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Album: Perfume and Piss / Original Release Date: 2010-04-02Genre: AlternativeSong Duration: 3 min 16 sec
As black as an oil slick as tough as they come
It's parting the masses blocks out the sun
Beefed up on hurt, gung ho and proud
Suits, shades and outriders survey the crowd

It's got the power to drop the bomb
You hear a rumble then it's gone
He could blow us all to kingdom come
There ain't no doubt he's his daddy's son
I wanna get a ride in Cadillac One

Don't slow at tollbooths or stop at red lights Plays chicken with the bad boys and gives 'em a fright
Heading down the highway to justice of a kind
Retribution alley an armour plated mind

With your war wagon rolling fueled on your spite
You didn't listen to the nation but still think you're
I hear a knocking on the doors of perception
You sound like a fool words of mass deception

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Take a look at yourself from the other side, and see if it's really you.
The reason for life is living, so do what you gotta do.
Catch the fire of inspiration, seek and you shall find.
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I can speed in my car down the road.
I don't have to follow the highway code.
The laws which bind you don't bother me.
I've got diplomatic immunity.

I'm really free.
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If you've a hollow life you cling to what you got,
and if nothing's blooming you gotta stop the rot.
When the world is black, cloaked in despair,
don't head down come up for air.

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Tracks in his arm made him a man,
No-one could understand.
Each night he'd go out shooting skag,
Met a pusher who sold him a bag.

That's why he was ..
Dead on arrival .. ..[Read More]


Just one more sip,
I'll be on my trip,
from hell to paradise.
Won't hear you shout,
cus' I block it all out,
I got nothing in this life.

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Send in the goon sqaud
It's getting out of hand
They're marching all over
Our Promised land
They've got dogs on bits of rope
And bits of rope for hair
I've seen them on the co...[Read More]


Ya know we need a little crisis,
to prove our sacrifices.
Get the taboos lifted,
get the gears shifted.

Don't get caught in the crossfire,
don't sabotage yourself trying to g...[Read More]


We gotta' raise some money for our children,
so when they're old they don't have to fear.
Scratch their back, they'll stab yours,
it's obvious boy, it's crystal clear.

We ain't g...[Read More]


There was a City Baby, Attacked By Rats.
Their little teeth, they gnawed and hacked ..

He grew and he fought back ..
put those rats back in their traps.
City Babys .. Revenge Sur...[Read More]


There's a body in the bay
The cops are taking it away
They said this case was closed
It only shows you that never know

So who they gonna get
When the troubles got to stop
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Suits of black, serene robe,
into your mind they will probe.
Christianity it's a pain,
financial power, it's their gain.

Christianised cannibals,
cannibalised christians,
...[Read More]


It started off as innocent fun, a stranger in a foreign land.
A boy with a gun and no name, seeks compassion with a girl in hand.

When your conscience taps you on the shoulder,
you'l...[Read More]


I'm in the wrong place, my face doesn't fit,
and I said "Motherf*cker" when the bullet hit.
I bit on deep, I bit on hard,
all we got left now are memories and scars.

Th...[Read More]


All the girls wanna' look so pretty,
all the boys wanna' be so cute.
With the holes in their jeans,
say they wanna' learn to shoot.

You don't need no judge and jury,
just vib...[Read More]


You beat us down but we came back, revenge is sweet and we're on the attack.
Who are you, what do you do ?
You promised us the world then took it away.
Slogging 'round the country for a t...[Read More]


There's a brand new terror riding in the sky,
unseen errors that ain't no surprise.
You can't get off, nowhere to hide,
strap yourself in, it's gonna' be rough ride.

Captain Chao...[Read More]


Just met a girl down in Boston, I asked her for her name.
Said she wouldn't tell me for she was ashamed but I know.

Boston baby, Boston baby, why you so scared, why ?
Boston baby, Bo...[Read More]


Every road leads to somewhere,
the way to hell is paved with good intentions.
Looking at the blackness,
there's an evil eye beaming down on me.
My brain implodes with torture,
as ...[Read More]


Big women, I like the size, big women flabby thighs.
Big women, big women, big women .. they fill my eyes.

