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Don't pretend to care
Don't apologize
Don't tell me I'm right
I Know whats not mine

Responsibility, is a four letter word around here
Where the lines tend to blur
But I s...[Read More]


He had a hungry hollow holler.
He was hell in seventh gear.
He was slowing down for no one.
It had always been his year.

Confidence was never sweeter,
Just as sweet as it co...[Read More]


These four years were a suicide
But you volunteered and kept it alive
So you can't complain, no you can't complain, no you can't complain, no you can't complain
You can't fix what was bor...[Read More]


I'm gonna choke when it really counts
I'm gonna get kicked when I'm down
I'll give you so much satisfaction you'll drown in it, in it

I'm gonna trip at the highest speed,
Play so...[Read More]


You always said be careful what you might wish for
You always said karma could cut both ways
I never see you anymore
I should have thought before I drove you away
Before I drove you a...[Read More]


why does it hurt everytime she leaves
if it doesn't mean a thing I won't worry
something must be wrong 'cause you never leaves
if it doesn't mean a thing I won't worry

maybe I'm ...[Read More]


I walked up to a drive-thru
Had to hitch a ride to get myself fed
It was late but I know it's never to late to call you
You're a good friend with a bad tendency to get in over your head[Read More]


Many are the hours I lie awake
Trash the room in vain
Try to waste the energy I never spend on you
Lying on this bed, never touch, not right now
If I'm over this by morning
That's...[Read More]


wait for me I said,
I'm as good as getting old
like the rest
she says
I'm not getting any younger
wait for me I say
this is as good as getting old like the rest
she sa...[Read More]


The makeup she wore was a sign of the times
And that sad sad look on her face
Now more than ever the times are a changin'
One day we'll look back in disgrace
Or just laugh, and just l...[Read More]


I pace the floors this empty house
Compare its content to myself
The phone keeps ringing
I know they could never help
Sometimes its worse to have the time
Then never have it for y...[Read More]


What's the worst you could feel and you only need a friend.
But you say, it isn't me.

What's the best time we've had,
it's the best I ever had.
Still you say, it isn't me.
[Read More]


Coming out of Minnesota
I could see the stars had fallen out of line
I look too deep into your words and try to live in mine
I saw you comin' in the front door
I couldn't tell what yo...[Read More]


This is not your savior, or the answer to those prayers
I don’t believe anyone will take you there
They said the writing on the wall should read
No one really cares

This is not a...[Read More]

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