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In the cities there is talk of rain and fire,
It was on the air today, it almost filled me with desire ...
All our skies are grey, they say the dreamers line the streets,
Looking out from...[Read More]


I bought you surreal estate
Hanging gardens for your gate
You said that I could stay
See you through to another day.

That day became a year
Time flies in this atmosphere
...[Read More]


Sister seagull, oh you're flying me too high
Feels so dizzy underneath your open skies
And it's strange the games we play to hide the crime
Sister seagull you're the reason I survive
...[Read More]


The cup of sorrow overflows...
Nothing shows, no nothing glows,
But my soul is all at sea
The night has had it's way with me
This game is growing rather grim
And some of us must s...[Read More]


I took a walk down Terminal Street last night
To see the ancient faces living there
I saw the sunken eyes of agony
I saw the desperate stations of despair
The madman waiting for the s...[Read More]


Here we come in a cloud, stars in our eyes,
Standing up proud, it's a perfect disguise,
We've got so much to give, so much to gain,
Just give me your money and I'll give you my pain,
...[Read More]


Shadows move across the faces
Of the people we once knew
And though their hearts are full of sorrow
The sun inside can still shine through

In the factories and the stations
I...[Read More]


Many years have passed me by, its true
Many dreams have vanished from my view
I've chased them all
But there has been no answer
Though I recall
My innocence and laughter
I'm f...[Read More]


In the back of your car
Where the light from the stars
Caught our eyes in a moment of blue
It was then that I knew
All my feelings were true
And what lovers like us have to do
...[Read More]


With our bodies on fire and our heads in a spin
We pressed close to the moment
We were siamese twins in ecstasy
In ecstasy

So we lay soul to soul
As the archer of the night[Read More]


His heart was locked inside a crystal ball,
The day her gypsy love came 'round to call,
His wings were broken by their latest fall,
A young man waiting for the snow...
The gull and th...[Read More]


With new precision the golden days return
The lovers prison, the kingdom of the worm
Driving through empty towns, pass me a cigarette
I think that it could rain, in time we all forget.[Read More]


Marooned in Babylon,
Thrill seekers on the run
We're hiding from the sun tonight
My madness is set free,
I dream of sorcery
Bring all your sins to me tonight

The airships...[Read More]


The stars are burning and the moon is shining bright,
This world is turning underneath this canopy of night...
Somewhere tomorrow warms the distance
with the light of dawn,
You yawn, ...[Read More]


Sometimes a film
Sometimes a photograph
Sometimes a rose
Sometimes a looking glass
Enchanter of souls
Your dreams still unfold

Sometimes a child
Sometimes a tradgedy<...[Read More]


There's such a beautiful mess up in my room
My thoughts are tangled in the legs of chairs
I like to think that it's my token of genius
But then again perhaps I just don't care.

I...[Read More]


I'm building bridges
On which no house may stand,
I'm painting pictures
On walls across the land
Burn down the prisons
In which your children grow,
See no illusions, The truth...[Read More]


It's after midnight in the city of broken dreams
Down in the alley, Galileo meets his pack of thieves
Over the river by the old hotel
There's a big car coming like a bat out of Hell
I...[Read More]


Come with me to the fire festival
Let us burn each other blind
Let us dance, let us dance away
Dance till the end of time.

Come with me to the islands of the dead
To the soul...[Read More]


Superenigmatix, there's one hiding in the attic
And it's getting all ecstatic cause it goes on automatic
When the lights go out.

There's one in the TV and it's waiting there to pleas...[Read More]


I speak to you through electrical language
Sometimes you hear me when our frequencies meet
You try to listen but you don't understand it
Turn up the rhythm and you'll pick up the beat
...[Read More]


Nevermore days astonishing
Happening with tapes and anything 1962
Power beyond years are endings
Time most misplaced
The earth forever renders the promised mockery (mockery)
Ghost...[Read More]


I love you with a fever
I love you like a fire
Everything is burning
With the flames of my desire
Flames, love in flames
I'm in flames, love in flames.

I love you like th...[Read More]


Behind the gasworks after midnight
Mad Jane she holds a sweaty hand
And though the rain runs down the gutter
She dreams she hears the gasworks band

Somewhere Catherdral bells...[Read More]


The man who owned the heartache
That lived on the stairs
Passed me in the night whistling "Memories of You" . . .
I stared, too frightened to move
For fear y eyes shone a light
On...[Read More]


Piano keys don't please me they're so dark
And it's so easy to forgive them

And violins still scream from every room
You're ever passed your presence through

But is you hang...[Read More]


I wonder if you're all alone
Beneath those diamond stars
A honeymoon on Mars
Tonight this desert world is ours
I'll meet you by the towers
For cocktails in the bar

Martia...[Read More]


Darkness, you are my priestess
Darkness, you are my pride
My night in shining armour,
Disarmer of every tide
That swept the beaches clean of starfish
A death-wish to my kind
H...[Read More]


Laughing at me,
Those pictures you said were strange . . .
Out of tune, out of key
It's such a shame but you never quite see,
You always put the blame on me . . .
I'm like an old ...[Read More]


God drives a dreamless highway in a black sedan
Picking up survivors preaching to the motel man

Blazing apostles thieves in the night
Messengers of the fall...
If you are needing...[Read More]


Johnny was an actor, oh you must have known,
He wore his new Max Factor, nearly stole the show,
You go and tell him he's not the only one

Night creatures, strangest features
Whit...[Read More]


Forbidden lovers
We hid our hearts beneath the stars
Under the covers
In midnight rooms and shining cars
I gladly came to taste your pain
A love insane on a crazy night

F...[Read More]


New mysteries
There's mystery in the air
New mysteries
The kind I never share.

