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Ayy, ayy (Brr, brrr)
Once again
Steppin' on these niggas head man, (Steppin' on these bitch ass)
Gettin' in between these bitches legs, man
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]
What we doin'? (What we doin'?)
Ayy, steppin' on these niggas heads
Every day a new opp dead
Every day a different Glock
p*ssyboy know how I play it
I hope this song right here don't get in the hands of the feds (Hope it don't get to the feds, man)
Ayy, I just got a brand new Glock
With a fifty and a switch (With a fifty and a switch)
I just popped one of my opps
I'm finna go do another hit (I'm finna go do another hit)
I don't givе a f*ck 'bout this money
I just bought foe nem somе sticks (Bought foe nem some sticks)
I just bought me a new watch
Without the sun this bitch gon' glisten (Bling, bling)
Please, name another rapper that did more drills than me? (Who did more drills than me)
Anytime I poked a nigga when I was broke it was ten at least (It was ten at least)
Popped up at his spot like, "What you say, haha, remember me?"
My opps think they ridin' slick, I see you boys in that Jeep (I see you boys in that Jeep)
And it ain't no SRT (Nah)
Man, I know where bitches sleep (Ayy)
If I was grimey slimey, I woulda put your baby on a tee (Put your baby on a tee)
But it really ain't that deep (It ain't deep)
You ain't did shit to me
Just a whole lotta rumors that you sneak dissin' to the streets
And we still trap on Danny block (Trap on Danny block)
Ayy, how you block a nigga in but don't jump out the car? Soon as we pull up we gon' jump out the car (Jump out the car)
Nigga, let's go Glock for Glock (Glock for Glock)
Bitch, we could go shot for shot (Shot for shot, bah, bah)
Only thing I ain't doing is bar for bar

[Verse 2]
Bitch, I want you niggas head (Head, head, head)
Boy, I want you niggas top
Bitches going crazy, I walk past and I hop out the car
Chains on, bet nobody reach, he gon' be off the Wock'
Freaky hoes on top the car, I ain't heard not naan shot
Might just hit the e-way in my striker
Let me find some hoes f*ckin' with niggas that don't like us
Niggas beef with us, they wanna call us and type us (They type us)
(Man, what typa)
Ayy, niggas is this?
I got signed years ago but bitch I'm still rich
I just copped the AP and a Carti' and I'm still rich
I just copped four cars, forgot I bought 'em, man, I'm real rich
I just took two losses, told my momma I don't feel sick
Ayy, ayy, I'm a real-life threat
Smoked a lot of niggas in the city, they still don't know who did that (Still don't know who did that)
He was f*ckin' with the opps, he ain't wanna get out so he got stretched (Come here)
Other buddy was due 'cause and I could tell you what happened there
He was sneak dissin' to a bitch
We caught him loafin' put it to his neck (Put it to his neck)
And I could say some names, but you know I can't show my hand (I won't show my hand)
If this song gets to the feds, bitch, I'm still ain't gon' rat (Shhh)
Still gon' post up on Danny block
Ain't a nigga gon' come through there, ayy (Ayy)

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Ayy, ayy (Brr, brrr)
Once again
Steppin' on these niggas head man, (Steppin' on these bitch ass)
Gettin' in between these bitches legs, man
Ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]
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