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(Chorus x2)
I know I can
Be what i wanna be
If I work hard at it
I'll be where I want to be

Be be boys and girls listen up
You can be anything in the world...[Read More]


[shotgun blast]
[old school break beat, thugs chant "Bravehearts!" 7X]

[Verse 1: Nas]
Uh, uh, uh, now let's get it all in perspective
For all y'all enjoyment...[Read More]


Represent, represent!! [repeat 4X]

Straight up shit is real and any day could be your last in the jungle
Get murdered on the humble, guns'll blast, niggaz tumble
The corners i...[Read More]


(feat. Puff Daddy)

[Puff] Escobar season has returned...

It's been a long time, been a long time comin
Looks like the death ...[Read More]


It ain't hard to tell, I excel, then prevail
The mic is contacted, I attract clientele
My mic check is life or death, breathin a sniper's breath
I exhale the yellow smoke of buddha throug...[Read More]


Featuring: Pete Rock

Whose world is this? The world is yours, the world is yours
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this? It's yours

It's mine, it's mine, it's m...[Read More]



Yo, you believe when they say we ain't shit, we can't grow?
All we are is dope dealers, and gangstas and hoes?
And you believe when they be tellin you lie, all o...[Read More]



[Nas talking]
("f*ck Jay-Z")
What's up niggas, ay yo, I know you ain't talkin 'bout me dog
You, what?
("f*ck Jay-Z")
You been on my dick nigga, y...[Read More]


Uhh.. regulate nigga
Bravehearts nigga
Live for this
Some of y'all don't live at all
Get yours nigga
Get yours baby
Uhh, yo.. yo..

As the night close...[Read More]


Check me out y'all, Nasty Nas in your area
About to cause mass hysteria

Before a blunt, I take out my fronts
Then I start to front, matter of ...[Read More]


Damn! Look how muh-f*ckers use a nigga
Just use me for whatever the f*ck they want
I don't get to say shit
Just grab me, just do what the f*ck they want
Sell me, thro...[Read More]


(feat. Lauryn Hill)

[Intro: Nas (Lauryn Hill singing in the background)]

Life..... I wonder....
Will it take me under.... I don't know
[Read More]


(feat. AZ the Visualiza)

[A] Aiyyo, wassup wassup let's keep it real son
Count this money, yaknowhatI'msayin?
[N] Yea yea
[A] Ai...[Read More]


(Check that shit)
Aight f*ck that shit, word word
f*ck that other shit, youknowhatI'msayin?
We gon' do a little somethin like this, yaknahmsayin?
(Is they up on this?)
Keep it on ...[Read More]


"Nas is . . ." - [Nas (7x)]

Freedom or jail, clips inserted, a baby's bein born
Same time my man is murdered, the beginning and end
As far as rap go, it's onl...[Read More]


One time, yeah, yeah

Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage
One **** front, my face on the front page
Only if I had one ***, one girl and one crib
One God to show me how ...[Read More]


(feat. Bravehearts)

Where my real niggas at
Theres a lot of real niggas out there
Theres a lot of real niggas everywhere
Thats why you don't f*ck wit...[Read More]


Listen up gangstas and honeys with ya hair done
Pull up a chair hon' and put it in the air son
Dog, whatever they call you, god, just listen
I spit a story backwards, it starts at the end...[Read More]


Uhh, what, what, uhh..

[Chorus: Nas (set to Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams")]

Street dreams are made of these
Niggaz push Beemers and 300 E's
A drug dealer's destiny is rea...[Read More]


(feat. AZ, The Firm)

[sound of a subway train going overhead]
[in the background, Nas' verse from Main Source "Live at the BBQ" is heard]
<...[Read More]


Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 Gusto
Your luck low, I didn't know til I was drunk though
You freak niggaz played out, get f*cked and ate out
Prostitute turned bitch, I got the ...[Read More]


One more time, one more time
Huh, one more time, huh
One more time

I dream of the day I could go back to when I was born
Laying in your arms, wishing you was her...[Read More]


(If Heaven was a mile away)
Would I pack up my bags and leave this world behind?
(If Heaven was a mile away)
Or save it all for you?
(If Heaven was a mile away)[Read More]


I know I can (I know I can)
Be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be)
If I work hard at it (If I work hard at it)
I'll be where I wanna be (I'll be where I wanna be)
...[Read More]


(feat. Bravehearts)

Braveheart for life

[sample - repeated 8x "Z-z-z-zone Out"]

So y'all wit me? Yea, What, Yea
Why don't y'all blas...[Read More]


(feat. Snoop Dogg)

[Nas - Verse 1]
Uh, light somethin',
stop frontin'
how much money's enough, think maybe like a trillion' figures
pra...[Read More]


Yeah, Yeah
My degrees
Like Ivy Leagues
In the street
I succeeded
The ghetto was my Garden of Eden
It was hard to defeat him --
The Beast
He tried to turn The God in to...[Read More]


[Nas Escobar]
You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight?
Desperados, travellin
What the f*ck's up son?
We could do this word up, we could do this

Chrous: The Fir...[Read More]


Wave to the side of his dome, definition of good? yo
Gangstas don't die, niggas only become immortal
Angels no longer fly, they walk right before you
In front of you, it's foul what this ...[Read More]


[Kids] 2x
I know I can (I know I can)
Be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be)
If I work hard at it (If I work hard it)
I'll be where I wanna be (I'll be where I wanna be)
[Read More]


Uhh, ooh, baby, baby
Keep it thug and keep yo' heat
Na nah nah nah nah

Now slowly, thinkin' of all the things that oppose me
I think of kings who died and rappers out to dethrone...[Read More]


So many niggas get f*cked up in the game.
See thats where they get caught out there.
Cause its not no f*ckin game.

When you hear shells comin at cha.
Hot Ones from a shotgun I be...[Read More]


There's no me
In the beginning it was me... Nas, Blasting
I stood alone...but now, Blasting
Don't you know that I will never leave
Murder Inc. y'all
It's Murda, niggaz!

I...[Read More]


[Nas] Yeah, hahaha

"Cause when I flow the for the street.." - ".. who else could it be"

Explode, my thoughts were drunken from quarts of b...[Read More]


(feat. AZ, Foxy Brown, and Cormega (The

[Intro: AZ]

This is what... this what they want huh?
This is what it's all about..
What? Time to take Affirmative Action ...[Read More]


[Yee-hah's and whips cracking in background]
-Hey Nas, hey hey boy, you see what they done did to Jimmy and Lee.
[Nas:] Mmmhmm. Damn, man.
-I can't take it man.
[Nas:...[Read More]


(You're a big girl now)
Fully grown with your hormones now
Got your own home and you alone
Wanna bone, wanna moan, get your back blown out
(No more daddy's little ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Get yours nigga
Cuz Imma get mine
In due time
Everybody gotta shine
Get yours, I spray nines
I say this one time
The last time, I swear to ya'll
I'm f...[Read More]


(feat. JoJo Hailey)

[(click) (dialtone) (numbers being dialed)]
[phone rings, is picked up right away]

[G1] HELLO?!
[G2]...[Read More]


