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Album: In Your Honor / Original Release Date: 2005-06-10Genre: AlternativeSong Duration: 5 min 13 sec
If you'd like to walk a while
We could waste the day
Follow me into the trees
I will lead the way

Bring some change up to the bridge
Bring some alcohol
There we'll make a final wish
Just before the fall

Promise I will be forever yours
Promise not to say another word
Nevermind whats done is done
Always was a lucky one

Watch the sunrise all alone
Sitting on the tracks
Hear the train come roaring in Never coming back

Laying quiet in the grass
Everything is still
River stones and broken bones
Scattered on the hill

Promise I will be forever yours
Promise not to say another word
Nevermind whats done is done
Always was a lucky one

Promise I will be forever yours
Promise not to say another word
Here forever deep beneath the dirt
Nevermind whats done is done
Always was a lucky one

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Keep you in the dark
You know they all pretend
Keep you in the dark
And so it all began

Send in your skeletons
Sing as their bones go marching in again
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Took the high dive into your brain
And you made your only calls
You just might wear your welcome out if you don't let it go.

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Lately, I've been
Living in my head
The rest of me is dead
I'm dying for truth

Make me believe
No more left and right
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I'm fighting for you
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Crazy but I'm relieved this time
Begging for sweet relief of blessing in disguise
Dying behind these tired eyes
I've been losin' sleep, please come to me tonight

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Burn all the candles out
Make a wish but not aloud
Relive the here and now
To see you now and then

I'm a revolvin' door
I've seen it all before
I will begin again
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I've got another confession to make
I'm your fool
Everyone's got their chains to break
Holdin' you

Were you born to resist, or be abused?

Is someone getting the best
...[Read More]


Oh mirror mirror, you're coming in clear
I'm finally somewhere in between
I'm impressed, what a beautiful chest
I never meant to make a big scene
Will you resign to the latest design<...[Read More]


the train that I got onto up and left that town
threw it up as it went down
strange enough it left me rude and turned around
watched as they all took their vows

fools were drawin...[Read More]


Hey you
Are you in there
I'm stuck outside you, ooh

We could use
One another
Another like you, ooh

You be my passerby
I'll be your one to pass through [Read More]


Run and tell all of the angels
This could take all night
Think I need a devil to help me get things
Hook me up a new revolution
Cause this one is a lie
We sat around la...[Read More]


I thought I knew
all it took to bother you
every word I said was true
and that you'll see

how could it be
I'm the only one who sees
your rehearsed insanity

I sti...[Read More]


since I'm putting down all
of the true things around but I like it
I handed down the crown
given the jewels and the answers of may
the thought of being ousted comes and goes
when ...[Read More]


Lately I'm getting better
Wish I could stay sick with you
But there's too many egos left to bruise
Call it sin, you can call it whatever,
Eating deep inside of you
Well if it were...[Read More]


I'm Hanging On
Here Until I'm Gone
I'm Right Where I Belong
Just Hanging On
Even Though Watched You Come And Go
How Was I To Know
You'd Steal The Show

One Day I'll Ha...[Read More]


I've waited here for you,
Tonight I throw myself into
And out of the red
Out of her head she sang

Come down
And waste away with me
Down with me[Read More]


you know in all of the time that we've shared
I've never been so scared
doll me up in my bad luck
I'll meet you there

I wish I never had taken this dare
I wasn't quite prepar...[Read More]


Moving, again
*Comfort of the chase
Now and again
This my saving grace

Dead on the inside I've got nothing to prove
Keep me alive and give me something to lose[Read More]


No son of mine will ever do
The work of villains, the will of fools
If you believe it, it must be true
No son of mine, no son of mine

No son of mine will ever need
To beg for...[Read More]


You and I were two old and tortured souls
Repaired by a love of broken things
In a life, just some bodies growing old
No fear of the end, of anything

We're just ordinary people, ...[Read More]


I'll take it out of the wishing well
I'm thinkin' having a plan
Go on with your bad self
What do you see in yourself?

