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We can talk 'til we're blue in the face
Words come easy, but to do what we say
Takes the courage of conviction
And a heart of true commitment
We can preach about lovin' each other
But to reach out to our sisters and brothers
Requires a revelation
Of the Father's incarnation

To be the word, love
Be the word, hope
Be the word, made manifest
Be the word, grace
Be the word, faith
Be the word, made flesh

Through the word, all the worlds took their form Then He stepped out and left his glorious throne
To establish heaven's kingdom
Though the world would not receive Him
Still He called all the weary and lost
To follow, and to take up His cross
And to go before all nations
As God's living incarnation


Yes the word that dwelt among us
Full of grace and full of truth
Now has come to dwell within us
To be giving, serving, living proof


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We can talk 'til we're blue in the face
Words come easy, but to do what we say
Takes the courage of conviction
And a heart of true commitment
We can preach about lovin' each other
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Images come to me
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We fall down
We lay our crowns
At the feet of Jesus

The greatness of
Mercy and love
At the feet of Jesus

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There came a time when I realized my life was not my own
God above placed a seed of faith in me
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A kind of love my heart was never shown
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Some I wish I could forget.
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Everywhere I go
Let me be a servant
Let my hope be known
And my prayer be fervent
That is rising to Your ear
So that from my heart You'll hear

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Darkness was a demon that I came to know,
Locked up in a world without a key.
Taking me to places that I never meant to go,
I'm afraid it's been makin' me
A little bit crazy.

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Like a tainted hero
Like a wayward son
I get a little lost sometimes
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And what's so bad about feeling optimistic
There's no use trying to hide, it's right there in your eyes
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The blood that Jesus shed for me
Way back on Calvary
Oh the blood that gives me strength
From day to day
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Ellis Hall and Jud Friedman
So many years, so confused
Wondering where I'm goin' to
Roads with no signs
Dreams left behind
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Songwriters: Hamm Regie Glenn; Moffitt David E

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Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin
A silent house, moonlit walls
Shadows move like ghosts down empty halls
The daily news lies on the floor
A crazy world waits outside my door
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Regie Hamm and Dan Muckala
I was lost in indecision
In the corridors of purpose
Looking for a sign
The most human of conditions
Always asking, never knowing
Searching this hea...[Read More]


Andrea Crouch
Just like He said He would
He's coming back for me
In the twinkling of an eye
And when the trumpets sound
He's coming back for me
He's gonna take me ...[Read More]


The twelve of you walked on the earth together
The Father was a brother to you all
The teaching that you heard was the Living Word
The wonders and the miracles you saw

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I can see it in your eyes
I can read it on your face
You need a place to fall

'Cause underneath that smile
You're so far away
But I can still hear you call

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The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows where
But I'm strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain't heavy, he's my brother

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You've been hurt before, lost many wars
And you realize the danger you're in without Him in your heart
To make a new start, you're taking a chance you'll get hurt again
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I've got a secret, been hiding oh so long
Trying hard to keep it and never tell anyone, but
It's getting hard a little harder every day
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Fear’s like a black cloud consuming all that’s blue
When I am afraid I will trust in you
Waters rise against me and I don’t know what to do
When I am afraid I will trust in...[Read More]


You say, you fell out of love with no place to stand
You say, your heart's on the mend from a broken romance
You say, you don't want to trust because it hurts too much
And you think, I'd ...[Read More]


Many men will drink the rain and turn and thank the clouds
Many men will hear you speak, then will never turn around

But I will not forget you
You are my god, my king
With a tha...[Read More]


Regie Hamm and Joel Lindsey
So many mountains that we try to climb
So many places where we fall behind
Deep in the struggle just to find our way
We lose the heart, we lose the faith[Read More]


before the threads of time began
was pre-ordained a mighty plan
that is should walk with HIm alone
the chords of trust unbroken
but the fate foresaw my wanderin eye
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Patsy Moore
Day or night
Find your delight in knowing that God is love
God is love
Rain or shine
Find your peace of mind in knowing that God is love
God is love
Weary feet...[Read More]


Arnie Roman, Russ Desalvo and Terry Cox
I was a pilgrim on a journey
Through a desert cruel and unjust
I was lost and I was thirsty
And there where no signs I could trust
Just whe...[Read More]


Regie Hamm, Steve Siler and Bob Farrell
We do a pretty good job of throwing sticks and stones
But everyone's got a closet full of skeleton bones
No need to tear each other down
'Cause...[Read More]


Regie Hamm
So many preachers So many churches and denominations Got their
opinions and their documents And statements and beliefs and some-
times There's a miscommunication And we complic...[Read More]


Flee like a bird to your mountain
For the wicked bend their bows
And they load their guns and shoot from the shadows
At an upright and righteous man

Run to Your arms like a baby<...[Read More]


Come on and gather round and listen to my story
About a fall from grace
A change of heart a rise to glory
A lesson learned, a doorway I went through

Now all I know is I was born ...[Read More]


Clay Crosse, Mark Heimermann and Jerry McPherson
You've got it made
So they say you do
Don't need a thing
And they envy you
Live like a king
In a castle
Got the money, got...[Read More]


The Mississippi River, he's a friend of mine
And the people livin' in this town, they can be so fine
There's a big line runnin' straight down old Union Avenue
And it breaks that southern ...[Read More]


Steve Siler and W. T. Greer
Oh Lord
Sometimes You seem unfair
If You really love me
Why would You bring me here?
Oh Lord
I've tried to do what's right
Why won't You delive...[Read More]


Scott Cross
Ice is forming on the river
The barges are held in tow
Cold grey dawn, chilling to the bone
Must be ten below
Somehow you feel lost and alone out there
Feeling lik...[Read More]


Mark Heimermann and Phil Madeira
Just beneath the rafters
In a church of stone
Laid a stained glass window
In the attic all alone
A work of art forgotten,
A treasure thrown aw...[Read More]


Mark Heimermann, Clay Crosse and Regie Hamm
You can live your life in a different world
Spend your time lookin' for a different girl
Carry on like there ain't no tomorrow
You can take...[Read More]


Dan Muckala
This time she'd drawn a line that he was never meant to cross
But he convinced her to lay down her love at any cost
After all, for all she knew - he would promise tomorrow
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