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Album: 3rd Stage of Decay / Original Release Date: 2006-11-02Genre: RockSong Duration: 4 min 31 sec
This twisted fate, I found my hate
Is this the deep revelation?
I was meant to set myself free
But my hate was cheating me

Fearless, low kind
Inverted, you and I
Desire, in sight
Wanting your life

Pain, thirst to satisfy
Feeding on the taste of life
Wanting you to embark
Welcoming you to the dark

The day is young, though I am not
Thoughts of decay and encrusted rot
I always give, you always take
I bet you love to see me pay

Fearless, low kind
Inverted, you and I Desire, in sight
Wanting your life

Pain, thirst to satisfy
Feeding on the taste of life
Wanting you to embark
Welcoming you to the dark

Come to me

The endless hours, the timeless days
The things I’ve done are now a haze
Just analyze, observe and see
Use my dead eyes; be me

Fearless, low kind
Inverted, you and I
Desire, in sight
Wanting your life

Pain, thirst to satisfy
Feeding on the taste of life
Wanting you to embark
Welcoming you to the dark

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This twisted fate, I found my hate
Is this the deep revelation?
I was meant to set myself free
But my hate was cheating me

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Inverted, you and I
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Every thought in my head is you,
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Dear friend will this agony come to an end?
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I see a long blood stained corridor in front of my eyes
Walls all ripped and torn of lost souls trying to get

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With my eyes you look at me
You will see what I see, day by day
You hide as I look away
I see you, you watch me, our eyes meet

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No one sees the raven inside my soul
It wants to get out and rips me till I'm torn
Everything I do always turns out wrong
The fallen I was placed among

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I look at the wall.
And what do you see there?
I see my light slowly dying.
It's finished and gone.
Nothing you can do, just wait for it to come.

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Their souls encumbered by dead weights
One serves the other to punish with hate
Their souls have become dimmed in fruitless wrath
There's no hope left in this bloodbath

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The leash around my neck
Is pulling me through pain
Don't want to keep following
Struggling to get free again

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I don't want to make it hurt
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Father of the darkest night hide the light that blinds
my eyes, mother of the endless time break the walls
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As I drift through the hallways of darkness
I’m being chased by the suffering fathomless
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Can’t say what hurts but to keep them away

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Fly covered flesh
On rotting bones
The stench of blood
Agonizing smell of death

Endless time of silence
Energy been lost
Covered in pestilence
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Being through one too many battles
And now it looks like nobody cares
Everything is covered by broken walls
A piece of myself smothered in despair

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I don't know why I'm still here,
on my knees,
begging you not to leave.

Your lies choke me up with tears, your love isn't real.

Doesn't matter how hard I try,
I can't...[Read More]


Walking by, all to me is known
Greeting with a smile, everything is common
A sound breaks the stillness, toward it we go
The whistle blow is what everyone is headed for

In a f...[Read More]


Chained to a rusty illusion
Lost senses, no reality
I am to take the motors off track
The spirit back from the machinery

Corrosion, slowly degrading
Corruption, sees how I’m ...[Read More]


Alone in the far corner of a world of dreams
I listen to the plaintive whisper of sweet memories
They’re clipped with time, a sedate, soothing rhyme
Slowly cries the litany of mine
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My whole body hurts so bad
This is a fate I shouldn’t have had
Growing to be dry bones and ashes
Bleeding red inside from rips and gashes

Red, too dim to see
Blood forever b...[Read More]


Here I am again on the brink of destruction
Lost all senses of comprehension
What I have seen is cold reality
The stage has frozenb but still approaching

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One of a kind
At the end of time
The wait to ignite
A bird’s wish to fly

See it all burn
Like moments in time
Awaken the hushed
That is burning inside

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Everywhere you turn something is forlorn
Drained mind from the time you where born
Twinkling light, a dagger carves the skull
Nothing left, no memories no soul

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Where is god in suffering?
The die is cast, may vengeance yield me
Only a man who’s felt despair
Feels what life’s really bringing

Life is a war, leaves you all torn
Drew me ...[Read More]


I have seen the end and got out alive. You have never
tried to face reality, you have always been head over
hills and maybe this is why I love you. All I want is a
big hug so get a sea...[Read More]


When my soul was filling with warmth again
The spark in my eyes resurrecting from the pain
But you took it all into your possession
I believed you but you betrayed me

I did beli...[Read More]


Winter… tears in my eyes, listen promises and lies, blu
sky sleeping with the spring, great clouds travel in the
wind. Pale smile, picture in your face, sleep now covered
in black lace...[Read More]


The great door has no entrance – any narrow roads lead to
this... Whoever crosses that gate without entrance freely
walks between heaven and earth, meanwhile hell below the
risen sword...[Read More]


I am on the way into the city of woe
I am on the way to the forsaken people
I am going down into a pit so low
I am on the way into eternal sorrow

The cry ceased and the echo pass...[Read More]


The dark turned into grey
During the golden age of sin
Into distance it let me fade
But I'll never let it win

There is only one guarantee
It's the cycle of suffering
I lo...[Read More]


All covered in a sandy desert haze
The fallout turned it all into a blaze
Left alone in this land of nothingness
Always facing the common weakness

Clad in leather to roam the la...[Read More]


Love me my love
Hold me my love
Kiss my red rose
Give breath to my lips
Give fire to burn me my sun...
My burning sin
Shedding my skin
Ending my life
My life in your h...[Read More]

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