You think you're losin', it's time to stop accusin'
You'...[Read More]


I can be your liar
I can be your bearer of bad news
Sick and uninspired by the diamonds in your fire
Burning like a flame inside of you
Is this just desire or the truth

So sh...[Read More]


One of these days the ground will drop out from beneath your feet
One of these days your heart will stop and play its final beat
One of these days the clocks will stop and time won't mean a t...[Read More]


I've been waiting on a war since I was young
Since I was a little boy with a toy gun
Never really wanted to be number one
Just wanted to love everyone

Is there more to this than ...[Read More]


Too alarming now, to talk about...
Take those pictures down, and shake it out
Truth or consequence, say it aloud
Use that evidence, race it around

There goes my hero
Watch hi...[Read More]


All my life I've been searching for something
Something never comes never leads to nothing
Nothing satisfies but I'm getting close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope
All night...[Read More]


Seems like only yesterday
Life belonged to runaways
Nothing here to see, no looking back

Every sound monotone
Every color monochrome
Light began to fade into the black
[Read More]


Foo Fighters-Wheels

I know what you're thinkin'
We were goin' down
I can feel the sinkin'
But then I came around

And everyone I've loved before
Flashed before m...[Read More]


This indecision got me climbing up the walls
I've been cheating gravity and waiting on the fall
How did this come over me, I thought I was above it all
Our hope's gone up in smoke, swallo...[Read More]


A million miles away
Your signal in the distance
To whom it may concern
I think I lost my way
Getting good at starting over
Every time that I return

Learning to wal...[Read More]


You got away got away got away from me
Now get away get away get away from me
I couldn't grow just living in the shadow
Where do you go when no one's following you
You ran away ran aw...[Read More]


All my life I've been searching for somethin
Somethin never comes, never leads to nothin
Nothin satisfies, but I'm gettin close
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope

All...[Read More]


Nothing left within, I've been mined
Hell and back again, subterranean
I've been digging in down inside
I will start again, subterranean
But the truth is so unkind
What do you kno...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
If you want to
I'll make you feel something real just to bother you
Now I got you
Under my thumb like a drug I will smother you
I'll be the one
Be the moon...[Read More]


Dear Haley,
Can you save me from the borrowed cloud I'm on
All you gotta do is try,
Pray you're just getting by
Hey wait I thought you'd made it
How'd your bottled crown fall off<...[Read More]


When I talk about it,
It carries on,
Reasons only knew.
When I talk about it,
Aries or treasons all renew.

Big me to talk about it.
I could stand to prove.
If we can ...[Read More]


You make me dizzy running circles in my head
One of these days I'll chase you down
Well look who's going crazy now
We're face to face my friend
Better get out
Better get out
<...[Read More]


What would I do
Lonely as you
Pleasure or pain
I can't choose

What would I do
Lonely as you
Pleasure or pain
I can't choose

Wake up
You're dream...[Read More]


Call and I'll answer at home in the lost and found
You say that I'm much too proud
Someone who's taking pleasure in breaking down
Nevermind the mannequins, drunk in their hollow town,
...[Read More]


what have we done with innocence
it disappeared with time
it never made much sense
adolescent resident
wasting another night on planning my revenge

one in ten(x3)
don't w...[Read More]


Comin' down, I'm comin' 'round
This time I think I'm wakin' up.
Give me love to drown it out
Before the world starts breakin' up.

You change and then.
You change again.
T...[Read More]


these notes are marked return to sender
I'll save this letter for myself
I wish you only knew how good it is to see you

these steps I take don't get me anywhere
I'm getting furth...[Read More]


they knew all along
they're not dumb, they were so wrong
she's not always fun
hate it now, call when I'm done

pieces fell in place
puzzles suck, laughing in my face
turn ...[Read More]


You believe there's something else
To relieve your emptiness
And you dream about yourself
And you bleed and breathe the air
And it's on and on
I just kinda died for you
You ju...[Read More]


I have spent a lifetime
Waiting for the chance
To save you my confession
Save me your last dance

The same old superstition
Haunt us now and then
I'm begging for ign...[Read More]


Sing me yours, I'll sing you mine
Sing with me now what's a boy to do?
What's a boy to do?