Running in the dark
Beating on your bleeding heart
Wrecked beyond repair.

New myst...[Read More]


Between the worlds are pearls
Around your lily white neck
So round, profound all shining beads of sweat
I know my way 'round your throat like a knife
I'll silver and steel you away to...[Read More]


Hand me my costume,
Please won't you pass me my mask . . .?
I have appointments that I must keep with my past . . .
Bring on the cabaret, we can all have a laugh . . .
I've mad the th...[Read More]


Bridges and rivers
And buildings pulled down
Time spent in places my footsteps had found
Mirrors in ballrooms lie smashed on the ground,
Walking with November mists...

Pathwa...[Read More]


There's a crystal at the heart of every tear
Upon reflection making her perfection clear
And she is blue as a jewel
Clear as ice kind and cruel

There's a silence at the edge ...[Read More]


If you see me
If you see me smiling
It's no sin
It's just the speed of the wind

If you want me
If you want me laughing
Let me sing
It's just the speed of the w...[Read More]


Tin aeroplanes trace the time
Past our fading window's eyes
And the panes are pains inside
Through which we see
All the glories fast unfold
All the joys lo and behold
It...[Read More]



Like a square peg in a round hole . . .
Like a harp without it's strings . . .
Like a sailor who sails no oceans . . .
Like a bird that has no wings . . .
Without love...[Read More]


He's been saving, selling everything he didn't need
Such a shy boy, with a secret up his sleeve
He's a strange one, never bothers with the girls
Heard him swear once, at least I thought I...[Read More]


Room in the east invested with meanings
Open to none but the strange and the wild
Sunset encounters with destiny's chances
Envelopes marked for the personal life

Night falling, h...[Read More]


Woke this morning, the war was over
The radio was singing love songs
Saw the smiles upon the soldiers
Coming home across the fields

The calendar said first of August
Romance ...[Read More]


Out across the heavens
When you're sleeping in your bed
Someone turns a light on
Can you feel it burn inside your head?

Floating out your window
On the streams of purest soun...[Read More]


You came to watch the band
To see us play our parts
We hoped you'd lend an ear
You hope we dress like tarts
But back stage we stand naked

All the make-up cleaned away
My ...[Read More]


We go
So fast

Feel im speedin' on
The highway's leading
Screaming like a jet tonight
Don't know what I'm after
But my wheels are going faster
Than t...[Read More]


Well I'm waiting in the wings with all the strings
And things that help me make the music
Just another curtain call before I fall
Into you arms again, my beauty
This guitar does not l...[Read More]


This damaged life is getting worse
I feel I'm half a universe away
I left my home some time ago
To fight the creatures of the USA

You tell me that this neon world is free Say thi...[Read More]


Crying to the sky, searching for a silver lining
Hoping that the clouds I'm climbing aren't hiding rain
Nowhere left to go
For every show now disappoints me
Still the ghost of love-lo...[Read More]


Make the music magic
Make your heart sing like angels in flight
Make the music magic
Make my strings ring like bells in the night
Make the music magic See the divine light shining so ...[Read More]


Standing by the old car
Sunset in your grey eyes
Listening to the bluebirds
Praying for a sunrise
Maybe we'll make music in dreamland tonight

Someone in the garden
Walkin...[Read More]


A brass band is playing, rehearsing it's thrills,
All half-moon and cloudy, all golden and shrill . .

I've got a sleep that burns . . . a sleep that burns . . .
Got a sleep that burn...[Read More]


Burning....My love for you is burning
Yearning for the day when I'm returning
All alone...I wonder if you're all alone

Moonlight...You're dancing in the moonlight
All-night...I w...[Read More]


Modern music on my radio
Another station and another show
If only I could let my feelings flow (to you)
When you're lonely and you're far away,
When those steel guitars begin to play<...[Read More]


She's a maid in Heaven
He's a knight on the tiles; a bat out of Hell, oh well
It's just a question of style

It's a time for giving
In the two star hotel where breakfast in bed pe...[Read More]


Came to me one rainy evening
Warmer then the setting sun
Took my love by the tigger
Shot me like a gun
Hold me like a baby
She laughed at my fears
Said now love don't you worr...[Read More]


I've been a bad boy, you know the way
Became an airboy and changed my name
My airship dreams had found a clearer sky
I've been thinking about the state I'm in
I started sinking a bott...[Read More]


All the white horses ran bleeding to the end,
Shot through the heart by dear devoted passion
And the falling stars that never fall
But send ambassadors to call,
Still call the guilty ...[Read More]


Beneath the stars there are the bars
That serve the bitter drink . . .
The barman smiles at me,
His wife she gives a secret wink . . .
They listen patiently to me, my story I unfold ....[Read More]


The woman of moon flew into my room last night
She tortured my body and made me feel sorry
Though I though I was right

Gave me the kiss of light ... Gave me the kiss of light ...
...[Read More]


I've been up all night
It's been down so long
There's a fire in my heart
If you feel the same
Won't you feed my flame
You can help bring back the spark

Bring back the spa...[Read More]

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