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I thank god for you
Through all the descending scales
The falling skies
So many shades of blue
The warmth you radiate
The path you led me to

I'm thanking god for you
...[Read More]


Through the dark descending day
To silence
To settle
The angry heart,
the blighted eye
At first the shocking,
now the tired lie
Is put aside
Brainwashed Pain-cleansed<...[Read More]


This is where silence runs its course
And sadness wipes its eyes upon us
We fall from a structure built on troubled minds
My world becomes iron and grows as cold as Winter

Soldie...[Read More]


Time is beating harder
Time's running after me
Time's running faster inside
Running out of me

Every movement...
Every moment...
Harder, faster into me
Every movement'...[Read More]


Imagine if
What would happen
What would happen if running on empty
Seemingly forever

The car crawls to the umpteenth fuel station
Still out of sight, joining the ...[Read More]


Late april
Late evening
Powder blue sky
cools and fades
to a neutral tone of grey
No hue
No reflections

- skeletons of steel
take shape
on the...[Read More]


Sleeper In Metropolis lyrics

As a sleeper in metropolis

You are insignificance

Dreams become entangled in the system

Environment moves over the sleeper:

C...[Read More]


the undisturbed air
a silent prayer...[Read More]


The world keeps watch where its jewels are sleeping -
under desert sands , its black heart's beating
the pulsing liquid earth - ours for the taking

But beyond the marked borders , be...[Read More]


Outside taking tiny steps
putting pressure on the ice
watch the whiteness spread
then disappear when I move on
cautious steps in heavy boots

walking on ahead
...[Read More]


Keep me back in the real world
From which we try to run
Music and words don't mean anything
Through the barrel of a gun

A poem cannot heal a wound
Books won't help you find[Read More]


All around us hang the gallows of lost innocence
Merely time to take your name
Before I take a part of you
And you a piece of me

I rest unassured that it will last for ever
...[Read More]


When you left I went to the sea
And started walking
And walked and walked some more
Hoping somehow the sand
Giving way beneath my feet
Would slowly soak me up
And swallow me u...[Read More]


Makes me feel at ease
walking to a time
a place
that's pouring out its colours
That's flaunting all this brightness
to show all of its loss

where trees cast a swirl
o...[Read More]


They'll kiss you quick
And squeeze you slowly
Fall asleep
Then get up and go

Thanx very much
I'll see you sometime
Oh - you say
Ah - the pleasure's all mine !!
[Read More]



There is a little place in a little room
where a little chap hides away amidst the gloom.
Tucks his little legs undermeath a well-worn chair
plucks a piece of paper...[Read More]


Every day as heaven
Moves further and further away
Familiar blue eyes I once knew
Turn a colder shade of grey

Every day as heaven
Moves further and further away
Familiar ...[Read More]


Bursting in a thousand places
Like a bottle of champagne
Burst all over me

Burst all over me

Foaming like a wild horse
Your breath will beat on me
Pulling me tighter...[Read More]


I've been sitting here all day
trying to understand
why people want to rule each other
when the problem's close at hand

a little less of what you want
an...[Read More]


Love is a dangerous game to play with
A battle where only one side wins
A toy that is so easily broken
Rules that are only make believe
The loser a doll you once held so close Now lef...[Read More]


At the all night party
Standing in the corner
I am watching you
Drink in my hand
I wish it were you instead

At the all night party
You are dancing
I am watching you[Read More]


Through these city nightmares you'd walk with me
And we'd talk of it with idealistic assurance
That it wouldn't tear us apart
We'd keep our heads above the blackened water
But there's...[Read More]


Look at our young faces
They're growing older with each moment
Harder and less beautiful
With every word we say

Stumbling over bridges
And through the backstreets
Waiting...[Read More]


Ain't nothing going on
But the rain in the night
Ain't nothing going on
But the rain

The sound of the clouds
In the air passing by
The sound of the rain
In the sky[Read More]


You are tranquility and gentle peace
You are desire and what satisfies desire
I dedicate to you, full of joy and pain
my eye and heart as your dwelling place
Come in and close the gat...[Read More]


These are just words from the void of wanting
Externalised in melody and chanting

I want to be where darkness dwells
A place in the city where night-time swells
And spills itself...[Read More]


In broad daylight
And a familiar street
The kind where gossips dawdle
And nose-to-tail dogs meet

Some bastard with no face lurched out
From behind a tree
And tried to kil...[Read More]


We shall come
with all our wealth
and our vulgarity
into yout land
carving deep wounds
in our wake
planting the sharped-edged dreen seed
of money
deep into your hands<...[Read More]


The water is soothed now
smooth and quiet
as silk
- creased cover of sunlight
folding late afternoon...[Read More]


Just me, and this boy of mine
Underneath a sheltering sky, by a railway line
Waiting for the wood to catch,
The damp twigs
The last match

Evening, passing time
Waiting fo...[Read More]



She clutches onto his protruding hips
for dear life
Going down
she is going under

She wishes he were emotional
or something approach...[Read More]



The madman looked inside the eyes of the face upon the mirror -
"It seems I'm losing my way again" - he sighed .
And once again the tell-tale tears begin their jou...[Read More]


Life soars
Shatters the quiet
Risen colour swells the empty air

It's all magnified
And it roars:
I'm alive!
And so sure
With h...[Read More]


At midnight
I awoke
and looked up to the heavens;
no star on the teeming firmament
smiled upon me
at midnight.