Sing along for yesterday
Sing along my soul today
Sing along another song for you[Read More]


I was waiting for something
maybe flying machines
that's when I found Lily
the best I'd ever seen
put her on the ceiling
try to maker he my own
people line up to see
but t...[Read More]


I'm not around that much
running exhausted and lost
if it could be undone
will it have costed?
it's taught and lost

blowing away we stray, wilted
exhausted, at fault
...[Read More]


he floats
floats away
on the ground
he comes back down

they float
float away
on the ground
they come back down

she floats
floats away on the ground
s...[Read More]


I'm called a cow
I'm not about, to blow it now
For all the cows, For all the cows

It's funny how
Money allows
All to browse
And be endowed
The wish is true
It fal...[Read More]


I can be your right of way
So we can get out of here
I'll always be the one who runs from everyone
Cause everyone's just too weird

Sink with someone tied to me
I'm making you...[Read More]


Good and bad
I swear I've had them both, they're overrated
But is it fun
When you get hold of one
Some gone bad
And some gone back
Good ones all get taken
I'm calli...[Read More]


You're my size I need to try you on
Someone in between the right and wrong
Through everything you kept your wings apart
Through everything you stayed the same, hold on
And when I've h...[Read More]


Have you been headwired
Were you satisfied
Did it free the feelings in your spine
Sleeping way inside all this time
Will you meet your mind where the night collides
Will you greet...[Read More]


come and I'll take you under
this beautiful bruise's colors
everything fades in time it's true
wish that I had another
stab at the undercover
was it a change in mind for you
<...[Read More]


If you'd like to walk a while
We could waste the day
Follow me into the trees
I will lead the way

Bring some change up to the bridge
Bring some alcohol
There we'll make a...[Read More]


Shame on you
Seducing everyone
Faded jewel
Your diamond in the rough

You don't have to tell me
I know where you've been
Shinning once again

Will you do [Read More]


Take your payroll, and your lottery,
There's a place I know,
There's a robbery, and I swear I'll never tell
If you swear you'll never tell, and
We'll all make out so well
We will ...[Read More]


The rain is here (x2)
and you my dear
are still my friend
it's true the two of us
are back as one again
I was the one who left you
always coming back
I cannot forget you g...[Read More]


Tonight I'm tangled in my
blanket of clouds,
dreaming aloud;
I cannot be without you,
matter of fact.

I'm on your back (x3)

If you walk out on me,
I'm walking a...[Read More]


I'll stick to the mailman
I'm pinned against a pot plant
I'm sick of all the sun-tan
oily with the ray-ban

take that to the bank and call it a check
masked without a weapon[Read More]


real life is so hard
we hide in the stars
that's where our heads are
my head and your heart

this is a black out
don't let it go to waste
this is a black out
I want to...[Read More]


have you found your way around the down and out?
I know it must seem long so long
I'm still trying to keep this time from running out
head down
always moving on and on and on

...[Read More]


I'm in the sky tonight,
There I can keep by your side
Watching the wide world riot and hiding out
I'll be coming home next year
Into the sun we climb
Climbing our wings will burn ...[Read More]


I'm molasses hung in rent
read a sponsor one shot no post-show
tear it off, but not a lot, it's not enough to debate
as if you blame real and stagnate
big shit no shit
tear it off...[Read More]


I have a choice between the bat or the belt
Each time I hear about the hand you've been delt
Spare me confession
It's confession you sell
Maybe I'll fall behind
But I don't mind[Read More]


Everyone makes one mistake
One more time for old times sake
One more time before the feeling fades

One that’s born of memories
One more bruise you gave to me
One more test ju...[Read More]


leading everything along
never far from being wrong
nevermind these things at all
it's nothing

couldn't find a way to you
seems that's all I ever do
turning up black and ...[Read More]


I knew a girl named Nikki
I guess you could say she was a sex fiend
I met her in a hotel lobby
Masturbating with a magazine
She said how'd you like to waste some time
And I could...[Read More]


visiting is pretty
visiting is good
seems that all they ever wanted was a brother
this can be a secret
we can keep it good
even all the ever wanting had a problem

this is...[Read More]


