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(Da Realest)
Turn the beat up a little bit
That's right

[Verse 1]
Hop up out the ride with that big bitch and get to trippin'
Police push up on me on, had to blitz it out the window
Get a nigga dropped, (fa, fa)
We whacked the witness
Forgiatos match the blicky, threw my Bentley right on 6s
Did a turn around and bust my Rollie, get new jewelry
My nigga caught a case, they snatched the bond he missed his hearing
The feds been in the hood for like 2 weeks, shit gettin' serious
.40 cal I keep it near me, pop that p*ssy nigga cherry
Ain't no in between, you either solid or you're fakin'
Hunnid on my necklace, I have stones to match the bracelet
Jump out 75, right off the road, f*ck her today shit
Ain't got time to hug and kiss, gon' suck my dick hoe I'm impatient

I'm a lean sippin' nigga, Amiri's on my son
Motivate the trenches, turn a sinner to a nun
Fetti take a tooka, get a brick for 21
Hit the crib, we threw the guns
Stuffed the blender by the tub
[Verse 3]
You hang around with niggas catching cases, hit the stand
Like how you look yourself up in the mirror as a man? My OG told me, "Youngin' stack it up and keep a plan"
Don't let em' infiltrate you, hater and a rat go hand in hand
Keep that glizzy on me tight, skizzy for the white
Half these niggas p*ssy with a dick, so you a dyke
I got Diors every color, bitch we ain't doin' mic's
Hunnid thousand on that nigga, killed my baby it's on sight (Yeah)
f*ck them other niggas, we be in them trenches
I put 24s on my new wraith, it needs suspensions (Yeah)
Fifty thousand dollars on a pendant, this bitch glistenin'
Up the F&N right on the lot, just hit your engine

How a nigga never gave you shit, feel like you owe 'em
Got so many snakes up in my lawn, I need to mow it
How the f*ck a bitch just slimed you out and f*cked your homies
Gave your name up to the feds, better watch out these bitches bogus

[Verse 4]
I'm a pill-poppin' animal, Kill Tech toter
30 in my glizzy, hit your brain leave your shit open
Calculate my steps and all my moves, yeah I've been focused
Made 5 million off this music, f*ck these rappers we ain't social
(Da Realest)

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(Da Realest)
Turn the beat up a little bit
That's right

[Verse 1]
Hop up out the ride with that big bitch and get to trippin'
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[Verse 1: Icewear Vezzo]

Ugh! Giuseppe on my feet I feel like moon walking
And let a nigga think its sweet then the tools sparking
If a p*ssy want some beef get him to a coffin
A...[Read More]


All I want is pints n you I come f*ck my wife wit you
All this f*ckin ice I'm coo
She gon suck this dick fa 2

Roley on me I flash wit it
Got all this sauce I splash in it
I t...[Read More]


[Intro: Icewear Vezzo]
Antt did the track
Drank God, ayy, ayy
Beatgang (Nigga)
Run it up, nigga
Three hundred on me
All slips, nigga, ayy, what? Ayy (Iced Up Records), yeah[Read More]


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Real shotta, nigga

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I'm a savage nigga, f*ck you and that playtime talk (Bah)
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Turn this bitch up, I ain't even try (It's too easy)
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Stars in the ceiling, I can see the sky (...[Read More]


Oh, it's
Oh, it's a Reddi beat
Every man plays his own role
And it, and everything start with the leader
I'm a good leader, so I got good people that follow
Y...[Read More]


[Icewear Vezzo] new copie thang all black drop Benz set it on them ruccis thangs
f*ck the chicken up till its sushi chame
Bitch I'm straight up out the kitchen yea I'm Gucci man
Since I s...[Read More]


[Interlude: GT]
I'm gone shine not stunt
Grind all month
Shine when we want, who shine like us?
I won, I'm winnin'
I'm done, I did it

[Verse 1: Peezy]
(Peezy what it ...[Read More]


Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
What? Ayy (Drank God)

Got it on my own, f*ck a helping hand (Yeah)
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Lean in my voice
Hmm, yeah

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(Damn, Bay G, this a hit)
(Ayy, Celo, this shit crazy)

[Verse 1: Lil Baby]
New car, new chain, new watch, new spot
Nigga hating, new opp, new Glock, get shot
Cold...[Read More]


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(Antt did the track)
Real street nigga, we make a tape in one day
Real street nigga, we make a tape in one day
Grab that stick talk, we up that bitch in four-trey
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