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Album: Straight Outta The Country / Original Release Date: 2021-04-23Genre: CountrySong Duration: 2 min 54 sec
[Verse 1]
Tonka trucks and G.I. Joes
Jumping those hills with Luke and Bo
Plastic cap guns and a swimming hole
Don't get no dirt on your church clothes
Win or lose, we cheer for the Braves
Ten percent in the offering plate
Sunday chicken and a NASCAR race
Sure'd be nice to get back to that place

There was dirt on daddy's clothes
From putting that bacon on mama's stove
Dog barking in the yard at a truck we don't know
All we had was us
And that little bitty house and a lotta love
We had it all when we didn't have much

[Verse 2]
Eighteen, left it all behind
Chasing a girl, chasing a dime
Went so far tryna get mine
I can't see that old porch light
That led me home at night

There was dirt on daddy's clothes From putting that bacon on mama's stove
Dog barking in the yard at a truck we don't know
All we had was us
And that little bitty house and a lotta love
We had it all when we didn't have much
When we didn't have much

I can still hear grandma reading
That red letter Book of John
I can still smell coffee in the kitchen
With ol' Don Williams on

And there was dirt on daddy's clothes
From putting that bacon on mama's stove
Dog barking in the yard at a truck we don't know
All we had was us
And that little bitty house and a lotta love
We had it all when we didn't have much
Had it all when we didn't have much
Little bitty house and a lotta love
We had it all when we didn't have much

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[Verse 1]
Tonka trucks and G.I. Joes
Jumping those hills with Luke and Bo
Plastic cap guns and a swimming hole
Don't get no dirt on your church clothes
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And my old man taught me 'bout a hard days work
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'Cause it's Monday
'Cause it's a charcoal burnin' Sunday
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I woke up cussing Jack Daniels today, yeah
Could almost hear him laughing in my head
He ain't the kinda guy I'd hang out with, man
Someday I gotta quit

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In this kind of town people stay together
Nobody leaves unless they leave forever
But then again, they don't really leave
'Cause deep down inside of me I know Heaven's gotta be
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a desperate plan wouldn't even blow.
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and proud burning up the road.
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I'm telling you right now, baby you got back
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I got the Chevy backed down a boat ramp
Tailgate down we got some good jams
Summertime just got a little hotter
Your toes tappin' along in the water

Crank it on up
Pour a lit...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I could tell by the way you sounded when you called
That I wasn't gonna like what you had to say
I could read between the lines
Somethin' different this time
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Been sittin' here tippin' back Crown Straight
Workin' up the nerve and the words to say
To turn those eyes and that smile my way
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Chevy got away from a square body
Tractors don't just come in green
There's a lot of new names for Granddaddy
A lot more brands than Wrangler Jeans
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He'll believe that Jesus saves
He'll always love the Braves
He's gonna go through that phase where he thinks he knows it all
Gonna eat, sleep, and breathe in boots
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Tour was up, middle of June
She was planning a welcome home barbeque
Green bean casserole, Grandma's recipe
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Daddy smokin' them cheap cigars
Ridin' 'round in high mileage cars
We were backyard super stars
'Til Momma said come on in, supper's on the table
A two bath and three bedrooms
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She's probably somewhere between Tennessee and Oklahoma by now
She took off with her heart, in the dark, out of this rear-view town
Brakes ain't an option, when it comes to stoppin', she won'...[Read More]


If this ol' truck was a time machine
I'd punch that gas to the night that we were
In the drive at your parents' place
And I was wipin' those tears rollin' down your face
I'd have bit ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I pulled up in that two-tone single cab me and Dad fixed
Four by four with a four inch lift
Just high enough that I had to help her in
Maybe it was that cracked windshield b...[Read More]


I started out with a .410, then moved to a .20 gauge.
Every squirrel and rabbit in Dallas county knew my name.
I sat on the stand with PawPaw from the time I was three years old.
When I w...[Read More]