I am a one way motorway
I'm the one that drives away
then follows you back home
I am a street light shining
I'm a wild light blinding bright
burning off and on.

it's time...[Read More]


When she goes storming out
I run for cover
Rolling like thunder clouds
Hanging above her

Ring in the witching hour
Spells that I'm singing
Rain come and drown me out
...[Read More]


Oh you know I did it
It's over and I feel fine
Nothing you could say is gonna change my mind
Waiting and I wait at the longest night
Nothing like the taste of sweet decline

I...[Read More]


Free me right now
You take me away, take it from me
Free me right now
You take me away, take it from me, yeah

Beautiful prisoner left here for dead
Promises made and sentence...[Read More]


He needs a quiet room
With a lock to keep him in
It's just a quiet room
And he's there

He plays an old guitar
With a coin found by the phone
It was his friends guitar
...[Read More]


This state I'm in
A place I've never been
I'm dyin' to meet you here

Come break this skin
I'll let you sink right in
And show you everythin'
See you in hell

We'l...[Read More]


Can you hear me, hear me screaming
Breaking in the muted skies?
This thunder heart, like bombs beating
Echoing a thousand miles

Mine is yours and yours is mine
There is no di...[Read More]


One more day that i've survived
Another night alone
Pay no mind I'm doing fine
I'm breathing on my own

I'm here
And I'm on the mend
I'm here
And I'm on the mend my fr...[Read More]


Restless little one
Comfortable and warm
Let me fall apart
Crippled in your arms

Chase me through the dark
Ready on your mark
First to reach the stars
Wins a broken h...[Read More]


Wake up it's time
We need to find a better place to hide
Make up your mind
I need to know I need to know tonight

Sweet and divine razor of mine
Sweet and divine, razor blade ...[Read More]


Something that I felt today, something that I heard
Swingin' from the chandeliers, hanging on your word
I remember watchin' you, once upon a time
Dancing from across the room in another l...[Read More]


Back and forth that voice of yours keeps me up at night
Help me search to find the words that eat you up inside
I go side to side like the wildest tides in your hurricane
And I only hide ...[Read More]


I'll never be fraternity
Another disease fraternity
Never believe fraternity
Just armies bored in life

I'll never be fraternity
I'll never need that brand of me
Fading th...[Read More]


This is the sound
The here and the now
You got to talk the talk, the talk, the talk
To get it all out

I listen
I listen
I listen

But you're out of tune
You'r...[Read More]


Dearest constellation, heaven surroundin' you
Stay there, soft and blue. Virginia Moon, I'll wait for you tonight
Sweetest invitation, breaking the day in two
Feelin' like I do, Virginia ...[Read More]


I'm the kind of guy who likes feelin' high
Feelin' high and dry, and I really like to fly
I'm your kinda guy, girl, I'm not too shy
And I want you to fly, so I think you oughta try
[Read More]


Sometimes I can't help feeling that I'm
Living a life of illusion
And oh, why can't we let it be
And see through the hole in this wall of confusion
I just can't help the feeling I'm[Read More]


A heart of gold
But it lost it's pride
Beautiful veins
And bloodshot eyes
I see your face
In another light

Why'd you have to go
And let it die
Why'd you h...[Read More]


hey now don't make a sound
Say have you heard the news today?
One flag was taken down
To raise another in it's place

A heavy cross you bear
A stubborn heart remains unchanged...[Read More]


Man watchin' video
The heart keeps on tickin'
He doesn't know why
He's just cattle for slaughter

The requiem

When the meaningful words
when they cease to function[Read More]


Dear lover, do you remember?
The sound of your laughter and demise
And that was all, I need to fall in love

This matter, it's something bigger
Anything ever graced my heart
A...[Read More]


When all is said and done
And the air we breathe is not enough
To keep these broken wings floating
Carry on into the sun, into the sun

On into the sun
On into the sun
[Read More]


Wish I were with you but I couldn't stay
Every direction leads me away
Pray for tomorrow but for today
All I want is to be home

Stand in the mirror, you look the same
Just lo...[Read More]


