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Album: H2O / Original Release Date: 1982Genre: Pop/RockSong Duration: 4 min 18 sec
I'm tired of playing on the team
It seems I don't get time out anymore
What a change if we set the pace face to face
No one even trying to score

Oh oh I can feel the magic of your touch
And when you move in close a little bit means so much
Ooh yeah, you've got to understand baby
Time out is what I'm here for

One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one I know I wanna play that
One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one so slow You can't tell me you don't miss me girl
I think I might know you too well
Wonder what you'd say if you knew that I was coming tonight
Want to? I want you can't you tell

One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one I know I wanna play that
One on one I wanna play that game tonight
One on one so slow
That's all you need to know now

'Cause if it's really right there's nothing else
One on one I want to play that game tonight

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D. Hall, H. Knight
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Music by J. Oates
Lyrics by D. Hall, J. Oates, S. Allen
(Standing on the side line, waiting for the right time)
That girl knows her part
Jammin' with my heart
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(Daryl Hall, Warren Pash, Sara Allen, Janna Allen)
I see you, you see me
watch you blowin' the lines when you're making a scene
Oh girl, you've got to know
what my head overlooks
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(Oates, Hall, S. Allen)
You know there's something you need
Right here and now
To fill the space inside of yourself, oh
With money love or power

W...[Read More]


Music by D. Hall
Lyrics by D. Hall, J. Oates, S. Allen
Keep on missing each other
Our world's out of order
All I see is Missed Opportunity
And we -
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(Hall, J. Allen)
In the moonlite
Under startlite
Songs old as the night are what I've been dreaming of
Everybody's hard as iron
Locked in a modern world<...[Read More]


Music, D. Hall; Lyrics, D. Hall/A. Gorrie/S. Allen
I like this room - It's got me
Dancin' down and dirty on my knees
Get lit up
Tell those lies
Wicked enough to melt your ice
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J. Allen, D. Hall
My friends wonder why I call you all of the time
What can I say
I don't feel the need to give such secrets away
You think maybe I need help, no I know I'm right all ...[Read More]


J. Oates
All right now, now listen
Little girl walkin' down the street
She gotta subway smile & a heart in heat
Say I'll work it for you daddy
(Work it for you daddy)
Work it ...[Read More]


Music by D. Hall
Lyrics by D. Hall, J. Allen
Why do I go all to pieces
When you breezin' by
My desire makes me shy oh
The words I wanna say to you
But baby I'm afraid to
`...[Read More]


Music, D.Hall/D. Bellochio; Lyrics, D. Hall/S. Allen/A.
We've been through
this time together
All in my mind the love was so alive
Oh I never wanted for another
Than I...[Read More]


I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)
by Hall and Oates
Easy, ready, willing, overtime,
Where does it stop, where do you dare me to draw the line.
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Girl we've come together
And then we've felt the sadness
That comes when it's thru
Do we walk our own way in a world turned blue
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Lyrics: D. Hall, J. Oates, S. Allen
Music: D. Hall
I've gotta lotta nerve-a
Gotta Lotta do do do
You got, you got it, Gotta Lotta Nerve ah
You, you, you Gotta Lotta nerve-a
Oh...[Read More]


Music by D. Hall, J. Oates, R. Iantosca
Lyrics by D. Hall, J. Oates, S. Allen
Ah yeah,
Oh, oh, yeah
No doubt
Do it downtown in from the outside
Yeah, find the scene & work it ...[Read More]


(Hall, Oates, S. Allen)
One lonely eye faces the Queen
How far she goes remains to be seen
She can be hard and she knows it
She plays her heart and doesn't...[Read More]


(Hall, Oates, S. Allen)
Skin tight soul delight
Changing her life for another
She dreams magazines
Sees herself on the cover
Anything anytime anywhere<...[Read More]


We were fourteen days from Toronto
With a handmade highway
For a friend
Well, Dave figured
We were due to see a town
He thought he saw some smoke
Drift round the bend

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I'd like to join the army
Don't want to join the war
I'd take my place in line hell
Never go AWOL

We keep on marching forward
And never will retreat
Don't let the e...[Read More]


(Page, O'Brien, Tyson)
I know what it's like to be forgotten
Left alone with your simple dreams
But even dreams are fading fast
No one to turn to when yo...[Read More]


Little girl, what's your name?
Now, don't you go lookin' at me like that
You might see I'm ashamed, what's your name?
Just talk with me, won't you talk to me?

Will you surviv...[Read More]


She'll only come out at night
The lean and hungry type
Nothing is new, I've seen her here before
Watching and waiting
Ooh, she's sittin' with you but her eyes are on the door
So m...[Read More]


Lilly, laughing lady
Does your smile disguise the tears inside?
Lilly, Lilly, lonely lady
Only silhouette your happy side

You give yourself to men
Who take your love [Read More]


Shake it up is all that we know
using bodies up as we go
I'm waking up to fantasy
The shades all around aren't
the colors we used to see

Broken eyes still melt in the sun[Read More]


D. Hall, J. Oates
Yeah baby, ooh, what's you gonna do baby
All right
Ain't it funny I'm tied to the magic of your caress
Ain't it lovely how we fit together
Girl you're the best[Read More]


Music, D. Hall; Lyrics, D. Hall/S. Allen/A. Gorrie
Time will tell
Give some new meaning now
What it really takes to survive
Time will prove
That my fears, all were coming true
...[Read More]


Music, D. Hall/T Bone Wolk; Lyrics, D. Hall/A. Gorrie/S. Allen
Baby, you're only a sleeping beauty
for a little while
Hoping no prince heats up your day
That you can be lonely all th...[Read More]


