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uh, cozier, uh

Girl...what the deal....i've done everything..cooked the meals...everything from a 2 z.

(Verse 1)
i obviusly thought of some one else cause u actin w...[Read More]


'Cause if she cheated on him, she could cheat on you
Don't listen to what she say, watch what she do
She's like a thief in the night the way she be creepin' through
An' like the worm in t...[Read More]


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Stepped up out the club and I can't believe my eyes my
Watch says 3:55, where did the time go I promised her and I lied
Supposed I lost my love for a nig...[Read More]


Da da da da dah da dah da dah
Da da da dah
La la la lah la la lah

[Verse 1:]
Just when I though that I would see again
That's when I lose my vision
You were nowhere to be...[Read More]


Anybody can control a woman's body
See, the key is to control her mind
(One two three four five six seven eight nine)

These are the ten love commandments
Th...[Read More]


I wanna Tell yall about my old lady
sometimes I think she's really crazy
she blacks out at the drop of a dime
but she's still my baby
she likes to get into confre...[Read More]


Ooh, mmmn....
In the beginning it was compliments everyday
You said, when we first started out
I would go out my way
But one day, you claimed I don't appericiate ya
and I don't k...[Read More]


Ooh Baby, uh damn

Damn u lookin' good girl, can I roll wit u
I only need a minute, to holler at u
No other chic can compare to u
Love ya flex and the way u move
I wanna know ...[Read More]


No more playin' games
Baby, come on

Am I losing my mind if I spend all my time
With a woman who ain't got my back
When I give you my dough, everything you ask for
Never givin...[Read More]

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