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Totems constructed by withering hands
Birds of black scattered throughout the sky
They hold the key to decimation
A circle of impending destruction
Slowly spinning above the rocks
...[Read More]


Shadows from across the sun
A gathering of black in midday sky
Circling above their homes
A torrent of feathers, beaks and soot
Descends upon their nation
A presence marked by pre...[Read More]


Their botanic kingdom falls in the blink of an eye
From green prosperity to browning waste
Crops destroyed
Rivers ran dry
Dew forms no longer upon the withered flora
Their cruel m...[Read More]


Life perpetuates life
An endless cycle
Day chased from the sky
The endless cycle of black and white
Consistently steadfast
They found their sustenance beyond the plane Until the d...[Read More]


Awoken are the beasts below
Malignant spirits uncontacted for centuries
Long forgotten
Their restraints broken
Passing through the void between spirit and man
The elders prayed fo...[Read More]


Rains will no longer fall
Plants will no longer grow
Sun rays pummel earthward
What life was left now crumbles under foot
Creatures arise from worlds beyond
Still flowing from thi...[Read More]


Darkened apparitions
Devoid of space and time
Overseers of the doorway
Protection for future visitors
The mistakes of their ancestors
Will not be repeated...[Read More]


A lifeless expanse sits beneath a vociferous sky
A bolide flood from the furthest depths
From the arid remains of storm ravished land
A slurry form of ash and bone
Fruition constructe...[Read More]


The earth is unchanged, careless
A blip in time at its capacity
All is forgotten
All is forgiven
The doorway now closed
Shaman guarded
Bathed in blue
Of the six, only two ...[Read More]

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