It was meant to be
But all along it never meant a thing
Never stopped to ask you why
You didn't pass me by
Did you see me when your life flashed before your eyes?
Was it just that...[Read More]


Lately I've been measuring
Seems my time is growing thin
Wind me up and watch me spin
Watch me spin
Watch me spin

Skin and bones
Skin and bones
Skin and bones don't y...[Read More]


Where you off to with that head of yours?
Is there somewhere you should be?
Was it something that I said the time I held you down
And told you it's not you, it's only me? Maybe

D...[Read More]


Ain't that the way it always starts,
A simple round of conversation,
Became a shameful equation,
I flipped to station to station,

Hey. Don't go and turn the other way,
Don'...[Read More]


These are my famous last words!
My number's up, bridges all burned

Oh won't you let me twist your fate
It's getting kinda late but I don't wanna wait no more
Well may I have this...[Read More]


Let's change the subject to someone else.
You know lately I've been subject to change.
Normally I reel in the strange.
Hangover, I'm older.

You're one to talk, the heart is a clo...[Read More]


If I had my way
If I had to lose
Wouldn't take back one thing
Never had much to choose

Then it dawned on me
Coming down on you
Like a cold sky raining under a burning moo...[Read More]


Once upon a time I was somebody else
In another life, I sold myself
Way back then, back when I was new
Somewhere down the line I started to slip
Years gone by, biting my lip
All t...[Read More]


I shoulda known that it would end this way
I shoulda known there was no other way
Didn't hear your warning
Damn my heart gone deaf

I shoulda known
Look at the shape you're in...[Read More]


He's there in case I wandered off
He's scared because I warned
He's there in case I want it all
He's scared 'cause I want
All in all the clock is slow
Six color pictures all i...[Read More]


Keep It clean, my mama said keep It clean x2
Driving all night, got a hankering for something
Think I'm In the mood for some hot-man muffins
Mmmm, Sounds so fine, yes indeed

Kee...[Read More]


You got a bad reputation.
That's the word out on the town.
It gives a certain fascination.
But it can only bring you down.

You better turn yourself around.
Turn yourself arou...[Read More]


Winding your way down on Baker Street
Light in your head and dead on your feet
Another crazy day, you drink the night away
And forget about everything

This city's dance makes you...[Read More]


I got superstition
Ruling my decision
You are my religion
Haven't got a prayer

So just give me the sign and I'll follow you
When every angel's guarding you
You are my rel...[Read More]


Ready aim fire

No one f*ckin' around standing in the line
You gotta feel it right between the eyes
Time is runnin' out, time to do it right, now

My oh my, every thing's gonn...[Read More]


I've Breaking the static, a life automatic.
Everyone mad about you.
Look like a dirty old bruise, face like a faded tattoo.

Life imitated, it's only faded.
Tired of waiting on yo...[Read More]


Leaves are falling all around
Its time I was on my way
Thanks to you, Im much obliged
For such a pleasant stay

But now its time for me to go
The autumn moon lights my way
...[Read More]


(Wings cover)

Stuck inside these four walls
Sent inside forever
Never seeing no one nice again like you
Mama you, mama you

If I ever get out of here
Thought of givin...[Read More]


Power is as sacred to that they never even teach
Only if it's black or white see the challenges
Open eyes are broken if you'd just consider me
Cut you loose, I feel like I gotta gotta go!...[Read More]


Uh, well, a young man, ain't got nothing in the world
these days
I said a young man, ain't got nothing in the world
these days
Well you know in the old days
When a young man was...[Read More]


Now when I was just a little boy
Standin' to my daddy's knee
My papa said "Son, don't let the man get ya
And do what he done to me"
Gonna getcha, gonna getcha now

I can remem...[Read More]


Get your party gown and get your pigtail down
And get your heart beatin' baby
Got my timin' right I got my act all tight

It's gotta be tonight
My little school babe
Your...[Read More]


Seda can you hear me
Do you know my face
Perfect like a circle
Gone without a trace

So long I have known you
Marks upon your skin
I can picture everything
Can you pic...[Read More]


