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On the streets tonight you can love and hate, you got
anything on the avenue. What would if you lie when
again. And I wish tonight, that the lads were here, we
can have a love, we can ...[Read More]


Turn your face, to the golden years,
And the glory of the past comes rushing back
Memories of when our race was young,
How came the glory days, they didn’t last
I ask my self, just wh...[Read More]


Time to step back into society
Say goodbye to a life of sobriety
Time to drink with European friends
The Skullhead story it never ends

From Germany to Switzerland Slo...[Read More]


They promised we’d be free, and I believed their lies
As they kept us down, they helped the others rise

Cos the national front are nazis
That’s what I was told
And I believed in ...[Read More]


The battle for Tobruk was a long and bloody one,
as the artillery fire rained on and on
Casualties were high, on either side,
but still they carried on to win or die
Bravery reigned a...[Read More]


Che Guevara beret covers his greasy hair
John Lennon glasses for his schizo stare
big red star pinned on his chest
Ingerlands class needs one more then this

Cause he'...[Read More]


I'm not a Rock n Roll messiah
If I said I was god I'd be a liar
I'm no leader I don't know the way
So don't hang on every word I say

No holding back got no regrets
What you s...[Read More]


I just shouldn't blame you mate, but I look in your
eyes and I just see hate
Don't blame the blacks for the situation, they're a
capitalist creation
I know that they shouldn't be he...[Read More]


We started off five years ago,we're still as strong today
Filled with the pride of our ancestors,we knew we would
not fade away
The death of a friend a warrior,spurred on our battle cry<...[Read More]


The black man celebrates his heritage
The Jah warrior has his past and his pride
Expressing their love for their home country
If that's the case, why can't we?

But wh...[Read More]


A cry of pain comes from the soul,
for the young warriors of today,
Have to survive in a scene of chaos
and for their stand they get locked away
One by one, I see them go,
their c...[Read More]


Where are you when we need you
Cos you're in the pink and your hair has grown
Don't mean you have to be a cunt
Don't mean you cannot support the front
If you were really what you said...[Read More]


See the anger, see the hatred running through this world
On the scrap heap at the age of 40 and now he doesn’t
Union bosses promised him safety, sold him out again
Now he sits a...[Read More]


Lightning strikes
Making way for the sound
Out in the open
No longer underground

Back with the sound
Energy torching down
Like the thunder return of thunder[Read More]


Programmed from the day you are born
Follow the sheep you must conform
Follow the pattern play your role
Micro chipped consumer held by mind control

Robots rebellion ...[Read More]


The 80's was a buzz when it all kicked off
We started at the bottom and went over the top
Political soldiers skinheads whatever
We were right till we handled the pressure
Our friends ...[Read More]


Odin leads the hunt
The God of Gods rides at the front
Flee before the wrath of the Gods
Our past in the present evens the odds

Hugin Munin mind and memory
The Ravens of Odin...[Read More]


Years ago we had our faith
but it was taken away
And the biggest feast of it all
is what they now call Christmas day!
They say that Jesus was born on that day
Historically it isn'...[Read More]


It kills your body destroys your soul
You just sink lower as it takes control
Lying stealing false reality
f*cked up theories in a drug society

Smackhead you'll f*ck ...[Read More]


Town Moor festival highlight of the year
Around the country the second biggest fair
Big wheels, dodgems, sideshows, the lot
For some the experience won't be forgot
It was the biggest ...[Read More]

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