Blaze a 50, sit back in the drop top Azure Bentley.
of course wit me, this chick who'd make Bobby divorce Whitney.
Brizilian candy, from Miami.
massouse, wedding ring on, lovin Celine Dio...[Read More]


(feat. Mary J. Blige, Jungle & Wiz)

[Intro (Nas)]
Yeah... ay yo Jungle... ay yo Wiz...
Come on man... Let's do this
It's a Braveheart party y'...[Read More]


And as a special treat this evening
I have asked America's foremost young poet
To read his latest poem for us

Ladies and gentlemen, na-na-Nastradamus
Everybody, watch him
Lad...[Read More]


This is a journey into the worlds most largest
And notorious projects, Queensbridge
Listen while Nas saves his hood from the most
Cowardest rappers

He held a mas...[Read More]



Pushin drop-tops, Stacy Lattisaw tapes, the 80's had us all apes
Youngest gorillas up to bat at home plate
That was a uncanny era, guns in my pants
Yeah X-Cl...[Read More]


Hell yeah
Check it check it check, check check
Yo, when it come to sex advice, I'm the one to call
if you a virgin with blue balls or you tear down walls
Not Dr. Ruth, call me Dr. Kno...[Read More]


Uhh,Uhh, Where am I going?
Where am I? Yo, it's ill

[Verse 1]

Yo my wife's tired of f*cking me
Life tries ducking me
Luckily I find 'em just at the right time[Read More]


(feat. Blitz)

Uhh... yeah... uhh...

[Verse 1 (Nas)]
Blessings in life to the children
They say life is like 5 days
Words of a old man...[Read More]


(feat. Mobb Deep)


Dunn you fam to me, and only family
that can get that close to me
Keep it type strong
Blowin green...[Read More]


(feat. Scarface)

Yo Nas..
I don't think they wanna f*ck with this
Gangsta shit.. fo' sho'
("Danger.. danger..")

Check ...[Read More]


I want all my niggas to come journey with me
My name is Nas, and the year is 1973
Beginning of me, therefore I could see
Through my belly button window who I am...

I exi...[Read More]


Uh.. speak without thinkin..
speak without speakin.. huh..
Feel without reachin, uhh
That's what it's about
It's about that, inner, inner love, yaknawmean?<...[Read More]


[sample singing]
"Woke up this mornin', you got yourself a gun, you got yourself a gun"..

Yo I'm livin' in this time behind enemy lines
so I got mine, I ho...[Read More]


[Chorus: repeat 2X]

I wanna talk to the mayor, the governor, the motherf*ckin president
I wanna talk to the FBI, and the CIA, and the motherf*ckin congressman

[Nas][Read More]


Picture us married, you and me; K-I-S-S-I-N-G
I remember the first time, girl you and me; F-U-C-K-I-N-G
Girl picture us married, you and me; K-I-S-S-I-N-G
I remember...[Read More]


(feat. Nashawn, Millennium Thug)

These are last words of a hanging slave
How could I forget this
I rob you put you on my hit list
Un...[Read More]


(feat. DMX)

Yo ill will, ruff ryders
what what, sraight like that

You a killer or a hustler, dealer or customer
Gangsta or bust...[Read More]


To my niggaz.. huh..
We all we got..
Let's hold it down though, y'know?
However it's gon' go down
This what we gotta deal with, y'know?

[Chorus: ...[Read More]


I've got love on my mind
I've got love on my mind
I've got love on my mind

And there's nothin' particularly wrong
It's a feelin' I feel inside
When I woke up early this morni...[Read More]


I love you so much, dont never leave me, I wont let you leave

The ho turned me out, green eyes, had a crush on her
Since 5 years old, met her, fell in love wit her[Read More]


(feat. Millenium Thug)

American born, American raised, American made

[Chorus 2X]
My country shitted on me (My country)
She wants to get r...[Read More]


Word to Will, buried in his fila suit and heavy chain
I wanna be iced-up nigga, bury me the same
I live for street glory and I die for ghetto fame
Respect all, fear none, my pri...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]

Yeah yeah, aiyyo black it's time (word?)
(Word, it's time nigga?)
Yeah, it's time man (aight nigga, begin)
Yeah, straight out the f*ckin dungeons of rap
W...[Read More]


(feat. Dr. Dre)

[Nas] Motherf*ckin Dre!
[Nas] Whassup my nigga?
[Dre] Sup NAS?
[Nas] Chillin G...[Read More]


Uh, 2000 G

Yo, I need an encore y'all, you should welcome me back
You wanna ball till you fall, I can help you with that
You want beef? I could let a slug melt in yo...[Read More]


(feat. Nature)

Queensbridge, 41st side
Yo yo yo
I gots no birth records, no next of kin
Know a lot of mothaf*ckers, got no best f...[Read More]


Uh, it's a new world, it's a new world,
It's a new world, it's a new world
Uh, it's a new world, it's a new world

Yo, celebrate the new life
New ways to make money
New ways ...[Read More]


Uhh, uhh
Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh

[Intro: repeat 2X]
No idea's original, there's nothin new under the sun
It's never what you do, but how it's done
What you base your happines...[Read More]


[Verse One]
Whattup kid? I know shit is rough doing your bid
When the cops came you shoulda slid to my crib
f*ck it black, no time for looking back it's done
Plus congratulatio...[Read More]


(feat. Large Professor)

[Intro: Nas and Large Professor]

Yeah, it's Illmatic (yeah)
It's Illmatic (yeah!)
It's Illmatic, huh
(yeah ki...[Read More]


To My Nigga who brought me in this world
Taught us right Nigga

My old dad imported to the family structure
Provide her God
My moms a queen at university civaliza
My pops mayb...[Read More]


(feat. Ron Isley)

Black hoods, cops 'n projects
sewers flooded with foul blockage
The gutter's wild and every child watches
Changin top locks with ri...[Read More]


Light it, uhh
Light it up, uhh

The whole, city is mine, prettiest Don
I don't like the way P. Diddy did Shyne with different lawyers
Why it's mentioned in my rhymes? f*...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, Nas, uh, yo, yo
Life, they wonder, can they take me under?
Nah, never that, nah, yo, yo

I come from the housin tenement buildings
Unli...[Read More]


One 44, two 45's
3 loaded clips, 4 niggas roll, one nigga drives
500 Benz, 6 reasons why
This kid should die
We shootin every motherf*cker outside
Pulled on his...[Read More]


Yo, release what's in me
Besides the Henny, it's eyes that's seen plenty
Fiends get skinny as if Queens was a Craig Jenny
Instead of diet plans it's crack 200 grams
I pump a G-pack, p...[Read More]


[Chorus: (X4)]
Silent, silent

It's sort of like the conclusion, the color purple
Niggas is losing, confusion, with one time al...[Read More]


See no evil.. fear no evil.. speak no evil.. hear no evil..
If you don't bring that shit around you
You ain't got nuttin to worry about (uh-huh)
Yeah (yeah, uh-huh)
K...[Read More]


Bis-Mi-Allah A-Rahman A-Rahim
(To the Gods.. to the Gods.. to the Earths)
Pass that shit homey

