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Album: Gone - Single / Original Release Date: 2020-10-22Genre: CountrySong Duration: 3 min 25 sec
My buddies think I'm on the lake
Boss thinks I've been sick for days
And mama's probably on her way
'Cause I ain't picked up the phone

I've been a million places
But they're all up in my head
Over-drinking, overthinking ever since you left

I've been gone, I've been gone
I've been sittin' on the couch watching TV all day long
All day long, I've been tryin' to figure out how a good thing went wrong
Faster than that freight train, farther than that airplane
Sadder than a country song
Headed down that highway, anywhere but my way
Ever since you moved on, I've been gone

Took a trip down memory lane
Checked into hotel heartbreak
Passed rock bottom on the way
Without leaving my living room

I've been a million places
But they're all up in my head
Over-drinking, overthinking ever since you left

I've been gone, I've been gone
I've been sittin' on the couch watching TV all day long All day long, I've been tryin' to figure out how a good thing went wrong
Faster than that freight train, farther than that airplane
Sadder than a country song
Headed down that highway, anywhere but my way
Ever since you moved on, I've been gone
Yeah, I've been gone

All the clothes are on the floor
All the mail's by the door
All the whiskey bottles in my bed
All the dishes in the sink
All the gas is in the tank
All the neighbors probably think I'm dead

I've been gone, I've been gone
I've been sittin' on the couch watching TV all day long
All day long I've been tryin' to figure out how a good thing went wrong
Faster than that freight train, farther than that airplane
Sadder than a country song
Headed down that highway, anywhere but my way
Ever since you moved on, I've been gone
I've been gone

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My buddies think I'm on the lake
Boss thinks I've been sick for days
And mama's probably on her way
'Cause I ain't picked up the phone

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Bet you think I'm sitting at home, no!
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Midnight stoplight, happens everytime
Pretty girl in a car
No resemblance whatsoever
I wonder how you are
Constant question poundin' inmy brain
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'Cause I keep my eyes on that horizon line
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I learned how to write it when I first started school,
Some bully didn't like it, he said it didn't sound to cool,
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I left that sun sinkin' west in California
I was supposed to say in LA a few more weeks
But the next time that old sun and I meet up
I'll be a thousand miles east

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Its just an old beat up truck, some say that I should trade up
Now that I got some jangle in my pocket
But what they don't understand is just the miles that make a man
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Lay your pretty head down on my shoulder
You don’t have to worry anymore
This old world is cold and getting colder
And I know how to lock and load the door

I’m strong enough to h...[Read More]


Ain't no line around the corner, no security,
No velvet rope, no dress code, everybody's VIP,
You can wear your hat, dance in your bare feet,
No credit card, no roll of cash, just BYOB[Read More]


Well don't worry about the damage done,
Just let those words roll off your tongue,
Even if you're lying.

If you really don't mean it I don't care,
If you need a little buzz to ge...[Read More]


Well, you ain't that old but you ain't that young
You've lived a life but you ain't quite done
All eyes on you everywhere you go
It's all good till you get too close

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I remember hearin' Hank on the radio
The first time it felt like fallin' in love
I bought a cassette, stole some Reds from Dad
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There ain't much to do here in this town
When the work is done and the sun goes down.
There's a place that we all go
Where it's two for one just to watch the show.
Yeah, me and the bo...[Read More]


Back in my day I was always
Cruisin' the road on Sunday
Makin' those tires spin your way
Yeah, it seems like yesterday
We'd go swingin' on the front porch
You were all mine and I ...[Read More]


Standin' hear on this cold ground
Tears fallin' down in the dirt
This world keeps spinnin' round and round but
Your lyin' still in the earth

Don't wanna swim in this darkness
...[Read More]


It's a tractor firin' up
Kids playin' in a field
Four wheels gettin' stuck
A line singin' out a fishin' reel
It's a cooler slidin' in the bed of a truck
A tin roof drippin' rain[Read More]


The phone lights up in the dark asks where you are & I start driving
Meet me for a drink, just an hour, maybe two, maybe three, baby I'm in
Girl, you can't take your eyes off me & that first ...[Read More]


