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Album: I See You / Original Release Date: 2014-11-18Genre: RockSong Duration: 1 min 22 sec
[?] has advertised, it's a bit complicated [?]

Hey there, you play guitar, you come from Australia, how did you drift into this pop music world?

Well let's see.. well let's see... first it became kind of [?] [?]

Oh well... said Gilbert, oh boy... ...now at the moment at 5 'til 3 AM... ...I'm giving my love to you, 'cause I only want to see you smile...

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I am the great goddess
I made the world
The life forcing trees
And the great rythm of tides that follow my bleeding
Once I was everywhere
Men and women lived in my seasons
I l...[Read More]


Gnome, Gnome ...
Radio Gnome ...
Radio Gnome, Radio Gnome Invisible

Then when you're receiving
Perceiving your telepathic powers
Who knows why the wind blows through this win...[Read More]


You can kill my father
You can kill my son
You can kill my children
With a gun...
You can kill my family
My family tree

You can kill my body, baby...
You can k...[Read More]


If you feel belief hi Pete
I got a story to tell you
Of a band of little green men
From a far away planet
If you want to know about love
Then ask the wee geezer
He can t...[Read More]


Now you're here and now you're Gong
Now you're back where you belong
Meet the wizard of the keys
And he'll reveal the mysteries
Of Angels' Eggs and Octave Doctors
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Q: Master Builder, tell me how you make a temple?
A: Tools and moon stones, you don't really need them, you
know... Q: Master Build...[Read More]


Everywhere... spirit... I love you...
spirit... wind... I love you...

hava a cuppa tea
cuppa hubba dubba
didn't you forget something
roll another brother
maybe you f...[Read More]


Good evening
We are representing the Hubba Dubba tea company of Tibet
Would you like some tea?...[Read More]


Well help me help me sing this song
I wanna stay living for much too long
Now I wanna ride this big brass gong
Where am I babe?
You don't know!

I gotta take pills to kill my ...[Read More]


You are my Magick Brother
You are the one in Love
You are my Mystic Sister
You are the one in Love

Welcome to the Aquarian Age

Remember in the lives before
We walked...[Read More]


Yes we are
we're gonna change the World
(Haven't any choice...Yeah)
Yes we are
we're gonna change the World
(Say it with yr voice...Yeah)
Yes we are
we're gonna change the...[Read More]


And you tried so hard to get there...
And you tried so hard to get there...

Must be a way
For you to make the big time
You gotta lay
The lady at the right time
There'll c...[Read More]


The light gets stronger and all our eyes look
yonder to see what's going on
But that's all right you'll soon be out
of sight and surfing to the sun
The moonwheel's turning, the wa...[Read More]


please teach me how to learn
teach me how to burn
(and) when you,ve
taught me how to burn
show me how to yearn
...for you[Read More]


Deep - deep within you
In a secret place
Deep - deep within you
Everything you want to know lies
You're just killing time
Don't matter what you found
Doesn't break out your mi...[Read More]


This is the story of bee
You tea fool Mango
Cotton & how her
Marma-lady voice got
Stolen by one DJ
(dodgy) Queenie Nylon
Day-glo Doof only to be
Won back by Cotton's[Read More]


You ask me what
Makes anger
You ask me why we
You ask me how to
Kill a fire or turn
Another page
You ask me what
Makes lightning
Strike or
Why the rain br...[Read More]


Take me to your leaders...

Let the song man spin it it began at the beginning
Twas a sweet green planet
Nothing on it, nothing to it
Nothing in it, nothing to do
With the pl...[Read More]


If you want to fly, if you want to become a star, a
You could try the ascension of the great pyramid of life
Counting again and again from one to nine
Approaching and pushi...[Read More]


It is night
It's not night
I'm happy
I'm not happy
I'm sad
I'm not sad
It's early
It's late
Je marche
Je marche pas

Bonsoir monsieur
Tu vie...[Read More]


I'm giving my love to you
Cos I only want to see you smile
You got nothing to lose
But the failure to choose

Oh no, give a dog a bone
Don't come thinkin' through the doo...[Read More]


now if you want to know just how to
tune into the vibes of the planet
nobody else can tell ya
everybodies got their own way to do it
oom pa pa zoom de zoom
a cuppa hubba dubba
...[Read More]


Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite
Dynamite Dynamite Dynamite

I am your animal watching your head
I have been following you
Walking behind you
Sleeping with ...[Read More]


To pass beyond the countless worlds
The eternal wheel
The ceaseless tides of selves
Ever passing away before our eyes...

All life's light that I've seen...
Here before m...[Read More]


I left my body on my bed
I flew away inside my head
To dive right through the moon and find
A perfect world inside my mind
I want to take you there
Smiling through your hair ...[Read More]


Did you get it ? Did you get it ?
You're just another fish in the sea, yeah
Did you get it ? Did you get it ?
You gotta get it right
And you get it jerked when you get it right [Read More]


Motorcycle racer
greatest private rider in the world
lucky time chaser
greatest private rider in the world
I'm gonna be the fastest rider
comin'up behind you
now, I'm comin'up...[Read More]


O! Rtf girl
Are you stone?
Let me be your china gnome
Play me on your gramophone
And bury me in your garden

Not today thanks
Mister Long Shanks
I have other fish to f...[Read More]


Well shady lady whats your problem

Trying to buy a brand new husband ?

All I want to know is what happened

To your latest ancient wisdom ?