Now tell me what y'all smokin
What kinda heat y'll holdin...[Read More]


[Chorus: Nas (repeat 2X)]

Some of us have angels -- the kingdom, the power
Some of us have angels -- the power, the glory
Some of us have demons -- greed, and lust
Some of...[Read More]


Uhh, y'know, I still run with that, that blood of a slave
Boilin' in my veins, it's just hot
Until a nigga can't take it no more
Blood of a slave, heart of a king turn my voice up
[Read More]


[45 seconds of talking/skit]

It was a murder
Jake just hit the corner people swarming
Three in the morning I jumped out my cab like "f*ck,
niggaz is buck...[Read More]


"I made it like that, I bought it like that, I'm livin like that" [repeat 2X]
[--> Kool Keith from the Ultramagnetic MC's 'Ease Back']

Yo; I never brag, ho...[Read More]


(feat. AZV)

[Nas] Geah
[AZV] Peace king
[Nas] Peace king
[AZV] Listen, they wrote a book on your life
[Nas] Ri...[Read More]


(feat. Jessica Care Moore)

[Jessica Care Moore]
Global warming between my legs, screams against the waves
Gave birth to thirteen daughters, so now...[Read More]


(feat. Jessica Care Moore, Rich Nice)

[Rich Nice]
What's happenin brothers and sisters?
Welcome to our time

[Jessica Care Moore][Read More]


(feat. Havoc)

Uhh.. (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Q.B. since 1933 (know dat)
To nine-six (nine-six motherf*cker)
Check the shit

[Ha...[Read More]


Real conversation for that ass
(Its what they want) Huh
(Its what they want) What you say, can't hear you man
(Its what they want) Speak the f*ck up
(Its what they want) Word (Its wha...[Read More]


Pacino life, G a roll, casino dice
at the Mirage, Vegas strip, neon lights
Gamblers, puffin cigars, couples and stars
Flashin cameras, dealers, shufflin cards[Read More]


(feat. Foxy Brown)

They never realized, how real Nas, is so decisive
It's just the likeness, of Isrealites mist, that made me write this
...[Read More]


Still somehow I believe, we always survive.. but why?

To my dogs.. wherever you are

Whattup Big? You know shit is rough after you slid
You in God's hands now, k...[Read More]


Ayo its poison, ecstacy, coke
You say its love, it is poison
Schools where I learned they should be burned, it is poison
Physicians prescripting us medicine which is p...[Read More]


(feat. Ginuwine)

Uh, it's real, it's real, it's real
Uh, uh, owe me back, uh shorty
Shorty, what up, huh?
Come on

[1 - G...[Read More]


(feat. Aaliyah, Timbaland)

[Nas + (Timbaland)]
(What?) Ever been in love? (C'mon)
Yeah.. are you ready? (uhh) For somethin real?
(Say what?) C...[Read More]


[Rae] No tricks, no tricks baby

[Nas] Yeah, aiyyo Rae

[Ghf] Check it out y'all

[Nas] It's the science

[Ghf] Fly wonderful

[Rae] Yeah y'all

[Nas] ...[Read More]


Alchemist you know me man
I'm the type of nigga that write rhymes right on the spot in the studio
soon as I hear the track; you know what I'm sayin?
Word but I wanted to bring a couple of...[Read More]


Nasir bin Olu Dara peace to Allah
Fisk full of dollars in a dice game god
D & D glass cloth Kangols guided by angel with white
Nas the Viking fresh from my ankles tha...[Read More]


"Get-get.. get down!" - [James Brown]

Uh.. uh.. uh..
New York streets where killers'll walk like Pistol Pete
And Pappy Mason, gave the young boys admiration[Read More]


(feat. Kelis, Claudette Ortiz (City High))

The phone rings
Another peaceful moment is lost
Latifah's chest jingle in "Set It Off"[Read More]


Uh, uh, uh, uh

[Chorus 2X]
Lord have mercy, Jesus Christ
He's just nice, he just slice like a ginsu
Look at the life that I been through
I'm the las...[Read More]


Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh...

A Mastermind - Sees it coming before it comes
A Mastermind - Before he go to war he counts his one
A Mastermind - Everything planned out pe...[Read More]


A lot of times it seems like, you ain't gon' make it where you wanna be in life
But, yo if you got a plan, believe me you gon' get there
You gon' get everything you ever wanted baby
That'...[Read More]


Yo p*ssy kill me
Huh, yeah, yeah
Huh, huh, huh, huh

p*ssy kill me when I was born
Pardon me I rephrase it departed mommy wound decayin'
I look at the bright ...[Read More]


(feat. Lake)

[Lake] uh uh huh, lets go, yeah!
[Nas] Uh, ghetto children singing "singing"
[Nas] See they eager to learn "uh hum"
...[Read More]


[Chorus 2X: Nas]
I carry the cross, if Virgin Mary had an abortion
I'd still be carried in the chariot by stampeding horses
Had to bring it back to New York
I'm happy that the ...[Read More]


The G-O-D
Aiyyo, check it out...It's God's Son
I know I always give you clowns a little lean to come out
Cause I drop every two years...but it's over now, you know? Hah

[Choru...[Read More]


One, two
Check, one, two
One, two, who got more style, the son do
One, two
Check, one, two
One, two, who got more style, the son do
Chec...[Read More]


(feat. 2Pac, J. Phoenix)

[Intro: Nas]
I want you to close your eyes
And vision the most beautiful place in the world
If you in the hood on the...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Yo, my man was regulatin on niggas he used to thug with
Older niggas in this murder game, drug czars
BM, Jaguars, they cash was large
Since he was wild, they let him ...[Read More]


(feat. Alicia Keys)

Uh, If I can teach somethin' so dear
And hope somebody learn somethin' from it
And give it back

[Verse1]...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Nas]
Cup'a Hen', cup'a Goose, cup'a Cris'
White chain, colored watch on the wrist
Switch lanes in monster whips, ambience
Specially dressed, guess who? -- Nas, it's o...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Nas]
I walk the block like whatever god, my message to y'all feds
Who desperate to arrest us young, benevolent hardheads
Abrochrombie & Finch rockin', wrist glistenin' ma...[Read More]


(feat. Kelis)

[Sample - Nas: "Political"]

[Newscaster:] "Recently there has been an emergence of socially
conscious and political rapp...[Read More]


[Nas talking]
"The light is there."

[Intro: Olu Dara singing]
See I come from Mississippi
I was young and runnin' wild
Ended up in New York City, where I had my...[Read More]


Say hello to the man, goodbye to the gigolo
It was difficult for me to find a chick I want

This ain't no sucka for love shit
This ain't no Huxtab...[Read More]


(feat. Quan)

[Verse 1: Quan]
Can we please have a moment of silence?
That's for my niggaz doin' years in confinement
And for my soldiers who p...[Read More]


Live now niggaz, there's no promise of a second time around, put it down
We'll just live now, there's no reason why you shouldn't, everything is up to you
All you gotta d...[Read More]


[Man laughing]

[Verse 1: Nas]
I had bad chicks that blow cum bubbles like bubblegum
Plus they ass lick, summer house be sippin' rum
Layin' lazy in the recliner, cou...[Read More]


I think I can remember some...

