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A slap in the face, did she let you go?
she said I don't wanna be here, I thought you should know
I don't wanna be saved this time, like the last time, like the last time
I don't wanna fe...[Read More]


Lungs turn to rust, turn to soot
While you smother yourself
The taste of your mouth is of smoke
And lip gloss under his belt
Somebody help

Charred away your flesh and bones[Read More]


I've been on a ship
Destined for greater things than these
I've been all around
So take me home
So take me home

Danny's older now
And his boots have filled with salt
...[Read More]


Break the code of silence
Forget your conscience
And baby, you'll be fine
Grab a book of matches,
Half empty gas can
And get these hands untied

You made me who I am
<...[Read More]


Tell me I'm wrong
Tell me I'm indestructible
Tell me my faults
Tell me I'm lying to myself

Tell me I'm wrong
Tell me what's happened to all my friends
I've been lying her...[Read More]


Hold me down
Cause I'm about to fly by the seat of my pants
I can see the road through the crows
Picking off the flesh out of the palms of your hands

You could be the queen of my...[Read More]


Dig me up
'Cause I'm under attack
And the trees have stopped growing
Roots under the cracks
If you feel like dying,
Please knock on my door.

What happens doesn't leave th...[Read More]


Seize the moment, fire away
And get off these sordid streets
In a house of blackened letter days
You'll get better and better to me

Don't cover your eyes if you can't see
[Read More]


Here's an olive branch
And a hope for second chances
Please don't go hungry tonight
Hands and knees, I crawl
'Cause Lord knows how hard I fall
I can't feed without you tonight
...[Read More]


Sit down, I've got a story to tell you
Dare you to guess how it ends
Notice the lack of my expression
As blood and ether blend

Do you know how it feels to get cut down?
Do yo...[Read More]


Watch from the woods - the forest on fire.
How can we breath if we're too afraid to ask?
She's so amazing,
she could make orphans tell her their father's words.

But does your to...[Read More]


Cold and fever wrap disease around your neck. Here's hemostats to stop the flow of blood. Summer freckles hide the roses on your cheeks. Does heaven keep a place for her inside? Breathe until it free...[Read More]


Break the soil, it's now your home with the rest of us down here.
Tell the world what you told me so they know how it feels.
You're on and you're off,
But you're up to something,
...[Read More]


Stop me now because the room is spinning
and I can't get out of bed.
Don't look at me now,
I'm just a weak beginning to
something that never ends.

Just open your eyes [Read More]


Something isn't right, I see it in your face
don't try and leave me here.
"I can't be a better boy
than the one you had before"
as the rain seeps through your aged and ti...[Read More]


Gardens, under the light. Seasons, change overnight. I've been out searching for you. Mister, have a nice day, but quickly get out of the way, because I miss you something awful. To beg and plead to ...[Read More]


Watch from the woods,
the forests on fire.
How can we breathe,
if we're too afraid to ask?
She's so amazing,
she could make orphans tell who their fathers were.

But D...[Read More]


Did your arms grow those scars this July?
Was it everything you'd thought it'd be?
He broke his arm, while she broke her edge on the floor.
Was it what they call a good time?
Did the ...[Read More]


What would you do if you're not welcome in this place? Make-up cannot mask the toll the weekend's takes on your face. You were scared before, but now your not alone. There's something growing inside ...[Read More]


Every afternoon,
I go inside these bitter walls
and I'll open up your eyelids to uncover what went wrong.
I know its true what they say,
you cant get hurt everyday
when it all ...[Read More]


I'll have you know what's done,
has turned this boy into stone.
Captures the light in thieves,
and underneath your sleeves.

She's telling lies, she speaks in tongue again.
I'...[Read More]


Walk into flames that you start with yourself
So get help while you can to pull meat from bones
Burn down your home

Create a diversion to buy yourself time
To give thanks to the ...[Read More]

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