At midnight
my thoughts stretched out
into the furt...[Read More]


Sun burst sky
Crash of thunder
Earth split wide
Pulled me under
This is the day we tore asunder
Gone forever - the sense of wonder

Heat beat down
Burned inside me
...[Read More]


The east wind
breathes fragrance into the air;
And in so doing makes know
That you have been here

Since tears flow here
You will know,
Though you are otherwise unaware,[Read More]


I'm so tired of myself
And so tired of everything and everyone else
I can't think
I can't sleep
When you come it goes so deep
Don't make promises you can't keep

Stroke me...[Read More]


I am not yet born; O hear me.
Let not the bloodsucking bat or the rat or the stoat or the
club-footed ghoul come near me.

I am not yet born, console me.
I fear that the human rac...[Read More]


Far away a niche puts itself in deeper space
We slip almost unknowing into a deeper darker place
Inside my dreams they build business machines
Nothing here is ever what it seems
In th...[Read More]


I don't need your god.
I don't need your eternal, paternal god.

Don't need your reassuringly protective,
good and evil in perspective god.

Don't need no imported, distorted,...[Read More]


I fall into blackness
with no stars to guide me
a bottle green sleep
with no one beside me
outside it's cold
a wild wind's blowing
and I've numbed my sole heart
to keep it...[Read More]


I just don't want to know about
The way the lamp lights up your room
Or the table-top your elbow's on
Or the wood you write and work upon
I just don't want to know about
Quiet eve...[Read More]


Bathed in the golden glow of evening,
how solemn the woods look!
The soft blowing of the evening breeze
breathes in soft bird voices.
What are they whispering, the winds and the birds...[Read More]


All that is left
Is the saddest of songs
All I can try
Is to right all the wrongs
I cannot go
To where you have gone
Yet you were the place
That I came from

Somet...[Read More]


And my nerve endings
Coded messages they're sending
Twitch and tingle
Blink and twinkle
Restless as the million stars I've counted
Overhead tonight

...[Read More]


I know if I could
I would take myself up high
upon a belly round hill
orbit of earth arched bare under a blue black sky
and on lifting up my head
and opening my eyes
be rained...[Read More]


And you wonder why
It's no wonder
It's so easy to carry these feelings from day to day
From sigh to heavy sigh
Don't ask why
I'm just quiet in my mood
It's my way
Apparent...[Read More]


Let the morning sun proclaim
the light of the world
let the golden day unfurl
on every wave - on every hill

Each angered fist uncurl
Caress the hardest heart
stir the sle...[Read More]


The wood burns warm, the house is still.
The music soothes and soon I will
Look for in another, what I found in you
What we had in each other, but you couldn’t live through
Old l...[Read More]


I live off nothing in this world
Except the thick grey air that chains itself
Swirls all around and engrains itself
Stifles my last hope into sullen despair
I don't associate myself[Read More]


This house is full of loneliness
Of sad weary silence
I switch on the television
For some company
Two actors
A man and a Woman
Give exaggerated little moans
As they simula...[Read More]


Now that all is stilled and silenced
that the rushing roaring daylight
has lost itself - its hysteria
in the all-amassing night -
I too gently lose myself
beyond the open window[Read More]


My words are all stripped bare
Tonight I want something else
Something different
to make some kind of clarity
of everything that's over us
that's hanging in the air
Coming in ...[Read More]


Walking into light
From the blank evening sky
Knackles rub away the darkness
Circling my eyes
Walking into warnth
From the cold evening air
Numb white fingers push
Greasy ...[Read More]


Through the soft shades of Summer fused together
by the strange seasons of the City

The stationary is stained with all my failings

The bedlays new cold and empty as...[Read More]


(I shall wear a crown,)
I shall wear a crown,
(I shall wear a crown,)
I shall wear a crown,
(When it's all over,)
When it's all over,
(When it's all over,)
When it's all o...[Read More]


I have lost touch with the world
where once I wasted much of my time.
Nothing has been heard from me for so long
that they might well think me dead.

Indeed, I hardly care
if ...[Read More]


His gaze, going past those bars, has got so misted
with tiredness, it can take in nothing more.
He feels as though a thousand bars existed,
and no more world beyond them than before.
...[Read More]


Wake up with the fear of God
Inside me each morning
As I open my eyes
To this world without warning

So easy to fall down
So easy to be crushed
As you fight to stand at al...[Read More]


Lord, it is time. The summer was so great.
Impose upon the sundials now your shadows
and round the meadows let the winds rotate.