Brenda the back-bender used to have me in the twister
Grabbed her up and left her at the Buena Vista
Chelsea used to tell me choke her...[Read More]


[Nas] "Two-thousand-four, yeah. L, whattup?"
[L.E.S.] "Prophesy!"
[Nas] "Yeah."
[L.E.S.] "Prophesy baby!"

[Chorus: Nas & L.E.S.]...[Read More]


[Nas:] "This ain't for everybody. Y'all know who y'all are
Yeah you, y'all know who y'all are. These are our heroes."

[Chorus: Nas]
Let's hear it, one for the coons on ...[Read More]


(feat. Ludacris)


[Chorus - Nas]
Baby girl won’t you come and hold my hand
Won’t you come and chill out with the V...[Read More]


I'd like to dedicate this one here to my star,
To the one I cherish,
She loves me unconditionally - no matter what,
I love her; always be here for you baby
Yea...[Read More]


(feat. Maxwell)

Maxwell go and sing
Ooohh, this for the ladies
[Nas]<...[Read More]


[Chorus: Woman singing]
I see people hating other people
Tell me what's the reason
That your kid is hungry, you ain't got no money
What's the reason?

[Verse 1: Nas]...[Read More]


(feat. Amerie)

[Chorus: Amerie singing]
The rest of my life
The rest of my life

[Verse 1: Nas]
LIFE, dead presidents, devilish...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Nas]
Uh, I knew a few pharmacists, f*ck frozen
They kept pneumonias on their arms and wrists
The main dude, Sekou, face look hard as shit
Remember like yesterday, the...[Read More]


(feat. Busta Rhymes)

[Busta Rhymes]
Ay fellas
I think you might wanna s-s-sneak your ratchet in here for this one
Ay ladies
Put your petro...[Read More]


I know you think you got it together player, but f*ck the bird you with
And listen close to the makings of a perfect bitch
Listen close to the makings of a perfect bitch[Read More]


[Chorus - singing]
There's a war in the streets tonight
And nobody's really feelin' alright
I got a blunt for a chronic, a juice for my tonic
I know now that I'm feelin' right ...[Read More]


(feat. Jay-Z)

[Intro: Jay-Z & (Nas)]
I know you can feel the magic baby
Turn the motherf*ckin lights down
Esco whuttup? (Whuttup homey)
I ...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]
Yo, I want the Langston Hughes and Alex Haley
got blazed before they told stories
I'ma get blazed before I tell y'all stories
I saw on tv today, this man lost his ...[Read More]


There comes a day in your life when you wanna kick back
Straw hat on the porch when you old perhaps
Wanna gather your thoughts, have a cold one
Brag, to your grandkids ab...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]
Yea, niggaz want to talk about this rap shit
Niggaz want to talk about this money
About these cars, these homes, these labels
Clothes, sneakers, big money shit
...[Read More]


[Nas] "Two-thousand-four, yeah. L, whattup?"
[L.E.S.] "Prophesy!"
[Nas] "Yeah."
[L.E.S.] "Prophesy baby!"

[Chorus: Nas & L.E.S.]...[Read More]


[DJ samples]
"Hip hop" "hip hop" "is dead"
"Hip--hip hop" "hip hop" "is dead"
"Hip--hip hop" "hip--hip hop" "is dead"
"Hip--hip hop" "hip hop" "hip hop"

[Hook - 2X]...[Read More]


(feat. Mark B. Mayfield)

[Chorus: Mark B. Mayfield]
I gotta lay down the block, when the block is hot
I gotta use my imagination, to change the si...[Read More]


(feat. Chrisette Michele)

[Intro: Chrisette Michele]
Hip-Hop - it will never die
Hip-Hop - Hip-Hop will never, never die

[Verse 1: Nas...[Read More]


(feat. The Game)

Dre, he a Compton-Compton O.G.
Nas, he a QB-QB true G
Do the history

Way before The Firm, like back in the day...[Read More]


(feat. Tre Williams)

Yeah, check check, testing
It's clear out there? Yeah
It's like I'm hang gliding over the hood, ha
Never worry (ohhh, no, no, no...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Nas]
My niggaz got scarred grills
Skully hats and gats be fullys
Brrrat, cars peel, the East Coast cartel
Rats get their tails snapped and trapped
The snitches in...[Read More]


(feat. Kelis)

What nigga! What bitch-ass niggaz! What! Babe, babe, start the car!

Nasir, come on let's go! Get in th...[Read More]


(feat. Kanye West)

[Sample + (Kanye West)]
Some people (Yeah)
Some people (unh-unh)
Some people really are
Still dreaming (And as the sun ...[Read More]


("HIT MEH!!")

[Sample of the late James Brown's "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved" plays]

Redhead Kingpin, Tim Dog, have you seen 'em?
Kwame, King Tee o...[Read More]


Where them gangsters at?
Where them dumbs at?
Where where them gangsters at?
Where them dumbs at?

Where them gangsters at?
Where them dumbs at?
Where ...[Read More]


Look here see
Pretty Mike shanked Two-Face Al over some gal
Found the body dead in the isles
Death by strangulation
Microphone cord, a dirty broad
Guess they'll n...[Read More]


Yeah yeah yeah yeah y'all... New York City...
Tryna to see where I'ma go tonight...
The most famous town in the whole f*ckin' world...
The other night, nigga was at Lot...[Read More]


From Willie Lynch to Willie Hutch
Right on
We superfly
Made Gucci this shit, Louie too
Suits and ties
Player trophies
Pray to Goldie
Picture wax museums full of Black Pant...[Read More]


[Intro (Nas talking)]
Yo, it's like waking up from a bad dream (Americaaa)
just to figure out you wasn't dreaming in the first place (Nooo...)

[Verse 1]
If all I sa...[Read More]


[Barack Obama - taken from victory speech in Iowa]
They said this day would never come... [crowd cheers loudly]
They SAID, our sights were set too high. [crowd still wooing]...[Read More]


In America you'll never be free
Middle fingers up, f*ck the police
Damn, can't a nigga just breathe?

