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Album: Starting Over / Original Release Date: 2020-11-13Genre: CountrySong Duration: 3 min 33 sec
I know it ain't
All that late
But you should probably leave

And I recognize
That look in your eyes
Yeah, you should probably leave

Cause I know you
And you know me
And we both know
Where this is gonna lead
And you want me to say
That I want you to stay
So you should probably leave
Yeah you should probably leave

There's still time
For you to finish your wine
Then you should probably leave

And it's hard to resist
All right, just one kiss
Then you should probably leave

Cause I know you
And you know me
And we both know
Where this is gonna lead
And you want me to say
That I want you to stay So you should probably leave
Yeah you should probably leave

Like a devil on a shoulder
You keep whisperin' in my ear
And it's getting kinda hard for me
To do the right thing, yeah
I wanna do the right thing baby

Sun on your skin
It's six am
And I've been watching you sleep

Honey, I'm so afraid
You're gonna wake up and say
That you should probably leave

Cause I know you
And you know me
And we both know
Where this is gonna lead
I want you to stay
But you'll probably say
That you should probably leave
Yeah you should probably leave
Aw you should probably leave

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Death Row
Death Row

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And not have her checking my breath
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Into the Gettysburg Address

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Yeah, that's the kinda shape I'm in
I'm in a bad, bad way again
'Cause this morning I smoked them stems

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Something's bothering you
Tell me what the problem is
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Searching for the free man's ground
And he came to bet his fortune
On a West Virginia plow
He built a house of timber
And raised a redhead son<...[Read More]


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And I've held a lot of women that were fine
And I made a little money, I blew every dime
Tryin' to untangle my mind
Well I've made a lot of ch...[Read More]


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And I pretend to wear a smile on my face
And I could keep the pain from comin' out of my eyes
But sometimes, sometimes,

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You were looking at a magazine
It was red carpets and limousines
And the grass seemed so much greener
All we wanted was to get there fast
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Ripped it down the middle
And threw my half away
And I got nobody to blame but me
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So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters

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Never opened myself this way
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