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(If I want to, if I want to)
(If I want to)
​d.a. got that dope

Bitch, it ain't even my birthday but I can ball if I want to (Ball)
Pull up, foreign cars if I want to (Skrr)
Hop out that bitch with that iron in my jumpsuit (Go)
Just do what I say and I love you (Okay?)
I get this shit from my uncle
I told bae get twenty-two inches of weave
Tonight, I wanna f*ck a Rapunzel (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ain't f*ckin' her right, you ain't pullin' her hair (Bitch ass nigga)

[Verse 1]
Legs on the side of your head, I'm f*ckin', let's give 'em a chair
When she throw that ass back, I say "Yeah"
I f*ck her around, get on a PJ tomorrow, put that bitch up in the air
Fly that bitch out, fly from LA to Charlotte
To pick up my barber to come cut my hair
'Cause I'm havin' it, nigga
Look, me and my lil' bitch be joined, see
Get to be silent, lil' nigga
Hop out that bitch with that ratchеt (Let's go)
Stuntin' like my moterf*ckin' daddy (Yеah)
Your momma, your baby a savage
Uncle Ray hitting, start pipin' my mattress
Lil' nigga play with me, f*ck it, I slapped him
Thought I was laughin', he see I wasn't laughin' (Hahaha)
Bitch, it ain't even my birthday but I can ball if I want to (Ball)
Pull up, foreign cars if I want to
Hop out that bitch with that iron in my jumpsuit (Go) Just do what I say and I love you (Okay?)
I get this shit from my uncle
I told bae get twenty-two inches of weave
Tonight, I wanna f*ck a Rapunzel (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ain't f*ckin' her right, you ain't pullin' her hair

[Verse 2]
I'm pullin' a grip, locked up her arms like she getting arrested
Throw on the run, like she getting evicted
f*ck me in the back, the p*ssy a prison
Put one leg right here, put the other one right there
Sexy lil' flexy, but bitch you a present
Tryna keep up with shit, but it's level
In diamonds and Dior, I'm in love with this sweater
It's fire on the front of my waistline
First nigga try me, it's playtime
Play 'round, you lay down, dawg and he hot like [?]
Me and her get on the floor, and we felt like some K9s
Pop-out lil' nigga, gon' have to put you on top of the list
Ain't no opps in the nigga, they scared to let me in the room
Somebody in that bitch, [?]
Bitch, it ain't even my birthday but I can ball if I want to (Ball)
Pull up, foreign cars if I want to (Skrr)
Hop out that bitch with that iron in my jumpsuit (Let's go)
Just do what I say and I love you (Okay?)
I get this shit from my uncle
I told bae get twenty-two inches of weave
Tonight, I wanna f*ck a Rapunzel (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Ain't f*ckin' her right, you ain't pullin' her hair

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Woo, woo
I pull up like
How you pull up, Baby? How you pull up? (Oh, oh, oh)
How you pull up? I pull up (Woo, Seth in the kitchen)

Let's go
Brand new Lamborghin...[Read More]


Let me get back on my hustle
f*ck a friend, it's off the muscle
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[Verse 1]
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Yeah, yeah

Let me snap off the rip
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Huh? (We got London on da Track), okay
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Let's go
Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.D)

Pick up, pick up, pick up
Better watch his lil' bitch 'cause I'm up off the liquor
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Yeah, I know these lil' niggas like to talk
I don't really like to talk, let me pop my shit (Let me pop)
I can't get them haters off my dick
You know I drop my nuts when I drop my shit (L...[Read More]


Baby (Wheezy outta here)
Let's go

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My mama taught me how to use a rubber
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Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.i.D)

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(I got 20 on my beat)
Everybody know my name ringing bells, ringing bells like the hallway
I ain't gotta cap in no muhf*ckin' rap, I'll whip out and air it out broad day
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We got London on da track
My voice kinda f*cked up for this one (Uh, uh)

They thought it was over 'til I pulled up in the drop
I ran the light and hit the gas ...[Read More]


They gon' tell you I went
They gon' tell you I went
They gon' tell you I went
Popstars, popstars
They gon' tell you

They probably tell you I went 'Pop'
Until a nigga play...[Read More]


I'm tryna stay up off my iPhone
Told my bitch I love you, that was just a typo
That bitch drive me crazy, she gone make me psycho
Everything I been through, it's something only I know
...[Read More]


Straight off the rip, you know I don't wait for the drop
I go out to eat with my kids and my mama, you know I ain't dating no thot
Believe what you see, nigga
I can't name a rapper that's...[Read More]


