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You can float like the river
Ghost worn, man torn, man torn
You can float like the river
Let down your hair
Let down your hair

You can trip over the colors
To see, too fe...[Read More]


Just like a landslide...[Read More]


Do you get an aching in your heart?
Do you?
Did you give a f*ck right from the start?
Did you?

Do you get an aching in your bones?
A certainty perfectly
Caught up in the ...[Read More]


[Verse 1:]
We thought it was sound
We traced and wound the dips and hot dogs
Broken bones and undertones of what will fall off

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Can't help it I
Even if it ...[Read More]


My feet are falling from the ground
Had my head up in the clouds so long
Down into the depths with fading light
Can't hold my breath for another
Can't hold my breath
...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
(Loss) is a lesson loved in your mind(uh), in your mind
Always said we never run out of time, oh oh
Like a vanishing point coming into view
And now I contemplate the thought...[Read More]


And every place is life, even under the rocks in the shade
In the Tokyo [?] [0:28], drowned in rain
And every place is life, sleeping on the fire and dark night
How's your head been feeli...[Read More]


(Keep on) Shining (You), shining
Shining (You) with you
(Keep on) Shining (You), shining
Shining (You) with you

(With) Shining
(Keep on) Shining (You), shining
With, with...[Read More]

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