Music, J. Oates; Lyrics, J. Oates/J. Cang
Our love's grown older
seems like its colder
Than the rock on which
I carved your name
On down the road we walk
in separate shadow...[Read More]


Lyrics: D. Hall, J. Oates, S. Allen
Music: D. Hall
What I want, you've got
But it might be hard to handle
Like the flame that burns the candle
The candle feeds the flame yeah yeah...[Read More]


P. Spector, B. Mann, C. Well
You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips
And there's no tenderness like before in your finger tips
You're trying hard not to show it
But ba...[Read More]


Remembering when we first met
We had that adventure in our eyes
But something got away I guess
In the everyday of our lives

And I don't know what keeps us here
Let's disappea...[Read More]


Well she takes her hair down slowly
And starts her ride
A silver Maranello girl
Up to the hills faster than light

She knows I shouldn't be here, baby
It turns her on
Ther...[Read More]


(Hall, Green)
They met on the dance floor in the old high school gym
He fell like a rock
She kinda liked him
And his heart beat like thunder as they moved cross the ...[Read More]


Baby hair with a woman's eyes
I can feel you watching in the night
All alone with me and
we're waiting for the sunlight
When I feel cold you warm me
When I feel I can't go on [Read More]


You're a rich girl
and you've gone too far
'Cause you know it
don't matter anyway
You can rely
on the old man's money
You can rely
on the old man honey

It's a bit...[Read More]


I can read between the lonely lines
Every single word brings a tear to mine
Tell me how did we get here
And where did heaven go

I remember us as strong as stone
Now I see the...[Read More]


I've got a feeling
My intuition's telling me so
Just the beginning
A seed you planted deep in my soul

And I never knew this love before
Didn't have a clue that there was more...[Read More]


She plays a superstar
She flies into your world from so far
Then she spins the records, yeah

She plays the music here, yeah
You've got to get with her beat, tonight
Ain't no ...[Read More]


They met on the dance floor in the old high school gym
He fell like a rock, she kinda liked him
And his heart beat like thunder as they moved cross the floor
When the music was over she s...[Read More]


When you find yourself alone
and when going out is coming home
You can count on the kid
cause there's nobody waiting around

Oh oh

If you're not an easy mark
it's a ...[Read More]


You push my buttons hard
and don't even realize what
you're doing is killing my soul
Do you think I'm just some prize
you can win and then discard
after the thrill is gone?
...[Read More]


Adult, adult, adult

It's afternoon in the homeroom
and they're about to let you go
And the locker slam on
the plan you had tonight
You've been messing around with a
boy...[Read More]


You must be thinking something
but you ain't saying nothing
You remember me I used
to be your boyfriend

There ain't no point in reason
it only gets defensive
And why sho...[Read More]


Baby if we can't solve any problems
why do we lose so many tears?
Oh so you go again
when the leading man appears

Always the same theme
But can't you see we've got
every...[Read More]


You say you can't stand to be
tied so close to a lover
Ooh you feel like a prisoner
and you wanna find someone
who will let you out
Can't you see the heartbeat
that you know...[Read More]


Midnight hour almost over
Time is running out
for the magic pair
I know you gave the
best that you have
But one more chance
couldn't be all that hard to bear

(choru...[Read More]


I feel like I could run away
Looking at a darker day
Oh I'm pulling the shades away from my eyes
It's true the moody manners come and go
And it's better that you never know
<...[Read More]


No more trying
To hold someone close to my life
It's time for finding
Some way to get through, my sleepless nights

I can dream about you
If I can't hold you tonight
...[Read More]


He's back together again
Yeah, everyone is glad that he's together again
Just like the old days, old days, old days
Yeah, he could sing, he could sing, he could sing

He's bac...[Read More]


Lady rain, lay your sobbin' hair down on my shoulder
Lady rain, do your cloudy eyes see me much older?

Can you see my past, can you find my future
Should I take it slower 'til my ...[Read More]


I would fly ten thousand miles in the pouring rain
Just to see your face
I'd bare my soul to a total stranger
Just to say your name
And I'm not ashamed
Just to love you into ...[Read More]


Try to ignore the twisted side
We kiss and we hiss at the same time
Don't you know some things just don't blow away

You've been this way before
But the cut's just seem to hur...[Read More]


The feeling we used to get
Whenever our lives met
Like smoke from a cigarette
It's fading away
(Fading away)
Fading away

It hurts me to think about
Those times...[Read More]


My baby went to Africa
With the dirty lens photographer
My baby, land in jungle land
With a U S body and a real light tan
(U S body and a real light tan)

My baby went to...[Read More]


You need to make it on your own
You wanna shake it, do it alone
Whatever happened, I did alright by you

I can feel the passion girl, it's still as strong
Though the places ha...[Read More]


He's the star on the stage, but he screams all night
'Cause he can't get to sleep at all
And his favorite book, by the T.V. Light
Can't stop this matinee, he's played it over and over ...[Read More]


Spending my day, thinkin' 'bout you girl
Being here with you, being near to you
I can't explain myself, why I feel like I do

Though it hurt me so to let you know
The look in ...[Read More]


Mighty high or low down
Turn around the words that they say
Low is not the last one
'Cause you know, if you know

You'd be learning from a hit lip
Success is sitting fat ...[Read More]


Please return or come back, I've been saving your place
Too much time has elapsed, unreality, memory erases
And the rules and the rights and the wrongs don't apply far apart
So togethe...[Read More]