Oooh a a ah !

Here they come, walking down the street, big and bouncy ...[Read More]


I met you at a party, it was 10 pm.
I was outside being sick so I came inside again.
I opened another bottle, but that made me feel worse.
I was sick for the second time, it made me shout...[Read More]


Sleep like a baby,
my little lady.
Dream 'till the sunrise, creeps into your eyes,
dream 'till the sunrise turns on the day.

In the avenues and alleyways,
while you sleep the...[Read More]


We've travelled your six lane highways,
and still arrived late.
Then saw a cockroach dancing,
upon our deli plate.
I've drank your wicked potions,
ended up on the floor.
Yes w...[Read More]


You're like a kind of religion,
I see you each night on television.
I can't remember all your names,
I love you running through my veins.

Alcohol, oh alcohol, I love you in my br...[Read More]


I've seen the carnage that you've caused,
smelt the power you've absorbed.
Been a witness to every crime,
and I'm dissatisfied all the time.
I wonder how you can sleep at night,
y...[Read More]


In the city of madness, I'm just another face,
but they know right where I am,
gotta leave this place.
Hiding in the subway, I don't like it down here,
rats are coming after me, they ...[Read More]


Dog tired sleeping on the train.
A couple of hours and we'll be home again.
But a big man dressed in blue said,
"Hey you lot, we want you".

We had a drugs party in 526....[Read More]


Sittin' in my darkened room, got nothing else to do.
Tune into my radio, but there's nothing coming through.
Luxemburg has lost the call, Brussels is nowhere.
Moscow's just a crackle now,...[Read More]


Can't take no more of this daily grind
I need some space to unwind
Not enough Carrots to many sticks
But i'm prepared to take the risks

I'm falling down, I'm falling down, I'm fa...[Read More]


A rapid night, and I'm feeling good,
I paid enough an' I guess I should.
I've gotta get up, I've gotta go,
It's two o'clock, I've gotta go, my watch is slow.

Faster faster, the r...[Read More]


At the bottom of a deep dark lake
I drove back to yesteryear
Sometimes seen and sometimes not
I believe theres a lochness monster

What a wicked web we weave
when governments...[Read More]


Out of the frying pan, into the microwave.
I need my fill, gotta satisfy my craves.

I missed out again, 'cus I ain't had enough,
When the tough go shoppin', the shoppin' gets tough.<...[Read More]


On the streets they're after me,
won't let me go, won't let me be.
This opression is screwing my head,
if I ain't careful I'll end up dead.

I'm living my life ..
.. I'm livin...[Read More]


You wake up one day,
to find you've been thrown away.
You've got no energy to speak,
you're just too damn weak.

Infected, infected,
injected misdirected.
Infected, infect...[Read More]


Well we're all packed up and we're Iroquois bound,
tuning our ears for the F.M. sound.
We got a million problems, we're on our way,
44th, New York, U.S.A.

That big crazy city don...[Read More]


Junkies all around you,
junkies everywhere.
Junkies on the corner,
Junkies in your head.

Look around fast enough,
you might see one in you.
Look around fast enough .. Up ...[Read More]


There's a time, there's a place,
it seems familiar now, but not the face.
The eyes are mean, without a soul,
I find myself looking up from a down a hole.

Reason skips me, see thr...[Read More]


The end of a decade closes in, the oppressed fight back but still can't win.
A blind eye sees more than pain, expressions on heads look so feign.

Four men died today, someone's gotta pay...[Read More]


You're a freak I guess you know .. ..
you're belong in a side-show.
The shape of your head, length of your neck,
on the whole you're a f*cking wreck.

Freak .. of nature, freak, g...[Read More]


Hey, hey, did you hear the news today ?
Someone just got killed in Boston.
Say, say, you'll get to hear it anyway,
they smoked him out with a gas bomb.