Braveheart, still QB's Finest
Grinding, enough diamonds t...[Read More]


(feat. Busta Rhymes)

What I'm gonna do? Shit is all true

Hmm... Fried chicken, fly vixen
Give me heart disease but need you in my kitchen
You a bird but you ain't ...[Read More]


(feat. Keri Hilson)

[Chorus - Nas & Keri Hilson]
Chain gleaming
Switching lanes
Hate him or love him
For the same reason[Read More]


They say we N-I double G-E-R, we are
Much more, still we choose to ignore
The obvious, man this history don't acknowledge us
We were scholars long before colleges
...[Read More]


Featuring: The Last Poets

It is absolutely silly and unproductive
To have a funeral for the word nigger when the actions continue
We need to have a movement to resurrect brothers and...[Read More]


Eh yo
Queens get the money
Niggas still screaming
Paper chasing
Where presidential candidates is planning wars with other nations
Over steak with Masons
Pregnant teens give bi...[Read More]


So we look at what's goin? on, this as an extreme aggression, um
I'm also hearin? about it from everywhere
It's, it's in the islands, it's on the continent, it's here, it's everywhere
And...[Read More]


[Nas talking]
I want to dedicate this song right here
To Jonathan Jackson and George Jackson
Peace to those brothers

I want to shout out my man Sherm th...[Read More]


"They did not have the power to stop Louis Farrakhan
They were trying to touch on and thieve envy within the leadership
But as a general and a man that rose through the ra...[Read More]


(feat. Mykel)

[Chorus: Mykel]
Where there's life there is water
We depend on mama nature
there's a message for tomorrow
Everything connect...[Read More]


[Intro Sample]
We use the word everyday
Now we don't know the capacity of this word
Are we headed for conflict or not? (Yes sir)
Because we did not break down the capacity
...[Read More]


Make The World Go Round Lyrics

Lace the nations don't have it
A hatred addict
I need faces mad with frowns
When I'm around
Or I'm wasting the fabric
I don't feel greater<...[Read More]


Mmm, where we met I had to give her mad respects,
She was with her man he took a drag from her cigarette,
He told her he be back
He jumped in the meter cab just took her cell and told h...[Read More]


Strong Will Continue Lyrics

(Nas- Speaking) All I do is stay focused looking
straight forward at the world and beyond.
I feel people pulling me down.
I feel some pulling me up...[Read More]


Featuring: Stephen Marley

[Chorus - Jr. Gong]
Jah told you in his own words
And I'll see you through
To guide you through this cold world
And I'll see you through

Ja...[Read More]


Tougher than concrete
Eh bwoy
Go labbajuice
Watch ya
Check it!

[Verse 1 - Jr. Gong]
You Nah Mean
Mi dip out a whole fourteen
Nah Mean
And...[Read More]


Featuring: Stephen Marley

[CHORUS 1 – Stephen Marley]
This one's for all the leaders
Lets all change the world
Change the world
This one's for all the leaders[Read More]


And I’ve got studios to write in(?)
And I’ve got news for rejoicing
Now a new sun is rising
I count my blessings
That I’m safe when I’m resting
Furniture in my...[Read More]


African Choir Intro



This Spear, huh!

Shaka Zulu, Bobo Shanti, Nyabinghi

Man a Mau Mau Warrior

Despair, eh

Fe...[Read More]


Featuring: Lil' Wayne, Joss Stone

[Chorus - Joss Stone & Choir]
My generation will make a change
This generation will make a change
(Yes we will)
My generation will make a ch...[Read More]


Featuring: Damiam Marley

[Damian Marley]
As we enter
Come now we take you on the biggest adventure

Must be dementia, that you ever thought
You could touch our ...[Read More]


Featuring: K'naan

me na war tribal
over colas,
over money,
over land and
over islands,
over god and
over idols
and even lovers
over breakfast
over dinne...[Read More]


Featuring: K'naan

[Intro: Jr. Gong]
Morning to you man
Morning to you love
Hey, I say I say

[Chorus 2x]
Africa must wake up
The sleeping sons of Jacob
For wh...[Read More]


[Sampled Vocal Intro]

[Chorus 1 - Sample]

[Verse 1 - JR. Gong]
These later days in Babylon
As I watch your children grow
And the years them carry on
And I miss you e...[Read More]


Uh, uh, uh!
Brand new!
OK, ya!
Back in black
I hit the sack
I've been too long
I'm glad to be back
Yes I'm let loose
From the noose
That's kept ...[Read More]


You already know

Heard ya got your masters

Did college up

Never look back

Now that's what's happenin'

And it's good to see you made it out...[Read More]


Yeah, word
Got some Remy Martin
Some good-ass cigars
Check it out

Ayo, late night
Fiend wit'
In his needle
Queensbridge leader
No equal...[Read More]


[Nas]Yo this Esco, who this?

What's the deally?
I just touched grounds down in Philly
Brought a pound with me, Feds floatin around silly
Tryin to find Lynn, bitch suppos...[Read More]


what the hell...what the hell...
check check check check it out
what the hell...what the hell...

[Chorus 1 - Lord Tariq]

People know me on these streets player, I ain't ...[Read More]


(feat. Lauryn Hill)

[Intro: Nas]
Uh huh, a love story, but not your ordinary love story
Not hardly, you heard
Get into this shit right here, check this shit out
You know...[Read More]


In a day of 1999 it had to happen
The result of man's stupidity became real
Death smell is everywhere
In their nicely worked out war plan
Through the sky come rockets down there peopl...[Read More]


Is it ill, do it need to be fixed?
(That shit is real Dunn; and stop talkin like your skills don't kill)
Nah it's just that sometimes I feel like that
I can write m...[Read More]


I have been in the range
shooting niggaz for fame
I havent come out for bitches to know my name
now i got a deal its like I'm paid in shown
I dont half to hit the states to be world w...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]
Aiyyo whattup niggaz?
Fresh off the honeymoon
The honeymoon's over
Fresh off Vaca (Yea, Yea)
I'm jet-laggin', still jet-laggin'
But this just a preview
...[Read More]


Now, usually I don’t do this, but go ahead and
Break ‘em off a little prview of the remix

Now I’m not tryin’ ta be rude but hey pretty girl I’m feelin’ you
The w...[Read More]


(feat. Ron Isley)

[Note: Sample From: Isley Brother's "For The Love Of You"]

[Intro: Nas & (Ron Isley)]
Good Morning, Yea (Yea, well, well Yea)

[Verse 1: Nas]
...[Read More]


To the kids in the p.j.'s
ghetto children i know it ain't easy
ya'll wanting millions
sunshine turns to rain
its ghetto pain
when a one time raise
sometime...[Read More]


Not stopping
You follow through
You know it's wrong
What will you do?
No time to look out
No time for you
It can't be the
Things that you do
Not having it
I'm not ...[Read More]


Third grade, singin Star Spandled Banner
Using proper manners, learned to handle anger
Animal behavior
Later on my block rockin wit my jocks on
Eating Bon Ton cheese po...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Nas]
Girls I got 'em locked so similar to a prison
Hear this monster jam, I be callin' it 'GANGSTERISM'
I murder you for dope, I'm the street distributor
I'm homicidal, ...[Read More]


Everybody's an Enemy
Tellin' me lies & it's killin' me
Why they all want to get rid of me
Everybody's my enemy
Several try to disguise the devil in them
Wantin' to get ...[Read More]


Have ever felt lonely
Have u ever felt love
Have u ever felt that spark in you’re life
That brings 2 people together

Chorus :
I’m guessing by the way
That you’re looking...[Read More]


"What we need to be thinkin' about is the future!
We don't know what's in store tomorrow!
All we can do is just guess! We want the best for tomorrow;
for our family, for our chi...[Read More]


Jingo Ba
Ba, Ba, Lo
Ba, Ba, Lo
Ba, Ba, Lo
Ba, Lo
Ba, Ba, Lo
Ba, Ba, Lo
Ba, Ba, Lo
...[Read More]


Uh, yea, it's like that
They wanna know how nigga do it, you knowhati'masayin
I had a nigga come up to me and ask me and shit
Why I ain't got that, you knowhati'msayin [Read More]


[feat. 3LW (3 Little Women)]

Everyday she walk by
See me on the same block
Same crew, like she never seen rocks
Chain watch, rims blue
Different color boots o...[Read More]


Man prince was a pimp abolonian vanity, chill on ease he had me on the edge of insanity
Swore if I made it in music I'd be similar there I am, this is the future, im where the woman are...[Read More]


Ill Will...yeah yeah yo...Queensbridge niggas...crud love baby..

