...[Read More]


I swear that I can feel em’ f*cking with me
I swear that I can feel em’ f*cking with me
Every Night I feel em f*cking with me

[Verse 1: MGK]
I wake up screaming in my ...[Read More]


Runnin' I ain't running away [x3]
Cause, I'm so tired of Runnin'

[Verse 1: MGK]
I'm so tired of running, that I've worn my soles
Out, to the point that my toes is o...[Read More]


[Intro: Lil Jon]
Hey, hey!
MGK Bitch! MGK Bitch!
Lil Jon, Lil Jon
I need to see the motherf*cking L's in the air!

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Ok, where the str...[Read More]


Yeah, g-shit, and I ain't smokin none of dat unless the
weed stick
Bitch I'm in the zone, and if I ever leave
f*ck a jacket I'm a rock my tattoo sleeves
I got thirty naked bitches in...[Read More]


Okay, now they say home is where the hate is
Pulling up high haters
I know, I've been on a high A test, caught up in the
lights, I've been drowned by Las Vegas.
Ain't it ironic? Befo...[Read More]


All of y'all better wake up now
Everyone's a little late right now
Keep it real, I'm a little hot
How the f*ck you gonna hate right now?
Remember my first single?
Chyea well it's ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Yea, Original Chucks on
Laced up like I'm taking them on a run
They beggin me not to kill it I tell em I'm havin fun
They askin me how I do it I tell em get on the real
...[Read More]


So turn me on
You set me free
Just look inside your speakers
And there you'll see me

Uh, there I go
2 clicks north of the bronx
Whoever thought she would found love in a ...[Read More]


I be goin' hard for that peso, peso, peso, peso, peso
I be goin' hard for that peso, peso, peso, peso, peso
Shit, I be goin' hard... (I need a dollar, dollar, dollar that's what I ...[Read More]


Ok, I lost my job last night
Picked up my paycheck
But 35% of it's gone already cuz Uncle Sam ain't get paid yet
Mom and them bitchin bout this rent
I ain't even gon' say shit
And...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Am I loud and clear?
Or do I gotta scream like I did every day when I was a troubled teen, huh?
Do you want to know my past and see every single scar and know...[Read More]


(Ah, push it, ah, push it)

Free p*ssy, wind me down
I'm too much for these niggas
Free p*ssy, wind me down
I'm too much for these niggas

I ain't gotta run it, but I want...[Read More]


This is a real rappers theme music
Bitch sing to it this how
You cook up some dope with no powder
Don't turn on that stove just
Turn this shit up louder
Black Eddie Bauer mask on ...[Read More]


Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like

Don't think that I can explain it
What can I say, it's complicated
No matter what you say
...[Read More]


I wrote this song as a message for help
On behalf of anybody finding theirself
I wrote this letter to numb your pain
'Cause everyday I wake up I'm feeling the same
I got issues just l...[Read More]


We can never be friends

I hate that I saw you again last night
You were with somebody and so was I
Met you in the bathroom at 12:05
And I f*cked you agai...[Read More]


Out here
He said what?
(Oh my God, Ronny)

[Machine Gun Kelly:]
Look, I got a bullet with somebody's name on it
I get up on 'em, I don't need no aim on it
Kill me a ghost ...[Read More]


The headlines say, "the world is over"
Whatever happened to a fairy tale ending
You can't pass if you don't know the code word
I'm inside of a UFO crash landing
I'm in the r...[Read More]


2x to the mushroom chocolate 2x on
Neck on front speed stay dressing no
Balsamic got commas comme des Garcons D
Cup guys cues like coffee
Chef noble cook me raw fish long beard
Fo...[Read More]


Killing in the name of

Some of those that work forces
Are the same that burn crosses
Some of those that work forces
Are the same that burn crosses
Some of those that work for...[Read More]


[Machine Gun Kelly, Pete Davidson, Megan Fox]
Ok, wait, Pete, before we start, can you just give me some beep-boops, beep-boop-boop
Beep-boop-boop, beep-boop-boop-boop, beep-bo...[Read More]


[Verse 1: YUNGBLUD]
Her lips are soda, and I just miss the way they taste
Like Coca-Cola, spiked with aromas
I heard a rumor that she's been dancin' in the rain
I'm gonna lose it 'cau...[Read More]


[Intro: Machine Gun Kelly]
Let me take my f*cking bracelet off

[Chorus: Machien Gun Kelly]
You want me to forget you
Okay, forget me too
You tell me you hate me, baby
Yea...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I got in trouble
The first time my dad saw me
Dance with the devil
How are we so opposite?
I lived with your sister
My first home since Mom had left
And I wrote ...[Read More]



[Verse 1]
Get me out of this house and get me out of my head
Get me a drink and cigarette
I just need to go out 'cause I can sleep when I'm dead
Dr...[Read More]


I thought about
Giving up everything I own and then moving out
I'm a prisoner in this home
I keep my curtains shut, sabotage everything I love
For a temporary feeling that only left m...[Read More]


[Intro: Travis Barker]
Do you think I start off the song, a little too loud?