Future fugitives, future f...[Read More]


We'll lead you into victory, you hear the generals say.
Never look behind you, we're with you all the way.
Go to bed early, conserve your energy,
tomorrow we'll be fighting with our enemy...[Read More]


Get out of the city it's falling apart,
it's got a stake right through its heart.
They're queuing for food in huddled drones,
but it's safe in the larders of those on thrones.

So...[Read More]


Smoke and fire are burning bright, we'll set the tinderbox alight.
Rising from the ashes the phoenix lives, life and death the red flame gives.

Give me fire, on which I feed, give me fir...[Read More]


An easy job but it went wrong, I could not understand.
But how could they stop me with this magnum in my hand ?

Just a kid now he always will be.
Gunned down gunned down.
Fell li...[Read More]


Heard him on the radio, seen him on tv,
watched his movies he didn't impress me.
He's in the Whitehouse, i'm in the doledrums,
someone's gotta get him, before his time comes.

I'm...[Read More]


Some get kicks by kicking people,
some get high by talking down.
I get mine somewhere in-between,
dumb attitudes make me frown.

There are no guns, there's just guitars,
shoot...[Read More]


I Dont wear a tie dont ask me why i feel uncomfortable in one
and i wont wear a suit cause it might take root
and i end up towing one of your lines

You laugh at me because im differ...[Read More]


You were twenty five when you split the scene,
why did you have to go away ?
Prospects were good, you had money to burn,
but you had the curse of the 'J'.

Now the skulls they're ...[Read More]


The adrenaline flows as the shadow grows.
Footsteps clatter and my teeth chatter.

They're here again to administer.
Heavy discipline, is everyone listening ?
Heavy discipline, no...[Read More]


The poor man he had no dreams, had no vices all he had was himself.
Spent his days walking around, thinking of things to do with his time.

It's like a dream when I wake and scream.
I...[Read More]


I've got a turbocharger, on my car,
without that power .. we wouldn't get far.
Let me take you back to when power first began,
rubbing sticks together can't be a lot of fun.
High octa...[Read More]


Cruising down the highway,
Indianapolis bound.
The sun is out, shades are on,
but the gig still can't be found.
As we gaze out of the window,
see fields and barns float up.
A ...[Read More]


Now I'm in love with the Texas Chain Saw Massacre,
I'm in love with the wolfman and his pal Dracula.
There's horror all about me, horror everywhere,
I love it when those vampire bats get ...[Read More]


How come we suffer 'cos your paranoid ?
How come we fill that gap in your void ?
How come come there's so many starving in the world ?
How come a swollen belly ain't fun for boys and girl...[Read More]


Shivers running down my spine, whose blood I know it's mine ?
I'm a moving target and I can't go home.
Chased forever and a day of my choosing my own way.
I don't wanna forget the things ...[Read More]


Hey, Keith

Outta my mind on a Saturday night
Nineteen seventy seven babies rollin' in sight
Radio's burning up above
Beautiful baby, be my love

Alright, feel...[Read More]


Feel depressed, walking home,
could have used a megaphone.
Inanimate objects getting me down,
mechanical failures all around.

I shot the Marshall,
in self-defence.
I shot...[Read More]


I can't see smoke hanging like a noose in the sky.
I can't see death lurking, only you and I.
We're small cogs in a big machine,
wake up son 'cos it's no dream.

Go .. ..
Wake...[Read More]


You were there, when I needed a place to crash,
I had no money, you gave me all your cash.
You're my burning sun in my darkest hour,
you're the problems I can't solve.
Soaking up all ...[Read More]


Out on a limb, got no enjoyment, stoney broke, got no employment.
It's something no-one else can see, I've gotta end my misery.

Self destruct, self destruct, I said I'm gonna.
Self d...[Read More]


All the boys and girls from round the world are gathering here today.
They're gonna' run and jump, dance and sing and play.
But you'd better think twice on the merchandise.

Lost in t...[Read More]


Lycanthropy is in his blood,
and spreads to those he slays.
Uncontrolled metamorphosis,
undetectable by day.
But when the moon is waxing,
and all the world's asleep.
Through w...[Read More]


You're getting under my skin,
the places that you've been.
You're dishing out the dirt,
and sure know how to hurt.