We always try to be so honest but we're so serious
We have an understanding but that can't carry soul far enough
Green flag is rising and baby green means go
New world on the horizon <...[Read More]


I should have heard you talkin'
Now I am a dead man walking
I should have paid more mind
To the little things, the little things

Why is love so complicated
Maybe that's ...[Read More]


Why don't you write me
Call me on the phone
Say Western Union
You can find me home

I say, I'm sorry
I said, I'm sorry

You know I bled you
Led you on a lie...[Read More]


Would you work for a reason, lazyman?
Do your thoughts have expression, lazyman?
Does life pass you by while you don't even try?
To grab hold of a minute and use all the time that's in...[Read More]


They sat in an Abandoned Luncheonette
Sipping imaginary cola
And drawing faces in the tabletop dust
His voice was rusty from years
As a sergeant on this man's army
He was old...[Read More]


90 miles outside Chicago
Can't stop driving, I don't know why
So many questions, I need some answers
2 years later you're still on my mind

Whatever happened to the Uptown the...[Read More]


Does anyone know what love can cost
To take you so high then leave you lost
Is it a mystery that runs too deep
For such a simple heart

Can anyone stop the hands of time
...[Read More]


Darling I can't get enough of your love babe
Girl I don't know, don't know why
I can't get enough of your love babe

Oh some things I can't get used to
No matter how I try, I ...[Read More]


Laughing boy, guitar Johnny's playing the blues so low
Laughing boy, don't it make you want to cry

You know, I can't imagine you were the magic boy so long ago
Your life and dream...[Read More]


Riding out along the river
Stoppin' by the pines
It's nice for someone speaking
To be heard by heart and mind

Lying on the needle floor
The city seems so far
Moving...[Read More]


Make an amendment to the constitution
To preserve the state of our union
Stop believing what you say to me
There's a tragic gap in credibility

When the light is gone from you...[Read More]


This is our fork in the road, love's last episode
There's nowhere to go, oh no
You made your choice and now it's up to me
To bow out gracefully you know you hold the key
But baby ...[Read More]


Everybody's high on consolation
Everybody's trying to tell me what is right for me, yeah
My daddy tried to bore me with a sermon
But it's plain to see that they can't comfort me
<...[Read More]


Look at me, I'm running
Ooh, what have I done
Oh, I must have hurt someone
It's dark in Subway Station
Gimme place to hide
Oh, I hear the voices deep inside
And oh, the ...[Read More]


There's no decision
You look my way
I know that expression and what it says
It'd be so easy
The light is right
Forget in the moment who we are tonight
My body's singing ...[Read More]


There's a thunder storm 'a brewin'
And the day is turning gray
There ain't much to say about the weather

Say, the shower stall is leakin'
And the ceiling's fallin' in
An...[Read More]


I'm a soul surviving
Love give me all or nothing
I used to wake in the morning and say
Can I get through another day

Look around, I see everybody's running
Trying too ha...[Read More]


Some men call half way around the world
If they've got a phone game to play
Then again some men
They call their mom every day

Old boys drink bad beer and throw
The cans ...[Read More]


Don't want to face it but I know that it's time to go home, no
I cannot say what I want to say when we're alone
I gotta leave but I want to stay
But where you are is so far from the U ...[Read More]


Georgie was a skinny kid, fond of angling
Fonder of dangling his feet in the cool brook water
While the Reverend's daughter sat at his side
And fluttered his face with the fuzz of a da...[Read More]


Dance with me, come on, dance with me baby
Dance with me, come on, dance with me baby

(I want you, ooh)
Dance with me, come on, dance with me baby
Dance with me, come on, dan...[Read More]


Every time I look at you
I can't believe what you did to me
You had me thinkin' we was all right
Then you pulled your trick and walked right out on me

You had me thinkin' we ...[Read More]


I remember when I used to be the jealous kind
I got over it, now you're taking over my old line
You're caring too much about what I say
You're wondering too much about what I do
A...[Read More]


I let you escape
Slip through my fingers
We made our mistakes
But memories linger

Each time I turn a corner, I swear I see your face
But I'm standing here alone in the w...[Read More]


Good loving
The girl's got plenty good lovin'
Ask me how I know and I'll tell you so
Used to be my girl

I respect her when she was mine
I used to neglect her
She wa...[Read More]


She had sulky smile
She took her standard pose as she presented herself
She had sultry eyes
She made it perfectly plain that she was his for a price

But he said, "Leave me al...[Read More]


Oh, I need a change of season
Oh, I want a little springtime in the fall
Oh, I could use a change of season
Can't stop thinkin' about it baby
And I'm sick about it yeah

...[Read More]


Dial your number, tape reply
"I'm not at home right now
But leave your name
And I will call you Friday night
Call you Friday goodbye"

Hearing you and waiting
Make t...[Read More]


I heard you call me, waterwheel
Spin 'round, 'round in a circle
Gracing my child dreams on fantasy hill
Spin 'round, 'round in a circle

Flash, paddles sending a spray to the ...[Read More]


I'm a man, gonna make

I can walk all alone through a river of fire
'Cause my heart is true
Put my soul on the line
That's what I'd do, that's what I'd do

There's a ...[Read More]


The only consolation
In this situation
Is I know you're missing me
The way I'm missing you

I guess that you ain't sleeping
And the company you're keeping
They're al...[Read More]


Have I been, have I been away, been away

There's a chance that I won't know you
Maybe I won't like you
It's a long, it's such a long
Lady it's been a long time

We w...[Read More]


I went downtown to see my lady
She stood me up and I stood there waiting
It'll be all right when the morning comes

