Billy Kain Verse

It's smoked worldwide my green come from Morracco/
On 285 South gettin head in my Tahoe/

Finna holla at my boys in Decauter they want them packs/
Keep a burna around me in case them niggas wanna jack shit/

Louisaina what's the hap? /Shit Mississippi/Alabama Mr Bang Bang Back/& u can miss me wit this rap shit catch me wit a bad bitch ballons in her p*ssy takin trips/

Chill roll the weed up/On the road gettin my cheese up/
They tried to knock me down but they was p*ssy they freezed up/

U know the game dawg/Hos down Gs up/Talk money or get gone Period/My whole chest filled up wit weed smoke/

She aint hittin the purp unless the bitch deep throat/And she could brang her friends to if the wanna roll/Stach this work off in ya p*ssy we get pulled by the troll/

Yeah we smokin puple over here/.

I smoke some Purple 4x
Billy Kain Verse two

The only time a nigga happy is when a nigga smoke/Gotta plug outta Haiti get it fresh off the boat/My California plug shit love a nigga/

What u know bout good bud lemme burn one witcha/Yeah u hatas better peep game/While u busy throwin salt/

I'm higher than airplanes/No sticks No seeds pure P-U-R-P-L-E/That purple uh couple shots uh patron/Had lil shawt feelin good she wanna follow me home/

She wanna smoke that Maryjawuan she know I smoke that puple weed and my back is strong/

She comin over/ he wanna f*ck with a soldier beat the brakes off that p*ssy when I'm gone on that doja/

Room 407 wit three hos gettin blowed/I'm so high my eyes closed shit/Still pass the blunt roll'em back 2 back till I'm half way slump

And I smoke that Trump/And I smoke that Clinton Presidential shit behind windows tinted/I'm smokin Purple/.Purple

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