Mama put brother on a prayer list
When he got caught smoking that pot
Daddy found out, first thing he could grab
And he whipped with a Zebco rod
When we messed up she'd fill us up
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[Verse 1]
I've drank them out of a bottle
I've drank them from a can
Drank my first one when i was sixteen
Just to prove i was a man
Yeah i still drink them now
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I've been watchin' my weight
I've been tryin' to do right
I've been tryin' to get a little more sleep at night
I've been workin' like a dog
I've been goin' to church
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A caravan of KCs cuttin' through the dust
Red clay stained from the 35's up
AC/DC maxin' out the subs
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No, you never had to wonder who it w...[Read More]


This one's for the IRS, in bed with the damn politicians
And this one's for the boss, the hoss, who wouldn't let you off to go fishin'
And to the bulls and the bears on Wall Street, takin' yo...[Read More]


I know when I leave
You think I don't miss you
That you never cross my mind
Well, let's get one thing straight
Girl, when you're not with me
I miss you all the time
Take a goo...[Read More]


Some of us drove a Chevy
Some of us drove a Ford
But we all kept an acre and half foot of mud caked up on the doors
We were ripping licks and chasing white tails
Just to hang 'em up o...[Read More]


Everybody's leavin' and the party's windin' down
All the traffic lights are blinkin' yellow in this town
I know it's late, but it's way too soon
I never get tired of lookin' at you
Cl...[Read More]


Hey, girl, what's your name, girl
I've been looking at you,
And every guy's doing the same, girl
It'd be a shame, girl
If I let you just walk on by

'Cause I'm all caught up ...[Read More]


Tonight shoulda swallowed my pride
Stood in the driveway till I saw it her way
But tonight she let the gravel fly
Tore out on a two lane, hope it ain't too late
Highway reflectors bou...[Read More]


Bird dog just had her puppies
that's a hundred dollars cash apiece
This ol boy struck it country rich
Atleast for a couple of weeks
I owe my daddy that 50 spot
And the muffler sh...[Read More]


Bed Of My Chevy lyrics

We can pop a top on a bottle of boons. Grab a front row seat to a big full moon.
Kick back and listen to the crickets in the field.
Find a star we can call our...[Read More]


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How to shoot a gun and how to use a knife
But when I pulled into Hershey, PA
I took my guitar up on the big stage
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Believe there's a God to save me from hell
And dirt roads were made for country boys like me
Don't belive in politically correct
You wanna a piece ...[Read More]


I worked hard all week
But now you're here with me
Starin' up at a summer sky
A blanket in the truck bed
Just give me the go ahead
Cause we've got plenty of tim

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How I Got To Be This Way

I rolled my Daddy’s truck off the Dicksonville curve
After drinkin’ my fifth beer
And I fed hogs tryin’ to pay him off
For most of my senior year
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What’s wrong with saying yes sir, saying yes ma’am
A hard day’s work
Showing up pretty much on time
What’s wrong with waiting your turn
Paying your dues
Keeping your word
Loo...[Read More]


I heard you had to drive him home after two umbrella drinks
I heard he's got a Prius 'cause he's into being green
My buddy said he saw y'all eating that sushi stuff
Baby that don't sound ...[Read More]


I've been on the grand ole opry
I've played a show with zz top
Went on tour with skynyrd and man they still rock
Shot the bull with bocephus, before he climbed up on his jet
Played so...[Read More]


She likes a ice cold bud pressed against her hand,
Standin on the porch lookin across our land,
Seeing a bass hit that top water,
Knew that was my kind of woman the first time I Saw he...[Read More]


She takes me to a party
Dressed up in city clothes
Pretendin I'm somebody
Everybody ought to know
But once I get a cold beer in my hand
There ain't no mistakin who I am

...[Read More]


I've been a rough houser
A good time sleep arounder
a Straight up whiskey pounder
till I don't know my name
I've been a church goer
a front pew bible holder
A cry on my...[Read More]


Every day I drive to work across Flint
River bridge
A hundred yards from the spot where me and
There's a piece of his old fruit stand on
the side of
Sa...[Read More]


I know your scared of that cockadoodle doo,
dont worry he aint gunna hurt ya.