[Verse 1: Ruk]
Aiyo, I zone out
feelin' like I'm in Capone's house
starin' at Manhattan and The Bridge...[Read More]


[NAS] (Intro)
Uhh, still out in these motherf*ckin projects
Still a nigga ain't never gonna get the f*ck up outta here
Niggaz just don't understand the story

Chorus: [Pop] [Read More]


Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom
Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom

It was a night like this forty million years ago
I lit a cigarette, picked up a monkey skull to go
The sun was ...[Read More]


Straight out of QB niggas
This is nas, lo
With my braveheart niggas
Jungle, wiz and horse
f*ckin with these cash money millionaires
so what yall gonna do about that[Read More]


[P. Diddy]
What's Going On

[Jermaine Dupri]
Tell Me

[P. Diddy]
People Dying
People Crying
Lord help us

Mother, mother
There's t...[Read More]


Girl, can I get your name and number?
Can I relieve the pain you're under?
Change into comfort, uh, get inside your brain
You never cry a-gain, as long as we remain
Doi...[Read More]


(Foxy) uh, uh huh, huh y'all cats ain't ready for the firm

uh, dats right, uh, uh huh, brooklyn shit

[Foxy Brown]
All y'all hoes wanna stop my chips
Stare a bitch down w...[Read More]


Born in NYC beastin', the lord left me no choice
Christian pendants, Islamic thoughts, criminal courts
Father forgive, I wanna die like Godfather did
Standing in lineups and pay...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, yo, yeah, yeah

For niggaz up in they mom's crib listenin'
To this unadulterated Nas shit wishin' it was then
Instead a, me on this track on this beach with palm trees
...[Read More]


Honies, cash, weed, cars
Ghetto celebrities, hood movie stars
Gat slingers now rap singers are who we are
Went from Nasty to Nas, to Nas to Escobar

The path we all walk, starts o...[Read More]


"The unauthorized copy
Dedication to my children, my child Destiny Jones
To my niece and nephews Suree, Malik, Jabari the world is yours
Acknowledgments, first off, I wanna thank God
...[Read More]


[intro: super cat]
super cat
new york girls dem are bad over we (4x)
nas the don (8x)
in a new york city (4x)

[verse 1]
smoking a escubano, guzzle my se...[Read More]


check it out
i call it
yeah, yeah

i call it “shit for niggas with daughters”
i call this “shit for niggas with daughters”
i call this “shit for niggas...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Nas]
You cocked back, you thought you had it planned
You thought you had your man
He saw you comin', he ran when you tried to blast that man
Missed him by inches, he sprinte...[Read More]


[Swizz Beatz]
Look who got the summer on smash (We do)
Showin' that?
She let the world know the summer on smash
Summer on smash, summer on smash (Life is good, life is good)
Every...[Read More]


Should've left your roses at the door
They're sharper than before
And I don't want them no more
I should've left your roses at the door
They're sharper than before
And I don't nee...[Read More]


You never knew how to make dollars
You couldn't make orders at a drive-through McDonald's
I was fly at the Apollo with black Jason, '89 with a bottle
Jealous of Jason, dark green seven fo...[Read More]


Badge, we burnin' cash, now baby do it up
No matter who you f*ck, that was before me
Wanted your ass since before I saw you screamin'
"Hate you so much right now"
Should've saw the ma...[Read More]


[Amy Winehouse]
Where is he
The man who's just like me
Heard he is hiding somewhere I can't see
Where is he
The man who's just like me
Heard he is hiding somewhere I can...[Read More]


42nd street terminal

[Verse 1: Nas]
Yo, yo, I live it and I speak it
My religion is reefer
Big money in most, an uninhibited freak to sleep with
My visions are re...[Read More]


At times I window watch at the Wynn hotel
Lots of thinkin' happen in life, will I win or fail?
Mind of a shooter, see a four also
Ethiopian food flown and it's unlawful Money is attractiv...[Read More]


[Hook: Mary J. Blige]
This kind of love is a once in a lifetime cruise
Reach out and touch the love that I have for you
I see you standing there so lost and all alone
I wanna take you...[Read More]


[Verse 1: Nas]
I pull a string on a lamp and shit darkens
I'm living in an elegant Moroccan apartment
Proletarian chicks sparkin
Convo weak, and I don't really care for her jargon
...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]
It's like a cold story repeated over and over
In the winters of my mind
This shit be real, man
Shit's crazy out here
Yo Yo, Yo what up y'all?
That's my niggas ove...[Read More]


[Intro: Anthony Hamilton]
Lies and the pain
Betrayal; life

[Verse 1: Anthony Hamilton]
In danger's face
Look what you're facing, gave your heart away
And all the remedies...[Read More]


Verse 1:
Peace to the Five Percenters, online engine inventors
Shout to them niggas, family men, bringin' home dinners
Watch out for desperate lonely women, hurt ya happy home
Mis...[Read More]


P.S. 111 at free lunch, embarrassed but managed to get a plate
We was kids hungry, Mom's working I was famished, she getting home late
So I decided now I'm in charge
Either stay full of s...[Read More]


Nas: life is good intro
P.S. 111 at free lunch, embarrassed but managed to get a plate
We was kids hungry, Mom's working I was famished, she getting home late
So I decided now I'm in char...[Read More]


I’m from peace avenue, stretch boulevard, murder row
Where bullets carve stories of all untold
Straight of the fear freeway, a change in the side highway
Exit where 187 homicide hill, whe...[Read More]


Yo, the Lord is my Shepard
The sword is my weapon
Reward is a blessin' that comes from the struggle
Shoes been scuffled, blood's been shed, another Mother loses a son

'Cause wher...[Read More]


Turn your radios up
You are now allowed to listen to the radio
The real niggers are back, on the radio

No slacking, no begging, no asking, no fasting
No disrespect to Islam or Im...[Read More]


[dmx - dialogue]
I ain't goin back to jail
Next time, the county or the state see me
It's gonna be in a bag

Uhh! this is it baby!
End of the road, ha hah!
When you a dawg...[Read More]


Crime, life, bitches, money, time
For my Braveheart's, my Braveheart's
Uh, uh, uh, what, what, what?
One time, two times

From 'Breaking Atoms' to 'Illmatic', to goin' platinum[Read More]


In too deep

Nature: (talking)

Yo yo yo son
You ever felt the funny vibe
But you're supposed to do?
When ya man's ain't ya man's
And ya friend's ain't ya friend's[Read More]


The Evil genius, Green Latern

The same shit's that going on
The crackheads stalking
Loud mouths is talking
The same shit's that going on
You know I seen it all ...[Read More]


Ah yeah, what's happening, mami
How ya doin' baby
Oh you lookin? kinda good and everything
I see you with those stilettos baby

Ah, check this out, you ain't got time to talk to m...[Read More]


Ma, I'm sorry who the f*** I AM, I can't trust my fans
Out of luck, no constructive plans
My friends stay powdered up, I'm so drunk, can't stand
You said if I would sober up, I'd be a pow...[Read More]


To my niggas
To my niggas
What! what!

