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Half a night had been lost as I cast upon her shore
6 miles of ocean shells lead me to her door
I lay of the night queen circled by the moon light
She was not surprised I'd come and ...[Read More]


This is the dawning of the day
Captured here, the children have to stay
The sun blows stars within your eyes
Release the blaze the hour climbs
I come to you to realise
Welcome to ...[Read More]


(Shine)Your spirit is going

You have waited for what seems like a lifetime
So let yourself come and shine
Your inner star tells of a nighttime
So open up your big blu...[Read More]


The universe is bursting through with seeds of passion new
Create the Sunfield
Crawling from our shelter we will let the naked eye receive the sun
We all are the wonder of a multi-colored...[Read More]


Morning, is just a broken wind in my glass sight

Hand-me-down upon the sea

When the morning is icy

Won't you come to me?

You were turning to 'nothing is the key'[Read More]


Venus brings her morning
And morning brings her life
The planets' neverending cycle
Darkness melts to light
Keepers of the planet
Have chosen to ignore
Her life support system...[Read More]


Lovers often see a lonely night
Only when you know that love is gone from sight
Lonely, are you not, since she ran away
She'd like to return, but you know

You can't think twice[Read More]


Living what we are
Breathing of the forces burning
Candles of a star
Let the wonder be
Marble flowing lights
Play before the eyes are turning
Darkness of the night
Let the...[Read More]


Turning to the glen
Trying to pretend
That we're lost standing in motion
Moving up through time
Looking on, marking the world

Seated at the helm
Had to run aground
Th...[Read More]


I can't believe it's true that I feel it in every way
I can't believe it's true but I need you every day
Anytime I'm gone from your sight my life is filled with pain
I don't think I'm dri...[Read More]


In the splitting of the sun,
Suddenly beckoning these to come
Melting all the senses numb
Sensibilities defiled,
Vulcanous creatures delight, burn wild,
Tearing at the Fire Child...[Read More]


Eye of the shadow: Summers a physical domain;
Winters the silence; Autumns a blanketing of rain;
Springs by the comet, greening a galaxy light-wise;
Eye of the shadow: Weathers a hollowin...[Read More]

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