Let's go

They wanna know if he can rap, I tell em really
Tell my bitches call me Meek 'cause I done finally got a millie
You know how bitches like to act when they get pretty
Lik...[Read More]


Prolly heard I was broke from a broke nigga
Prolly heard I'm a hoe from a hoe
I don't know what you know
I ain't running from no nigga
These bitches be waiting in line after shows
...[Read More]


Keep the pop in
Yeah, bitch
Let me pop 'em
Uh-huh, hold on, let me, let me pop 'em
Let me pop it
Wait a minute, who are you?
Ayy, yo, Kid

[Chorus...[Read More]


Best motherf*ckin' rapper, nigga, this Baby, nigga
Let's go

Ready to get it started, nigga (Go)
Whenever you want it, I was the man with the plan since a shaw...[Read More]


Aye man, f*ck all dat shit, man, it is what it is, man
From now on I look my demons in the face, nigga, the G way (Kid)
Aye, big bruh, tell these niggas it's whatever with me (Started)
Te...[Read More]


I'm my brothers keeper
And it been like that forever
We can't help the shit we seen
We had to live through that together
All these demons on my soul
Lord, I need help fighting the...[Read More]


Yeah, hey
Don't you open up that window (Baby)
Don't you let out that antidote (Huh)

I mix Patron with the Hennessy (Woo)
Somebody call me a Hoover (Hoover)
Too much to lose ...[Read More]


[Intro: Dababy and Stunna 4 Vegas]
Get it

[Chorus: Dababy and Stunna 4 Vegas]
Ayy, f*ck it, I go first
It ain't even hot and I'm still rockin' no shirt (It's hot)...[Read More]


Nah, I said, "I didn't"
I said, "I didn't wanna do the deluxe thing, man," but you know
I'm ready to put out some, some new-new
Show these niggas what I do...[Read More]


(Wait a minute, who are you? Ayy, yo, K.i.D)

[Chorus: DaBaby]
And I know that I'm the best out
Make a bitch burn my house down like she Left Eye, yeah
On my TLC,...[Read More]


Cook that shit up Quay

Every time I turned around I had to blast out the door
Call before you knock nigga
Call before you knock, what the f*ck you talkin' bout
Neighbors think I'...[Read More]


Okay, let's go, nigga
(Rocco did it again)
Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.d.)

[YoungBoy Never Broke Again (DaBaby):]
I make it jump like,...[Read More]


Boom, boom, boom (Firzt on the track)
Boom, boom, boom

I be feelin' like I don't be poppin' enough, I be humble
I'ma keep showin' my ass if I wanna<...[Read More]


(I'm a real nigga) No, no, no
(You know what I'm talkin' about, like) No, no, no
(I'ma play dumb, hey) Trouble
(Sethinthekitchen) Yeah

I don't keep receipts about the business (N...[Read More]


[Intro: DaBaby]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I've been blind for a while now

[Chorus: DaBaby]
I just got the key, they let me in, no ID
Doors openin' up for me and now I see
I've bee...[Read More]


A nigga barely read the scripture, but I'm spiritual (Let's go)
Seven figure nigga, thank you, God, it's a miracle (Okay)
Turned on the lights and you see roaches in our cereal (What the f*ck...[Read More]


[Intro: DaBaby]
Uh, uh, uh-huh
Yeah (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)

[Chorus: DaBaby]
My bitch like a model
Word to genie, she shaped like a bottle
f*ck a IG, she too f...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah
Wait a minute, who are you? (Ayy, yo, K.I.D.)
Let's go (Woo)

Yeah, I took the cash route
I put in more time, more grind, no lyin'
I didn't take the fast route (Let...[Read More]


Everything Foreign, haha
Bitch, it ain't no stoppin' no nigga like me
Bitch, it ain't no stoppin' no nigga like me, let's go
(New album, nigga, yeah)
Baby, on Baby, on Baby (...[Read More]


This shit right here sound like some gospel
I lost my daddy the same week that they lost Nipsey
Ain't got no love left in my heart, my shit be empty
I'm ready to fire on all my opps, let ...[Read More]


My heart so cold I think I'm done with ice
Say if I leave her she gone die
Well bitch, you done with life
Better not pull up with no knife
'Cause I bring guns to fights
Say you go...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Thinkin' 'bout my grandmama and shit
I got the number one record, they acknowledged the jit (Ayy, yo, Kid)
They goin' crazy when they play it, head bobbin' and shit
And I'm ...[Read More]


