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Album: Don't Suppose / Original Release Date: 1984Genre: PopSong Duration: 3 min 32 sec
From the movie soundtrack:

Turn around, look at what you see.
In her face, the mirror of your dreams.
Make believe I'm everywhere, living in your eyes.
Written on the pages is the answer to a never ending story.

Living inside this dream, there’s so much that’s unexplained.
Somehow we find the way to start the journey once again.

Drifting inside our dreams,
there’s a never ending story inside our hearts now.
Hope for a better world,
where the chance of it all
is a hope for a better day.
Dreams we dream together...
We can find a way.
Dreams we dream together...

Everything’s as near or far as we wish for them to be.
Lost in the age and time, but courage sets us free.

Living inside our dreams,
there’s a never ending story inside our hearts now.
Hope for a better world,
Where the reason to live
is the hope for a better day.
Dreams we dream together...
We can find a way.
Dreams we dream together...

If there’s a higher purpose in what we do
We know that the memories will stay…
Cause the only hope, the truth that matters now -
We have the courage to do the impossible.
Turn and face into the wind...
When’s it’s all been said and done We’ll know why we lived…

I dream…

Ahhh.. deep inside our dreams
There’s a never ending story inside our hearts now
hope for a better world,
Where the reason to live,
is the hope for a better day.
Dreams we together...
We can find a way.
Dreams we dream together…
Everything’s as near or far as we wish for them to be...

the movie soundtrack lyrics end here.
I don't know the origin of these lyrics:

Turn around, look at what you see.
In her face, the mirror of your dreams.
Make believe I'm everywhere, living in your eyes.
Written on the pages is the answer to a never ending story.

Reach the stars, fly a fantasy.
Dream a dream, and what you see will be.
Lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds There upon
the rainbow is the
answer to a never ending story.


Show your fear for she may fade away.
In your hands the birth of a new day.
Lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds
There upon the rainbow is the answer to a never ending story.

Never ending story.
Never ending story.
Never ending story.

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From the movie soundtrack:

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In her face, the mirror of your dreams.
Make believe I'm everywhere, living in your eyes.
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That I want to be
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Living on rhythm and circumstance
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The way I feel's worse than the jungle of indecision
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Bang! Pretty bang...
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I gave it all to you
Jealous woman pull your punch
Break my heart in two

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Ooh it gets all over ya
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Now wishing I could pass it again
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Lately I've been missing you
And spending the nights alone
I know it's late but my instincts say
Call you on the telephone

No one told me if I had to fade
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I would like to talk with you oh girl
Only for a minute or two oh girl
When we are walking home
Just the two of us alone
I realize just how much we have grown

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Even though you were fooled
I was on my guard
Cheap tricks for money
The magician man
Tacky gags whacky lines
He was at his best
Must've seen us coming
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There's a calm surrender
To the rush of day
When the heat of rolling wind
Can't be turned away
An enchanted moment
And it sees me through
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It's been a long time waiting
To coming from the rain
There was a cold, cold winter
Through my summertime
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Savage jaws are the price we pay
Take away the lies, let me see with my own eyes
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Blind is love

I’ve played the fool
Too long now for you
Take a last look at my face
Yes, I’ve found someone to take your place
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Your display was quite a show
But the audience was taken by suprise

On the evening of the fight
You were specially polite
To reveal how long you'v...[Read More]


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I've noticed there's a change in your smile.
how you've made your message loud and clear
But these are not the words that I expected to hea...[Read More]


Living in the city can be tough on you
Got to get away once in a while
Hope I’ll see you when the day is through
Ready for a change of style

(VERSE 2 – ORIGINAL...[Read More]


If that's your problem don't let it show

You will find itself decieving love can be unsure.
Keep a level head maintain'your pride

Then you can face the situation straight in the...[Read More]


I feel a presence in the air
Of something special, something rare

Love in your eyes is the reason why
Holding the secret as certain prize
Love in y...[Read More]


Stop don't move he's hot a gun on you
Halt he's armed, it's military rule
Don't be frightened don't be scared everything is fair

