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Album: Drinkin' Beer. Talkin' God. Amen. - Single / Original Release Date: 2020-11-30Genre: CountrySong Duration: 2 min 40 sec
[Verse 1: Chase Rice]
If I would [?]
Red dirt playing on a radio
Big dipper hanging high up there
Breathe in the backwoods and let it go

[Pre-Chorus: Chase Rice]
I ain't ever been the church goin' guy
Can't go much past 316
Even though it's a Friday night
Church found me

[Chorus: Chase Rice & Florida Georgia Line]
Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen
Killing time, living life with some downhome friends
When the world's gone crazy, man, it all makes sense
Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen, Amen
Tell em' boys
Yeah, baby

[Verse 2: Florida Georgia Line]
Got a [?] piece of dirt
Little piece of mine from a cold one
Got a country angel i dont deserve
The kind that you never let go of
[Pre-Chorus: Florida Georgia Line]
I don't know what Heaven looks like
No, I don't think anybody does
If it's like down here up there tonight
And there's folks like us

[Chorus: Florida Georgia Line & (Chase Rice)]
Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen (Talkin' God. Amen.) Killing time, living life with some downhome friends
(With some downhome friends)
When the world's gone crazy, man, it all makes sense
Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen, Amen
(Talkin' God, Amen)
(Talkin' God, Amen)

[Bridge: Chase Rice]
I don't know what Heaven looks like
And who the hell does
If it's like down here up there tonight
There's folks like us

[Chorus: Florida Georgia Line & (Chase Rice)]
Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen
Killing time, living life with some downhome friends
Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen (Talkin' God, Amen.)
Killing time, living life with some downhome friends
(With some downhome friends)
When the world's gone crazy, man, it all makes sense
(Man, it all makes sense)
Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen, Amen
(Talkin' God. Amen.)
[Outro: Florida Georgia Line & (Chase Rice)]
Drinkin' beer (Talkin' God. Amen)
(Sittin' here, drinkin' beer, talkin' God, Amen)

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If I would [?]
Red dirt playing on a radio
Big dipper hanging high up there
Breathe in the backwoods and let it go

[Pre-Chorus: Chase Rice]
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Everybody's yelling their team's the best
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I like 'em all
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You try to cover it up, there ain’t no disguise to hide
What’s goin’ on right here
So come on girl, what do you say?
We head for 11 south in my Ch...[Read More]


17 through 22, runnin’ wild through the streets with
them attitude
Down to Tiger Town Tavern I met ole teen Ruth, thinkin’
we were cool
Fake ID’s and them buddies dup
Yea we mad...[Read More]


You got that LA look
with the Hollywood swag
California tags on the Cadillac
I got the FLA dirt road attitude
I'm a talk with a drawl boy through and through smile ugh

You go...[Read More]


Ready, set
Let’s roll
Let’s roll

Damn pretty girl
You went and done it again
You gone and turned your sexy
All the way up to 10
I never seen a side ride seat
Look...[Read More]


I grew up in a small town, 10 minutes from the beach
Moved on up to Asheville, the year I turned thirteen
I walked the halls of Reynolds High, man I sure loved high school
And ended up in...[Read More]


A couple Pocahontas legs peakin’ out a swimmin’ hole
Solo blockin’ shots under that soccer goal
Cheerlead her pop-poms on a Saturday night
That’s a country boy’s kryptonite

A lit...[Read More]


I'm just four walls with a little paint, a picture here
or there
I got a Bible in my dresser, just in case somebody
I've been here forever, 1959
My name is on the front do...[Read More]


Cold Corona under palm trees
And Coca Cola in my Jack be
Margarita with guacamole
A couple olives in my Martini

I like drinkin’, ‘cause it’s fun
I like drinkin’ in the evenin...[Read More]


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age of 9
Hiding in the backseat of my brother's brand new Jeep
There were girls dancin' in the bed of the trucks
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[Verse 1]
I know what it means when you slip on that dress
And I know what tequila does to your head
And I know that smile and what it's about
I'm callin' it now
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