[nas sings]
Looking back in time, when I had on my shines
I saw you standing there
I never tried to diss you, you didn't need your p...[Read More]


Hope y'all make it through the storm
You know what though, I love the rain man
A lot you cats are runnin your mouths
Your runnin your mouths crazy
Think y'all got to ease up though, y...[Read More]


Peace, how you?
I aint mean to be late, it was my night to watch my little girl.
It's chilly out here.
What happened, you cryin?
Ya'll got into it again, huh?
See you go...[Read More]


(featuring Olu Dara)

It's like a jungle
Makes me wonder
It's like a jungle

[Olu Dara]

Yo, I have to look out
Everywh...[Read More]


I know I can
Be what I wanna be
If I work hard at it
I'll be where I wanna be

I know I can, I know I can
Be what I wanna be, be what I wanna be
If I work hard at it
I...[Read More]


[Chorus 2X: Nas]
(I'm cryin gangsta tears) Only a few can feel my pain
(I'm cryin gangsta tears) Only if I could show you
(I'm cryin gangsta tears) Only if you was in this game
(I'm c...[Read More]


Said it aint to much for me
to have you next to me
I cant believe it
all the things i do
to keep you loving me
And its just to much for me
to not have you by my si...[Read More]


(featuring Boyz II Men)

[Nas talking]
Man, we love you man, you hear me?
This is coming from the General man, Nas man
Bravehearts love you man, this is to all of ya niggaz
Wh...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, on the, on the, on the
On the real, all you crab niggaz know the deal

Finally up in this nigga
Let's pay homage to Illmatic
Let's put the crown where it's at
10 y...[Read More]


Verse one:

In the rotten apple, take a bite taste the worm
Embrace the world of reality we're faced to learn
Coke connection drug bust, graveyards where thugs rest
I keep my mug ...[Read More]


[Intro] (Ladies)
Oh yeah mutha f*cka that's that shit
Oh come on

Ladies make it hot
Thugs make it hot make it pop

oo-chie wally wally, oo-chie ban...[Read More]


Yeah, Bravehearts
Yeah, that boy Nas
Yeah, me I'm your boy Lil Jon
Yeah, right now we going to talk about these niggas

Yeah, that's got a lot of mouth, what
Yeah, but when it...[Read More]


This is my openin scripture - I've been preparin this album
my whole life, might be uncomfortable for most you listeners
Satin's bombardin me with propositions, but I decline
I started in...[Read More]


QB the whole NYC
We gonna bounce to this
To all my niggaz (yeah, yeah)
To all the ladies

Sometimes I wonder
Will a nigga go under because of his hunger
This g...[Read More]


Everybody wants heaven but nobody wants dead
Everybody wants diamonds without the bloodshed
Everybody wants heaven but nobody wants dead
Everybody wants diamonds without the bloodshed
...[Read More]


Don't hurt nuttin..

A teenage thug (you can't tell them shit)
A teenage thug (nigga just chasin his dick)
A teenage thug (he want the world to recognize)
A...[Read More]


But that's the whole tragic point, my friends
What, what would I do if I could suddenly feel
And to know once again that what I feel is real?
I could cry, I could smile, I might lay back ...[Read More]


Warning, Warning...
New York, New York
The sound, the sound
you're about to hear, to hear...

You love to hear the story
How it all, how it all, got started, got started
...[Read More]


* send corrections to the typist

[Swizz Beatz]
Yo man, it's a real game out here
Know what I'm sayin Nas?
Beats back in effect man
Swizz Beatz da monsta (what's poppin?)
...[Read More]


I want all my niggas to come journey with me
My name is Nas and the year is 1973
Beginning of me therefore I could see
Through my belly button window who I am...

I ...[Read More]


[Hook - Keyshia Cole]
I'm trying to put it all in words, but it's
More than I can say
Entangled with my time to tell you
More than I can say
It's all more than I can say
...[Read More]


Got out the airport, the Mobb pick me up in the truck
Jury junkie like f*ck, I ain't scared to get stuck
So what's the deal poppy? You heard the feds almost got
I had the Cuban...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]
Here we are
Here we are
This one right here is for the people

Sabali, sabali, sabali yonkote
Sabali, sabali, sabali kiye
Ni kêr...[Read More]


(All star baby)
Young quick see (F-U-B-U)
Lately all I see is D-P-G
(Q-B, L-B-C niggas)
When I turn the radio on keep hearin' me (All day,
Livin' the good life...[Read More]


Untouchable, Ill Will y'all
Your dealin' with veterans now
AZ y'all, c'mon c'mon c'mon
We tryin' to win y'al...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]
Yeah, yea, yea, yeah
Yeah, yeah, uh, yo

Ladies love what I been through, blood on my Tim boots
Snub noses, club closes, down where my men shoot
But she...[Read More]


In my darkest days lighting up the rightous smoke
Cause I'm dealing with this thug life crisis and cant
Niggas on my dick beef don't stop
Niggas asking what happed...[Read More]


I see your true colours shinin' through,
I see your true colours and thats why i love you
I see your true colours shinin' through,
I see your true colours and thats why i love ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I ain't mad at you young king, this unsung song is haunting
Along comes a one son called a offspring
The Earth spins, my old herb grin, sung a church hymn
She birthed in Sep...[Read More]


I'm the nigga walkin with his finger on the trigger
Make enough figures until my pockets get bigger
I ain't the type of brother made for you to start testin
Gimme a Smith-N-Wesson I'll ha...[Read More]


London knows I'm a phantom, South Korea knows I'm here
Posted, planted without exception
Rise to your feet for this rappity
Nas and Dilla beat, the fly soliloquy
Some rea...[Read More]


I wrote my way out
When the world turned its back on me
I was up against the wall

I had no foundation
No friends and no family to catch my fall
Running on empty, there was no...[Read More]


(feat. The-Dream)

[Verse 1: Nas]
The ghetto Othello, the Moor
Oh my God, they speak venomous on the boy
Oh my Lord, my enemy is fear, and I'm sure
Oh my God, they want the en...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
I should be more mature
Sure, I'm spore
Hit up the south of France after tour, Bonjour
How many girls pre-bate right before they date?
So she can have restraint
She ...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
The ghetto, Othello, the moor
Oh my God, they speak venomous on the boy
Oh my Lord, my enemy is fear, and I'm sure
Oh my god, they want the end of me cause I'm pure
Oh m...[Read More]


(feat. Kanye West & The-Dream)

