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Jose, get your bagpipes
And head down to the square
Seranade the passers-bye
And you'll make some money there

Jose came to this country
Looking for a chance
To make some ...[Read More]


Voices rise carried by wind
On the open plain
Speak to me of all you have seen
Throuh the pale dawn...
Ride on, ride on, ride on...

The ground is warm and underneath
The ...[Read More]


The getaway car in your backyard was your last resort
Hidden under vines and autumn leaves
Waiting there for you to come when it was just too hard
Sit there with your hands upon the wheel...[Read More]


Everything's so still
I think the wind is watching from it's
Northwest window sill
Looking straight ahead
I feel a bit too far for comfort, won't you take my hand

I hope...[Read More]


I scan the index time to time
Slide my finger down, hoping to see life
From the country we can see the stars
But they close their eyes to city lights and cars

It's the song b...[Read More]


There's kids with sticks
And they're chasing birds, a summer picnic
Would they be happy if they hit one
I hope their clumsy swings forgive the bird with the broken wing
The laughi...[Read More]


I'm gonna bury my demons
In the cold cold ground
Leave them all behind me
As the sun is sinking down
I've been a long time living
In the land of disrepair
And I'm gonna ...[Read More]


Saturday morning a while before daylight I'm
Lying here hoping for rain
By tomorrow I could be anywhere
Passing streetcars alive without breathing
I'm lost in the city again
...[Read More]


When I wake up I'm not sure if I know where I am
But in a moment I remember I'm at home again
And it's not so bad
Faces blur and I just chase away the afternoon
I'm barely here be...[Read More]


On my twenty-first day I came to Calico
They told me there was silver buried in her stone
Summer died in April before the flowers came
She will hold me here until I strike my dying day...[Read More]


Oh the Summer time is coming
And the flowers are sweetly blooming
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather
Will ye go lassie go...

I will build my love a...[Read More]


Where will you go my faithful fair one?
What will you do when ye are on your own?
Whither, oh tell me, shall you wander?
December's hard winds are blowin' cruel and cold

And the ...[Read More]


Another link in the chain getting rusty breaking
Down in the gutter with a smile
It’s another case of finding your place
Another number showing what he’s made
The sun sweeps...[Read More]


On a day like any other day
Pavement turning red
Johnny laid down in the alleyway
Died with a song in his head
A long, long way from Springhill
In an unforgiving game
Ca...[Read More]


Restless is dawn as it wanders the farm house
A new day awaits though he's worked through the night
Patiently planting his thoughts on the pages
Under the mumble of kerosene light
...[Read More]


Whenever the time is right
I will think of you
Whatever I might find
I will think of you

Walking the black, steel rail across suburban plains
Watching the summer's hand ...[Read More]


Enter The Haggis - The Basket Or The Blade Lyrics

Artist: Enter The Haggis

Album: Whitelake

Genre: World
RIFF-it good
Listen while you read!

The Basket or ...[Read More]


When the warm wind blows to carry my bones
Let me go, let me go, let me go
When the ravens surround me like moss on the stone
Let me go, let me go, let me go
I will walk that road wit...[Read More]


The Hunter And The Phantom Limb
Today I walked out in the snow
So peaceful on the sleeping lawn
It filled my shoes and chilled my bones
You weren't there and I moved on
You w...[Read More]


New love plants a seed
Old house in the trees
Ambitions, transitions
Roll up your sleeves
One by one, the layers peel back (now back away)
This room is the perfect photograph (by ...[Read More]


And after all we're back again
To navigate the pavement sea
Don't turn on your radio
You'll block out the music
Seasons pass like fingerprints
Complex hearts but ha...[Read More]


I have been away for way too long
Twice as tall, a hundred times as strong
Winter's over; spring is coming on
Yesterday is smoke and steam and sand
All those demons hold me where...[Read More]


Hey man, you're killing me, I've got some mouths to feed
You're knocking on my door, my vote could count for more
I know it's not always clear, stand up, there's no barrel to your ear!
[Read More]


Caviar, guillotine, high above a SoHo street

Down, down, down, on my own, come on hang the devil's son, I'll die alone

Live the life and bury greed, intrest on a lie is steep
[Read More]


Time flies account for our day dreams and circle
Our rotten days by the window
Then land in the palms of our hands
My mind has never been one for a slow ride
Always delights in a swee...[Read More]


By 2 pm the rain is gone
Clear and cold above
Water slowly fills the shadows on the lawn
And never makes a sound
Leave it all behind you and head for higher ground
All these years...[Read More]


Noseworthy and Piercy were two fine fisherman
Off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland
Oh the ocean's an angel with the face of a flounder
Ah she holds the devil by the hand

"Good...[Read More]


I met an old man one night in a bar
He was sitting alone
The way men his age always are
His movements were slow
Didn't speak very well
But every old man has a story to tell
[Read More]