Pay attention
No mention
A sickest array
A mission
An admission

Oh no don't talk about it
No please don't talk about it
Oh no ...[Read More]


Its been a long time since I rock and rolled,
Its been a long time since I did the stroll.
Ooh, let me get it back, let me get it back,
Let me get it back, baby, where I come from.
It...[Read More]


Baby hold on to me
Whatever will be, will be
The future is ours to see
So baby hold on to me

Baby, what's these things
You've been sayin' about me
Behind my back [Read More]


Looking for relief in your miserable life
You need some rock and roll
And you better get it right
Got to roll them bones,
Do everything they say
If you're cool, you're the foo...[Read More]


I'm hangin' around, I not puttin' down the state I'm in
I've never been proud, And now I'm allowed to shed my

I'm driving away, I know if I stay I'll sit and spin.
Imagi...[Read More]


Able bodied, chew the word
Cop to plenty, sell the tour
Split the moment, seal the sheet
Take the hemlock, beg to see

Feed the lawn from the palms of their hands
Never holdin...[Read More]


Danny says we gotta go
Gotta go to idaho,
But we can't go surfing
'Cause it's 20 below

Sound checks at 5:02
Record stores and interviews
Oh but I can't wait to be with ...[Read More]


You're a real short ride, Wow right
It'll beat you's up anyway, That's right
You're a teachers pet, Wow Right
Sit and bleach one anyway, That's why

Colour and The Shape
Colou...[Read More]




Feel when I dance with you,
We move like the sea.
You, youre all I want to know.
I feel free, I feel free, I feel free.

I can walk down the street, theres no one there
Though...[Read More]


gas chamber, there's a light.
stay at home, don't feel right.
in my room, all the time,
trapped inside this twisted mind.

gas chamber, cannot breathe.
time for lunch, cannot ...[Read More]


How I miss you
How I miss you
How I miss you
I should never call
How I hope that you still miss me

Did I lose you?
Did I lose you?
Did I lose you?
Somewhere down ...[Read More]


If ever you think you're not the one
I'll Remind you
If ever you think you're 'bout run
I will follow you

Come on to me
Just let it go

If ever you think you're not t...[Read More]


Stupid on the Steinway
So sick upon a Steinway
The sailors drown

See them talk and see them drown
And see them drink and fall around
Upon the floor

Sister of mine, h...[Read More]


The warmth of your love's
Like the warmth of the sun
And this will be our year,
Took a long time to come.

Don't let go of my hand
Now the darkness is gone
And this will b...[Read More]


It gets loneliest at night.
Down at the liquor store.
Beneath the neon sky.
Our moonlight.
Six A.M., the floor comes alive with lice.
The pan's dried up so tight.
With hardene...[Read More]


The waves that silences break come again, one by one
I lay awake and I count til I drown
Turn up the room it's getting too loud
I know I don't have to say it
Pick up and move and go f...[Read More]


There's a place I love to go
And strangers takin' me there
Dreamed about the day I learned to fly
I'm afraid of airplanes
Even though I like the way
It feels to be a person i...[Read More]


Down in the park where the machmen meet
The machine and play kill by numbers
Down in the park with a friend called Five

I was in a car crash or was it the war?
But I never been q...[Read More]


Ooh, look at me, I'm a Cadillac
I'm a brand new convertible child
I've never been driven, baby, you're the first
Come on baby, drive me wild, ooh

Ooh, look at me, I'm a telephone...[Read More]


I'm in love with a German film star
I once saw in a bar
Sitting in a corner in imperfect clothes
Trying not to pose
For the cameras and the girls
It's a glamorous world

I...[Read More]


(John Hurley / Ronnie Wilkins)

Billy-Ray was a preacher's son
And when his daddy would visit he'd come along
When they gathered round and started talkin'
That's when Billy would ...[Read More]


all the things I said I wanted turned out to be heavan haunted
every time I dream I'm sharin
all the things that I tried pairing too

if the thought could ever barter
time enoug...[Read More]


Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of nigh...[Read More]


Come on over here boy, have a cigar, you're gonna go far
You're gonna fly high, you're never gonna die
You're gonna make it if you try they're gonna love you

Well I've always had a d...[Read More]


I can't wait til it's light out,
There's some things I should get them done,
Tried inhaling some white out,
Ended up with some bleeding gums.

