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I found myself a way
I found myself a light a bright and brilliant flame

I found myself a song
No matter what this road my soul stays strong

And I will fight thr...[Read More]


I never thought the sweetest sin could be my saving grace
I never thought I'd love again the queen of red light lane
I never thought one tiny spark could set my world ablaze
But lovers sa...[Read More]


She had problems with my love connections
So she bought me bullets and she made corrections
She had problems with their cruel derisions
So she bought a scalpel and she made incisions
...[Read More]


Counting all my sins on the way to the church
I've got your taste on my lips and a demon in my heart
Mercy Mother Mary please deliver to her a little faith and a kiss and
Assurance till t...[Read More]


Sing them a riddle, something in minor and smooth
Feels just a little familiar but nobody knows
Take your time, let it shine
Sweet Esmeralda

Sing them anoth...[Read More]


Come in sit down sweet angel leave me all your tears
Tell me all of your troubles the weight of your short years
Love is only a river drowning all of your cheer
Sell me all of your laught...[Read More]

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