Under the curtains the exit sign glows
Go now and no one will know
If you try later it may be too late
Don't read the lines and get
Lost in the light on the stage

...[Read More]


I'm away to the city
Never thought I'd have to sell the farm
It's a shame, what a pity
Now I've got a condo for a barn

Came to town on my tractor
Didn't want to leave it ther...[Read More]


When I came to this town
I was not yet a man
Still green from the grass I once played in
A mere twenty-one years
With a lot left to learn
Far away from my home by the ocean
[Read More]


I'm running out of life
Open down and taken by
Sixty one in forty nine
Vision at the crossroads

Fire in the fading moon
Fire in the afternoon
Fire will come and take me s...[Read More]


Outside around the side
form a circle forwar I'm an
outsider on the side
formerly a farm-boy
inside I'm on the side
i'm divided undecided
back then around again
second tim...[Read More]


I can close my eyes and see you
Beautiful Caroline
And you smile as though you feel my eyes on you...
And I could move the world without you
Beautiful Caroline
But I'd never know ...[Read More]


Like ships in a squall we rise and we fall
We're plotting our course throught waves
Some masts are tall with sails so strong
Others are tossed in the gale
We try to stay dry with salt...[Read More]


Well, I just come down from the Isle of sky
I'm not very big and I'm awfully shy
The lasses shout as I go by "Donald, where's your troosers?"

Let the wind blow high
Let...[Read More]


Sorry, did I startle you?
My face was to the mirror
Broken wings are lovely things
If they can lead you nearer

In ever cloud, there is some silver
Every shadow comes from lig...[Read More]


Depleted uranium is used on the ends of bullets
And on the ends of shells because it is so hard
Almost any armament is vulnerable
To something that is tipped with depleted uranium
[Read More]


I read about a man who'd been
Around the world and back again
Built a space ship in his back yard
And went to mars one afternoon

When he got home late that night
He said the ...[Read More]


Me and me cousin, one Arthur McBride, he and I took a stroll, down by the seaside
A seek for good fortune and what might be tide, bein' just as the day was a dawnin'
And then after restin' we...[Read More]


Train moves on another town
whisky's gone another round
whisky's gone
eagle flies overhead
sun will rise sun will set
sun will rise

fee fie foe diddle eh
never get to...[Read More]


My hand stopped her cold from its place in the air
But it lingered a while in her hair
To whisper remember me
And I'll still walk away while behind me she'll say
You can only go so fa...[Read More]


In the town of Athy one Jeremy Lanigan
Battered away 'til he hadn't a pound.
His father he died and made him a man again
Left him a farm and ten acres of ground.
He threw a grand part...[Read More]


No man
No man is an island
Way out on the water
All alone to stand

But I am
Tired of the dry land
Ready for a new shore
Ready to expand

You seem
Happy wi...[Read More]


Near Banbridge Town in the County Down
One morning last July
Down a boreen green came a sweet colleen
And she smiled as she passed me by.
She looked so sweet from her two bare feet[Read More]


I met a man with eyes like glass
Whose useful days were gone and passed
He told me in a cardboard tone
How long ago he once had flown

When I was young he did relate
I'd watch...[Read More]


My young love said to me,
My mother won't mind
And my father won't slight you
For your lack of kind.
She stepped away from me
And this she did say,
"It will not be long l...[Read More]


Across the loch
On the mountain side
there lives a lovely lassie I would see tonight
But I haven't got an automobile...
And my bicycle has got a broken wheel...

So... I'll.. ...[Read More]


Many years I've lived alone
A life of solitude
Since my love did leave this life
My joys have been but few
In my sleep she sang to me
Like summer's windy breath
No sooner had ...[Read More]


Old John from his deathbed cried:
"Think I will wait 'til tomorrow to die
Sun is shining, birds do sing
This, sir, is no day to go"

Up and out the door

CHORUS:...[Read More]


Thought we had a grudge against
Our friends who live beyond the fence
Victims of a circumstance or writers of our fate?
Proud enough to cast a stone
But not enough to lose our homes[Read More]


Jerry's keeping up with the neighbours
Good for the man on the go
Rabbit's got a new monthly flavour
Helps to keep the dogs on the down-low
Anna's feeling less self-destructive
Fe...[Read More]


The minstrel boy to the war has gone;
In the ranks of death you will find him
His father's sword he has girded on,
And his wild harp slung behind him;

"Land of song!" c...[Read More]


Marti was a fightin' man
Whose story should be told
He was a son of circumstance
He couldn't quite control
His father gave him pellet guns
And plastic hand grenades
Had him ma...[Read More]


I feel I've wandered
For most of my years
Taken some wrong turns
They all brought me here
If the road is a body
Then a home is the soul
I think I can make it
But it's a lo...[Read More]


These hands are reaching out for you
I saw their eyes
You let them fasten
All of their hopes on you
What a vicious thing to do...

Haven't you heard?
You're ...[Read More]

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