Now I'm up in the air with the rain in my hair
I've got now...[Read More]


Put on your feline finery
Da' Katz are meeting down below
If you feel like rocking
With a Tabby, Tom, and Calico

It'll dirty up your pedigree
But we guarantee a good tim...[Read More]


Ooh child things are gonna get easier
Ooh child things'll get brighter
Ooh child things are gonna be easier
Ooh child things'll get brighter

Some day we'll put together what ...[Read More]


Laughing's short but loving lasts
I can't mix the future with the past
Can I stay close to you?
I wanna stay close to you

You've got yours and I've got mine
And what we ...[Read More]


Sara's off on a turnaround
Flying gambling fools to the Holy Land, Las Vegas
Sometimes she's here
And sometimes she can't be found, turnaround

Sara's off on a turnaround
...[Read More]


Do what you want girl, but be what you are
There ain't no right or wrong way, just a play from the heart
It ain't a sign of weakness girl, to give yourself away
Because the strong give...[Read More]


I saw the sun, though it didn't shine
Gave up no shadows, gave out no way to know the time
No wind to blow the silver leaves

The drone of clever talk just stopped
The air han...[Read More]


1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4

It's uncanny, the way you always call
Every time I think about you
It's uncanny baby, the way you always know
Just what I'm going through

Sometimes...[Read More]


I got a good education now and I'm ready for the world yeah
We've been going together gonna last forever
And it ain't never gonna change
I'm a real hard charger yeah, everybody's gonna...[Read More]


Say it, say it isn't so
Say it, say it isn't so

Say it isn't so painful
To tell me that you're dissatisfied
Last time I asked you
I really got a lame excuse
I know ...[Read More]


Angelina, though your eyes have been closed all your life
Angelina, let my love be their light

Though I'm a painter you can't see my pictures
But you know the colors I use
They f...[Read More]


In bed sittin' and readin'
By the T. V. light
Stay away from the window
Thunder and lightenin'

And the rain, the rain keeps fallin' down
That's somethin' that hasn't changed<...[Read More]


Kerry, so cool and so clever
I know 'cause you told me so
You've got it bad for yourself
And nobody else can hold a candle to you

So l'm told
Won't you give us a break?
D...[Read More]


Let it rain, let it pour, let it rain a whole lot more
'Cause I've got them deep river blues
Let the rain drive right on, let the waves sweep slong
'Cause I've got them deep river blues[Read More]


Radio, radio
Turn up the power all night

Now take your pick of the modulation
Like a kid in a candy store
Now it's a hand carry situation
It's made for lying on the beach
...[Read More]


My friends, don't understand it
They don't know what you've got for me
My life, too complicated
And I need, sure need some simplicity
Hoo, the love is ever growing
And there has t...[Read More]


Big proud toad on Lemon Road
Creature of the forest and the sea
Fifteen miles and a heavy load
Won't you keep me company? Yeah, yeah

If you've got the time
The animals are ki...[Read More]


Well I'm looking at her from a rock 'n roll tower
With the windows, it's eyes
And it's black stained sides that can't be climbed

'Cause they're slick as wet glass
And the gate le...[Read More]


All you want is the shadow behind me
Don't you know that it's nowhere to stand?
What if I didn't call you tomorrow
Maybe, you'd fall apart after that

You keep it so tight, keep i...[Read More]


Johnny Walker leaves me black and red and sick in my head
Cuervo Gold so I'm told will make you useless in bed
Gimme O.J. with my Stolichnaya and the fires burn inside
Tanquerey gets me h...[Read More]


Now I see a lot of people walking around and around
Terra firma turned them upside down
Too scared to reach out, maybe afraid of what they'll find
But a hand stuck in a pocket, come up em...[Read More]


Perkiomen, somewhat cloudy
Indian water slipping down a mountain stream
You know what I mean

Painted lady touch the water
Forest standing, sentry over mossy wall
She comes wh...[Read More]


If you're looking for love
And you don't find it in my eyes then you're
Tunning from paradise
Look before you leap, darling
Don't you know that you're
Running from paradise
[Read More]


I saw you standing and I felt your rage
Like a dark cloud on a crowded stage
You were talking through the smoke in your fantasy
I know you, girl, I know what to believe

Maybe thi...[Read More]


How many hearts can have everything
Never ever found the one and all the fire it brings
I wanna try more now, than I dared before
I've got to know what passion is
Girl I've got to fin...[Read More]


The sun beats down so slow
I feel my body heating up inside
I watch the danger zone
For signs of life but not a soul alive
Try every trick I know
To keep my temperature from blowi...[Read More]


I can't live without you, I can't let go, oh no, yeah
Everybody tells me, "Daryl, walk away"
So, they don't know the power we have together
Ain't no one can tell me what to believe
[Read More]


I see, I see, I see all the monumental ruinization
I see, I see, I see the greatest works of art in western civilization
Ooh but where are
Tell me where are
Ooh but where are the Ital...[Read More]


I wanna go up where something matters

I wanna blow up where matter scatters

I wanna live into the future

I want to give... more girl

Next step

No side ste...[Read More]


It's sad to think, we're not gonna make it
And it's gotten to the point where we just can't fake it
For some ungodly reason, we just won't let it die
I guess neither one of us wants to be...[Read More]


All the things that used to mean a lot to me
Don't matter anymore
Ain't no surprises, and we're too young
To come to that

Oh, time has a way of lessening love
You know that's...[Read More]


Oh, let's make it groove
Takin' it nice and smooth

Turn out the light, I can see your face
It's you and I, in the time and place
The radio playin' Teddy's groove
The city nig...[Read More]