Anything I left in the closet,
S...[Read More]


Try Runnin around the candle
I was only running into you
Try Runnin around the candle
I don't try to run it into you

I get tired of runnin into you

Damn you damn everyon...[Read More]


I'm hangin around, I not puttin down the state I'm in
I've never been proud, And now I'm allowed to shed my skin

I'm driving away, I know if I stay I'll sit and spin.
Imagine the day...[Read More]


Got my good side at the ready
The other one is on the mend
Feel it in my bones when you break my back
Break it just to watch me bend.

Anyone for one too many
No matter what y...[Read More]


where's this come from? he's just as
Where's this come from
He's just as dumb
As he denies

He never lies
Her new disguise
Is butterflies

I'm all sick for you
...[Read More]


Oh misery, come marshal me in
No better place for me to begin
I'm coming in from out of this rain
The time has come to wash you away

The lovers are ridin' again
The lovers ar...[Read More]


Early morning, without warning
Woke me with a scare
I had that dream again
That the Sun was dead

Make me warm or take me home
It's so cold in here
Can't we meet somewhere...[Read More]


Goddamn this dusty room
This hazy afternoon
I'm breathing in this silence
Like never before

This feeling that I get
This one last cigarette
As I lay awake
And wait fo...[Read More]


You make me weep and wanna die
Just when you said we'd try
Lovin', touchin', squeezin' each other

When I'm alone all by myself
You're out with someone else
Lovin', touchin', ...[Read More]


Made the sinners cry
He oped up his sky
The rivers ran with blood
The deserts name was love

Said who can not be saved
Soul of a man is much depraved
Don't act as if you a...[Read More]


There are things that I'd like to say
But I'm never talking to you again
There's things I'd like to phrase some way
But I'm never talking to you again

I'm never talking to you ag...[Read More]


if I share powdered milk with you
I glue a picture to the chair
spit and butter from the plate that broke a week ago

Gather Round'
Gather Round'
Gather Round'

a fath...[Read More]


One of these Nights I'll shake you
I will take you from my veins
I'm gettin' tired of waiting
It's time to empty me

We can rip apart this bleeding heart, don't you wa...[Read More]


so we were in Amsterdam
and we were staying at this guy
Toss's house
good friend of ours
its kinda in the middle of the city
we were just finished with our
second Eu...[Read More]


blew it all away
blew it all away
living green and gray
blew it all away

read to past the time
sappy open line, turns to yours and mine
read to past the time..

y...[Read More]


Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond the illusion
I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high
Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
Tho...[Read More]


So you've been to school for a year or two And you know you've seen it all In daddy's car thinkin' you'll go far Back east you type don't crawl Play ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz On you five gra...[Read More]


Hey you
Are you in there
I'm stuck outside you, ooh

We could use
One another
Another like you, ooh

You be my passerby
I'll be your one to pass through
Screws...[Read More]


I found a reason beneath the subway floor
I found the water, the devil's water
And walked along it's shore
Is that what you want?
The channel's changing, the heart is racing
From ...[Read More]


Foo Fighters "Congregation" lyrics

Well, I met the seventh son
He came for everyone
The day he heard the lightning in the field
I heard him clear his throat
The fork within t...[Read More]


There you go again putting words into my mouth
This is one's for you to know, and for me to find out

All that troubling you warn about
How you're gonna know 'till you hear it out lou...[Read More]


Give me a flammable life
I'm cold as a match ready to strike
So here I go....

Here lies a city on fire
Singing alone
The arsonist choir
Now here I go

It started ...[Read More]


Every night my dream's the same
Same old city, different name
Men are coming to take me away
Don't know why but i know i can't stay

There's a weight that's pressing down
Late...[Read More]



Everybody was kung fu fighting
Those kids were fast as lighting
In fact a little bit frightning
But fought with exper...[Read More]


shut your mouth for the winter
if your boyfriend listens
were building a relation
for the music shakes it

There's that song again
there's that song again
there's that son...[Read More]


touch...light as a feather
I will wait for you honestly
I am yours - entirely...
I remember last night's dream
could it be the one of me?

