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I don't know what it is
I don't care what it's for
I don't wanna like it at all
I know it's not for me
I don't know who you are
I don't care what you do
I don't wanna like y...[Read More]


I have rabies stay away from me

My mouth is at a foam
So leave me alone
I'm on the verge of death, death

I have rabies stay away from me

Control, control I ain't go...[Read More]


We just wanna have some fun

We just wanna have some fun

While we're young enough

To get away with it

We just wanna have some fun
We just wanna have some fun[Read More]


Church burnt down yesterday
All the criminals have escaped
But our government built another bomb
Liquor stores been closed
All the street people froze
But our government built ano...[Read More]


Narrow mind won't open up
Thinks this stuff is all junk
Can't see much in new values
Cause the mind is narrow

Narrow mind won't open up
Only likes heavy metal
If they o...[Read More]


How do you know
You weren't even there
What the hell happened
Or do you even care
You liar you lied
Now tell the truth
Your another victim of wasted youth Don't tell me you...[Read More]


Only care about yourself
Ain't got time for no one else
Your a snob yes you are
Big girl in society
Naturally a stuck up bitch
Your a fool to think your something
...[Read More]


Kill a commie x2
I don't wanna die!

Kill a commie x2
I don't wanna go to war!

Kill a commie x2
Before he kills you!

Kill a commie x2
That's all I wanna do!<...[Read More]


We've got the energy we've got the balls
We have our enemies big and small
We've got the power we've got the might
Just what it takes to win this fight
If you hate your parents and ha...[Read More]


Theres fighting all over the world
People killing each other without even caring

Lets drink some beer
Lets drink some beer
Lets drink some Lets drink some

Theres rules t...[Read More]


If you really love her
And you're her man
But don't you know
You grab a bottle or can
You fondle her breasts
And you massage them right
But you got so drunk
You gotta put ...[Read More]


Who ever said
It doesn't matter if you win or lose
Was it never told that winning is best for you
And who ever said
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
Should h...[Read More]


I'm in the dark, I'd like to read her mind
But I'm frightened of the things I might find
Oh, there must be something chasing her
to tear her away-a-ay
When I tell her that I'm fallin...[Read More]


There's a lady lives up the hill
She's waiting around for her next kill
There's one thing you gotta know
There's a price you gotta pay if you want the blow

There's no way out
...[Read More]


Darling Darling he needs to survive her
Watches it all unravel
Beat to death with a frying iron
He just sat right by her smiling
9-0 on the 19th hole
9-0 the deals been closed
...[Read More]


Turn up the volume
We're burning up the stage
It doesn't matter how drunk we get
We're still gonna play
Feel the power
Coming from the guitars
Baby after the set
Meet me a...[Read More]


we're living at the end
the end of a knife
faced with the danger
of runnin outta life.

we never cry
we can't stop skatin
till' the day we die

(chorus)[Read More]


All you've seen and all you've heard
Doesn't match what you've just learned

Today tomorrow and yesterday
Have you been working and earning your pay
Divided they fall together we ...[Read More]


Yooouuu don't know
Just what I'm going through
Ever since I fell in love, with you
My life's so complicated
Although I'm not sexually frustrated
Sometimes I don't know which one's...[Read More]


Wake up at 7 am
Time to go to work again
Put up with the boss's shit
Get more money or f*ckin quit

This job sucks
It makes me money
But not enough
This job sucks
...[Read More]


There's a party and I want to go
It's at the devil's house down in hell
Featuring a star studded bunch of guests
Noone sleeps and noone rests
When the devil has a party all hell break...[Read More]


Nightmares continue day after day
Locked up inside feeling like prey
Stolen my mind leaving me insane
Hatred is building who can I blame
Hatred violence evil power

Six long y...[Read More]


She left me behind
Now things aren't the same
Calling on the telephone
Screaming out my name
And now she's lonely

Told me it was over
We said our last goodbyes
Two w...[Read More]


Everywhere I look
I see your face
Did I fall in love again
I always want to stay
One more time
I say goodbye
One more time
I say goodbye
I know it's my fault
Th...[Read More]


Another night out on the town
By my last call I'll be falling down
I drink Budweiser religiously
Get so f*cked up I can't even see

Another wasted night
I'm on the ground
...[Read More]


Were gonna die when the sun comes up
Wel drink until we drop
My blood is 100 proof
Were gonna stumble twist and crawl
99 bottles of beer on the wall
I'd rather drink than f*ck[Read More]

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