I'm tired of playing on the team
It seems I don't get time out anymore
What a change if we set the pace face to face
No one even trying to score

Oh oh I can feel the magic of you...[Read More]


Baby's gone

Said she's movin' on

Telling me

I ain't comin' along

I thought you said you were satisfied

You've given up on everything we tried for, why? [Read More]


It was always you and me and him
A whiskey sour, beer and gin
We were having fun
When the night was over
You'd go off together leaving me alone,
All alone
I stayed up every ni...[Read More]


Don't need no father figure to tell me what to do

Don't need no newspaper to tell me what is new

Don't want no one in power to take away my dreams

Cause they'd sell our sou...[Read More]


I've been trying so hard to close my eyes

Dawn is rising under those cloudy skies

Days in darkness

Seemed like they'd never end

But now the rules are changing, gir...[Read More]


Oh baby, you know you missed the fight
(he's a trouble maker, he's a trouble man)
Alligator wrecked the bar last night
(he's a trouble maker, he's a trouble man)
I guess he had fun, t...[Read More]


I used to be a rolling stone
You know if the 'cause was right
I'd leave to find the answer on the road
I used to be a heart beating for someone

But the times have changed
The...[Read More]


You said you never loved me, it was all a iie

Don't you know spite is a weakling's emotion

You said you didn't know, but you didn't try

And when you gave up it killed my de...[Read More]


You made me love you, too blind to see yeah
Tomorrow comes, Casanova might bleed
Having so much
How could I be so far wrong oh?

l've always known, pain is part of pleasure
Fo...[Read More]


In the of heart the country
There's a killer without a gun
We're afraid to be
No longer free
Just for loving one
So I I got to say say a prayer for you

In the heart of th...[Read More]


I can't see you when I look at you

Only see you in my memory

When I find you it's just outside my sight line

Between experience and fantasy

Don't bear up to close ...[Read More]


Money changes everythin'
Money changes everythin'
Money changes everythin'
Money changes everythin'

Ever growin'
The dreams that we accumulated
Never knowin'
The demo...[Read More]


People all over the world

Join hands

Start a love train, love train

People all over the world

Join hands

Get on the love train, love train

The fi...[Read More]


(daryl hall/sandy allen)

I've been used to seeing the world with the eyes of two
Now you're gone, no more window shopping with you
Guess I'll spend another day walking around
But...[Read More]


Ooh yeah, no, no, hey now, hey there

Lookin' back over the years
You know I've shed some tears
Told myself time and again
This time I'm gonna win

But another fight, thin...[Read More]


Pleasure Beach
You will look but never find
That neglected place in time
Like a dream that's out of reach

Pleasure Beach, not a place you left behind
Or a place you'll ever f...[Read More]


You can say that I lied a lot you can
Throw up your hands
Pardon me, if the man you got
Wasn't part of the plan
I'll confess, if I'm wrong or not so you'll
Know where you stand[Read More]


Wonder why I'm falling, guess I'm just that kind of man
Looking for an answer to why I'm in this place I'm in
Walking through a door that's closing while another slams in your face
Neighb...[Read More]


So whadya want?

Is it déjà vu or have I been here before?

I don't know but

Everything about you is still the same

Everything about you is so alive

Too m...[Read More]


Music by daryl hall, john oates
Lyrics by daryl hall, john oates

One man says, "look to heaven for true love"
One child so blind with the stars in her eyes
So why do yo...[Read More]


For days and days goin' up and goin' down
Looking for a sign from you
What you want? Where you goin'?
What you thinking about? A lot of good it will do

Why are you fighting me?[Read More]


North star

We stare

How far

How clear

Now touch

Touch here

Now warm

Now near

Now near


With you
[Read More]


I used to think love was a dying art

Compassion couldn't live within a crowded heart

I saw my freedom in a poor man's eyes

Hope like a light, will to survive

A sen...[Read More]


Walking in time to the ringing bell
Water stained where the raindrops fell
On an island of green in a city sea
And traffic sound breakers roll in to me

I never thought I'd be up ...[Read More]


One for the money
One song I'm writing for you
And if you can't take me with you girl
Take this Melody for a Memory

Love in the morning
Love in the late afternoon
There'l...[Read More]


I know how you spent your time
Too many people know, you weren't alone
Your after hours followed you home
"Oh I heard", he said

She was open all night
While I was away
Yo...[Read More]


I forgot just how to feel

City scene ain't no big deal

Soul deep so ya say

None of that takes my breath away

Oh I always seem to see

Both sides when they ...[Read More]


It's a long dark day

When we realize and understand

That we've come so far

Destiny lies close to home

L will do what l can

To keep my spirit safe and stro...[Read More]


Just imagine, you were off
On an island in the sea
With a love oh so warm
And sweet cup of tea

Will you think of the time
With your friends and mine
Sleeping days, living...[Read More]


My wife said, "Dear, you?re almost thirty-three
Don?t you think it?s time to change your ways?
The kids are starvin?, the dog is barkin?
We haven?t had a meal in three days"

"No ...[Read More]


I need you more than anyone else in the world
But what you need more than me
Is the help I can give to you girl
That's what you need

You can make it happen
I can show you the...[Read More]


We've been through love time & time again

Tried for true love with enemies and friends

Looked at romance every way

Now my heart can't take that anymore anyway

Chor...[Read More]


I like to read and I like to write

But you could persuade me to put the book down tonight

Just please don't ask to be a song heroine

It's not that easy just to stick you in...[Read More]


I've been quiet never spoke before about this
Takes a little time to say what I'm thinking
Let's run down the concept of
Love as we know it
I'm only happy when I'm flying
Then you...[Read More]


Me and Mrs. Jones, we got a thing going on,

We both know that it's wrong

But it's much too strong to let it cool down now.