I know you aint never milked a cow before,
you aint never slung hay from a second floor barn door,
y...[Read More]


Rifle in a gun rack hanging in the back glass
Buck knife on my belt, ain’t no land for sale ‘round here
Red clay country mud, sippin’ on a cold Bud
Blue tick coon hound you know where I’m...[Read More]


A lot of people called it prison when I was growin' up
But these are my roots and this is what I love
'Cause everybody knows me and I know them
And I believe that's the way we we're suppo...[Read More]


Don't you dare throw that beer can, stand in the back and cover your ears
Go sit in the car, till the show is over if you don't like what you hear
Brother maybe you're in the wrong place, if ...[Read More]


Well I was baptized at the Baptist church
And my old man taught me 'bout a hard day's work
I learned how to love, learned how to fight
It's where we keep our cash in a dresser drawer
...[Read More]


You know I'm a dreamer but my heart's of gold
I had to run away high so I wouldn't come home low
Just when things went right, doesn't mean they were always wrong
Just take this song, and ...[Read More]


Here ya go honey yeah here’s some Patron
You better sip it slow, it’s bad to the bone
Don’t want you gettin’ too far gone
And I have to tote ya out of here roll you on home
Keep on sh...[Read More]


They decided to take a break from the city
Took a little ride down 95
Pulled off on a little county road
Hit the Cracker Barrel home cookin’ ya know
Had to get a taste of the real wor...[Read More]


I say goodnight to an empty space beside me
The only reply is the beat of my heart
I wake up and I make two black cups of coffee
The routine being with you taught me left its...[Read More]


For thirty years, she's been writing her name
On the chalkboard in a classroom at P.S-Fourteen
It's just social studies, science, and math
But to every single kid in her third grade class...[Read More]


That water tower's got the sun goin' down behind it.
If there's a good time in this town, girl, we're gonna find it.
You look so damn good climbin' up in my Chevy
Tryin' to play it cool b...[Read More]


I know where I am going
And I am done here on this Earth
God's building me a mansion where none of us will hurt
I will see old Saint Peter swing wide those pearly gates
I don't mean t...[Read More]


Midnight in Albuquerque
Drunk again on a little Wild Turkey
Damned if her memory didn't show up right on time

I've driven through the ran, the snow and ice
I ain't hit the same t...[Read More]


I hung out too much with my buddies, got in too much trouble, got our trucks too muddy
Thank God your mama helps you study more than me
I'll teach you how to fish a brim bed, where to pu...[Read More]


I was cold beer drinking down at Joe's place
A corner pocket sinker at a pedal down pace
Another man's early was my getting home late
Fast as a whiskey shot and everything changed
[Read More]


Yellow blue bird on a red clay road, kickin' up a cloud
of dust.
Burned into my memory like an Arkansas summer sun.
Last day of school, kick off your shoes, gonna grab up
a fishin' ...[Read More]


I've skipped town at the stroke of eighteen
To take hold of a world I had only dreamed
The city life had me intrigued
Fast cars and women like I'd never seen
But I'm still a country b...[Read More]


There’s a boy down the road on a bridge with his
fishing pole
There’s a soldier huggin’ his dad after gettin’ home
There’s a man in his overalls plowin’ across his piece
of ground[Read More]


Down in Alabama they wear them little cutoffs,
In Georgia it's camo bikini tops,
South Carolina layin' on the Myrtle Beach,
Panama City drinkin' shots for free
That time I went out ...[Read More]


I've always been one of them boys
Rollin' around in jacked up toys
Making noise on small town Friday nights

Red light running, good time chasing,
Guess I've earned this reputati...[Read More]


It's friday night
The moon is high
Let's get my truck a little muddy
Old blue jeans
You and me
Baby we don't need no money
Cooler full of beer
Throw it in the back
Let...[Read More]


You stood on that bank when I got baptized
Gave me a thirty, thirty when I turned nine
At sixteen you caught me drinkin' out in the barn

I could hear you cheerin' when we won state[Read More]


People say im just a rough boy
I ain't no good for you girl
It's dead end street, tryin to love me yeah I'll wreck your world.
I can see why they're all talkin, lookin back at my past. I'...[Read More]


you got your million bucks
you got your flashy sports car
you got your trophy girls
man you think you're a star
you got your teeth bleached
you like to play the rich game
yeah...[Read More]

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