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Album: Hey World / Original Release Date: 2020-11-20Genre: CountrySong Duration: 3 min 31 sec
Red leaves on the river
Footprints in the sand
Cold walk in December
Warming up your hands
Sun dress on the front steps
Sun up by the lake
Blanket down in the backyard
Lying wide awake

That's a memory I don't mess with
The girl I was the best with
The one I was obsessed with
Girl, you just don't get it
I'd fall right back with one slip
Always leaves me helpless
Don't hate me, I can't help it
Gotta leave us where we left it
You're a memory I don't mess with

Moonlight on the back seat
A breeze through the wires
Springsteen on the speakers
Girl, I'm on fire
That's stuff I don't think about
'Cause it still kills me now
I still can't dance around

That memory I don't mess with The girl I was the best with
The one I was obsessed with
Girl, you just don't get it
I'd fall right back with one slip
Always leaves me helpless
Don't hate me, I can't help it
Gotta leave us where we left it
You're a memory I don't mess with

It's good running into you like this
But, girl, I'm close as I can get

To a memory I don't mess with
The girl I was the best with
The one I was obsessed with
Girl, you just don't get it
I'd fall right back with one slip
Always leaves me helpless
Don't hate me, I can't help it
Gotta leave us where we left it
You're a memory I don't mess with

Red leaves on the river
Footprints in the sand
Cold walk in December
Warming up your hands

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Red leaves on the river
Footprints in the sand
Cold walk in December
Warming up your hands
Sun dress on the front steps
Sun up by the lake
Blanket down in the backyard
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Songwriters: Brice, Lee; Stone, Jon

Last night out of the blue
Driftin' off to the evenin' news
She said "Honey, what would you do
"If you'd have never met me"

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That's what I always thought
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Hey, it's Big D and Bubba, and and we're live on location. We want you to come on out because this is not just a party; it's a parking lot party with Lee Brice!

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There's plenty 'bout me that I don't like
Most mistakes I've made, I made them twice
Sometimes I don't live out the words I say
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Are you one of them girls that peels off the Bud Light label? Just might run a pool table?
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How many nights have we hung out together
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It took me a second cause I couldn't hear your drawl
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No, that don't sound like you

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You'll think you're ten feet tall
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Boy, you gonna hate this town
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Strippers walking out
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Or feel just like a clown
It can make him run for cover
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Friday, the week was long
can't wait to get my twist-off off
one sip and all the bull shish is gone
um-hmm, Hey, Freddie, I'm already ready
For another down here…beer

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I know your thinking that you got me all figured out,
A music man like me ain't ever gonna settle down
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I don't smoke 'cause I never get high enough to get over you
(Alright baby, hey)

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Hey world, leave me alone
I don't wanna turn on the TV
Ain't nothing but bad news on
Yeah, the rain can wait, for another day
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There's a line of trucks pullin' up in the driveway
Barefoot tan legs swinging off tailgates
Everybody knows everybody in town
When you call a couple friends, man word gets around
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Friends try to set you up, try to find you someone new
They say you'll get along, you're just alike, she's perfect for you
But you can't help, you can't help who you love
She could be so ...[Read More]


Songs in the kitchen
Playing on the radio
Coffee on the counter
Bacon frying on the stove
Billy Graham on TV
Mom and daddy kissing
Songs in the kitchen

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The whole week on the beach, sunburns
Held aboard up on the floor of a cheap hotel
Give a rebel yell off the balcony (Heh)
Oh, we were proud to be from
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Yeah the locals know where the local crowd lives
On Tuesdays from seven to nine
Yeah, they talk all the time how just overnight
The high-school's doubled in size

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Faded Levi's, worn out chucks
Twenty in my pocket feels like a million bucks
Blue-eyed beauty leaning to me
We got our own show in the back row
Miss the whole damn movie

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Yeah, Colton, he turned eight years old, three very short long weeks ago
And just how long he'll be around, the doctors, they don't even know
A Nerf ball, football, in the yard, daddy throws ...[Read More]


Yeah, it's like a song playing all night long
Stuck in my head
Things I should've done
Things I could've, should've said
Forgive and forgetting
Life's too short to let hate hang a...[Read More]


In a purple neon glow in some downtown bar
In a whiskey shot or a cigarette smoke ring hard
Even down six feet in a dead tired sleep
I guess I'm destined to toss and turn

I see y...[Read More]


Dixie Highway to Detroit city
Hard hillbilly, mow town row
Take off a Friday and do your hair up pretty
Song so good you drive just to listen
If you don't know, don't know what you're...[Read More]


Some's born to take life easy, I was born to live life on a dare
I never worried about the fall, y'all, just how high I got in the air
Flippin' dirt bikes and rollin' daddy's truck, the hit[Read More]