We meet ev'ry day at the same cafe,

Six-...[Read More]


People don't read so easy

Never wanna say what's on their mind

Go from dreams to dollars

Then they wonder why the truth seems so unkind

They just hold on tighter a...[Read More]


Why don't you pack I'll take you back
To the countryside
Now's the time
I've got a little place in mind.
We don't need no neighbors making noise at night,
Dogs that fight
You'...[Read More]


You strike a low blow
You fight a dirty fight
Right to the heart
You're putting me away

Time was movin' slow
But I was in control
There were so many things
I should'v...[Read More]


[Aretha Franklin]

Rock steady baby!
That's what I feel now
Let's call this song exactly what it is

Step n' move your hips
With a feelin' from side to side
Sit yourse...[Read More]


If you had a dream did it happen

If you stop and think for a little while

Try to make up faces that once were real

Even though it seemed like a lifetime

Wasn't rea...[Read More]


Now Jimmy was livin' in misery
The poor boy was livin' in sin
When Jesus gave His life on Calvary
It weren't to save Jimmy's skin
He didn't play by any rules
But one thing he knew...[Read More]


Ain't too proud to beg

I know ya wanna leave me, but I refuse to let you go

If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy,

I don't mind coz' you mean that much to me
[Read More]


What's the point of standing
Ten feet tall if you never learn to fall
If you want to win
You've got to play the game

But if you lose, you must accept the pain
So don't reach ...[Read More]


Words & music: j. oates

3 a.m.
I don't believe I hear the telephone ring
I wanna sleep
You wanna shake that thang
I wanna dream
You wanna dance all night
If I knew[Read More]


I know you know all the pros and cons
They help you get to everything you want
Greasing policemen bending all the rules
Make them an offer that they can't refuse

One crime, baby,...[Read More]


Just a little boy lost looking for a lamb in the all night city
Living in his lonely limousine
And though he never has to worry
He's the only one and only one, he's ever gonna need
Ab...[Read More]


I can see the anger

and I surely feel

All the passion, baby gone astray

Why are we divided

so dissatisfied

Does it matter what we do or say

I can...[Read More]


Never let nobody know me
Never let nobody dare
Never let somebody hold me
Long enough for me to care
Till I found you, till I found you

Never let my guard down easy
Never...[Read More]


Just look at you and me

Yea we've had some fun,

Don't you agree?

Now that we have come this far

Time to stop the game and

Make a start

I want yo...[Read More]


Oh, living the life of a madman's wife, has got to be unreal
'cause she's got to hold on to ground control
While jack does what he feels
Well he stays away, and then he comes home
And...[Read More]


Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you

Shall I stay

Would it be a sin

If I can't help falling in love with you

Like a r...[Read More]


Pardon the crazy way I behave
And the things I say
Maybe I?m too young to know the score
But there?s something inside not right

Wish I could vocalize
If I screamed would you ...[Read More]


Come here talkin', like a schoolboy fool
Cute and rotten
Ooh, Beanie G. and your Rose Tattoo
Keep on rockin' like the Gator say keep on
White clogs knockin'
Oh, oh, oh, Beanie G. ...[Read More]


There's a million like us so we're not alone
A million like us though I can't think of one
There must be a million people who are pulling apart
And they don't know how to stop it, can't s...[Read More]


Come to me like I'm the doctor
Say you need someone to talk ta'
You want advice go ask your mother
One bad turn deserves another
'cause I've been cursed with your infection
Makin'...[Read More]


(john oates)

Opening night, nothing new atlanta
Into the spotlight, one more time
Just in time to play
To one man and an empty table
He was drinking down the pain
All he ...[Read More]


Standing in the rain

Cab comes into view

Ask me where am I goin' to

Running for so long

Been gone too many nights

And my heart has paid the price

...[Read More]


Heaven has sent you from above, baby

Love that I needed for so long baby

Never before did I feel this heart break

Thrill to you baby

Tho' I'm far away

Oh ...[Read More]



It's just a case of choosing my priorities


It's just the art of changing our perception

But when I see that girl it messes my security

So pl...[Read More]


Babs and babs lay dreaming in a four poster bed

Arm in arm, head to head, babs and babs

Babs said, "whatcha thinking? "

She said, "nothing

But I nev...[Read More]


Don't wanna open your heart
You're afraid from the start
That a new love's gonna let you down

There is something you should know
Before you give up and go
I don't believe in ...[Read More]


When I'm hurt then I come on strong

I wanna break down

But I just keep it in

Being too strong is a weakness, girl

'cause when you fight the world

You know...[Read More]


Spending all my nights, all my money, goin' out on the town
Doin' anything just to get you off of my mind
But when the morning comes, I'm right back where I started again
And tryin' to fo...[Read More]


I turned around and you were standing there
More than a little high
More than a little crazy
So beautiful I had to stare
And I knew you had the power to change me
Scarlet woman, y...[Read More]


(daryl hall/john oates)

We don't need a whole lot of money
We don't need a cadillac car
What we need is a mountain in montana
A thousand acre world for the roadies and the girls<...[Read More]


Automatic action
Follow my reflection
I see myself in watching you
Lock into a vision, rising through the rhythm

Trance until the dance is through
Don't let emotion go the fl...[Read More]


(gloryland, in gloryland

(you're here in gloryland)