She seems like a typical...[Read More]


We are all
young fooles
in an
olde fooles game

livin on a planet
that will
never be the same

tryin to build a wall
around a space with
yer name ...[Read More]


Holy holy
Holy shiny
Silver screen
Program me my

Body language
I wanna live

That rich man's

Chorus repeat:
I never asked
Fo...[Read More]


There is a feeling we all know
Something happened long ago
When you remember who you were
Makes you what you are today
You are a kite upon the wind
Blowing through eternity <...[Read More]


I'm zero the hero
And my head has floated away in the sky - don't know
And now this spaceship headin' for me
I thought I was lost in the spaces and now all these
faces......[Read More]


I am - you are - we are - crazy !

Hey Pete you gotta meet the Pot Head Pixies
I am - you are - we are - crazy !
So meet, you'll never beat the Pot Head Pixies
I am - you are - we...[Read More]


It's a perfect mystery
How becomes a tree a tree
But there's something telling me
That nothing is for nothing is for
Nothing is for only one lifetime
Learning to be

Cops ...[Read More]


Zero... Where are you?...
Don't you remember why you came to Everywhere?...
The piece of mind that you came to find has disappeared
For all that you could take was piece of cake ...[Read More]


I met a man, a wise old man, the day I lost my pride.
He told me he belonged to me but from me he would hide.
And that I would not hear his voice until I learned to
Now ever...[Read More]


I've been stoned before
In Saint John's Wood crematorium
I fell down with boredom
Knee deep in the snow...
I've been stoned before...
In the Hague... In Prague
I've bin stoned...[Read More]


I love you mister Pixie
I love you
All I want to do is to be you...

I love your face
I love your space
I love your rays baby
And if you like
I'll stay tonight ...[Read More]


Chainstore Chant

...coming soon...

Pretty Miss Titty

Pretty miss titty
she works in the city
whiter than whiter
she gets up typewriter
men catch up later[Read More]


I am spending a
Lot of time on
The phone
Talking to
Leaders about
The need for
Weapons of
Destruction to
Be deployed Here at home.
So therefore...[Read More]


(ancient pagan chant balancing male & female)
(invoking forces of darkness/shadow)
(invoking powers of mother love)
(invoking energies o...[Read More]


Spirit of the moon
Spirit of the moon
My mind is made of you
Tell me what to do

i love selene
queen of my dreams i see you there
she's c...[Read More]


Yes we are
we're gonna change the World
(Haven't any choice...Yeah)
Yes we are
we're gonna change the World
(Say it with yr voice...Yeah)
Yes we are
we're gonna change the...[Read More]


In case you don't remember, this is what you do
Get up out of bed now
If there's nothing left to
Find the answer to - here is...
Question number one

If you're a believer... w...[Read More]


I am your p*ssy
You are my tramp
Don't want to f*ck you
Just hear you run
Miawl... miawl... miawl...
You can be a cat too

Not often lonely
As you see
I'm a cat wi...[Read More]


I left my body on my bed
I flew away inside my head
To dive right through the moon and find
A perfect world inside my mind
I want to take you there
Smiling through your hair
<...[Read More]


The eternal wheel spins

Eternal wheels are faulting
To corridors of time
[?] doctor's calling
Killing our fractured minds
Cycling in cycles
Eternal wheels we fault[Read More]


Fat cat smiles
The contract's signed
He can be proud
The church agrees
His private army
Will be used to stomp the ground
There's a peaceful blow
That's gather...[Read More]


I see you
I missed you
Hey listen
What, let's go there
I'm crazy
Lazy, I'm an old man
Not cool, [?]
You're just crazy like me
And so I'm thinkin
Let's just go drin...[Read More]


You and I, we were born in a time of revolution. But this revolution will not be on TV thanks to Gil Scott Heron. This revolution will not sit on your hard drive or be seen on CCTV. Or viewed on MTV....[Read More]


Tali's in the garden
By the wishing well
Wishing he could find a way
To break the magick spell
That keeps his father far away
Across the windy seas
In misty forests liste...[Read More]


Witch Yoni looping round the moon
Tripping to Mars
Drifting on the red world
Walking the dog…star
Talking galactic acrobat
Ah here's a huge blue balloon…
Its Zero!

Fl...[Read More]


Behind the mask of the dictator
I know there is a damaged man
Inside the man there is a frightened little boy
With scary toys
That somebody will make a deal with
On either side th...[Read More]


Part 1

Where are you?
She flies out of the sky
With a great swoosh of wings
And a flapping of feathers swirling by

Dissolving dream destroyers[Read More]


Turn on information energy
Information line
You know you can see that the future
Currency is time
Lafta yo-ga-ga information:
It's only rap'n'soul

I mirror you-you mirror...[Read More]


Take your time
Stick around
Loosen up
I wanna joke about
What you got
What you think?
Think about
What to do about things
I wanna think about
What to ...[Read More]


- "Hello!"
- "Hello! Is that my virtual you? This is your body speaking!

Ahh yeah…hah…my body!
My body is talking to me!
Uh oh! My flesh is stressing! ...[Read More]


Hey you people of the planet
That the people that you know yourself
We are pixies of the green world
Gnomes and the [?] and the elf
We live deep in the forest
With the birch and t...[Read More]


[Part 1]
Doesn't matter if you know me
Doesn't matter if you knew me
Doesn't matter if you get me
It's okay if you forget me
Doesn't matter if you [?] me
Doesn't matter if you...[Read More]


[?] has advertised, it's a bit complicated [?]

Hey there, you play guitar, you come from Australia, how did you drift into this pop music world?

Well let's see.. well let&...[Read More]

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