You will obey, it's what the people want
Speak o...[Read More]


Feeling scared you ask of what
Our special day and you forgot
If loneliness is at the door
There's nothing worth living for
But your love

Oh how easy we forget
And slip a...[Read More]


Only the slightest touch of you
Will send the passion rushing through
Lady laying beside of me
Answer of all my fantasies

Your lips are moving close to mine
So I may taste th...[Read More]


Our wedding day was in the year we met
Eighteen years ago
And soon enough with children we were blessed
Made a happy home

But now we talk divorce
And lawyers in the courts[Read More]


Pick and choose, the things you wear
Feel free to look around, with no obligation
Times have changed, so break new ground
Feel free and take your time take a little extra time
More ti...[Read More]


No sooner than
I turn my back and then
It's so hard to find
I'm on decline with you
Where I to know your feelings
Is there something between me and you
Can't pretend you supri...[Read More]


Every now and then there comes a time
To say a little more then words
And dedicate it to the one we love
To demonstrate how much we care

Just when we were maybe feeling low
I...[Read More]


Take one day out of time
Don't be hasty, don't be blind
I tell myself since I met you
Every flower has to grow
To be strong enough to hold
I tell myself since I met you

N...[Read More]


Don't suppose I should ask any questions
Don't suppose I should know any more
Don't suppose you have any suggestions
To make you come knocking at my door

Don't suppose there's a ...[Read More]


I buy things that are made to measure
I like to throw 'em around, hit it
Opened cullender throw the handle
They come together and they make a big sound
They come together and they m...[Read More]


With music playing softly and lights burning low
It's easy to ask for a dance
And we stray a little further to walk in the dark
Feeling the sweatest romance

But when ...[Read More]


There is always gonna be - more questions then answers
Do you ever get the feeling in life - you're just a bystander

Tell me what are we workin' for
And what are we fightin' for
...[Read More]


How can you stand and say
You still love me
I've been watching you baby
Watching you try to deceive me

You've been telling me lies
I can't take it anymore

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If there is ever a moment to be taken shy
It's when I have to take off my clothes
And so I've finally planned to get my act together
In an effort to be put on show

So ...[Read More]


Learning of the truth is never easy
But you must get hold of yourself
As a friend I feel I have to tell you
It's damaging your health

Love will tear the soul
Confu...[Read More]


You whispered you love me
You played the role so perfectly
I trusted you and like a fool
Believed every word you said was true

Another heartache another mistake
One more expe...[Read More]


Give me love that lasts forever
And stands the test of time
Need a love that lasts forever
Shouldn't cost a dime
Give me love that lasts forever
Of baby can't you hear ...[Read More]


Take a walk to quieter place
And think of the thing I said would wait
I can see unconsciously
You promised me, you promised me

You come round here to throw a ploy
With silly ...[Read More]


Turn your back on me
Turn your back on me
Loved you like no other
I loved you like a brother.
What do I discover? I know I won't recover.
I can't help myself[Read More]


I open my eyesto find you're not there
And quickly arise
Yes I was led to believe we had a love affair
But you have deceived me

Will my life be confined and memories of you
T...[Read More]


Oh yeah
In the mirror I see the man I used to be
And every night I wake up with my spirit in handcuffs

Can't take no more everyday it's the same old routine
Got to play all of t...[Read More]


Always wanted a lover of my own
Someone special to hold me tight and keep me warm
Baby a wonderful things happened to you and I

Is there a word that can describe
Falling in love...[Read More]


Tell me my friend, your psylosphy
Does it give the answers you need to hear
It's human nature to search for some meaning in life

Help me my friend, I don't understand
Where is t...[Read More]


Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Honey if I get restless
Baby you're not that kind

Don't go breaking my heart
You take the weight of me
Honey when you kn...[Read More]


Every time we argue
You know it hurts me to the core
Shouting will solve nothing
We've got to try and keep control

Maybe this time
We will learn our lesson well[Read More]


Is it your alluring way
could you always drown the fire?
Keep a check on all you feel
keep a hold on all your desire.
But I feel there's something new and it's lying in your eyes
...[Read More]

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