It started with a feeling

And a dream was born in you

You hope and pray that come the day

You'll see t...[Read More]


Just why do I want you baby

Anyone but a fool would let it be

Go on anywhere you take me

I don't want to know what's pulling me

If I fall so deep

With my ...[Read More]


Heavy rain, lightning too
Heavy rain, when I'm with you
Seems like a thousand years
Since we both felt free
We've seen a million faces
All staring at you and me
But just like ...[Read More]


You know you've got to throw your body around
You say there ain't no way to scare you, knock you down
High wire routine is working for you
Ain't nothing there for you to hold on to
Hi...[Read More]


I wanna know what you dream, oh baby

Am I one with your fantasy

I wanna show you my deepest feelings

Ain't that how love's supposed to be

Give me love hold on to m...[Read More]


Never met a girl could make me feel the way that you do

You're alright

Whenever I'm asked what makes a my dreams real I tell 'em you do

You're outta' sight

Well tw...[Read More]


{Hi, open the door
Hi, open the door
It's alright}

Another day and I'm spending time alone
I called your place but there is no one home
I've been layin' low but I'm thinkin' ...[Read More]


Music: hall/j. allen
Lyrics: hall

When I met you I should've been warned
Ooh I could see you change from day to day
But you kept me guessing
Playing for fun
What'll you d...[Read More]


Why does that restless part of me always see

Did I know love wouid show

And I'd find the passion I need

Look up ahead

All I see are worlds apart

Broken he...[Read More]


A young hog in the hood playin' chase

Smile on his face

Havin' fun ''cause it ain't nothin' like this place

And you don't wanna race

Fool I got the new ones on
...[Read More]


Oceans, emotions, yeah we all feel the same
Afraid of undertow and great tidal wave
I may go under many hundreds of times
I keep on kickin', baby throw me a line

C.C. Sick, Mai d...[Read More]


Start anyway you can in the

Company of gifted and mad man

Some vote to go on and some fall away

Maybe growing past the pain, maybe going insane

Or maybe it's just ...[Read More]


(daryl hall)

Tin can sound and a dead-eyed crowd
Can turn a sane man crazy and a crazy man sad
I can fight with the best, but I can only go so many rounds
And that's grounds for ...[Read More]


Were you ever so in love
You couldn't wait to get to sleep and dream
About the one you wish was there beside you
In the past few days I've grown
To love your giggles on the phone
...[Read More]


Funny how the times can change as fast as we can run
Sad to say we had to part when the fun had just begun
Now he night is over
And I'm waiting for the day we can be together
And we c...[Read More]


People always called me a fool

Because I never treated you cruel

I treated you good and you still walked away

But my stubborness still makes me say...keep sayin'

G...[Read More]


Lt seems it's getting harder
Yeah, it's so hard to find o lover
Okay the boys are getting better
But they still fall down under
Close examination, baby
Lt used to be essential
...[Read More]


(daryl hall/john oates)

You've got sicilian imagination
Second generation
And a long way from the family crime
But you've got your own way
Sign on the line, sign on the line,...[Read More]


I've carried my thoughts for quite a time
It's so hard for me to keep them
And if I put them down into this book
It might be easier to sleep then

There's a lot of tunes that'll n...[Read More]


Waking with the flowers to a morning in the meadow
Settling down the evening with the hills
I'm kicking stones and walking all alone like a modern buried treasure
And it's all around and ...[Read More]


You and I have separate lives girl
You and I go different ways on roads that cross
When love and loss is ruled by fate
People have a tragic habit
Of letting love get in the way
Th...[Read More]


Thank you for walking
Thank you for spending one day,
With a stranger

Good morning. hello! choose a color, carnation
We'll walk along.

Down round the pond, up the hill b...[Read More]


Lyrics: daryl hall, sara allen
Music: daryl hall

When I look in your eyes I can see there's more than passion there
Something ugly and lovely is tuning in just behind your stare
...[Read More]


Yeah you've been so close, oh baby

In my world always gone with someeone

Seeing you on your own

Lt's like some light, so bright is turning on

See you standing ther...[Read More]


Is it a star, or is it me
You say you believe in
And the nights
When my stage smiles not so wild, and ain't coming easy
Can't you see it's me
All broken down inside
Can't you ...[Read More]


Well it's ten o'clock
Jewel jewel, and it's time to see you
Scan around the block
Oh, you jewel in the monitor screen
I can usually find you near 42nd and 8th
A whore in a doorway...[Read More]


(beckford & ranglin)

Soldering it's what the young girl wants
Soldering it's what the young girl needs

She says she don't want the young buy,
The...[Read More]


Whatever happened to you

The one that was so beautiful

I could count on you to make my life a little brighter

I always thought you were built to last

But I never s...[Read More]


To play to get rich and die baroque is wrong
If you write a song for God, will he sing along?
While rows of robot symphonies read on
Is that the way that you want it played?

