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Trying to be funny and stuck in a room
There isn't much more to say about it
Can one be funny when stuck in a room?

[Spoken Interlude]
I took a big f*cking breath

[Verse 1]
Trying to be funny and stuck in a room
There isn't much more to say about it
Can one be funny when stuck in a room?
Being in, trying to get something out of it
Try making faces
Try telling jokes, making little sounds

[Verse 2]
I was a kid who was stuck in his room There isn't much more to say about it
When you're a kid and you're stuck in your room
You'll do any old shit to get out of it
Try making faces
Try telling jokes, making little sounds

Well, well
Look who's inside again
Went out to look for a reason to hide again
Well, well
Buddy, you found it
Now, come out with your hands up
Wе've got you surrounded
[Spoken Outro]
One morе

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Trying to be funny and stuck in a room
There isn't much more to say about it
Can one be funny when stuck in a room?

[Spoken Interlude]
I took a big f*cking breat...[Read More]


All the seats at the Sunday mass is
Filled with the masses mass of asses
Classes pass as fast as molasses
Ceremonial reading glasses
Read a little bit of Leviticus
All the kids ar...[Read More]


Trying to be funny and stuck in a room
There isn't much more to say about it
Can one be funny when stuck in a room?

[Spoken Interlude]
I took a big f*cking breat...[Read More]


[Spoken Intro]
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CEO, entrepreneur
Born in 1964
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The planet's heating up
What the f*ck is going on? (Recorded laughter)
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That I'd be locked inside of my home (Ah, ah, ah)
I would have told you, a year ago:
"Interesting; now leave me alone"
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Jeffrey Bezos
Jeffrey Bezos
Jeffrey Bezos
Jeffrey Bezos
Jeffrey Bezos
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Jeffrey Bezos
Jeffrey Bezos
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(This is a song about how sad I am
Just picture a depressed onion cutting himself.)

I met a homeless man named Rich
Isn't that terrible
I saw a flyer for a lost dog and the dog d...[Read More]


Every time I go to dinner
Seems like I'm getting a little bit thinner.
I'll sit down at the breakfast table.
I can talk, but they're not able.
When I look at them I find.
There's ...[Read More]


High School party, senior year
Boys and girls are all sippin’ on beer
I like soda, where’s the soda
Am I the only f*cking person here that likes soda
I see you from across the crowd[Read More]


She was the perfect woman, in every single way,
She made the sun shine brighter, and all my cares go away.
She was the perfect woman, she was a gourmet chef,
They say that love is blind, ...[Read More]


Walkin my poodles, man it never gets old
With my dogs on my leash I got bitches on the hold,
A first aids kit? Thats a rhesus monkey,
I bust more nuts than a pistachio junkie!
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help yourself its alright
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How about Adolf

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I prefer "prodigy"
And people, they pigeonhole me as a comic
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I think "fisting" should be called "upper-cunting",
And we're back.

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My show is a little bit silly and a little bit pretentious,
Like Shakespeare's willy,
or Noam Chomsky wearing a strap on.

It's also a little bit gay and a little bit offensive,
L...[Read More]


Art is dead, art is dead
Art is dead, art is dead

Entertainers like to seem complicated
But we're not complicated
I can explain it pretty easily

Have you ever been to a ...[Read More]


I'm a feminine Eminem, a slim shady lady
but nice cause I texted Haiti
90 lady cops on the road and I'm arrested for doing 80.
like hamlet, all about "words, words, words"
divide a wh...[Read More]


Men are like vows,
'cause they're easily broken
Women are like cows,
'cause they both have vaginas.

Men are like muzzles,
'cause they'll try to shut you up.
Women are lik...[Read More]


Well, hello everyone!
Welcome to the Rehab Center for fictional characters.
Umm, alright.
Lets get right to it
Who wants to start us off?
How about you Chris??

Chris Cri...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Welcome to the internet
Have a look around
Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found
We've got mountains of content
Some better, some worse
If none...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Stunnin' 8K resolution meditation app
In honour of the revolution
It's half off at the Gap
Deadpool, self awareness
Loving parents, harmless fun
The backlash to the ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
An open window
A novel, a couple holding hands
An avocado
A poem written in the sand
Fresh-fallen snow on the ground
A golden retriever in a flower crown
Is this...[Read More]


Um, possible, uh, ending song that is not finished yet
Test, take one

[Verse 1]
So long, goodbye
I'll see you when I see you
You can pick the street
I&#x...[Read More]


Um, possible, uh, ending song that is not finished yet
Test, take one

[Verse 1]
So long, goodbye
I'll see you when I see you
You can pick the street
I&#x...[Read More]


[Intro: Bo Burnham]
Hey, kids
Today, we're gonna learn about the world

[Verse 1: Bo Burnham]
The world that's around us is pretty amazing
But how does it work? It must be com...[Read More]

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