Woke up this morning with my cellphone ringing
She said, "I know that when you called me, you were drinking
But I loved every single word you left on my phone
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I dialed seven digits five times today
Just to hear you say you love or hate me
I'll take anything
I just wanna hear your voice
Cut through the line like a heart shaped knife
Cut ...[Read More]


the moon outside too bright
those blinds let s just keep them close.
you know my hands know where to go to find your fingertips chasing back to your lips,
take you on a trip.
flip tha...[Read More]


When it's low beams, long stretch of highway
When the lonesome hits like a tidal wave
Tossing and turning, tangled with my demons
Making me doubt everything I believe in

There yo...[Read More]


How much reassurance does a man need?
Why can't I just let a good thing be?
Is it just me? Something don't seem right
In my whole life I've never been so close to anyone, anything, some g...[Read More]


I tried ice cold silver bullet Cuervo gold
But it don't seem to fix the situation
I've tried self help
Got a hundred books up on my shelf
I practice transcendental meditation
But ...[Read More]


It's the keys to your daddy's car
It's a night alone underneath the desert stars
It's a five o'clock whistle
It's the classroom bell
It's a Panama City at the window yell
A first ...[Read More]


Levi jacket broken in just right
I left it on the bleachers that Friday night
Felt so cool in the stone-washed fade
There's just some things that can't be replaced
That runaround free...[Read More]


Something 'bout George Jones on the headphones
Truth through a microphone
Livin' on and on and on in a melody
Something 'bout starlight on Kansas
The way a wheat field dances
It's...[Read More]


She wants her nails painted black
She wants the toy in the Cracker Jack
She wants to ride the bull at the rodeo

She wants to wear my shirt to bed
She wants to make every stray a ...[Read More]


Hey bartender, can I make one special request?
My woman left me, so tonight I'll be drinkin' your best.
I'm not talkin' about Single Malt, Scotch, Jagermeister, or Cuervo Gold.
I'll take ...[Read More]


I must look just like a fool here
in the middle of the road
standing there in your rearview
and getting soaked to the bone
this land is flat as it is mean
a man can see for a hund...[Read More]


(feat. The Del McCoury Band)

Now that old car, it ain't gonna last
You ride around all day, I buy the gas
The more I work, the more you spend
Tell me...[Read More]


I'm gonna be a modern day drifter
And get out while I can
Gonna trade in this life I've been livin
For a pocket full of sand
And a modern day drifter don't have to tell no one his pla...[Read More]


Well its been a year and there so much to tell
been doing alright in spite of myself
just wish I could stop feeling bad when I pray
But I know I'm gonna get there someday

Got tha...[Read More]


Guess you heard I'm doin' well
Struck it rich, to hear some folks tell
But I'm still the same old me
Down on Easy Street

You give your all to find that road
And you lose touc...[Read More]


Got a guitar
Got a guitar on my back
And I'm standin' on this lonesome railroad track
Train's a comin'
It'll be here 'fore too long
But I don't think I can stop it with a song
...[Read More]


Come a little closer baby
I feel like layin' you down
On a bed of sweet surrender
Where we can work it all out

There ain't nothin' that love can't fix
Girl it's right here at...[Read More]


Pair of boots and a sack of clothes
Free and easy down the road I go
Hangin' memories on the high line poles
Free and easy down the road I go
Free and easy down the road I go

...[Read More]


The world is cold but I don't care
When you have flowers in you hair
I see color and I hear sound
And good things happen when you're around

I work hard for not much pay
So I ...[Read More]


Cracked windshield
That I super-glued
Crumpled up cans and a beat up bag of red man chew
Fix a flat, jonny cash box set
Half a dozen parking tickets that I ain't paid yet
It's sit...[Read More]


There ain't enough bourbon in Kentucky
For me to forget you
No, there ain't enough matches I can strike
To set afire the memory of you

Up goes down,
Right's gone left me behi...[Read More]


Pullin' into the fast lane on the leavin' side of town
Just me and the dreams I've left undone
There's a whole lot of roads I can point this chevy down
But I can only think of one
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Father, meet me with Your arms wide open
The world's done broken Your Prodigal Son
Down that road I, traveled
Everything raveled only came undone

Father, lead me down to the rive...[Read More]


There's things in my life that I've been missin'
The touch of a woman, and lovin' after dark
Come here lately with the woman I've been kissin'
She comes from Kentucky boys, and she don't ...[Read More]