(Man...[Read More]


Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night
Looking for the fight of her life
In the real time world no one sees her at all
They all say she's crazy

Locking rhythms to the beat of...[Read More]


They started as children and grew to be friends
He with his sculptor's hands she with her needle
They went through some bitter times alone and together
They were lovers and friends, but f...[Read More]


Standing in the shadows of love
I'm getting ready for the heart aches to come

Standing in the shadows of love
I'm getting ready for the heartaches to come
Can't you see me standi...[Read More]


Words & music: d. hall

Woman don't need no run around
Don't need no truth in disguise
She only goes by
That look of love in her eye
There ain't no other side to see
She p...[Read More]


What a crew we made up there was faustus
Burnt out from playing too many bars, on a jersey shore
And sammy, almost bald from ironing her hair too much
Back in '64
And me and phazon ou...[Read More]


There was something about the way you left tonight
That really tore my heart
I remember the look in your eyes, it really ripped me apart

Oh, the look, one last time, it can't be the ...[Read More]


Imagine a world where the truth always changes

The more that you listen, the more you can hear

A world full of questions and no single answers

Memories a minefield of dange...[Read More]


Words can never change
What our hearts have denied
And all the sweet memories
Won't bring the love back to life
And the more that we try
The more it's gonna make you see
No wo...[Read More]


She's the girl who used to be
In the town that can't remember
Just a face you use to see
In a show one past september
Another child star who didn't get far
As she hoped to
She...[Read More]


Oh yeah
Send me baby, send
Pam, pam, param
Ta, ra, ra, ram

Cafe cats are waiting, loves anticipating
Coffee steaming on a rainy day
Couldn't stay at home, all tho...[Read More]


He's a war baby son of zorro
He's a war baby son of zorro
War baby
Been through momma, the bomb and 'nam
He's a war, he's a war
He's a war
He's a war baby
He's a worn baby...[Read More]


The light from your star is glowing

Yeah, I see you in the magazine

Your face seems older now, more knowing

But I prefer a woman to a teenage queen

The wine and th...[Read More]


Words can never change
What our hearts have denied
And all the sweet memories
Won't bring the love back to life

And the more that we try
The more it's gonna make you see
...[Read More]


Blue skies for today
Don't need no more lonely nights
All the black & blues have made me
Yeah, they made me see the light
Down and out but always dreaming
Gonna dream the love to ...[Read More]


Maybe I speak too soon
Maybe I play too hard
And I listen to major worries
In a minor way

You sent your message to me
You made a move that I'd understand
When you moved f...[Read More]


The way you do the things you do
The way you do the things you do

You got a smile so bright
You know you could have been a candle
I'm holding you so tight
You know you could ...[Read More]


When did you stop loving me

When did I stop loving you

When did the blue skies start to

Gather clouds

When did understanding start

Closing down

O...[Read More]


I was lying there

Lying on the beach

I dreamed you where there

Feel the heat

The sun and the waves

When you touch my hand

We were on a desert isl...[Read More]


Too much time is wasted on the world

Too much time is wasted on you, girl

Indifferent or cold

A dragged-up scene from an old dream

Does it surprise you where those...[Read More]


I saw on the tv we're sellin' arms to the enemy

So he can blow us all down

When we charge with the cards in our hands

And men in power places are resigning

'cause ...[Read More]


When we kiss that way

I search for words that

Might explain

How can a love go so deep

Girl, it's in my blood

It'll always be a part of me

If we s...[Read More]


Tell me what world you're living in

I'm trying so hard to understand

Searching my soul just so find any line

That connects me to whatever you are hiding

Remember h...[Read More]


The reason why I'm not with you
I thought you didn't want to be with me
I stayed up all last night
Tryin' to figure why you slammed the door on me
And I thought of all the things I mi...[Read More]


Christine, come to me, let your fire touch me
Christine, won't you please be good to me, tonight
Who knows what should be, come tomorrow morning
I just want to hold you close tonight
...[Read More]


Situation hollow
Loving chained to dollars
I can't live with your totalitarian
Sitting in the back seat
Beauty on a back street
Cleaning in a k-mart dress, now you'r...[Read More]


Can?t find the reason to stay with you
By now a reason should appear
Anybody else could understand my fear

That you're much, too much
You're much, too much
Much, too much, to...[Read More]


I come by tens
You come by threes
But Jack, the Barber Shaver
Come by sea

And all the time
Can't say that I mind
Working for free
I'm really smokin'

You fall...[Read More]


Nothing left to say
I used to wake up every day
Thinkin' back
On what I should've said
I put my trust
In a rifle full of rust
And the holding of it
Had to turn my hands re...[Read More]


If there's enough to go around
If there's enough to go around why can't I get mine
If everybody knows they've been lied to
If everybody knows it, then why are they waiting on a gas line[Read More]


When something is wrong with my baby
Something is wrong with me and if I know she's worried
Then I would feel that same misery

We've been through so much together
We stand as one...[Read More]


Some people are made of plastic
You know some people are made of wood
Some people have hearts of stone
Some people are up to no good

But baby, I'm for real
I'm as real as rea...[Read More]


Mother, mother, there's too many of you crying

Brother, brother, brother, there's far too many of you dying

You know we'ver got to find a way

To bring some lovin' here toda...[Read More]


You burn me up I'm a cigarette
You hold my hand I begin to sweat
You make me nervous
Ooh I'm nervous
It must be real bad karma
For this to be my dharma
With you

You b...[Read More]


Old girlfriend, she come walkin' down the street
When I saw her it was like seeing a stranger
But even if I try to work it up, no emotions are there
That's when I know what you are to me<...[Read More]


You'll never learn
You who cheat
You who lie
Now don't you hate you in the morning

You'll never learn
You be heat
You be ice
You're getting love mixed up with hunger<...[Read More]


Can we sing a truly good song?
We should sing now you and I
For the children who live without music
In the land where songs have all died

They need food for empty bodies
We n...[Read More]


And if you're waitin' at the house where I should be
And I'll be by, don't you cry
And if the door is shut, the lock is open free
And I'll be by, don't you cry, wait for me

And i...[Read More]


She's the mother, I'm the provider
I'm the father, she is my child
She is the border, I'm the divider
Remember the time
That we used to run wild
We were free

Like a fish ...[Read More]

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