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Got Swagger like Jagger
Big french palace
Damn that's tight
Clean like McQueen
2 pinky Rings
Damn that's bright!
Moves like Brown
Buys every round
What you're having t...[Read More]


Give it to me now!
I spent time, fell in line
Did words,
Kept cool, played the fool
Did my dirts
It's safe to say I've saved the day
For what it's worth
And nothing would ...[Read More]


The riviera with the ace of spades, lost my money on the poker table.
A helicopter to the mascarade, sunset looking marmalade.
The five-one Gs fit on your waist like someone painted them on, ...[Read More]


I'll whip the white flag until you have surrendered
I'll raise up my hands and let go of my defenses
Giving to your demands, not knowing where we'll end up
Was down and out, and almost go...[Read More]


You keep on running
Running from something
I don't know why you're so afraid

You live, you learn, you love
You f*ck and then you go
You take the good with the bad and
The...[Read More]


("Play the drums"
"That was perfect")

Man, I got it
Like a fair money in my pocket
Today's a good day
To get back up in the market
Got the rhythm
...[Read More]


Caught the train on the later side
Looking for a place with a little bit of life
Been a tough week, can't deny that I thought about stopping
More than once or twice, oh no, some more advi...[Read More]


Everybody dream about the money and cars and clothes and all that
Before you think Outasight happened overnight homie you better fall back
This years in the making took a whole lotta work wit...[Read More]


Oh ohh, oh ohh, oh ohh, oh ohh
Oh ohh, oh ohhhh.

Ah, she takes a look in the mirrior but can't recognize who's staring back (back) couple of years bad luck with more down and ups like ...[Read More]


All our lives we're dreaming, dreaming, dreaming
For nights like these!
All our lives we're waiting, waiting, waiting
For nights like these!

Turn the lights down low
I don't ...[Read More]


Let's go!
Yeah, out the corner of my eye
I see the red light and I don't slow down
Down! Turn the one to see up ahead
Some place, some... that I don't go 'round

Another diggi...[Read More]


Under the orange tree, save some room for me
I’ll meet you there again
Over the span of time, start to realize
But you leave important
And you were the best friend
And we’re falli...[Read More]


I wake up... and I can’t get my head out the clouds, no, no!
One way or another, I found myself on the…
Cause money sure don’t seem to make amend
But the men make the dollar rea...[Read More]


Verse 1:
I'm just a simple man, doing the best I can
Up there are campers in their bed
I hit this open road,
It's like a rollercoaster
I don't know how to steer
Got money, but...[Read More]


I can never be your everything, anything, all the things you want
You keep asking for but you never gon' get
I can never be the one to light your smoke, laugh at your joke
Fix you up when...[Read More]


Red cups all across the apartment
Music too loud, police came knocking
And growin' up was never an option
We weren't done, we had only begun and
Talk's cheap, New York is...[Read More]


Cold blooded white heat
Thunderbird riding through the street
Black shades, blue skies
Ride the lighting to the beat
She said press on the gas
If we see those sirens flashing
...[Read More]


Tonight this party is gonna get so loud
The neighbors goin' call the cops
And when they come and knockin' we ain't gonna let 'em in
We blowin' till the sun comes out
Yeah, ready to go...[Read More]


Ladies and Gentlemen
Report to the Dance Floor!
Report to the Dance Floor!

I feel like gettin' crazy
do you feel the same?
let go of your problems baby
and come and dance...[Read More]


Do they really feel good?
I'm trying to
So what?

I said so what? You got a little something on the high end
But does it ever really make you feel good? Got something to say?
...[Read More]


And I can’t believe forever it seems to live out these dreams

When you start to think about taking a chance you can’t give a damn

Huh I’m a hopeless romantic fell in love with a sim...[Read More]


I’ve been feeling real good
Came a long way from misunderstood
Far away from the days where I wouldn’t wanna go home
Cause I was afraid of the truth
See, I was scared to admit that fa...[Read More]


Never say never if ya ever felt the way I felt
The way I felt, never say never
You might feel a better

[Verse 1: Outasight]
I used to worry about things that I could...[Read More]


Open my eyes hungover around somewhere quarter to four
The only reason I did cause I heard you knockin on my door
Uh, and id like like you to know that
Not every moment so picture perfect...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
Don't care if it's mine or yours, taking all this time to talk
Hop skip the monologue, out from the London fog
Run the game and never jog, full sprint
Bull shit, ...[Read More]


Can you do me a favor and call me later?
'Cause I don't feel like talking right now, no
Can you do me a favor and call me later?
'Cause I don't feel like talking right now, no...[Read More]


This is where the talking ends and life begins
Let's start again, it's hard out here
Why does it have it to be so complicated?
This is where all the conversation stops and lif...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
It came as no surprise
Another month gone in the books
I swear without you around, it's restlessness overdose
My welcome overstayed, maybe I can't catch a hint[Read More]