Country Roads, old theatre marquee signs;
Parkin' lots, and billboards flyin' by.
Spanish moss, little hick town squares;
Wild roses on a river bank: girl its almost like you're there
...[Read More]


Designer names and diamond rings
Are just some of the finer things
I thought it took to keep her saticfied
But a bank account and credit cards
A circle drive through an acre yard
...[Read More]


Girl I've made a name everybody writes off
An open-road hard case a honky tonk lost cause
The fate I'm lookin' at there ain't know way around
A long and lonely path I'm destined to go dow...[Read More]


Bartenders, Barstools and Barmaids
A jukebox and a pocket full of change
Just a few of my favorite things
Bartenders, Barstools and Barmaids

Bartenders listen when you talk
A...[Read More]


It's strange to hear your voice
I did not expect for you to call
You wonder how I'm doin
How I'm holdin up
Since you did me wrong

Well how am I doin' sinc...[Read More]


That old picture frame keeps hangin' 'round
Cause' I ain't ready yet to take it down
But every now and then I'll slam the door
Shake it loose and she'll hit the floor
But I can't thro...[Read More]


I'm gonna build a fire in the middle of July
Burn your pictures and go for a drive
Down to the river watch the ink from your love letters fade
Come back home and turn that old mattress ov...[Read More]


(feat. The Del McCoury Band)

Everytime I hear that whistle whine
From a lonesome locomotive comin' down the line
It carries my mind away to another place...[Read More]


We were playin' out in Vegas when this lady pressed her way up to the stage
I forgot what I was singin' when she met me with her meet-me-later gaze
When she threw it on my mic stand I figured...[Read More]


I came up through the trenches where
we only played for tips and alcohol
You find out what you're made of when there
ain't no gold or platinum on the wall
And there's a few more like ...[Read More]


I hear people talk of heaven
And how it's only for the precious few
But in the book that I've been readin'
Sounds to me like there's a lot of room
So I bet some folks are gonna be sur...[Read More]


It's a long trip alone
Over sand and stones
That lie along the road
That we all must travel down

So maybe you could walk with me a while
And maybe I could rest beneath your s...[Read More]


Becky was a beauty from south Alabama
Her daddy had a heart like a nine pound hammer
Think he even did a little time in the slammer
What was I thinkin'?

She snuck out one night a...[Read More]


These old boots still got a lot of ground
They ain't covered yet
There's at least another million miles
Under these old bus treads
So if you think I'm gonnna settle down
I've got ...[Read More]


Girl I caught you in your little white lie
Red handed, red handed
You said you had to work tonight
But here you are dancin', slow dancin'
In this honky tonk with someone else
And ...[Read More]


Early in the afternoon is the only time my mind is clear
To think of you and the love we knew
It's a memory I hold so dear
Now we're apart I've got a broken heart
The tears fall so si...[Read More]


Here she comes down the road
Rattlin' the gravel with the radio
Kickin' out some loud honky tonk song
Here we go, buckle up
Put us both together in a pickup truck
Gonna be memorie...[Read More]


Life is seen more clearly through our tears
Cause we all find some faith
When we face our fears
When my life's goin like I want
God becomes an after thought
And I start trying to ...[Read More]


She never knew my name
Least not the one my Daddy gave me
I took off the way I came
Moonlight reflecting off the chrome
She didn't want my story, so I didn't have to lie
If I...[Read More]


She found a cowboy
And I hear they settled down somewhere out west
Well I guess it's for the best
Here in Del Rio
Nothing seems to change except the weather
And I can't forget her...[Read More]


By now I should've been broken
On the rocks arisin' life's ocean
Just another ship lost at sea
By now I should've been scattered
In the wind of my lonesome travels
Like a thousand...[Read More]


All the noise and the voices are screamin'
What they have to say
And the headlines and sound bytes are givin' me
Demons to hate
And the man on TV
He tells me it's ugly
But i...[Read More]


You can cry, cry, cry like the rain
Ocean full of tears won't drown the pain
Take all your whiskey, pour it down the drain
Ain't nothin' gonna make you feel better
Oooh, she's a Littl...[Read More]


Just because it didn't last
Doesn't mean that we were wrong
We both fell in love so fast
And now it's gone and the hurt is strong

Though we don't see eye to eye
And a wind's ...[Read More]


Girl I've been waitin on this long hard day to get over
So i can rest my head right here on your shoulder
I just wanna lay here and feel you breathe
Listen to the rhythm of your heartb...[Read More]


Hey girl, what's your name?
It's so loud in here I can't hear a thing
But I sure do like your style
And I can see you came to rock
In your blue jeans and white tank top
Man, that ...[Read More]


My daddy hated that rock and roll
So i know i wasn't supposed to go
To that loud devil music show
But i wound up in the snake pit with my best friend
and when the lights went up
w...[Read More]


Senor, Senor, can you tell me where we're headin
Lincoln County Road or Armageddon
Seems like I been down this way before
Is there any truth in that, Senor?