(Aye, come over real quick, let me holler at you real quick)

Man f*ck all that talking, my nigga let's link
Bring your bitch ass up the street
Bring your bitch ass up the stre...[Read More]


God damn
DaBaby (Yeah)

Imma keep it real, I'm being honest (Ayy)
You can be my baby momma (Yeah)
You never ever broke a promise (No)
Unless you treat...[Read More]


(Yung Lan on the track)

Yeah, I know how it go (Yeah)
You put in your work, you deserve it (Huh?)
You realize it was all really worth it (Huh?)
You was still on your grind, you p...[Read More]


(Pyrex whippin')


It feel good thumbin' through the backend, don't it?
Ain't have to make a play in three months
Gave the plug to my brother in the trap, still rollin'...[Read More]


What the f*ck a nigga mean?
Bitches treat me like a king
You can call me Mr. Clean
I just lied to your hoe
Put on autotune and told her I can really sing
Run up on me I'ma squeeze...[Read More]


I f*ck ya bitch better when it's tax time
Tryna get up in them pants, 'cause I really need a bag, ion really mean to brag
I ain't seen a nigga yet, that can run in wit ya boy
I'm walkin' ...[Read More]


My bitch she just went through my phone and she left me
We just broke up through a text
Went through IG and seen our lil message
I said "f*ck it" and went bought a two-door
...[Read More]


Ah, bitch (Ha, ha, ha, yeah, Baby Talk 5)
f*ck a nigga mean, nigga (Baby Talk 5)
f*ck you talkin' 'bout (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

I'm on they ass today
I just w...[Read More]


Dunkin' on niggas, above the rim
My numbers be cheap, my plug out in Cali
Sent him an addy, he flew 'em in
When I hit your bitch from the back, she say daddy
I'm bending...[Read More]


Lookin' like a walkin' lick
Lookin' like a walkin' lick yeah
Twenty bitches on my dick
I be coolin' with my clique yeah
Everybody want my bitch
Everybody want my bitch yeah
I ...[Read More]


Yeah yeah yeah
(I'm really Rich)

Ok, I got too many rooms inside my crib
I'm on FaceTime with my hoes, bitches asking where I live

I just sat with the label...[Read More]


I'm the type to take your ho in real life
I f*cked her good all on the floor like, "What it feel like?"
(Oh lord, Jetson made another one)

Got up with carpet burns (Yeah), ...[Read More]


I keep tryna pull up my pants (Uh-huh)
I got thirty thousand in my joggers (Mmh)
I got the pistol on the flight (The flight)
I just flew out to LA from Charlotte
That bi...[Read More]


f*ck you talkin' 'bout, nigga
Yeah, uh
(That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby)
Ayy, who you?

Bitch, it's DaBaby, what you heard about me? (Uh)
I put that nigga up, now nig...[Read More]


(That ain't the baby, that's my baby)

I was just twenty-two inside the condo
Got way to hot I put the beamer up
I had the yellow seven forty-five with rims and my lil bruh had the be...[Read More]


You know I ain't come to play, let's get it (Turn me up)
I'm snappin' off the rip
Your ho say I'm her favorite nigga (Hah)
You probably don't wan' let your baby mama take a ...[Read More]


Twinkle twinkle I'm the star
Who wanted drink? I'm at the bar
My favorite freak, I hit it raw
A lot of reefer, no cigar
I've got a leaf up in the car
No I don't smoke it, I just s...[Read More]


Me and my niggas the realest
We don't fall out 'bout bitches
I f*ck your hoe you f*ck mine
I ain't trippin' we can switch 'em
I put my hoes up on game
Teach 'em how to keep it pim...[Read More]


Let's go
You know it's baby, nigga
(Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)

She wanna f*ck with me but I don't got the time
I just hopped off a private plane and went and hopped on 85<...[Read More]


You know everybody been waiting on that Baby, man
I mean, it like ever since Baby on Baby dropped, man, like
(Ever since Baby on Baby dropped) You know
Ain't nobody drop shit (Oh, Lord, J...[Read More]


Yeah real nigga rockstar shit nigga
f*ck a nigga, mean nigga
I'm the realest motherf*ckin' rockstar in it nigga
f*ck a nigga mean
It's up here

I just told my nigga we finna g...[Read More]


Yeah yeah yeah ugh, aye
Aye man I'm back on my baby Jesus

Just got some gorilla glue it came with seeds, I'ma pop em out and act like its OG
I'ma go send them bitches back to Charlot...[Read More]