But you're going nowhere ya missing the whole damn point,
l...[Read More]


See the sun way up high,
burning down on me.
Mountains rise and kiss the sky,
then crumble to the sea.

But alas all's not well in Eden now,
things ain't what they seem.
T...[Read More]


They're always stealing off the land, the Earl has to take his final stand.
Build a device to catch them all, I don't give a damn if they say they're poor.

If you get caught there's no g...[Read More]


He'll be buzzing in your head, when you're long gone.
Fever burning, stomach churning he can take you on.

Maniac, he's a maniac and he's on the loose.

A wild eyed maniac seeks y...[Read More]


Was it you who took the money,
to the land of milk and honey ?
Your past is catching up on you,
put it on a conveyor belt.
The chips are down, the cards are dealt,
you won't be ca...[Read More]


(USA) Staring through the boring Monatana skyline,
wishing that this journey would come to an end.
Rolling stoned I'm listing to the gussler,
I want a wash, I wanna' phone my friend.
...[Read More]


I grew up in the deep South, and wore dungarees.
We lived in a little shack, and ate bacon grease.
I slept with my sister, and she slept with my pa.
It didn't bother my mother, 'cus we ke...[Read More]


Make love to you your eyes are closed,
your body is rotting it's decomposed.
Your hair straggled in a spider's web ..
you're dead.

No remorse ..
screw the corpse.

Yo...[Read More]


I once believed, all girls are nice,
but listen to me, take my advice.

You've gotta get yourself on the right track,
'cus finding a good girl, Boy,
is like finding .. a needle in...[Read More]


From the slums to the suburbs there's a rallying cry,
people are kicking authority, blacking its eye.
It's sure time to party when your freedom comes,
flowers poking out of the barrels of...[Read More]


The night air's cool but your system's not,
you stand for what you care for, not for what you've got.
The streets are mean, keep your conscience clean,
you've gotta wrap up from the cold....[Read More]


No survivors in this game of hate, we all get changed in a certain way.
Our ideals changed by mortar, there isn't a person who doesn't pay.

No survivors, burst the bubble.
No survivo...[Read More]


Lying on my back, staring up to the sky,
thunder black clouds, I hear a distant cry.
Needle sharp start like diamonds on velvet,
and the snail trail of a shooting comet.

Everythi...[Read More]


Kickin' up the dust clouds here we go,
out to the Wild West.
Ride the ferry as the sun goes down,
carrying on the quest.
But on the way back all's not well,
there's an incident on...[Read More]


Shocked the world cause they wanted to live.
They had no food, no alternative.
Lost in the snow weak in the mind.
Starving and cold; they ate their own kind.

Had no charts: lost,...[Read More]


If your body's feeling bad,
and it's the only one you had.
If your mind is in a state,
stainless steel penetrate.
I can ease your pain away, just an hour every day.
Now relax, hav...[Read More]



Residing pack of goods, smoking nighty-nine
were having laughs,and the time of our life
to mock the hell yea, life on the road
I'll f*cking blow your hands off, before the ...[Read More]


You've got a fast brain,
it's like a bullet train.
You've been branded,

Your scream's like gasoline,
it burned me to the core.
You used to stand for so...[Read More]


Put us on a life support machine from the day we're born,
didn't realise it was just our dawn.
By the media we've been accepted, but in reality still rejected.

From the start it won'...[Read More]


Broken glass is everywhere, crunchin' underfoot,
the windswept streets preparing for the flood.
A priest with a bible is doing all the plugs,
jobs now are seconary to sex and drugs.
<...[Read More]


Bring me your poor, give me your weak,
'cos I can make strong, the man who can't speak.
I'm out on my own in the field of life,
harvesting souls for your children and wife.

Sam i...[Read More]


See the man see him run,
where's he going where's he coming from ?
What's he carrying under his arm ?
Stay away it'll do you harm.

See the man run.

Why's he sitting in t...[Read More]


I'm strapped into my bed, I've got electrodes in my head.
My nerves are really bad, it's the best time I've ever had.