[Pre-Chorus: Kanye West and The-Dream]
Your love and your heart
See 'cause you've never been the same as anyone else
Don't think the same as everyo...[Read More]


(feat. Kanye West)

[Intro: Richard Pryor]
The cops used to come around in my neighborhood
"Alright, you kids, stop having so much fun, move along!"
Oh they'd arrest me, you know,...[Read More]


And I know where I'm going to

[Verse 1]
I'm looking in longevity's eyes
I play with infinity's mind, forever's my God
My pedigree's above you ass, you'll never see I<...[Read More]


[Produced by Large Professor]

[Chorus 1: Grand Wizard + Nas]
One time for your mind, one time
Yeah, whatever
One time for your mind, one time
Yo, whatever
One time for yo...[Read More]


[Produced by Megahertz]

[Intro: Alabama 3 sample (Nas)]
Woke up this mornin' (yeah)
You got yourself a gun (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Got yourself a gun

Yo, I'm liv...[Read More]


Hello, ladies and gentlemen

I made the fade famous, the chain famous
QB on my chest match the stainless
Amazing Grace, I'm gracefully aging
Without masonry I...[Read More]


Nas, Nas, Nas
Nas, Nas
We goin' (We goin') we goin' (We goin')
Uh, uh
My pants 'posed to sag, yeah
We goin' ultra, yeah

We goin' ultra black, I gotta toast to th...[Read More]


You know I love you different, my queen, my mother, sister
Protect you with my life, let's desconstruct the myth-uh
You just depressed a bit, and only good for sexin' with you
Let's disma...[Read More]


[Nas & Puff Daddy:]
Escobar season begins

Ay yo we ain't posin' for no pictures in 2018
Candid shit only
Scared motherf*ckers

Black Kemet gods (yeah), black Egyptian...[Read More]


(Hit-Boy) N-A-S
Uh, yeah

It be kinda hard to replace me
So we gonna lose before nobody else
I was keeping my heart there on safety
But now I'm letting it go until it end me[Read More]


[Intro: Nas]
(Hit-Boy, G. Ry got me)
Ayo, Hit-Boy, man
I need to roll up some of that fonto you got, man
I be seeing you smoking
Yo, how that I.E. weather?

[Verse ...[Read More]



Bitch, I'm in a good mood, good group pulled me up (Ice)
The plane leave in thirty, fix your life, hurry up (Fix your life)
Ackee rice, peas, put...[Read More]


America the beautiful, gangsta's paradise
For a black man to be rich, you say we sacrifice our own family members
Like we're not savvy enough to make outstanding figures
And ain't nobody ...[Read More]


Y'all niggas better not be coming around me with that fugazi no more, you know? Got that thang for your ass, you know?

(I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...
I'm g...[Read More]


To all the ones I loved across the world, uh-huh
It was all good 'til it went bad (Hit-Boy)

It's all bad
It was all good 'til she went bad
Damn, I hate to take a loss
Damn, i...[Read More]


[Verse 1]
Too many changes, you changed from your greatness
Become a byproduct of yourself all for the paper regardless
The markets see you as a old-ass artist
The McCartneys live pas...[Read More]


As we go through life, one of the big questions about
Things we purchase is— is, what the value of it is
Is it really worth it?

[Verse 1]
I used to be at The Tunnel t...[Read More]



Boss shit, your Lordship
Niggas talkin' yachts since I'm on shit
I used to run the block, now I'm corporate (Corporate)
Hoppin' out, you know it's Son when the ...[Read More]


[Intro: Brucie B]
Something new from my man Nas
This the world-famous Brucie B
We call this one "The Definition", haha
It's that vibe
Get your groove on, step, clean, ya k...[Read More]


Aiyo, this is big Nas
I wanna give a shout-out to my man Premo, you know?
From Gang Starr, no doubt
Lil' Dap, Jeru, Melachi, the whole crew (Foundation)
Queensbridge Crew, f...[Read More]


Heavy gold chains off of a loss, body language boss
On this highly dangerous course between the streets and up north
Carti' specs, pray the angels direct my walk
I just talked with big ho...[Read More]



E.P.M.D., we back in business
I visualize what it is not what it isn't
We at the mafia table, next to the kitchen
Eatin' Michelin Star, countin' a million

Look...[Read More]


What, what...yeah

[Verse 1: Nas]
I ain't seen as much death, nor seen as much crime
Since the blackout in Queensbridge in '79
Everybody's a killer now; pimps, playas, and dons[Read More]


So many niggas get f*cked up in the game
See, that's where they get caught out there in that word "Game"
'Cause it's not no f*ckin' game

[Ve...[Read More]


I want all my niggas to come journey with me
My name is Nas, and the year is 1973
Beginning of me, therefore I could see
Through my belly button window who I am...[Read More]


[Produced by Salaam Remi]

Everybody wants Heaven but nobody wants dead
Everybody wants diamonds without the bloodshed
Everybody wants Heaven but nobody wants dead
Eve...[Read More]


What you say? Can't hear you, man, speak the f*ck up
(It's what they want) Word (It's what they want)

[Verse 1]
Nastradamus, skama lit, know when I rep
...[Read More]


Uhh, where am I going?
Where am I? Where the hell am I?
Yo, it's ill...

[Verse 1]
Yo, my wife's tired of f*cking me
Life tries ducking me
Luckily, I find 'em just at the ...[Read More]


[Produced by DJ Premier]

Uhh.. yo
Whattup? Whattup?
It's time man (word, it's time?)
Straight up (it's time, man)
Aight, set that shit off (set it off then, nigga...[Read More]


G's, yeah, yeah
QB, AQ, Ravenswood, Woodside, let's go

[Verse 1]
My thumb struck a lot of lighters, pulled a lot of all-nighters
Banned from some afterhours spots
...[Read More]


The pressure weigh a ton, it's gettin too heavy
Had to inspire them again like I didn't already
Real ones still around, release the confetti
God's Son across the belly
[Read More]


[Intro: Jaboody Dubs]
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say all that
I should've opened with a reading of the scripture from the Book of Popoff

[Chorus: Nas]
Every time I pop...[Read More]


[Chorus: Nas & Future]
OG Talk
Project halls
40 Side where a nigga seen it all (For real, for real)
I can send niggas a slide
I'd rather show them the ropes
Integrity matt...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, hold up
KD2 shit (Hit-Boy)
Ayy hold up, come on, whoa
Right back at this
Right back
Right back, hold up, whoa

High on life, drunk off...[Read More]


[Intro: Nas, Erick Sermon & PMD]
Respectfully, bucket on low like Erick and Parrish
Closed casket flow, all you niggas get deaded
They don't give you one single rose while you can sme...[Read More]


'Bout it, that's how I feel (Jansport J)
We used to all put in and go half on bail money
f*ck makin' it rain, now we makin' it hail money (Hit-Boy)

[Verse 1]
I never ...[Read More]


Part I

Yo, I'm in rare form (Rare form)
Niggas speak down on my name like I wasn't there for 'em (There for 'em)
Talk about back in the days, this isn't back in the days ...[Read More]

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