Oh lord, Jetson made another one

I'm goin' baby on baby (Uh-huh)
That nigga bitch, he think he a gangster
He probably still slangin' 380 (Ha)
Probably told you I'm lit, c...[Read More]


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Wipe me out
Wipe me out
Look at my bitch
Wipe me out
Wipe me out
Look at my [?]
Ha ha ha

Fresh (ey)
Fresh (yah)
Fresh[Read More]


God damn, here we go again
She fallin' in love and I'm just tryna be her friend
Know she got a man, hope she understand
That after August thirty-first, won't hear from me again
'Cause...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah
Oh yeah

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Go and bust it open for the baby
Go and bust it open for the baby (Go and, go and, go and)
Go and bust it open for the baby
Go and b...[Read More]


Yeah yeah yeah

I ride with two burners and a flip phone, switch the numbers I don't pay the bill
Just dropped a video, and got a mil'
I be so up they think I popped a pill
Bitche...[Read More]


At first I didn't like this beat, I just liked the build-up (Uh-huh)
She tryna fall in love with me, I'm just tryna hit her (Yeah, yeah)
She stalkin' me on Instagram 'cause I don't f*ck with ...[Read More]


I'm bout whatever you can read about it
I got twenty seven hoe blowin' up my phone, tryna come and suck the semen out me
They starin' at us saying where we go, you gotta be yourself, you wann...[Read More]


(Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)

Comin' with the money, got the backend with me (Ayy)
Nigga, better act like you hear me
I ain't gotta run up with the pack, come get it
I don't...[Read More]


They're tryin' to run off with my drip
I'm tryin' to send a couple pounds to my bitch, now
I try to play Mr. Nice Guy
But f*ck my other plug, I'm hoppin' the fence
I got my weight up<...[Read More]


I'm thinkin' 'bout takin' it out (For what?)
It's hard to pop shit with my grill in (Ha)
I can't let it f*ck up my flow
Let these lil' niggas run up the score and I still win (Ha)
I s...[Read More]


That ain't the baby
That's my baby
Yah yah yah
Ha ha
First things first

His girlfriend says she love me I'm the truth (ugh, ugh)
I'm a dogie when I tap the hoes I ...[Read More]


You don't love me, don't tell me you love me
'Cause I can go f*ck on your friend
I can hook up with your buddy
I ain't got time to pretend
I'm tryna get me some cuddy
And I ain't ...[Read More]


Pooh, you a fool for this one
Oh lord, Jetson made another one

Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh)
Shit, I got smell, cologne (Yeah)
I just signed a deal, I'm on
...[Read More]


Rich nigga can't have no feelings, more money, more problems we got (Let's go)
You can f*ck around, get yo' head bust for tryna be somethin' you not (Boom, boom, ...[Read More]


Mmm-hmm, and this whole motherf*ckin' shit, man
This for my big brother, man, this for my motherf*ckin' family, man
This for them, you know, them (K.i.D)
Yeah, the m...[Read More]


[Chorus: DaBaby]
Lately, I been in my feelings like a ho
I ain't been really havin' hope 'cause I been missin' my bro
I was at the polls in a Gucci Peacoat
Tryna tell all y'all bitch-...[Read More]


[Chorus: DaBaby]
Backwood stuffed with a .35 when I creep out
Probably throwin' peace signs out the window
I'm busy, I ain't got time for pretendin'
Yeah, hit her ...[Read More]


[Chorus: DaBaby]
Yeah, the lil' bad boy did it
Been a long time since I had no feelings (Yeah)
Tryin' not to smash on niggas
In and out of town and the bag on different (Bag)
Can'...[Read More]


(If I want to, if I want to)
(If I want to)
​d.a. got that dope

Bitch, it ain't even my birthday but I can ball if I want to (Ball)
Pull up, foreign...[Read More]


Baby probably in a fast car
Ridin' with the cap off (Zoom)
Pull off with a bad broad (Bad broad, ooh, ooh)
Think a nigga got here cappin'
I am not these rappers
You g...[Read More]


All the niggas who played with me who dead, them niggas ain't want to live (No)
She gave me head and that head was givin' what it's supposed to give
I came out here and got on, '...[Read More]


Yeah, whole lotta niggas with Glocks and pistols (Ryzy.A on the beat)
Whole lotta hunnids in knots, they Crip blue
Niggas think I'm somewhere cryin' with tissues
Certified, in...[Read More]

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