I'm a sick boy and there's no cure.
I'm a sick boy there should ...[Read More]


I wanted you cause of your bust .
And now I want a night of lust.
Can't wait around here anymore.
So take me home you dirty whore.

Slut, slut ..
Dirty bitch

I've had...[Read More]


State executioner, there's no hope,
for the men that hang on th eend of your rope.
You think you're safe no-one can tell,
what they'll do when you get to hell.

State executioner ...[Read More]


In the desert with a bottle of J.D.
The red pipe glows with lines of c.
Things are normal but they won't be soon.
Hairy monsters in the next room.

Frogsheads and midgets going oi...[Read More]


As black as an oil slick as tough as they come
It's parting the masses blocks out the sun
Beefed up on hurt, gung ho and proud
Suits, shades and outriders survey the crowd

It's g...[Read More]



There's no one up there there never was.
Only in vain is there a god.
There's too much suffering for him to be ..
an almighty power, a heavenly being.

My god, y...[Read More]


When your head's exploding and your vision blurred,
the teasing torture when anger is spurred.
When the bats in your belfry won't let you sleep,
incessant insomnia or does it go more deep...[Read More]


Perpetual torture, from those we love to hate.
It's meant to be, you can't change fate.

We got a time bomb ..
.. 5-4-3-2-1 go

The time will come when we gotta say no.
De...[Read More]


Young kids shouldn't sing ballads
Where is all your teenage angst?
Stand up for what you believe in
Show 'em what they're up against

Managers do the managing
So stick to the ...[Read More]


He lives his life down on the beach,
his grilfriend's got the skin of a peach.
He likes a good time and he knows how to get it,
rolls his own, you've gotta give him credit.

As th...[Read More]


Well I've got a real hot feelin',
in this real cold world.
I'm in love, with a humongous girl.
She sleeps all day in a ruined church,
night time comes, she's got me in her lurch.
...[Read More]


I've been guilty too, I ain't so pure,
you get a little bit, you just want more.
Go on destroying what little we got,
two steps forward three steps back.
In this crazy world you get n...[Read More]


Everywhere I go, everyone I see,
knows the secret languishing down inside of me.
A change of scene could be the key,
go to the cupboard, take out the bottle and splash it all over me.
...[Read More]


Well they paid him the advance,
and waited for the book.
But the writer didn't care none,
no he didn't give a F. F. F. F.
Fortune squandered,
he's drugged up bad.
They called ...[Read More]


Into the Valley of Death,
you'll take your last breath.
But you don't realise,
that the heat can fry your eyes.

Down in the Valley of Death .. ..

Not a soul can live,[Read More]


Well I just got back from Vietnam,
where I saw a baby in a pram.
The next minute it wasn't there,
I was getting paid too much to care.

Now I fought hard for my Purple Heart.
...[Read More]


We're a bunch of desperados, a brave and fearless crew.
We will work for anyone, we'll even work for you.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
Money is the cause we fight for
...[Read More]


Trying to find a balance
Somewhere in my life
The frozen stare of a beer caught in a headlight
Gotta keep on going
We ain't born to lose
I feel like a genius trapped in the bod...[Read More]


Face on face all totally sane
Living on eggs in a bullet train
The answer comes with a sage like nod
And we're ringing the bell like Pavlov's dog

I'm all fuelled up I'm wearing a...[Read More]


You're not unique
You're just another runner
In the big time
The sour grapes of summer
And you couldn't be
Anymore dumber

You're not unique
You're obsolete
You wo...[Read More]


Hindsight seems a precious thing
When you're waiting for the phone to ring
There's no bible or guiding light
Learn for yourself you run or fight

As long as anger has a soul [Read More]


To the mean and mealy mouthed
Hanging with the crowd
I bet you don't know what I’m thinking
Sometimes the brightest star
Burns the shortest from a far
You, you just stand ther...[Read More]


I've been down park lane and it stinks like any other
And I don't want to go to where you find life is cheap
The beggars all want to be loved just like anyone
But I won’t buy ...[Read More]