Senor, Senor, do you ...[Read More]


Let's blow out these city lights
Let's just leave it all behind
Get up where the air is still
You can hear the whippoorwill
Start a fire, pass the 'shine
Won't be home till mornin...[Read More]


I can't stand this fallin for you
Every time I see you, I keep crawlin towards you
I can't take this aching feelin
This cold heart breakin feelin
I can't stand this fallin for you[Read More]


Well come on in and sit right down
Surprised to see you're still around
You broke my heart, that's history
I'm still alive and you're dead to me

I hung the crapes up on my do...[Read More]


Here in Harlan County, the choices are few
To keep food on the table and the babies in shoes
You can grow marijuana way back in the pines
Or work for the man down in the mine

Yo...[Read More]


There's a place where love grows wild
Where hearts can trust just like a child
A wild thing, it don't need a lot
It just grows on what it's it got
It still grows no matter what
...[Read More]


I am the rovin' gambler, I've gambled all around
Whenever I meet with the deck of cards,
I lay my money down
I lay my money down, I lay my money down

Had not been in Frisco man...[Read More]


Bad angel, get off of my shoulder
Bad angel, let me be
I'm standing at the crossroads
of Temptation and Salvation Street

(Dierks Bentley)
I woke up bound and determined
T...[Read More]


One man come in the name of love
One man come and go
One man come here to justify
One man to overthrow

In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of...[Read More]


Staring deep into your eyes
Searching for answers to questions I can't find
If I took for granted that I held your heart
I'd beg forgiveness but I don't know where to start

Dra...[Read More]


Up in the window light tonight
Where I can see your silhouette
I've been throwin' little stones
But I don't believe you've even heard me yet

Today you crossed your heart
...[Read More]


You ask me if I'm happy now
That's good as any joke I've heard
It seems since I've seen you last
I done forget the meaning of the words
If happiness is empty rooms
And drinkin'...[Read More]


Well, it was Friday in the p.m.
And just like every weekend I was ready to throw down
Yeah, I get a little tore up, so I call my bros up
To meet me out on town

Well, Wild Man Wil...[Read More]


West, on a plane bound west
I see her stretchin' out below
Land, blessed Mother Land
The place where I was born

Scars, yeah she's got her scars
Sometimes it starts to worry m...[Read More]


When I'm all alone
or in a crowd.
In a quite place
where musics loud.
When I'm on the road
or in the other room.
That's how you know
I'm thinking of you.

Where th...[Read More]


I been knowin' you for a little while
You never fail to make me smile
We've never been together is just something we talk about
When you gonna come around?
When you gonna come around?...[Read More]


Yeah man, that sure is one big old rock
It takes up half of that velvet box
I know you've given this a lot of thought
You're gonna get a 'yes' for sure

That thing is more than ju...[Read More]


Motor runnin', baby shotgunnin'
Sipping on something, wearing next to nothing
Take a ride to the big brush, find a spot for your pickup,
When the moonlight's lit up, take a lid off the go...[Read More]


If it's five o'clock and you're ready to rock, you grab a beer
If the week's been long then your hand belongs a cold beer
If you're at the game, buddy who can blame you grab a beer
If you...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
On a Greyhound bus
Lord, I'm travelin' this morning
I'm goin' to Shreveport and down to New Orleans
Been travlin' these highways and doin' things my way
It's been making...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Dierks Bentley]
I used to carry my past like a duffel bag
It's been hurting my head and breaking my back
But when you live in the rear view you just crash
Oh, I'm done carry...[Read More]


I like my trucker hat with some cheap shades
I like my blue jeans with the rips and fades
I like my music with a little bit of twang
And crankin' up the Hank with my old dog Jake

...[Read More]