Good morning, good evening,
I hope you like dreaming,
You live to learn, and you learn to live,
It's positive and negative,

I can't sleep, but I dream big [x3]

Good even...[Read More]


Let's go Uh
Let's get outta here
It's a Brand New day
Let me tell you what I'm feeling like

Let's, I'm on a corner of an avenue
Pocket full of revenue
Feels incredible[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Catch me if you can

[Verse 1: Outasight]
Sink slow sips of bourbon, etching out a dream
A page out of your notebook, images on a dusted screen...[Read More]


Breaker breaker one nine
Can you hear me
Over and out
Goin clearly
Clearly I'm losing
Losing My mind
Losing My mind

Watup to my audience
Been holdin on line
N...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
It's sometimes stranger than fiction
But the weird things seems to be that
The storyline never stick to the script
And the characters involved don't match the des...[Read More]


Some might get it and some might not,
We don't really care we just do what we want,
It's like that, it's like that,
I don't care.

Some think a picture te...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
Sitting back on my MC status
I ain't good at math but I'm above average
This got a ring to it, no rush to marriage
Or ride the horse and carriage
But I am tru...[Read More]


I say I'm done, never again
I say we're lost, never can win
I say what can you do when you're twenty something and...

[Verse 1: Outasight]
Days feel the same when you...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
Wednesday morning 'round five o' clock
The day begins, it never stops
We wake up to a little light peaking on through
Downstairs to the kitchen we go
Eat brea...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
I started out on Burgundy but soon hit the harder stuff
Call this Richard Andrew's blues
I could feel the morning 'round the corner and it's killing my buzz
In th...[Read More]


I'm on my way
I'm not sure how the rest goes
Soon as I do, I'll let you know
I'm on my way
I'm not sure how the rest goes
Soon as I do, I'll let you know

[Ver...[Read More]


I don't wanna be alone
It don't matter anymore who it is
As long as someone's there
I don't wanna be alone
It don't matter anymore what happens
From here on out, nice<...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
It started at the moment I thought it would
I stepped off the platform into a yellow car
I could not retrieve the road
Windows cracked, my eyes were closed
Ho...[Read More]


If it ain't one thing, then it's another
You got me singing, ah yeah
Running for cover, you got me going, ah yeah
Don't me make suffer, you got me going, ah yeah
If it ain...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
I wish I could tell you that everything's okay
When certainly they're not 'cause in my mind
The weight of getting older falls right upon my shoulders
The clock ne...[Read More]


I think I need a little bit of...
I think I need a little bit of help
Come and clap your hands with me
Oh-oh-oh I can't help myself from myself, no-no-no
Oh-oh-oh I can't ...[Read More]


First thing's first, I heard that
Everyone thinks they deserve a little fame and fortune
They want it all, have it all
Lastly that I find, I am bout to go for mine
I can't...[Read More]


Never ever make a sound
Never ever make a sound
Never ever make a sound

[Verse 1: Outasight]
See, this is the part where I let it go
Never been one to ever-ever ...[Read More]


Woke up somewhere that I've never been
Looked on the floor to try and find my clothes
Lying next to someone, can't recall their name
Leave your number on the table, take the w...[Read More]


Well there's a right time and a right place
Mexico City and a steel briefcase
Filled with the soul
Of a young man
And there's a holy ghost on the other side
Looking for a bed to c...[Read More]


So come a little closer
I'm an icon, put me on a poster
Rockstar on your bedroom wall
I got you now right where I want, huh
Everything [?]
Don't you forget it now, I'm revvin' up ...[Read More]


Yeahhhh, woo!

When you're me everyday summertime (new high)
Ain't no question, I'm doing fine, look
I check my schedule, I got no plans to un...[Read More]


Sold everything I had
Hopped in a cab and I say goodbye
I told my mum and dad I ain't ever coming back and they knew why
Now it's me and my lady and a couple babies ...[Read More]


[Verse 1: ]
I think my timing right
They saying itÂ's important that I live up to the hype
I donÂ't give in to the fame or fall into a vice
So lemme shine a light on who is Outasight<...[Read More]


Walking in the rain trying to clear my head
The city in that never sleeps, gotta find me a bed
I’ll close my eyes and try to escape
The lonely nights and the minimum wage
New York Cit...[Read More]



Back then everybody got a plan
Everybody got a chance
At their hollow dream
Bright lights big city
Go ahead take a step and get up on that screen
Do...[Read More]


Welcome to the good life
Making toasts another good night
I'm sure this is what it looks like
But do know that I fought the good fight
Back when I was in the trenches
Collectin...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Outasight]
Dreaming, Saturday morning with nothing to do
It's up to you to love me for who I am
And never get confused on what's the truth
All my time has been wasted runnin...[Read More]


Don't say one word, it's not your concern
Don't say anything, you may think your right,
Don't say anything, you may think your right

As you said, good morning Mr Andrew
Huh, why ...[Read More]

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