This sure is a bad mistake that i'm making
The risk is high with the chances i'm taking
The power of one; an unstoppable force
Don't get in the way it's gotta run its course
The po...[Read More]


Something's wrong, someone's gonna pay
The innocent are getting blown away
Months ago a peaceful scene
We bought the kids some ice-cream

While the bombs are dropping on our fr...[Read More]


You want a house and a child but you don't want a man.
You'll live off the state as long as you can.
Claim you're equal with your feminist wit.
If you are you'd better act like it.
[Read More]


The pen they say is mightier than the sword,
But don't for a minute believe a lying word.
They'll do anything to try and sell their ware,
They've got no morals and they really don't care....[Read More]


I'd rather be an hour early than one second late
I'd sooner sit and read a book at the departure gate
Time flies like a broken man looking for his grave
Happy to be hungry and free than a...[Read More]


Be on guard twenty four-seven
there'll be no warning shot
keep looking over your shoulder
protecting what you've got
take a look from the dark side optimism don't get a
chanc...[Read More]


Discover the treatment before the disease
Discover the treatment

I’m feeling so awake, my eyes see all there is
Bursting with anticipation, longing just to please
It's up to you...[Read More]


Who will watch the watchers, who spies on the spies
Who trusts politicians that are crooked by design
Force them into action watch them all conspire
It ain't a smokin' gun it's a city on ...[Read More]


It's everywhere and nowhere
Lurks in some wicked hearts
You'll know when it's ended
But not when it starts
So glamorous in the '70s
Put your gun back in its holster
Reality is...[Read More]


Blood is thicker than water
But money is thickest of all
You're going through a phase
When you can't resist its call
I got you in my crosshairs
Waiting for the sting
You know ...[Read More]


Psychosis of the mind will be the death of us all,
your brain's screaming from the depths of hell,
loud and ringing like a clarion call,
and the clanging of the mission bell.
There's ...[Read More]


Exempt from the laws which you created,
your thought out lies becoming dated.
Ruin our lives then plead for support,
the noose around your neck is getting taught.

Slit your own t...[Read More]


The flames of degradation burn and curl up to the sky
They tell you when you're going wrong but they'll never
tell you why
They got all this power and they shove it in your face
Stom...[Read More]


You get sucked in cuz it's easy to watch
But I'd rather be one of the few
You don't live in goggle-box-ville
And there ain't a camera on you

It's got a lot to answer for
Thin...[Read More]


She has more spirit than a bottle of vodka
Many tried but no-one could stop her
Panda eyes there from the start
Big boots but a bigger heart

So this is a song for Cathy
...[Read More]


Well I got the tickets I’m standing in line
We're twenty minutes ahead of time
The drinks are free and you get a snack
We lose a hour going coming home we get it back

We're fly...[Read More]


Out in the dark where the shadows can't find
You don't look around cos there's someone behind you
If you don't shake them off, you'll never be free
Control the fear and you get an ener...[Read More]


Tapes up the hammer comes down
Engines roar it's a beautiful sound
Throttle open five hundred cc's
Flyin' by on a methanol breeze

You're racing ahead of me
I'm just tryin' to...[Read More]


With his trademark quaff
And a killer riff
He opened the eyes of the blind
In the spliff bunker
No one punker
A hero for all mankind

I just couldn't believe it when Joe d...[Read More]


I took a swandive out of innocence and landed on the
This ain't no game boy, this is now superhighway
The net was closing in on me, I had to make a break
Like a ...[Read More]


He's polytoxic; he's always obnoxious
Loved music, had fun, but the damage was done

We really tried to pick him up
We really tried to help
But we just couldn't save him
Save ...[Read More]


My momma, can I climb on the trees in the park?
My momma, can I stay up til late in the dark?
My momma, don't over protect me now
I just want to have some fun at night

And I'm go...[Read More]


Meanwhile, Back in the ping pong pit...

Woke up this morning feeling blue
Woke up this morning feeling blue
Woke up this morning feeling blue

I'm sick and tired had nothing ...[Read More]

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