(Mike Ward / Dierks Bentley)

Like the leaves I get restless
I just can't seem to settle down
When the autumn wind blows, it cuts right to my soul
And pulls my roots out of the gr...[Read More]


(Ryan McCord / Dierks Bentley)

I never thought I'd see the day
That she'd set me free
Cause you know that little ring on my finger
Always felt like a ball and chain to me
[Read More]


Thought I died and gone to heaven
When I first saw her there
Standin' there in a sweat stained stetson
With her cow at the County Fair

I thought I knew how to make a move
But...[Read More]


(Jason Carter / Scott Boyd / Dierks Bentley)

It's dark outside my window and cold without you near
I keep thinkin back on the times when you were mine
But rings and dreams don't matt...[Read More]


(Dierks Bentley)

I wake up every morning lonesome out of my mind
Reach across my bed what do I find
Sometimes a pillow sometimes a warm body
But they both leave me cold and feeli...[Read More]


(Dierks Bentley)

I know things haven't gone like you planned
And for that I'm partly to blame
You didn't want to fall in love not yet
Cause you've still got so many dreams to cha...[Read More]


(Mark Ward)

Called you up about an hour ago
No one answered guess you weren't home
Since you left I've had a lot of time to think

Been a month of Mondays since I took a drin...[Read More]


(Dierks Bentley)

If lonesome was money I'd be set for life
I'd be swimmin in riches instead of tears I've cried
The blues would be worth a whole lot of green
You'd never hear one...[Read More]


(Mike Ward / Dierks Bentley)

They come from Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabam
Way down in Texas from all over this land
Each one has a dream and a thousand different goals
But the...[Read More]


That first kiss shook me up
It rattled my cage with a tender touch
Sweet and wild, girl I could not get enough
The grass was cool, we lost our minds
Sharin' secrets and a bottle of wi...[Read More]


You completely disappeared
You could be a million miles from here
You're doin' fine from what I hear
I guess you've found you're destiny
If this is really how it's meant to...[Read More]


Ever since I met you girl
You've been on my brain
I can't think of nothing else
But you all night and day
It's like I've got a first class seat
Up on Ozzy's train
It's driving...[Read More]


I can feel my heart beat now, beatin' like a popgun, pow
Gone crazy, knocked out by the hottest thing this side of the sun
She knows just how to move, shoot the blood pressure through the roo...[Read More]


I've never been the kind
To bear my heart and soul.
Yeah, I've always taken pride
In stayin' in control.
I told myself I'd never fall too deep.
But girl you came along
And m...[Read More]


I know a little place we can go
Two rights, a left, right passed the liquor store
There's a little trail only me might know
With nothing but tall pines and my hand to hold

It's w...[Read More]


I see main street closing
Miles of "for sale" signs
And them fields ain't growing
Fast enough to get us by
I feel the sweet release,
Of a friday night
For a couple of hours w...[Read More]


Twenty seven days I've been out on the road,
I'm a nervous wreck, I gotta get back home.
There's a young bride waiting for me all alone
Lord, how she misses me.

I can see her si...[Read More]


Half your life you struggle
Half your life you fly
Half your life makin' trouble
Half your life makin' it right
One day I'm the exception
Most days I'm just like most
Some day...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Baby, you ain't gotta wait forever
Before you go and break my heart
If you're thinking that we shouldn't be together
Just leave me in the dark a little longer

[Pre-...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I'd lose my way and I'd lose my mind
If I faced one day on my own
I know I was saved
The night that she gave this drifter's heart a home

Every night I ...[Read More]


She don't throw any T-shirt on an walk to a bar,
She don't text her friends and say, I gotta get laid tonight,
she don't say it's okay, I never loved him anyway.
She don't scroll threw he...[Read More]


Damn she hurts the morning after
Drunk on thinking I could have her
Strung her out long lime lights on a balcony
Come wasted, she don't care
Tuesday night I had her here
Like bead...[Read More]


This mornin' I got up at 6:01
I walked out and saw the rising sun
And I drank it in like whiskey
I saw a tree I've seen a thousand times
A bird on a branch and I watched it fly away i...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Dierks Bentley & with BRELAND]
Everybody's got a problem, so do I
But we ain't gonna solve 'em on a Saturday night
I just put a paycheck in the bank
And I ain't hit the ...[Read More]

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