Well I remember friday nights,
We were full of bull natural light
Rockstars, under the parking lot lights
Killin' time in a little town
Window's tinted up, tailgates down
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The feeling just hit, where did the time get to?
Some 31 days on the road, one more show to do
I'm standing on the side of the stage, about to walk on
I'll give them all that I have, Oh, ...[Read More]


I’ve been around the ocean since I was a kid
I don’t get to see it much these days
This mornin’ I walked down to it just to say I did
And Damned if it didn’t take my breath away
I gue...[Read More]


It's really good to see you,
Your looking just as good as I recall,
No nothings really changed here at all,
I heard you moved to Phoenix
So whatcha doing back here in this no where to...[Read More]


Did you see me with my coat and my white t-shirt
And my cowboy boots, and my baby blues
Staring at you from across the room?
Did you see me looking at you? Yes, you did

I was loo...[Read More]


We're up when the rooster crows
Clock in when the whistle blows
Eight hours tickin' slow

And then, tomorrow, we'll do it all again.

I'm a member of a blue collared crowd
...[Read More]


They called them crazy when they started out
Said, "Seventeen's too young to know what loves about"
They've been together fifty-eight years now
That's crazy

He brought home sixty...[Read More]


Well, I love her and she's leaving
She met a man, plays in a band last weekend
And he lives out on the west coast
And she says she's got to go

But it's a long, long way from Myrt...[Read More]


We got the horses moving
We got woofers grooving
We got the Waylon wailing
Everybody's head is bobbing

I got the muffler flowing
I got my horn a blowing
I got the rubber ...[Read More]


She got her daddy's tongue and temper
Sometimes her mouth could use a filter
God shook his head the day he built her
Oh, but I bet he smiled

She loves and lives her life, unruly<...[Read More]


Jeep tires burn my driveway black,
Got my John deere hat turned back.
Brother says there's gonna be a fight,
Sumter County Friday Night.

One black eye and two teeth later,
Su...[Read More]


I just got off of work at 5
Drivin' that old van I drive
Overalls and dirty boots
But Uncle Bill needed a funeral suit

So when I walked in that fancy store
Well they looked a...[Read More]


I’ve spent a lot of time; I’ve spent a lot of energy
Set in my mind, set in my way settin’ him lonely
Keeping my space, Holdin’ my own keys
Makin’ my way makin’ my list of things that I d...[Read More]


I grew up on the edge of a cornfield at the end of a long dirt road
Carolina plow boy, ain’t had a free summer since I was ten years old
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When you can look at her picture and not wanna kiss her no more,
when you don't feel like you've been hit by a train at the sound of her name no more
when you can drive down the road and not ...[Read More]


Eighty-nine cents in the ashtray
Half empty bottle of Gatorade
Rollin' on the floorboard

That dirty Braves cap on the dash
Dogtags hangin' from the rear view
Old Skoal c...[Read More]


A Saturday downpour carved out rivers in the sand
She said it was her fist time to see the sea
Helping her climb across those jetty rocks
Was the first time I touched her hand
And the...[Read More]


I am insensitive I have a tendency to pay more attention to the things that
I need.
sometimes I drink to much, sometimes I test your trust, sometimes I dunno
why you're staying with me?[Read More]


He used to hold her hand, he used to hold her door.
She don't know what that feels like, anymore.
Just last night he was sleepin',
She kissed his face,
He said “I gotta work in the m...[Read More]


This shouldn't be hard for you, you made it look easy back then.
And if I remember correctly, you said “we're better off as friends”.
So now would be a good time for you to let go of my hand,...[Read More]


My baby’s sweet talkin’ the cable man
While I’m a diggin’ around up here
Sweatin’ my %#@ off in the attic
Trying to find the rabbit ears
The screen doors off the hinges
And ther...[Read More]


These last few days
What can I say
You’ve had me thinkin’ in circles
In crazy not like me ways
My favorite thing
Lately has been waking up with you
Talkin ourselves to sleep a...[Read More]


Hey hey I just had a magnificent idea
why don't you slip that sundress off?
I know somewhere under there
you've got my favorite swimsuit on

Show me that little butterfly shaped ...[Read More]


Sometimes I get angry
For feeling sorry for myself
I worry myself crazy
Till I can catch my breath

I see life as a struggle
And answers hard to find
And troubles weighing...[Read More]


People say she's only in my head
It's gonna take time but I'll forget
They say I need to get on with my life
But they don't realize

'Cause when you're dialing 6 numbers just to h...[Read More]


Go, tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born

[Verse 1]
While shepherds kept their watching
...[Read More]


It's waking up in the pitch black
Coffee in a cup, out the door 'fore the dawn cracks
Quick prayer in the barn "Lord, we sure could use some rain"
Climb on up in the tractor
Take a hu...[Read More]

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