[Verse 1]
I'm not sorry for screaming, "f*ck you"
When it was quiet in a room you invited me to
L...[Read More]


I'm writing you this message just so I can say that I love you, mmm
I had to let you know that everything about me was you, yeah
I think it's time for me to leave but I'll never leave you
...[Read More]


[Chorus: Machine Gun Kelly]
All I know is I don't know nothin'
All I know is I don't know nothin' at all
People talk, but they don't say nothin'
All I know is I don't know nothin' at ...[Read More]


And this one is titled

She tastes like candy
Star chaser
And she's not landing
LAX is
In Miami

...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
I keep doing that thing where I'm thinking again
I got skeletons in my closet (Closet)
I got nightmares sleeping again
I gave you my heart, you lost ...[Read More]


[Intro: Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox]
Oh my god
Did you drink a lot of tequila?
Is that what it was?
You wanna listen to interlude while we sit here?
Yeah[Read More]


Who the f*ck are you
To tell me what to do?
'Cause I am not your bitch, shit

At least
Make it look good while you're lying to me
Goddammit, I...[Read More]


[Verse 1: MGK]
Open my phone up, every day to 80 voice mails, from 80 different callers
But to keep it 100, y'all really know Kells, nah
Underestimated, but over stood, let's just hope I'...[Read More]


Stress, bliss, f*ck it

200 RPM, behind the wheel of my mind's GM
Praying they don't see him
Swerve around the drama from my BM
Wondering why all these people wanna be him
Stu...[Read More]


Midwest whatup
Let me get my theme music, Kells
Some say, you can only judge a man by what he has
And I got a whole city behind me...

(Whatup, yeah)
Let it run
(Whatup)[Read More]


O-H-ten in this motherf*cker
What they thought it was man, used to.
f*ck that, we still get it in Ohio baby.
Machine Gun Kells, MGK
(What up midwest Midwest c'mon)

...[Read More]


"I made up my mind
Don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong I am right
Don't need to look no further
This ain't lust, I know
This is love...
Should I give up?
Or, sho...[Read More]


I'm all the way turnt up, make sure that my volume is to the maximum
Cause I don't give a f*ck, when all the neighbors up there go asking them
Dexter would you turn that down? Say f*ck you ma...[Read More]


Damn, (Peter Parker) 16 not a kushy in the jar take a hit now I'm floathig next to Pluto
Super bad, used to dream one day I'd be a star, Hollywood big screen like Juno
Yeah, so I hopped up ou...[Read More]


Kells, yeah!
I'm cold shit stepping out the freezer
The people love my Dougie my denim bluer than Skeeter
Tatted under the beater, I'm spotted up like a cheetah
Look like Leave It to ...[Read More]



This is just a real song, you know
MGK, Rock City Let's Go!

[Hook: Rock City]
They said I been wrong for way too long, I wish they would leav...[Read More]


Woke up, time to grab my phone book
Gotta call my boy but my head feels like it hit a tow truck
So what? Living life in the fast lane tore up!
Tryna eat my toast but I had so m...[Read More]


100 words and Running

Straight out the fridge with it
Cool as polar bear paw prints in it
Bitch I'm the kid like "what you talking about Willis?&...[Read More]


It's what I'mma do
Uh, uh, yeow

[Verse 1]
Feels like a summer day, I'm back on my bullshit
This the theme song to take over the hood wit
I been with the preacher'...[Read More]


You know, it's funny
It's like, when I... on somebody
Everybody felt like I owed them answers to everything
But it's cool
This how MGK handles the situation...
They be saying &quo...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Punch that motherf*cker in the face
You hated what he said, right?
Beat his ass, leave him at the stoplight
I know you wanted change, but nobody's around<...[Read More]


[Intro: Machine Gun Kelly]
Da, da, da, da

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
I found a silver ring
And put it on my finger
I picked up my guitar
And played it for the Reaper[Read More]


Bleach my hair, mess it up
Take my life, dress it up
Signed a deal, I got papercuts
They wanted them, but they got us
Yeah, yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
Uh, sleepin' i...[Read More]

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