I've known the face inside the windo...[Read More]


When all is said and done
In the air we breathe is not enough
To keep these broken wings floating
Carry on into the sun, into the sun

On into the sun
On into the sun

...[Read More]


what's there at the door that changed my life
without a simple reason why
feel another afternoon
split my poor broken heart in two
it's not a friend that you and I
throwing needle...[Read More]


Breathe oh breathe now smother me
So clever me, I'm onto you
My oh my, now testify
I'm guilty by my clouds on you

Where you been?
How far'd you get?
I got this sin I save...[Read More]


Wake up
Run for your life with me
Wake up
Run for your life with me

In another perfect life
In another perfect light
We run
We run
We run

[Verse 1]
T...[Read More]


Crawling on your
Poison to prepare
Now you're gone I float along
Like embers in the air
How could you understand?

Bring your armies down upon me
March across my back
...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
The sky is a neighborhood
So keep it down
The heart is a storybook
A star burned out

The sky is a neighborhood
Don't make a sound
Lights coming up ahead
...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Yes or no?
What is truth
But a dirty black cloud coming out of the blue?
I was wrong
I was right
I'm a blood moon born in the dead of night

Break my bones[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Everybody needs, everybody needs
Needs a little suffer
I just wanna do, I just wanna do
Do a little number
Bite the hand that feeds, bite the hand that feeds
Bite a ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
The sun went down on another perfect day
Busy counting shadows on the wall
The weeds are swallowing up the flower bed
Roses in the whiskey jar
Blood on the thorns
Dr...[Read More]


Looking out a dirty old window
Down below the cars in the city go rushing by
I sit here alone and I wonder why

Friday night and everyone's moving
I can feel the heat but it's soo...[Read More]


Blast on mirror tell or said
Blast in weapon wear it all away
Empty handed, empty handed

Pillow to rest a little in the soul
Bread or stone into would
Empty handed
Empty ...[Read More]


There ain't no secrets anymore
My name's been hanging on the outside your door
Just an old eyesore

I got this feeling, I can't keep it down anymore
Bring me some healing
Sain...[Read More]


Hey i'm glad i caught you on the phone
Thirty hours until i'm back home
Been hallucinating, me and sean
Time to turn his headlamp back on
Yeah, who you running from?
Someone left ...[Read More]


It's me
The end is near
Thought you'd never leave
Heart and teeth

Just to taste bittersweet
One last sting to get beneath the skin
Beneath the skin

The...[Read More]


Have you ever been dumb enough to do what you wanted to do
Without good reason coming over you?
Have you ever been young enough to feel what you wanted to feel?
Take back those years for ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
She was a friend of mine
Alone on a dead end street
Dancing through life
On the front lines

She led a quiet life
Ends, they don't always meet
Years passed h...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
You say I take it for granted
I say you've taken it all
Say you can take it or leave it
You got your head in the ceiling
When are you gonna come down?
When you're th...[Read More]


You lost your mind
I could not go
What little time we spent
A penny on the floor

My desperation
A spinning top
Revolving on and on
A world that never stops

I...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Look out 'cause you know what you're doing
Turn up the American ruse
Whitehouse, Death in June
Jim Jones painting in a blue bedroom
You don't know this, La Dee Da
Yo...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I've been drinking dirty water
But I've been here before, after all
The witching hour is upon us
So you and I can sing haunted songs

In my dreams I'm climbing ladde...[Read More]


I don't wanna be king
I just wanna sing a love song
Pretend there's nothing wrong
You can sing along with me
I don't wanna be queen
Just trying to keep my t-shirt clean There's on...[Read More]


There are days I might not make it
There are days I might start breakin'
But when the rains starts coming down as heavy as the air
You can find me dancing with the spirits in the square[Read More]


[Verse 1]
That night they were burning for truth
Down on the corner of 14th and U
They took your soul and they took you for fools
Took all the windows from prisons and schools
Now...[Read More]

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