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Bleeding thoughts I once had of you
Might as well not have been formed
Now they burn in an unknown place
I wish that I had said goodbye
Comparisons hold no meaning
So don't even t...[Read More]


The air stays in my lungs, the bitter taste reminds me I'm not home.
I am tired, everything fades into white.
My thoughts are in the way, my eyes are burning.
I won't say a word, this is ...[Read More]


All faith is corroded, your fate within my hands.
I will not need the help from onlookers and the weak, their purpose has gone.

And I promise you that this will be our final resting plac...[Read More]


Your faith in people, and no it's never the same.
But I've waited so long.
This is our fall.
And from this moment we'll burn it all.
Let people remember, this is our time.

An...[Read More]


I will not rest until I find my blackened heart. How can you want to say this is broken? This is over.

I'm so full of love that I just want this out of the way, and your face is not the same...[Read More]


One day you will believe, the time will come to bury your bitter self, and I will be there just to watch you turn around.
Your last breath will be the moment that you realise your fate.
That ...[Read More]


Taking back what we couldn't see through the smoke as
the edges fall
But we never have a clear route to choose
and now we have only one
Broken light filters through the cracks
It...[Read More]


I will take this moment with me to the end
to the withered light
and I won't break like you hoped I would
A lost cause to want out
Fractured breathing won't last
Always hoping for...[Read More]


I won't feel the rain
the falling sorrow that guides our lives
Hope will only take you so far
through the darkness and into the light
Our intentions eroding
but what is the point ...[Read More]


The passing of our time
we borrowed out own fate
You hurt for nothing in your own mind
The walls are closing in and I can hardly breathe
You cannot hold onto my soul
bearing down<...[Read More]


For the ones that reach out not to fall
It will tear them apart to know how the light fades
We'll lose our grasp
But the worthless are saved
The reasons crumble to the floor
ash t...[Read More]


the only thing that moved inside of you
A blind crusade that we all knew would fall apart
You do not think
you only resist
You're losing the ones that once stood by your side...[Read More]


This is all too much to deal with, there is no clear path
As we fall to pieces everything erodes
And I won't just stand here for nothing
My hands hold on to the rags that we have left
...[Read More]


I can't be open if you are in the way
Another chance has passed us by
If you can't take on the role
how can you expect us to move? Your mistakes are too
great to count
But I won'...[Read More]


I once thought that I would know the time just to give it
You hold more than you think you do
but you're letting go the best thing you have
But you don't hold on
and breaking ...[Read More]


A barren lining in the darkness
A weakness in our lives
The shade of dusk can make us feel alone
Hopeless shaking in the dark clouds
You open up my eyes
You hold me up to understa...[Read More]


Into the depths that I had never before thought to have been a part of us.
Under bright lights things never quite look the same, the cracks widen through the whole thing.

I stop waiting ...[Read More]


Hold down what's inside, I don't want to run.
I can't remember the last thing I said to you.
We'll separate the tides.

I will not give up on this hope but I'm falling to pieces. I wi...[Read More]


Pray for day as the snow falls through the static air of this final cold light.
And I pray that you understand, you can't stand alone.
You're not frozen by yourself again.
There's not jus...[Read More]


Put down the idea that I'm broken
The idea that you're not real
The idea that you can change
Change to you is no more than a new lie

Flowers unfold to show us a beautiful play Is...[Read More]


A tear in the shape of a gun with our hands to the sky
in the clarity of events I must turn down, break in my eyes
as the ashes lay still, a downpour may pass

and when you think that...[Read More]


Leave me here
I want to stay
I don't want this awkwardness
This pain
Just leave me here

Face to face, I told you
I had to
I don't love you

An overflow of reg...[Read More]


You are here in my heart
Why won't you see me?
I can't hate you

I trusted you
You lied to me, betrayed me
How could you make me choose
Between us and you?
And then yo...[Read More]


Your eyes to take cover
and all your lies will see the truth stand tall
I’m drowning in you

the time has come to take it back
but this silence between two words
...[Read More]


it's obvious that you cannot see
she stands with cupids heart in her fist
and i have the feeling that i'm losing you again
but yeah, it's alright

your time is up, you're ...[Read More]


Run far - the edge of the world is crumbling
as black sets in, what will you do?
while they recite the old tales
the crowds turn into meaningless ghosts of you

I’m finding this h...[Read More]


Dawn's tired eyes make shadows the day's first casualty
as you lose my eyes again, you fell too short, everything has changed
my trust fades

I cannot see the sun
first light neve...[Read More]


Shattered pieces
the thoughts freeze my mind

a single breath is all i need
but i wanted to crush the desire in my fist
it's not nearly the same

terror grows inside me,[Read More]


Give up everything for the chance
fast becoming
my final breath, my final breath
redemptions is in my heart

and I know that we'll be just fine
...[Read More]


Throw myself into the swarm just to take revenge on the severed survivors
I close my eyes and hope that somehow it is dead
the hopeless, the wounded, the survivors take their toll

ru...[Read More]


Let's burn this city and start again
the time is right and we're ready to go
I want to stay but I must run
the last time that we spoke I said there was not a problem, a lie

paper...[Read More]


This is too much, I'm losing control
The answer is so far from my reach
I don't know if I can hold onto any of these thoughts
This is my warning, this is my threat
And everytime I loo...[Read More]


Burn in, my past won't fade away.
No faith can guide me now.
It's time to divide the fronts, it's falling down.

I know I'm pushed way too hard.
I will be the first to break.
...[Read More]


I know that this isn't out of the blue
and you can't tell me that you did not see this coming
I want to help you, but you are just too weak
what can be done?
I have played this over i...[Read More]


The broken rules to wipe this from us
You're taking our souls
You're killing our dreams
You're telling me how hard it's for you
You haven't a clue
We did this all ourselves
Th...[Read More]

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