Command the last fruits to incarnadine;
vouchsafe...[Read More]


Music: Breathing of statues.
Perhaps: Stillness of pictures.
You speech, where speeches end.
You time,
vertically poised on the courses of vanishing hearts.

Feelings for what...[Read More]


Sweat runs down the centre of my back
Crawling like an insect - it makes a track
Sweat runs down the nape of my neck
Anticipation - the cause and the effect

So catch each drop as...[Read More]


All this tenderness has come to nothing
All that we require is being rearranged
I've no wish to look to the future
For my exspectations will no doubt be changed

Just rolloing alo...[Read More]


The ships slips out from the grasp of the harbour
Out of its hold into the restless water
Silently, steadily, edging away
Silently, steadily, pulling away
I feel my heart swell, surge...[Read More]


Autumn leaves that collect weight in the ashes of Summer
Are cracked and broken by my intruding step
Foreign thoughts that invade my questioning
Of deaths' cold cold waiting
No bait w...[Read More]


So quiet here
So hushed and stilled
So silent here
Such longing calmed
and tempered here
So quiet here
Swirling shades of evening
circling the light
Last escaping trac...[Read More]


It's in your look
there's no doubt
I know exactly what it's all about
it's not what you say
I'm listening to
like the air around us
I can see straight through
to your real...[Read More]


So this is where the future lies
In a beer gut belly
In a open fly
Brilcremed, acrylic, mindless boys
Punching, kicking, making noise
From the cradle to the city streets
They ...[Read More]


Planes thrust
Up thru' the pink
Northern sky
In perfect time
Heavy bright
White ships
Glide on grey waters
Stained shades of blue
Past your window
Past your view[Read More]


a sore red
raw red weal
blood red
spread across the sky
stain pouring sadness
into wide open eyes...[Read More]


Lve is all we need - you said
As you hold me in the confidence of your bed
Tomorrow's turned into today instead!
And I wake each morningfeeling so ashamed
Having fallen to emotions th...[Read More]


Lone figure walk beside a restless shore
How much more ?
How much more ?
The world doesn't have to tell me what I need
I know how to fail and how to succeed
Tide always turns quic...[Read More]


They f*ck you up, your mum and dad
They may not mean to but they do
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you
But they were f*cked up in their turn
B...[Read More]


Suicide is an urban disease
Spread by peolple and places like these
A quick self destruct from the 21st floor
A smell of gas through the kitchen door

A stab in the back from the ...[Read More]


Out - Into the coming on of night
Out - into a fiery failing light
The day is almost done
Earth spreads
I stretch
Two lines set against the slipping sun
And I seize the vivid ...[Read More]


Blood on the sand
Blood on the handsof a handful of madman
What a way to see the world
Through the smeared window of a TV-Screen
Technicolour assasinations
Assasinations that make...[Read More]


So these are circumstances
Leading to my sorry tale
I was in a town I didn't know
I'd arrived there by rail
It all began a week before-
The joys of Saturday night-
An invite t...[Read More]


What will it matter then
When the sky's not blue but blazing red
The fact that I simply love you

When all our dreams lay deformed and dead
We'llbe two radioactive dancers
Spi...[Read More]


Riotous fury
I of the storm
Asking for more
Calling for more
Making the most
Settle the score
Make it stick
Cut to the quick
Armed with fire
...[Read More]


Stumbling words and stuttering lips
Make the sentence complete
A death sentence complete

Create hell out of hopelessness
Confirm the failure of it all

Falling and callin...[Read More]


The spinning turning of the summer earth
has strtched and wound the air
into a tight blue band around
it's swollen girth

Dizzy and relentless the suffocated streets
wind on a...[Read More]



You are just atenant here, you say
living in and out of this life
an cheaply as you can.

I sit here in the darkness
Like an old woman
T...[Read More]


Upon these ghostly shadows
Of men and women
There are no smiles
They mingle
With the greyness of the walls
And at strange angels
They travel on
To nowh...[Read More]


There is a still
that runs through
from toe to shoulder
head to heel
cold as hate
as thin as hope
hard as stone and the world al...[Read More]


I am the sharpened sword
The cast stond
The words that linger too long in the air
The rumbling silence over the length of a room
The lie that lay between two lovers
The hopelessne...[Read More]


Are broken by statements not tenderness
I always wanted much more than this

Heartsworm misguidance
Disguised in abundance
Of thoughts of the moment
Not facts of th...[Read More]


Physical shutdown through emotional letdown
Destinedto search through the ruins of jealousy
For some kind of reasoning in love
possessiveness stabs me
Like a knife from my very own ha...[Read More]


Driving the steel
and black wheels turning
onwards without destination
pausing in moments
for something familiar
some trace of knowing
Distance approaches
blurs into passi...[Read More]



Your body is the shoreline
sometimes I am the sea
clinging desperately

feeling all the contours

Ebbing away
pulled by the tides - the moon
and di...[Read More]


Remember me for what I was
Not as I am now
I'll merge into the shadows
I'll disappear into the rain

Remember me for what I was
Not as you see me now
I'll walk out into to...[Read More]

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