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I'm chasing freedom for the fearless
I gotta do it 'cause I can't chase fear myself
I'm 'bout as broken as I confess
But better than most that lay cower
Proud of who they crowd
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(Don't panic)

I feel like all the walls are closing in on me
Everybody looking at me like the enemy
No matter where I turn
Every touch is a burn
I'm losing focus
Drink so...[Read More]


World keeps spinning
Towards the ending
I'm still holding on, I'm winning
Show me where the grass is greener
Here it isn't
We just spend it
All this news is straight...[Read More]


I'm gonna do my own thing
I run things, things don't run we
Say my peace but take no shit
I'm gonna do my own thing

[Verse 1]
Tuned the block to m...[Read More]


Am I wrong (I wrong)
For looking at these people with no love (no love)
Giving everything because they do not one (not one)
I'm not perfect I'm humane and you'...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Is this a game
All just for fun
Let's play for keeps
Don't shoot your luck
Just fill me in
Cut out your tongue
Spit it out
Catching feelings is rough
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(Come and score)
(Come and score)
(Come and score)
(Come and score)

[Verse 1]
My heart just ain't it
Ghost pride, can't hide how I'm feeling
Cha...[Read More]


Supporting stupid people, it's a problem
Rubbing your lamp like a genie
Bitch you wish
I get sick of people talking Dalai Lama
When the prayer they preach is just a trick for kids
...[Read More]


White lies
Get used for morphine
It's fatal to my heart
I'm coping
Straight to the hay
I need one more
Scared of the way it feels with you
But I can't seem ...[Read More]


The writings on the wall are unclear
I listen for the words and all I can hear
Are subtle whispers lingering
Im dead to you now

Held captive by our aching summer
Our naked bo...[Read More]


So cold with it
Heart beating
Ripped out of
My chest still bleeding
I'm holding it in
My feelings
I never knew the real meaning
Hurt people hurt people so you meant it
...[Read More]


All in the room for your love
But if we get behind
What if we don't survive
Lets wonder after
Get on i'm done wasting time
Always wondering why
When am I gonna di...[Read More]


I'm wasted you're naked
Alone in my hatred
Tell me are we carving our love out (out out)
Out (out out)

I'm searching for meaning
In every turn taken
Give me the space tha...[Read More]


[Part 1]
You was my dude
I said that I loved you
My homie, my best friend, and rida now I don't know who you've turned into
We promised forever.. it's inked on my skin<...[Read More]


The truth about pain and pleasure is you feel what you seek
The difference between us is nothing more than you keep
Secrets of who you know you don't want to be
But what's the use if you ...[Read More]


There's no rules to how death may come find me
I ain't scared I just feel like that time is
Running out so i can't stop
For no one will someone press pause and kindly remind me
There'...[Read More]

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